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  1. Well , since I’m 21 every birthday and refuse to grow up I guess I’ll have to miss out on my bus pass
  2. You can phone up Yare house and purchase them over the phone with your card and they will send them to you
  3. Welcome to the NBN , we are usually more welcoming than this . Look forward to following your adventures with your splendid craft , more pics please
  4. Can you confirm this ? As their web page makes no mention of it and indeed lists the opening hours as normal . edited to add after checking their Facebook page can confirm that they have indeed closed their Horning outlet , very sad indeed
  5. A few years ago Faircraft and Herbert Woods were under the same ownership and ran successfully independently of each other , at that time it seemed the elite fleet were hired under the Faircraft banner and the older boats by Herbert Woods , which ever route forward Len takes I think it is a virtual certainty that it will be a great success as indeed Ferry was ; not many people know the hire trade as well as him. I should think the only major change will be NBD moving into the “all inclusive” realm as opposed to the current scheme of adding fuel deposit , CDW, parking charges etc on to the advertised hire charge this was previously the method employed by Ferry Marina and is currently in place at WRC
  6. So sorry to hear this Griff , although I am heartened that you prefer to let her go to sleep peacefully instead on letting her suffer further . As dog lovers and owners ourselves we know the pain of such decisions and our thoughts will be with you and your family .
  7. NBD , has been a well run yard under its present (well actually now past) ownership, presenting a well maintained and modern fleet , with regular new builds entering the fleet . It was also an excellent yard under Funnell’s prior reign and I’m sure will continue to thrive . I too had heard rumours about this change of ownership for a while now , doesn’t surprise me in the slightest considering he already owns a large part of Windboats old site . Hopefully with new management NBD may start permitting private boats to moor in their basin , at a cost obviously, for those of us unable to get under the bridge.
  8. They’re just green with envy
  9. Extinction Rebellion protest in Cambridge today , very relavent to MM’s posting
  10. The trouble with nice cars is the cost of sundries , I’ve just had to buy some tyres , rear ones @ £320 front £260 and that’s at discounted mates rates . That price is for the same as fitted new , Goodyear , Yokohama’s come out at lower at £278 and £240 trouble is they’re soft and don’t wear well for use on a taxi
  11. I often used to pick him up and take him to the airport , a genuine gentleman with no false airs or graces , will be missed .
  12. I was quoted approx £16 to 18k if I wanted to replace my engines for 4 cylinder Nanni engines , so I would presume a 3 cylinder would be in the region of 6 to 8k
  13. Especially with the smaller , well reviewed, yards
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