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  1. Trouble is they tempt people like me to buy them , all the tools and no idea , think I’d best leave them to those that know what they are doing
  2. There are yards hiring out on the South as well I believe
  3. This is something that needs to be brought to the BA attention , the sad recent loses of life on The Broads do not need to have their numbers increased due to what in effect could be regarded as neglect of duty by the BA as far as health and safety is concerned , I can see no reason why the various boat yards hiring out during this extended season should not be approached to fund these additional costs where mooring charges are not in effect
  4. I’d best not post intended response , save the moderators a job
  5. Hadn’t tried to access auction today as had received the email informing me it was withdrawn
  6. You posted whilst I was composing my last posting . With this information now to hand although saddened to a degree that an opportunity for myself may have been lost, I am heartened that it appears a genuine community buy out with the right views to the future of The Locks has Happened and I look forward to visiting when reopened .
  7. Still no official notification from the auctioneers , simply an email stating currently withdrawn from auction. The auction guide price was £375,000 - £395,000 plus stock at valuation , the agreed price of £405,000 in the current climate seems a good result for the vendors but not higher than myself for one was considering a realistic investment . I’m sure I wasn’t the only interested party actively awaiting the auction and registered for online bidding
  8. The trouble with some ,but not all, community buy outs, is they can have too many bosses which results in a lack of sense of direction due to conflicting opinions. if it is indeed true that a community buy out has been agreed (still awaiting official notification) then I hope they install an experienced manager and allow them the freedom to develop what could be a very successful venture retaining the uniqueness of The Locks. If the buy out decides to head down the gastropub route with just a handful of wealthy investors under the guise of “a community” as has happened to a few in my
  9. Have not received anything official from the auctioneers that it has been withdrawn , yet!
  10. We have an electric loo , the bonus is it also has a macerator so less chance of blocking, not that we put anything other than two ply and “doings” down it
  11. I’m a great believer in “if it isn’t broken don’t try and fix it” , at least 90% of the hire boats use gas for cooking and probably a higher percentage of privateers do and it works just fine .
  12. Sorry to hear you had problems with the boat , but hope it hasn’t put you off the beautiful Norfolk (and Suffolk) Broads and you will return again soon .
  13. They are also advertising the selling of quite a few lodges in a long lease
  14. Must admit I’m surprised as I thought they were hiring well from WRC , also NBD basin is normally packed with the amount of craft they have there normally let alone the extra boats .
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