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  1. Spent early morning at Gayes Staithe then a short hop to Barton Turf before leaving the wetshed at 13:00 so to get home to see my children , boys got me malt whisky and some beer , sadly daughter and grandson were unable to pop over so will catch up with them later in the week
  2. Looking like a wonderful day too , bliss
  3. Was probably just removing the empties
  4. I’ve heard of NYX anti-ageing cream always believed it was for the appearance but obviously in retrospect it must relate to mental age.
  5. Best wishes and congratulations from Kate and I also , and what a wonderful way to start your married life together
  6. Happy Birthday Polly , have a great day ,
  7. I would have thought a silicon spray would have been ideal for your needs https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F303081768094
  8. Happy 40th from Kate and I , and even though your now middle aged , never stopped me from behaving like a teenager , and I still do
  9. Welcome to our friendly corner of the web , and I’m sure I speak for many others when I ask please could you post some pics of your family’s Dunkirk veteran
  10. Yet they welcome large groups of youths and young ladies? resulting in mass brawls and large police and ambulance attendance . The Wetherspoons Regal in Cambridge is one of the largest pubs in the U.K. and every weekend there is a need for heavy police attendance due to drunken behaviour by young men and women, when I was a publican my licence would have been revoked if I had permitted similar behaviour .
  11. Malcolm My comments were not intended as a sleight on yourself , merely as an observation on today’s sadly necessary business practices . The signs are there , and repeated in the Swan itself Computer systems are not infallible , I understand your frustration with Eurocarparks, I too have suffered their incompetence in the past . However, as far as The Swans failure to reply is concerned , until they have discussed the alleged infringement with their car parking agents they are powerless , and the posting on TripAdviser would only lead them to ignore you further . As I’ve often said before my comments are and remain IMHO and never intended to offend or belittle others
  12. Spotted in “The Other Place” From June 10th for three days a section of School Road Horning will be closed , thereby restricting access to Boulters and Richardson’s Marina . posting elsewhere doesn’t mention which side of the access is restricted , ie village end or school end , sorry edited to add closed section will be between Ferry Road and Ferry View road
  13. Sadly it is a sign of the times , if it wasn’t for the abuse of the pubs facilities in the past then there would have been no need for these Draconian measures , when I had a Cambridge centre pub we had to install posts to prevent shoppers and even holiday makers parking in the car park for in one case up to a fortnight . if you are a patron in The Swan you inform them give them your registration number and you should encounter no problems , there is appropriate signage in place telling this. so whilst I have some sympathy for those who have been caught by the anpr cameras at Horning , I also sympathise with the pub who have had non-patrons using their car park in the past .
  14. If worried you can ring him 01692 631011 07876 111333
  15. At low water you should have no problems at all , many of the boats kept at Stalham have an 8ft6 airdraft and often traverse the bridge
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