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  1. A warm welcome to our friendly corner of the web from Katie and myself
  2. Could you post Ludham bridge clearance when you go through please
  3. I’m amazed to hear Gus turned down a drink !!!! He told us during the season that he was not going to be there after the end of the season and was moving on to pastures new
  4. Loved Picard , only annoyed at having to wait for the next instalment . Amazon certainly is making good programmes lately now , how to install a replicator on Cerise Lady
  5. Barnes brinkcraft (nbs) list them as new builds
  6. For the past five weeks I’ve been unable to get under Ludham Bridge , I need 8ft so can get through at about 7ft 10 on the downstream board , yesterday was 7ft 3 , I wonder if the BA is going to revise its bridge heights which still claim 8ft 6 as the average high water level at Ludham , the past few years I would say it was nearer to 8ft 2 at high water levels
  7. Turn up with a few of these to share
  8. I find a couple of border collies very efficient
  9. The rent used to be £275 a month for a top of the range new machine and it was a 60/40 split in favour of the publican but the publican paid the vat , if I had one machine and there was a shortfall on the rent then brewery would pay it , if I had more than one machine (which included video games juke box or bar billiard table) then I was liable . thank fully as there was no other pubs or places for youngsters to go my machines never had a shortfall
  10. When I was a publican the profits from my fruit machines paid my rent , which was c £18k in 1984 , the jackpot was a massive £2 , when the £1 coin came out my profits doubled
  11. TBH don’t know for certain , river levels were exceptionally high hadn’t rained for a few days but not certain for actual reason , there is a small bridge over a stream between the river and the cafe so my best guess is that breached
  12. Two weeks ago there was standing water about 4inches deep exactly where the proposed building will be
  13. so as people are not confused , the elevations pictured are not where the existing shop /restaurant are currently which will be replaced but at the rear of the existing buildings where there used to be knackered hay sheds years ago
  14. A turnover of £750k gross with a staff of 15 plus the other overheads doesn’t seem to offer much scope for profit , more likely running at a loss . That said , with its position and the attractiveness of the building in the right hands I can see great potential, it certainly need a cash injection and definitely needs that bloody awful extension redeveloping . Run right I can see it becoming a successful destination venue especially if they obtain a wedding licence .
  15. Simply just permitting a refurbishment of the shop and cafe on this site is a sure fire way of losing these facilities , the added income from holiday lets is necessary for the site to be financially viable . In my area two pubs over the last year applied unsuccessfully to add letting rooms , by converting outbuildings , it was objections by villagers in both cases that was the deciding factor . Both pubs are now boarded up , one has been purchased by the coop who are wanting to bulldoze it and build a store the other is being sold as a potential building site for housing .
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