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  1. On a hire boat you are restricted to cruising from dawn (sun up) and have to be moored up by dusk (sunset) , a private boat has no such restrictions provided they are displaying navigation lights . If you wish to set off as soon as the sun is up then there are no reasons not to on a hire boat but please be considerate to those around you who may be asleep and slip your moorings as quietly as you can and motor away at a slow pace so as not to cause unnecessary wake thereby disturbing others
  2. Surely “The How Hill Mob”?
  3. Dependant on the size you need I’ve a self inflating child’s one which fits our 4year old grandson but is more akin to a 5 or 6 year old in size (his dads 6ft7), and you can borrow it any time you need
  4. We managed to borrow some from George at Ludham for when our grandson came down , I should think Sutton has some for their day boats may be worth asking him ?
  5. Many of these “wild moorings” on the Ant will have potentially suffered from the lack of use due to Covid restrictions which would have allowed nature to encroach more . Be cautious and approach bow first slowly and if you spot any underwater obstructions abort and move on
  6. Re Ludham , the new board as you travel downstream is within half an inch of the upstream board on the approach , the posted airdraft on the helm of a hire boat (including Richardson’s) often has an allowance built in to allow for some bridges arches etc , I would recommend that a hirer if they are in doubt should moor up and ring the boat yard quoting the indicated height of the bridge and adhere to what the yard advises. if the boards are showing sufficient clearance then no need to ring just pass under the bridge exercising due care . We shouldn’t advise anyone to simply rely on t
  7. To reiterate what I believe is the the sentiments in SwanR’s posting , if a hirers boat states the air draft of his boat is for example 8ft 2 then they should in no circumstances attempt to pass a bridge unless the marker board is displaying at least 8ft 2 (and remember to drop any higher superstructure , awnings , telly aerials etc) . Every season we see and hear of hire boats and indeed privateers “risking it” with the result at least being impact with the bridge causing damage to the boat or in more extreme cases injury , some serious, to someone on board . Use the tide tables and time
  8. This is is hand once the relevant documentation concerning the staithe has been received my end
  9. As I said earlier in the thread , I have moored there over the years on many many occasions , and always with the consent of the boat moored in the corner , on a very rare occasion when they have expressed an opinion that they would prefer if I did not I have moved on willingly and without any ill feelings , when moored myself in the corner spot and the staithe is full I have assisted other boats in mooring in that spot , as with double mooring ,which is encouraged at many moorings by the BA , a polite request is often responded to favourably. I have also pulled away from that spot and m
  10. The new board upstream of Ludham is near as dammit 3inches out , I need 8ft and we had approx three inches to spare , the downstream board is about 3.5inches out
  11. The part of the map provided with the area marked in red is indeed part of the 24hr Broads moorings
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