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  1. CambridgeCabby

    How Many Boats?

    Welcome from Katie and I too
  2. CambridgeCabby

    At Last

    Lovely Boat , welcome to the skint but happy club of boat ownership . hope to see you afloat at some time Simon and Kate
  3. CambridgeCabby

    Help Required For Volvo Penta Aq115

    Boat now firing on all cylinders , make sure you do too speedy recovery wishes from Katie and I
  4. CambridgeCabby

    Father's Day

    You didn’t show the other one
  5. CambridgeCabby

    Father's Day

    Thank you from me too saw my three children today plus my grandson , a bottle of malt (eldest son), 3 bottles of strong craft cider and kids sweets (younger son) and a trio of socks and a polo shirt from my daughter makes it an excellent day for me .
  6. CambridgeCabby

    Good Evening

    A warm welcome from Katie and I to the friendly NBN , please do tell us about your boat etc , we’re a nosey lot on here , well we (Katie and I) are anyway . Our boat is Cerise Lady and we moor in Hoveton , often seen passing through Horning at the weekends , wave if you see us
  7. CambridgeCabby

    The Dutch Are Coming

    We spotted them on Sunday near Salhouse
  8. CambridgeCabby

    Rnli Online Shop

    Does anyone else feel that the 2015 RNLI “Calender Girls style” Calender now appears rather hypocritical
  9. CambridgeCabby

    Hello Fellow Waterpeople

    A warm welcome to the friendly NBN from Katie and I
  10. CambridgeCabby


    Fully agree with MM’s take on this . I enjoy an occasional drink , and have a fairly high tolerance and have been known to simply fall asleep in the corner at the end of a particular heavy evening , whilst others I know can have three or four pints and turn into the irresponsible type that annoys us all and behave in such a way as to cause distress to others When I used to be a publican there were some customers I was happy to serve seemingly unending pints to whilst others had to be watched after a couple , it is the individual that causes the problem he (or she) knows their own “safe level” and should stick to it
  11. CambridgeCabby

    Hampton Safari

    More so reliable , if it’s going to be thought then you can rely on MM to say it
  12. CambridgeCabby

    Just Saying Hi And Thanks For Letting Me Join [emoji3]

    Welcome from Katie and I to the friendly forum
  13. CambridgeCabby

    A Close Call

    CO is lighter than air , CO2 is heavier . we have a detector in our cabin which we test every time we go aboard , it doesn’t make sense to have one fitted if you don’t regularly test it ,please check yours are still functioning fellow forumites they save lives .
  14. CambridgeCabby

    Penalty Notice Glue Removal

    Product called sticky stuff remover
  15. CambridgeCabby

    Beware The Yare On The 31st May

    I can just imagine Griff as the NBN’s very own Midnight Cowboy , bet he’s already got the Stetson

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