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  1. Excellent pictures of a lovely passage Cal. Thanks for sharing.
  2. A little more.. The next big(ish) job was to make the windows, having sourced some acrylic (perspex) sheet online. It came as one sheet, that required cutting in half lengthways. (something I'd never done in my life) Thankfully that went well. Marking out each side window and making sure I knew which one was which.. The rough cuts were a doddle Getting closer to the line required a tad more concentration. The first one completed meant the rest would be much easier.. Fitting though, would prove to be a little more challenging. Plenty of lubrication made the job less stressful. Although that did make the tool harder to keep hold of! All in all though, it was a job well done. Unfortunately though, it now means I have to make sure my hands are clean before I go anywhere near them :) The downside to making new side windows is that the two front screens now looked worse than I thought, so more perspex was ordered. A Saturday job that'll be then.
  3. It's been quite busy, hence lack of updates... Right, where was I? Ah yes... Windows out, good cut & polish of topside. Fit new switch panel Find best place for registration number to go. Start a good clean up of the underside. Mask-up around the hull in preparation for antifoul. What a messy job that is! Ready for the dirty job... First coat applied quite nicely. Having arrived at the turning point, last week really felt like an achievement. After all the stripping out, it was nice to start to see her coming back together.
  4. Progress report.... Roof in cabin to strip back. Sides in cabin to clean up. Windows & rubbers to replace. New decals to order & fit. Lots of tidying up to do as well. Sharp blades are really sharp!! Planning on making new windows myself. Plenty of polishing has been done & quite a bit more to do... All in all though, things are moving along quite nicely. Some of the more stubborn jobs are taking longer than hoped, but they haven't halted proceeding yet. Half day tomorrow to purchase carpets and accessories etc. Antifoul going on in the afternoon, so should start to look half decent from there onwards. It's been a bit of a slog, with long days and the one injury (I just can't multitask!) but it gets me out of the washing up for a few days...
  5. Work continues today with more stripping out of the old and finding what needs to be purchased. U fendering. Old seating and carpeting. Lots of glue removal to be done! Lots to do in 2 weeks! Further ahead than I thought I would be, so all going well at the moment. As long as parts arrive on time, or are available locally, all should be good. Onwards and upwards...
  6. A quick update... Not as epic as Robins trip , but I took Susie up to Richardsons yesterday, to take her out today for this winters repair works. It got a bit choppy and chilly on Barton broad. (Not as rough as the north sea though eh!) Moored overnight outside Richardsons yard. Hauled out & checked over ready for transport. The work began with an initial pressure wash off. Stripping out began today, removing parts to be painted and accessing repair needs. I have 2 weeks leave in which to complete essential repairs before heading back to her home mooring on the river Thurne.
  7. First class repair there coolcat, looking good!
  8. I bought a couple of Cobra PMR radios, from Amazon that do the trick! Easy to use & keep charged aboard our boat, with a USB socket. Distance isn't fantastic, but good if you're on passage with other vessels. I use them at work, when I'm in the bilge and my colleague is turning the wrong nut outside!! (It saves a lot of shouting)
  9. So you were the rowdy bunch, in the Ferry Inn last night! Me and the Mrs were trying to have a quite night out. Who's Doris, by the way?? lol
  10. We are taking ours out this winter, mainly because she has been afloat for the last 4 years, I was led to believe when I bought her in April this year. It gives us a chance to 'tidy her up' and make sure all is well all over.
  11. As I am planning to take Susie F929 out of the water this winter, I have started by getting some tools and required items together. First off, I am constructing a small workshop in my garage. This will enable me to bring the boat home, making it easier to trial fit & make minor adjustments to the items I want to fit/replace. Having Susie at home will also reduce costs, helping to make this moderate refit possible. Updates will be posted when I get the chance.
  12. Hmmm... Looks like I have some catching up to do!! Built a bench ready for the winter projects. Maybe I should start a project thread??
  13. Me and the Mrs were out a few weeks ago, travelling from Potter to Ludham bridge, when we came across a hire boat stranded in the reed opposite the turning to Womack staithe. We turned and did our best to assist, without success, only to see 3 other boats blast past our bow while trying to pull said hire boat off. I too was disappointed that other, more capable, boats in the area just sailed by without a care! Glad to say though, by the time we returned (about 4 hours later) the hire boat had gone.
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