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  1. You also have to factor in the many many first time Broads boaters that would have caught the boating bug , irrespective of booming foreign holidays IMHO the Broads Boating holiday trade is looking good for the foreseeable future
  2. There’s also a stunning barge on the Broads atm called Hewland , looks like she’s displaying a visitors toll number
  3. Hopefully Brundall Navy will be along soon , the sign writer he used on Nipper was first class
  4. He is closing at the end of October and reopening in March
  5. Many changes happening at Ranworth staithe . Steve at the shop is sectioning the store space and will be opening a fish and chip style takeaway with additional hot food offerings planned also (subject to planning) .
  6. https://www.topsail.co.uk/boat.php?refnum=2101 this ad has a lot of interior photos
  7. https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/boating/navigating-the-broads/bridge-heights-and-opening-times
  8. We had a look at Mamma Mia when she was up for sale , loved the rear cabin but found the steering position a bit strange , almost as if it were a good 2ft too far back causing the door frame to be a blind spot. Will be most interested to read your review later
  9. When people can learn to only eat seasonal produce instead of insisting that supermarkets stock such items as asparagus (from Mexico) new potatoes (from South Africa) etc etc , so they can have them all year round we are fighting a losing battle , only last week on local television there was a report about the accepted waste an importer permits with their supplier of grapes , which are imported from Columbia it’s 30%!!!!!! Where has the joy of waiting for the strawberry season gone , the anticipation of the first new potatoes of the season , sadly the convenience of the “ding dinner” has bred a generation whose expectations are immediate and an unwillingness to wait. It is possible to feed oneself on locally produced products , albeit sadly at a monetary price but the price to our planet in the long run by not doing so is far greater .
  10. It was £1:10 a couple of weeks ago at Boulters when we filled up , so much easier on the wallet to brim a fuel tank that holds 173 litres as opposed to in excess of 400 litres we had in Cerise Lady
  11. Lovely evening spent at Ranworth in the company of faces old and new , set sail at 13:00 , no longer having to worry about the clearance at Ludham , 8ft today, and a leisurely dawdle back up the Ant , afternoon tea now at Gays before returning to the wet shed , already looking forward to a fortnight when we are afloat again , and hopefully in a re sign written Pipedreams then too .
  12. Pleasant cruise from the wetshed this morning , watch the remaining lads week crew disembark from Broad Ambition , and they had some beer left !!!!!!! Waved at Luna and crew who were comfortably moored up at Irstead and made our way to Ranworth , now settled for the day and evening .
  13. It certainly is , we have the radiator on to keep the chills at bay , setting off in the morning
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