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  1. This added expense plus the current move towards forestalling the inflation (wages) linked increase in state pensions will certainly cause difficulties for those pensioners relying on only a state pension.
  2. You can purchase fairly inexpensive fishing gear from the fishing shop in Stalham or from Anglers direct in Hoveton. Glow of light is a very roomy, stable former Connoisseur boat , getting a bit old but they are still an excellent choice, just remember that when you turn ,the stern has a hell of a sweep as they are a big heavy boat. I would agree with mooring up at Acle and catching the bus to Great Yarmouth , or alternatively drive there when you drop your boat off at the end of your week. Most of the riverside inns are now open and serving meals (whilst obeying the covid-19 precautions), some may still be take away food though . A rowing boat certainly will add to the teenagers “fun” but will also add to your frustration whilst towing it , but hundreds do and love having them especially when pub moorings are full ; perhaps considering a small sailing dingy would also be a good option and potentially great fun for all . As far as an itinerary is conserved , decide where you fancy in the morning and head there , you’re on holiday just relax and “go with the flow “
  3. As the poster of the photo that upset another member has stated that he would not object if it were removed and the particular image in question adds little to the thread may I respectfully ask if the mods would consider its removal . I understand the importance of recording history and find before and after images fascinating I don’t however see the need to reproduce and publish the actual images of the destruction/demolition of someone’s home . I do also hope that Woodwose , and Vaughan both continue with their insightful posts both by word and supporting images
  4. So does Katie , usually it’s me she tries to avoid
  5. I turned Grecian Girl (44ft lowliner) there a few years ago when the moorings were full just go slow and you’ll be ok
  6. All Northern rivers Ranworth Maltsters*, New Inn Horning* , Swan Horning , Ferry Inn Horning ,Kings Arms Hoveton , pubs at Coltishall*,Acle Bridge*,White Horse Upton*, White Lion Thurne*, can take drinks onto the green at Sutton , Norada at Potter if open , Pleasure boat Hickling*, Dog Inn*Ludham Bridge and the Kings arms*Ludham village the ones with an * are those I can recommend from personal visits others I may not had visited or they were not to my taste , but tastes differ
  7. ring the yard with the details of your travel iron , including the wattage ,and they will let you know , all we can do is offer an opinion without fact .
  8. Tbh I’m not sure , pre covid it had changed hands and a lot of work was being done to improve it though
  9. Don’t forget the few spaces on the island as well
  10. I was in the Maltsters on Saturday night , it is open but the only food currently being offered is the pizzas and seating is outside , there are only four tables indoors still available , the current mine host is Roy’s exwife. The New Inn Hornings lease has been taken over by the incumbents of The Kings Arms Acle and should be opening very soon
  11. Back at home after a wonderful weekend afloat , left Cambridge Friday morning after just over a hour and a half we arrived in Hoveton . Quick bite to eat from “O Crumbs” sitting on Granary Staithe then into Roy’s for our grocery shopping , quick visit to the department store to try and find a photo frame . Kate’s late brother was ex Royal Navy and served aboard The Ark Royal as a CPO it was due to his legacy to his sister that we were able to purchase Cerise Lady and we feel it is only fitting to have a photo of him in uniform aboard , sadly none available in Roy’s were the correct size so Robert Sayles later this week will be our next option. Leaving Hoveton destination Ludham butchers to get sausages , bacon , local eggs ,pork chops and their wonderful Lamb kebabs for a barbecue , then on to the wet shed at Stalham. Loaded up Cerise Lady , replenishing the beer and wine supplies as I wouldn’t have to drive home the same day meant I could finally savour a glass or two afloat. After the necessary checks we cast off at about 14:00 looking forward to our weekend , deciding to just pop into our usual haunts as we are afloat for a week beginning the 13th to explore (well revisit)further . A gentle slow cruise listening to the mandatory Pink Floyd supping copious mugs of tea we arrived at an empty Gayes staithe and moored up in the side dyke , shortly a couple more boats arrived . The weather was warm but overcast but still glorious , the two boats departed by about 18:00 and for the next hour and a bit we were once again all alone except for a solitary angler who had set up at the end of the stern on (usually) moorings he was later replaced by a group of three young anglers . Pork chops under the grill , vegetables on the stove and bottle of red wine uncorked life was certainly blissful. Come 19:00 the moorings started to fill , by 21:00 the stern moorings were full , occupied by a fleet of six privateers enjoying the freedom afloat . Dinner consumed , washing up done and wine drunk we sat outside enjoying our surroundings myself enjoying a glass or few of Ricard to end our evening . We went to bed at 00:00 so as to be technically legal and were soon asleep . Up bright and early by 07:30 as is usual whilst afloat we decided to set off by 08:00 , destination ...................yep Ranworth , well today being the fourth it meant I could get a draught Ghost Ship , taste buds all a tingle!! Again a slow cruise down the Ant , mast dropped for Ludham Bridge (we need 8ft with mast up is 8ft10) approached the bridge horn sounded just entering the bridge when a sheerline “bathtub” appears heading upstream travelling at a good 5 to 6 mph with no intention of stopping , I had to quickly go astern and prudently yielded backing out to prevent a collision , Katie’s description of the helm is best left unsaid. Through the bridge and mast again resplendent we continued onto Ranworth , we arrived at about 10:00 to find many spaces available , sadly “The taxi rank” was unsurprisingly occupied so we moored stern on !!!!!!!! alongside the Fairline that was moored there . Todays weather was once again overcast with little showers of rain but undaunted i set up the table and chairs on the green and settled in . Spent a wonderful day watching the staithe gradually fill up with smiling hirers and excited youngsters thrilled to be afloat , supping the Adnams beers my daughter so kindly gave me for Father’s Day , early dinner today saw the barbecue sparked up at 17:30 and the lamb kebabs sizzling , Katie prepared her as usual wonderful salad to accompany them and of course I had to open a bottle of red wine , well it would be wrong not to. After our hearty meal we rounded it off with an expresso coffee as Katie had purchased a new pod machine for the boat , again bliss. Table and chairs stowed I wandered over to fellow NBN members Jemanki to introduce ourselves and supply them with a NBN flag decal , if any other member wants one if they see me afloat just ask , they’re foc but a donation to NBN funds would always be appreciated . The lure of the Maltsters was calling so after a shower and brush up we wandered over , filled in the covid-19 track and search form , antibac gelled the hands and into the bar to get my pint of heaven ;we sat outside and chatted to the landlady (Roy’s ex wife) keeping socially distanced of course. A few pints later it was time for sleep and Ghost Ship assisted I slept well. Up this morning at 07:30 , breakfast cooked and coffee drunk I emptied and cleaned the barbecue we set off by 10:00 to head off up the Ant again , a slow cruise saw us arrive at Irstead , where we would spend the next three hours cleaning the boat and watching the world go by , a very windy day but the sun was very hot . I cleaned Cerise Lady using a Worx battery powered jet washer we had just purchased and I was very impressed , an excellent bit of kit extremely useful cleaning around all my side railings where dirt likes to build up despite frequent mopping . Back to the wet shed , arriving at 16:30 and after a quick catch up with the ever industrious Griff we were ready to set off by 17:30 already looking forward to the week of the 13th with childlike anticipation. Home by 20:00 , with a stop off at the Mildenhall Burger King for a take away . The photos are random , taken by Katie over the weekend
  12. Know the feeling , we moored up last night at Gayes and I was able to have my first drink afloat before retiring this morning for a few hours sleep aboard , most certainly bliss
  13. All hospitals are remaining at readiness in case of a “spike” , but are not gearing up as such for any specific future date . What they are currently doing is trying to get back to a normality and catch up on surgeries postponed due to covid-19
  14. Come on , we are all wondering , what craft is she ?? please
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