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  1. Another pic from our journey home , Horsey Mere
  2. Better pics , should also mention The Dunes Cafe have taken over at the Acle cafe and if the cakes etc are from the same suppliers then can not recommend highly enough .
  3. On our way back to Cambridge , had a quick stop off in Yarmouth now enjoying an exceptionally well filled crab sandwich at The Dunes Cafe , Winterton
  4. Certainly is , was sampling a few Sunday night in the Maltsters
  5. But what now with your favoured London Pride ?
  6. As should you John , we spotted Friday Girl afloat over the weekend and it brought back fond memories of our afternoon aboard with you both journeying to The Locks
  7. Spend the day cruising with my youngest and his girlfriend , ended up at Womack Water for lunch at The Kings , Ludham . Dropped them back off at Ranworth where they had parked up , pleasant journey to tonight’s resting place at Gayes Staithe again , off home in the morning .
  8. The Sheerline featured in Eastenders is the former Muscadet from Russell Craft out of South Walsham , we hired her four times , beautiful boat . She is now amongst Herbert Woods fleet and called ( I believe ) Hilight
  9. A misty morning this morning at 05:15 , Kate took it , I was still sleeping soundly
  10. A full Ranworth but we managed to get in our favoured spot for the night
  11. There we go sir https://www.waveneyrivercentre.co.uk/stays-and-boat-hire/boat-hire/holiday-cruisers/
  12. Unsurprisingly Ranworth was full so bit the bullet , paid £10 !!!!! And we’re moored at Salhouse Broad for the evening
  13. Moored up at Gayes Staithe , glorious !!! Loaded the fridge from Horning butchers , barbecue this evening
  14. That would mean you would have to have the inverter on for long periods of time if you’re unable to be on shore power , can be a major drain on your domestic batteries
  15. As far as fuel economy etc on premium V supermarket diesel goes , when I used to run LTI (London type) taxis , if the driver filled up at the local Tesco as opposed to the nearby Shell Station I would notice a drop of as high as 5% on fuel economy ; with the price being approx 5% cheaper at Tesco then there was no financial advantage in buying the cheaper fuel. The main drawback however was that the cabs tended to “pink” when struggling up a hill fully loaded (yes Cambridge has three hills) and slowed down noticeably often causing concern (or amusement) amongst the passengers. Since then I have only used either Shell , BP or Esso standard diesel in my cars , although Katie does use Roy’s (and that one is actually in Wroxham) which is I believe Jet
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