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  1. CambridgeCabby

    Early Morning Punt Down (was Up) The Bure To Breydon

    And coming from Cambridge , may I say that’s one hell of a punt
  2. CambridgeCabby

    Broom Fuel Station Closed For At Least A Week

    At their prices they can afford to
  3. CambridgeCabby

    A Real Treat - Sherz And Linz 2018 Boat Trip

    I am a former smoker myself and in fact was brought up in the tobacco industry , I now vape (I realise that many are against that too) , Katie still smokes although no one smokes on Cerise Lady either inside or anywhere on board . I can understand that many find the smell of smoke in an enclosed area to be offensive and choose to avoid such areas , but i can also sympathise with smokers and welcome the choice for all to either hire a boat that smoking is permitted on or to choose a totally non smoking vessel.
  4. CambridgeCabby

    A Real Treat - Sherz And Linz 2018 Boat Trip

    I would rather hire a boat previously hired by smokers than moor next to someone who leaves their engine running churning out diesel smoke
  5. CambridgeCabby

    Nbn Spring Gathering

    A warm welcome awaits
  6. CambridgeCabby

    Ice On The Ant

    Was frozen in the basin when I went to the wet shed on Thursday
  7. CambridgeCabby

    A Real Treat - Sherz And Linz 2018 Boat Trip

    Which is why some boats have a no smoking policy , Katie doesn’t smoke onboard Cerise Lady but I do vape aboard as does Katie however as soon as we are moored she is straight away ashore and sparking up
  8. CambridgeCabby

    Ventilite / Tannoy / Mushroom Vents

    Are these the covers you’re after https://seamarknunn.com/acatalog/ECS-Ventilite-Clear-Static-Ventilator-Complete-7-inch-AF6_04201.html
  9. CambridgeCabby

    Herbert Woods

    I too find the late discounting is a poor business model to employ , it’s guaranteed to annoy existing “full price” customers . I wonder why is it that seemingly every business tends to offer far better prices when booked in advance , it works for hotels , flights , holidays , train companies , yet companies such as HW feel the opposite is the way to go .
  10. CambridgeCabby

    Fenders Up Or Down When Underway

    I’m often solo cruising so is impractical for me to be “fenders up”
  11. CambridgeCabby

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    Looks like an Aquafibre hull to me , may be best to drop the Broom Owners Club an email https://www.broomowners.com/
  12. CambridgeCabby

    New Boat From Horning

    When we hired her , a few times we had to noir up at Ludham and wait for ride to be low enough to get under , a couple of years we didn’t manage it , if I remember correctly her airdraft was 8,6” and the seat had to be removed to get under the bridge , the advantage of her was if steering from the fly bridge you could see clearly the high point and approach the bridge slowly using your eye line to see if she would pass under . The other minor bugbear used to be that she had a deep keel and in Salhouse Broad you couldn’t moor on the left as you go into the quay in the broad of the water levels were low as she would ground about 1 metre from the quay heading
  13. CambridgeCabby

    New Boat From Horning

    We hired Fair Diplomat ( 1 and 2) about five or six times , the interior TBH wasn’t much different to that that of Ranworth Breeze , and very comfortable is was too , since we hired them NBD added comfy cushioning on the flydeck and also mock teak to the moulded steps
  14. CambridgeCabby

    Happy New Year Plus Some Tips Part 48

    Nice to see you’re posting your blogs again CC , have a great 2019 and look forward to many more recipes
  15. CambridgeCabby

    Windboat Tradewind

    Welcome aboard the NBN , I’m sure someone in the know will be along soon to furnish you with more history of your beautiful boat . in the meanwhile any further photos of Rafiki and other waterways would be much appreciated

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