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  1. My mother had her second jab on the 14th of January , just before the extended wait between jabs came Into effect , she had a sore arm for a couple of days but otherwise all good .
  2. Find memories of a real character, RIP Winkle
  3. If they do go ahead with this proposal then give it a few years and we will be reading about the decline of visitors and the struggling economies in the areas that rely on the tourism income , we have grown dependant on the car and freedom which it gives us .
  4. No amount of paperwork will prevent Darwin’s Law .
  5. I completed a surveymonkey form in 2019 concerning the taxi trade in Cambridge , since which time I have received multiple spam mails concerning other surveys which were of no interest to me
  6. I miss the “fun” Christmas no 1’s that were killed off by The X Factor .
  7. Notice it isn’t showing any Broads reg numbers ??
  8. To me it’s simple , hugging my grandchildren and my mother again . being back afloat and being able to socialise freely . being able to cuddle Katie once more where she isn’t exhausted and upset from her work .
  9. No 1 looks like JB boats At Horning
  10. When the horse trainer Henry Cecil lost his driving licence back in the early eighties I was fortunate enough to acquire his Rover SDI , it was unusual as it was full Vanden Plas spec but with a 3.9V8 as opposed to 3.5 , plus extras like a small fridge in the back as well as fold down wooden tables , VEG 916X was her reg , kept her for three years never let me down .
  11. Bar Keepers metal polish , excellent product
  12. Hopefully your local taxi company is following the recommended measures that we are . Screen between front and rear All interior impact surfaces wiped with anti bac after every passenger All exterior handles anti bac wiped after every passenger vehicle sprayed inside with anti vac spray after every passenger no front seat passengers maximum of two rear passengers if from same household (saloon cars) masks worn by both driver and passenger(s) all payment machines anti bac wiped after every use driver hands either washed with soap and water or h
  13. Welcome to our friendly corner of the web Robin , and just to reiterate what has been said we love a restoration thread especially if accompanied with photos
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