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  1. If the company that performed your estimate/quote have not notified you in advance that a fee for the quote is applicable then you are under no legal obligation to pay it , irrespective if they state on their website that fees may be applicable , without a written agreement or online contract between yourself and them where BOTH parties have agreed then no monies are due , when you instruct a tradesman to undertake a job then a contract can be deemed to be inplace but if you ask said tradesman to give a quotation he or she is obliged to inform you as the customer that said quotation is at a cost if they failed to make this clear to you then they cannot then say you owe them x amount , consumer laws cover this very well and are set up to prevent exactly this kind of exploitation
  2. Surely to a degree this conflicts with some yards hiring policies . if two heterosexual couples wish to book a four berth cruiser then there are no added conditions or deposits requested , whereas if two same sex couples wished the same then they would be requested to pay extra deposit at some yards thereby being discriminated against for being in a same sex relationship ?
  3. Every time I see a photo of Pelican I can’t help but be saddened to see how a once majestic Broads cruiser has been allowed to deteriorate so badly.
  4. Mmmm , I was a fairly regular customer in those days , does that make me a bad boy ?
  5. That he did indeed , not helped by numerous regulars spending ages teaching him new words every night
  6. That would have been at The White Horse in Upton when Winkle was the host
  7. Since we spotted you afloat this afternoon just after lunch I would hazard a guess at the approach to Salhouse travelling from Wroxham on the Bure
  8. from Katie and I to this our friendly corner of the web
  9. Saw you at The Kings Arms mooring as we crossed the bridge , sadly taxi rank full so mooored up for the night elsewhere (Katie asked where am I on Facebook NBN, so won’t say but it’s not difficult)
  10. Tidy examples , well maintained with wc holding tanks are going for c£20k
  11. No explanation indeed but skill certainly !!!!
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