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  1. If you’re a fan of watching YouTube then may I suggest watching one of the many episodes of Fred Dibnah they are IMHO excellent viewing without the drama that seems to accompany most modern programmes
  2. We love the Broads and enjoy our many days afloat , where we can escape from the rigours of everyday life and have no issue in the paying of the tolls and have indeed done so , we also have no problem with the hire industry being given the suspension to the tolls in the current climate, but do have a query and wonder if anyone knows the answer . When the travel ban is lifted and hiring is once again permitted does the annual toll then apply to those hire boats as it does if you toll a private boat half way through a season or will it just be for the percentage of the season remaining ? If it is for the annual toll then these “heated discussions” have all been totally unnecessary .
  3. Sadly , due to the behaviour of a few selfish idiots , I can see the U.K. having to tighten further the existing regulations . It’s fairly clear and simple , NO UNNECESSARY JOURNEYS means exactly that and when you get high profile government staff ignoring the rules it is a shame that they are not prosecuted fully and heaven forbid that they are actually supported by their leader until public pressure forces their hand. If you watch the YouTube video of the police stopping the couple holding a barbecue on Hove beach you can see the attitude and contempt some people have for the current rules , nobody wants to have martial law and soldiers on the streets but with the behaviour of the minority then it may well be the only solution .
  4. As I stated before on another thread , we have paid our tolls , and paid them gladly . Katie (my wife) my daughter and my son in law are all involved in the care of Covid-19 patients in ICU many of whom sadly will not survive it . They put themselves at personal risk daily trying to help their patients and I find it petty all the bickering over what is on the face of it a relatively small amount of money There are far far more important things to concern us all now than a few pounds. Pic shows my daughter in her current nurses uniform which is also what Katie and my son in law have to wear
  5. And just for Griff a nice Rose Emblem on the shirt , since the t shirt is white it will have to be a red one
  6. But what a true shame to have (IMHO) spoilt her gorgeous original lines , she was a stunner !!!!
  7. Do remember that petrol is not available when afloat on the Broads so you would have to bring it with you , plenty of relatively inexpensive trailerable boats online (subject to the towing restrictions of your towing vehicle). the Shetland you mentioned is ideal for a weekend afloat but a bit restricting for longer visits , if you are choosing the trailerable route then I would recommend choosing one with a low airdraft to enable passage under all bridges . finally a warm welcome to our little corner of the web from Katie and I
  8. Charlie if you can source some bezels in brass then Cambridge Electroplating Ltd 21-25 Union Ln, Chesterton, Cambridge CB4 1PR 01223 352464 are very good
  9. I should think that unlike many other yards they are without a maritime loan or mortgage on their boats So less cash flow problems but nether the less fantastic customer service and all credit to them
  10. Dawn Star , still about (well before the lockdown anyway) she was moored at St Benêts behind us last year
  11. Would love to know where this bar/hotel was , features 12:13 mins in
  12. If some boat owners want the same holiday as the boat yards in regard to the tolls Is it a fair presumption that they also would be happy to pay the same higher rated tolls as the hire yards do when the current restrictions are lifted
  13. The grant will help me keep my head above the water , at 80% of net profit it realistically equates to roughly 35% after I have paid my static overheads , yes I’m currently working ,my receipts are approx 8% of my normal gross.If it was not for the fact that we are needed to transport patients and nhs staff I wouldn’t place myself at risk and would stay at home . So I will be most grateful for the governments help , it will be the first monies I have ever recieved from state and hopefully it will be the last , pension in a few years exempted .
  14. Tom as i commented on another thread can you confirm that during this crisis any live aboard moored on a BA 24hr mooring can stay for the duration as I know of at least two who are in the at risk category and ideally need to be on shore power if at all possible and near to facilities
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