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  1. Have collected NBN decals from my printers , they measure approx 25cm x 10cm (the white surround is backing paper ) will take them down to Norfolk next weekend
  2. A figure of “tens of thousands” visiting your existing centres seems to signify there is little or no unmet demand warranting expenditure on a new centre being commissioned , the BA funds would be far better directed to reinstating the collection points for refuse so helping to maintain the beauty and vista of the entire Broads network which was enjoyed by c. 7.6m visitors last year alone.
  3. Neither Katie or myself are lovers of the eight legged beasts , tried various methods of keeping them at bay , even purchased some “spider away spray” which was rubbish , then at a May NBN the wonderful Pauline (Polly) mentioned to Kate that the best way to deal with one was to don a marigold glove and simply pick it up and cast overboard , all I can say is thank you thank you !!!! works wonderfully, amazing that a thin rubber layer removes all the phobia and allows us to deal with spiders simply and efficiently
  4. Little raised black spots that are a bu**er to shift !!
  5. I’m sure those budding artists amongst our fellow members would relish the challenge
  6. http://www.broadlandmemories.co.uk/documents/maps/maps69_colt_wrox_hov.pdf that should work
  7. May I be the first to welcome you to the NBN we are weird but friendly lot here and I’m sure someone will be along to assist your enquiry soon
  8. Welcome from Katie and me too . St Olaves also be a good option provided you’re ok with been beached at low water
  9. Second the Womack site , also the site at Upton
  10. A warm welcome to this friendly corner of the web
  11. When we were searching for our first boat (2016) many we found were sea toilet set ups , we were given estimates ranging from £700 up to £1400 for the installation of a holding tank and deck pump out fitments and an electric toilet . All the quotes were dependant in their being available space to locate the holding tank . Oh , and a warm welcome to the forum
  12. I’d edit to say Hetty Hoover if i was you Griff , lol
  13. A warm welcome from Katie and I
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