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  1. Started at about 18:00 and lasted just under two hours , we also had a few sprinkles of rain through the late afternoon
  2. We decided to spend the day and overnight at Womack , now moored up side on in the shop staithe , the heavens opened at 18:00 by 20:00 the storm had passed us over , sitting here sated often consuming cottage pie and fresh green beans , enjoying a glass (or bottle) of Chilean Merlot and listening to the bird song .
  3. Unfortunately the hire yards suggest running the engines for at least 4 hours a day , whether this is due to the abundance of electrical devices and inverters or due to lack of maintenance to the batteries I don’t know , but when we hired we used to cruise for a couple of hours a day as a norm and we never had flat batteries in the morning
  4. Replacement ordered , now enjoying a gin in the sunshine at Womack
  5. Popped into the shop on the staithe Womack hoping they could repair as they sell bunting , sadly the lady is no longer on site , but they still sell bunting . No cord onboard and my sewing skills are beyond incompetent .
  6. Tragedy !!! my NBN pennant flag has died , the cord has greyed and disintegrated !! time to order another one but means I’ll be failing to fly the flag this week
  7. 18/05/2121 woke up this morning at 07:00 to this glorious !!!!
  8. Forgot to mention Katie’s version of Grendles bacon and cheese puffs , she changed the bacon to palma ham
  9. 17/05/21 day of more freedom has arrived left an overcast Gayes staithe at 09:30 for a slow amble along to pass under Ludham at 10:30 , rivers very quiet , we poodled along at 3mph enjoying the peace and tranquility ,past a single boat (private) moored at Irstead , a scattering of 5 boats at Hows Hill , under Ludham at low water clearance was 8ft2 . right turn onto the Bure , wouldn’t take a genius to guess our destination fr the day/evening now that a drink inside a pub is once again permitted , by 11:30 Ranworth staithe came into view , and there were 6 spaces on the front an
  10. Forecast isn’t the greatest , but we’re in Norfolk and afloat so who cares
  11. 16/05/21 Katie and I left home at 10:00 to make our way the 1hr40 drive down the A11 to Norfolk for a week afloat , yes both of us , Kate has a week off!!! We stopped of in Hoveton en-route to grab a few more supplies from Roy’s and a coffee before making our way to LBBY to pick up the fuel can for our tender that Ray had left with George (thank you Ray) , Kate got absolutely soaked when she made the dash into the boat yard but she needed a shower anyways . Next destination NYA in Horning to have a look at a boat followed by a stop off at Tesco s Stalham for Kates ciggies and some f
  12. Yes , Tony is moving back South lovely chap and we wish him all the best in the future . The vast majority of the live-aboards and continuous cruisers Katie and I have met over the years have been friendly helpful people with pride in their homes and utmost respect for their surroundings and often most that encounter them do not realise that they do live aboard , sadly the few that fail to maintain their boats and clutter the riverbanks do stand out. On the whole live aboards are an asset to the Broads (IMHO) and it’s a travesty that there are not more suitable moorings made availab
  13. Now, some NBN coasters they would certainly sell
  14. When I was a licensee I was looking for a carpet to lay in the saloon bar , My late father was a furniture and carpet retailer all his life (and three generations before him) , initially I was going to have Flotex carpet tiles laid as they were known to be durable and hard wearing , I mentioned it to my father and he told me I could purchase a hotel “high traffic area” Axminster carpet which was equally as durable more comfortable underfoot and quieter for two thirds of the price . We went down the Axminster route , in the 80’s it cost me £7k the Flotex would have been in excess of £9k, w
  15. They include Canal and River Rescue cover when you’re insured through Nav and General , but , and it’s a big but , they do not cover prop damage/snagging so if they sent someone out to you and it was due to something being wrapped around your prop then you would have to pay the costs of recovery , with Boulters prop cover is an add on , our renewal which was paid at the beginning of May with Boulters was £130.99 all in inclusive of 30%NCD on the breakdown portion , prop cover is £40 including vat so the breakdown portion was £90.99
  16. I would say it’s one of the two former Grand Girls with that livery
  17. Our two aren’t nervous at all they just despise travelling by car and won’t settle at all , they’re 9 and 12 now and too old to change their minds
  18. Wonderful tale and pics , if only our border collies would enjoy being afloat
  19. Looks like the ex-Summercraft boat is handling it well against the waves
  20. Had a look at the 360 tour of the boat , TBH for a two berth boat the storage looks to be more than most boats I’ve seen , a large hanging wardrobe ans two cupboards in the bedroom is generous for a week , looks like there a street wage under the saloon seating , plus a large shelf on top of the engine boxing
  21. The large laundry type bags from Poundland etc are excellent for this
  22. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06X1GB6RC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_imm_PNXASH0V5CERBEJ3ZS94
  23. Sutton also offer a breakdown/recovery service , don’t know if any others , perhaps Horning Pleasurecraft may do as I’ve seen their tow boat around
  24. As a youngster I used to go with my father to Great Gransden airfield where I was delighted to sit besides the driver of an old Land Rover which they used to pull the gliders up into the air , on my 12th birthday I was treated to a flight as a passenger in a glider , my lasting memory is how noisy it was due to the air flow , I foolishly believed it would be totally silent as it appears from the ground
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