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  1. CambridgeCabby

    Lads Week

    You mean he does before 14:30 ????
  2. CambridgeCabby

    Constellation 3?

    That’s so you can clean the fridge :)
  3. CambridgeCabby

    Bb Webcam

    Being the sceptical person that I am I would be highly surprised if it is functioning until after their planning appeal re their new moorings .
  4. CambridgeCabby

    Doctor Who

    Any well designed boat , to me , has a lot in common with the Tardis , all the comforts of home in a 30ft by 9ft 6 Box (in our case) , rarely goes where you intend , temperamental and with it own unique imitable character , yet we wouldn’t be without them in our lives .
  5. CambridgeCabby

    Doctor Who

    We watched it and I was not expecting to enjoy the “pc” lady Doctor at all , however both Kate and I thoroughly enjoyed it , in my part it may be due to the fact that I disliked Peter Capaldi as The Doctor , but as said I did enjoy the opening episode of this new incarnation and will wait and see how the series matures
  6. CambridgeCabby

    Chrome Plating

    https://g.co/kgs/qiKNXn Cambridge electroplating should be able to do it , but as already mentioned , isn’t cheap
  7. CambridgeCabby

    Craft Beer

    Fortunately I’m yet to suffer a morning after headache , even though I have woken up still under the influence . these new “craft beers” I feel rely on the emperors new clothes syndrome, where if people keep saying it’s good and worth the inflated prices long enough you will end up believing them.
  8. CambridgeCabby


    Even as recent at the early 1990’s a washing powder box was placed in the windows of the Waterbeach barracks houses when the wife was “ available” , I was always lead to believe OMO stood for On Manoevers Overseas
  9. CambridgeCabby

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Surely you mean on the right road ??
  10. CambridgeCabby

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Ah , The Austin Allegro the much saintes car of the future , true , the future of the demise of the British car industry . I miss the days when we could produce the beautiful Triumph Stag and Spitfire , the MGB and roadster, all to see the princess , ital and allegro kill our once proad car industry
  11. CambridgeCabby

    Next Best Image To That Of A Sailing Boat?

    I seriously doubt p and c’s would permit my chosen image (s)
  12. CambridgeCabby


    Welcome to our friendly corner of the net from me and Katie , would be nice to know more about you and your Broadland tales
  13. CambridgeCabby

    Boat Survey

    Do also note that depending on age of your boat many insurers will insist on a survey prior to offering cover
  14. CambridgeCabby

    Acle Bridge Inn

    We have visited The Bridge Inn numerous times and what they do they do well , however I ,being my usual awkward self , do not like chips and never have, yes I know weird , but I enjoy fresh not over cooked vegetables and new or boiled potatoes. Sadly The Bridge tends to feature standard pub grub on its menu admittedly well presented , portioned and cooked but not to my taste. Pedros next door is more to Katies taste and offers more than just standard pub grub and shockingly the beer is cheaper . all that said The Bridge is a well run friendly Broadland pub who do what they do very well and if you enjoy pub fare you won’t go far wrong
  15. CambridgeCabby

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    Perhaps an entrepreneur may pop up with a hiab (and insurance) and be able to lift boats over at a sensible rate ? What air draft is the second bridge ??

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