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  1. Katie and I love those Sheerline 950cc boats , especially with the convertible seating berth . Didnt spot that one when it was up for sale :(
  2. I used to work for Abbey Hill on the car transporters delivering and moving cars around the country for the hire companies ,Avis , Hertz etc at first I got a bonus per unit drop and if a full load of between 7 and 12 cars dependant on vehicle size were to a single destination then I could earn good money ; the company changed to a day rate which not only gave me longer hours but reduced my monthly income by 20% on average suffice to say ,I moved on . I used to get mail frequently asking if I wished to return as there was a shortage of class one drivers with the training and skills required to drive an HGV with the overhang sweep encountered with transporter trailers , we used to have to get the police to stop oncoming traffic in some areas to allow us to turn into some streets , in fact if I remember correctly Kimbolton went so far as to ban car transporters from the city center
  3. Also the seating with new covers won’t match without something like this
  4. At today’s rate , your fuel cost would equate to £6.10 an hour compared to the £3.48 per cruising hour it cost us on our last cruise based on what we paid at Boulters for diesel on the 60/40 split and that’s on twin Diesel engines .
  5. Petrol will have to purchased from a garage and transported to the mooring as as you correctly thought petrol is not available on the river . At a consumption of a gallon an hour you would have to transport quite a lot of fuel to fill her , I believe that the most you are permitted to carry in your car in containers is 60ltrs , although some garages have their own rules regarding how much they will sell you in cans. this means that at a rate of a gallon an hour you should be able to get approx 13 hours cruising for your 60 litres (12 of the regular red (or green) plastic containers , you can also get metal 10ltr containers) .
  6. My O2 contract iPhone gives me excellent 4g coverage everywhere except Horning staithe and Salhouse . Ranworth on the staithe is very good , in the Maltsters is poor , Horning works well by Ferry inn but village staithe very poor , Wroxham\Hoveton very good all over . Salhouse by the moorings is poor but up the hill by the food van /camp ground is good . Stalham very good , as is Acle and Upton . Gayes staithe and Neatishead staithe very good . Sutton staithe good Potter Heigham quiet moorings good Ludham bridge very good All the places I list as good or very good it is good enough to stream movies etc (use my hotspot to stream Netflix to the telly)
  7. As far as water points are concerned , if on a hire boat then any hire yard (in the reciprocal arrangement) is available to refill your tanks
  8. The package holiday boom of the 70’s changed the way families holidayed , guaranteed sun cheap booze and exotic destinations became the norm. The last 18 months has seen the resurgence of U.K. holidays being forced upon the populous and IMHO the next few years will remain so . Provided U.K. destinations do not take the profiteering route whilst they have a “captured trade” the future for U.K. leisure and holiday companies is looking bright for years to come .
  9. Seems a good price https://www.gumtree.com/p/boats-kayaks-jet-skis/day-boat-recently-refurbished-upholstered.-/1407560178
  10. Yes is Bridge Broad Marina if I’m reading it correctly they charge £43.32 per foot inclusive of vat for in water mooring and £42.42 ashore , so 16 ft would be an annual rate of £690 ish annually
  11. I would try the old Potter Haylett yard at Wroxham or maybe even the Pleasure boat inn at Hickling both of which are likely to have spaces available due to the height restrictions caused to cruisers by either Wroxham or Potter Heigham bridges , Martham is another possibility . if leaving in the water outboard attached I would get a good outboard lock and contact Broads Beat for one of their outboard anti theft covers
  12. One thing I would recommend when mooring in Thurne Dyke is when entering the Dyke , if possible, moor on the port (lefthand) side as the wind can often leave you pinned to the bank on the right making leaving your mooring difficult .
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