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  1. CambridgeCabby


    When we have a pump out we pay the price we are asked for , no we don’t offer a tip , the boat yards charge what they consider to be a fair price for both them and the customer . If the service is good then we use them again , if not so good we will take our money elsewhere.
  2. CambridgeCabby

    That First Coffee

    I have used these for years , yes they certainly obtain the max flavour from your beans . what a would suggest is mixing something like medium roast in a 50/50 blend with your usual roast to tone it down a bit
  3. CambridgeCabby

    What Flower Is This

  4. CambridgeCabby

    I Hate.....

    Couldn’t agree more , I find it infuriating when I receive an sms and they insist on using “text speech” , if you type tnx into a modern smart phone you are given the option of using thank you so why not simply use the correct English ? The same is true for offering such as L8r , it will give the correct word ,later, as an option. I also dislike greatly when someone I don’t know insists on calling me mate , I have no wish to procreate with them so I am not their mate ! If however someone I don’t know calls me a grumpy old sod then that’s fair enough .
  5. CambridgeCabby

    Reedham Ferry

    Ferry up and running again , boat (apparently) undamaged . yes mistake was made , lessons learned (one hopes) , as a result our members and readers will be more cautious when passing the ferry . All in all a positive outcome as a result of the op’s original and factual posting , and just goes to prove that mistakes can be made by private and hire boats alike .
  6. CambridgeCabby

    Fishing On The Norfolk Broads

    A warm welcome Fishermandave85 to this, our friendly corner of the web from Katie and I
  7. CambridgeCabby

    Summer/autumn Gathering August 2018

    Could you please add Cerise Lady , 32ft inc platform , Simon and Kate , Friday and Saturday
  8. CambridgeCabby

    Reedham Ferry

    No need for additional signage , just wait and pass astern of the ferry (where the chains are slack) and follow the ferry operators hand signals , sometimes patience is more than a virtue it is a necessity
  9. CambridgeCabby

    Wrong Name Right Address

    If the individual has somehow got your address registered as his place of residence on the electoral roll then a high court bailiff has right of entry to your address (but not to force it , they can enter through an unlocked door or window) it may be a good idea to check online to see if he has .
  10. CambridgeCabby

    Boat cookware

    Bought a seven piece copper stone set off eBay for the princely sum of £29.95 , simple running water leaves them clean as new , as has been said, nothing seems to stick to them
  11. CambridgeCabby

    Hello From A New Member

    A warm welcome from Katie and I to our friendly corner of the Broads
  12. CambridgeCabby

    For Sale Hampton Safari Mk 2 - Now Sold

    Apparently , Inge is going to give me a tender .................... behind
  13. CambridgeCabby

    For Sale Hampton Safari Mk 2 - Now Sold

    Lovely little craft , and looks an excellent buy
  14. CambridgeCabby

    Naughty-cal Heads To The Broads Again

    We hired for 20+ years before we took the plunge into ownership , do I still make a total cock up of mooring ? Yes often , enjoying The Broads is about the place and the people we encounter most of whom are on holiday and hiring and 99% are respectful of their boat and of others property , will happily create space on a busy mooring when politely asked (this morning a day boat moved to allow us on to Sutton Staithe),I’m sure many owners and hirers alike have seen many private boats mooring in such a way that prevents anyone mooring near to them and taking two spaces up . Yes as owners we take steps to protect our boat , which is often something as simple as assisting others to moor beside us , besides Kate loves to help with the ropes . let’s all get on and enjoy what is a special place The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads with a smile as opposed to a frown ps. Loving the tale and photos
  15. CambridgeCabby

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Passed The Three Amigos this morn when leaving Ranworth , Kate actually spotted your red flag when you arrived yesterday and we wondered if was you . we spend a most sociable day/evening at the staithe in the wonderful company of the official forum idiot MM

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