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  1. Katie

    My Day

    Loving the face masks and a big nhs thank you for the scrub bags Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  2. All I will say is that we are still currently treating 90 covid-19 patients in our hospital and 30 waiting for results, 25 of these in intensive care - that doesn’t include any other patients that need urgent and emergency treatment who also need expert care or others that have had their cancer surgery delayed. if you want to talk semantics and interpret the latest information to suit your own goals that is your choice - but if you all suddenly go out, for whatever reason, you will potentially put an extra stain on the NHS and those that are trying to combat this disease. This is not over, it has not eased and people are still being infected daily . Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  3. Katie

    My Day

    Lovely to see you both x
  4. Katie

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to my husband Simon (cc) he’d rather be on the boat to celebrate- but he’s not near retirement yet!!
  5. It’s very true good unless you forget about it on the stove - then the coffee goes everywhere
  6. Simon has always had a soft spot for Hamptons Charlie
  7. Sorry Charlie - but tell The Wench —Simon still needs a spanking
  8. Don’t forget Toms brilliant card
  9. We hope so too!! We won’t get there til late afternoon/ early evening depending on work. Looking forward to seeing Trixie in all her glory
  10. We have a bottle for the stall, drinks stocked up, an expert is making a cake ( not me so will be edible ) and we pick up Cerise lady from George on Friday -so all good to go, see you all soon
  11. ????‍♂️?☕?? seem to work ok for me.... well one of them did ?
  12. But we have our own in built drinks cabinet - I have a spare decanter if you should ever need one !
  13. Katie

    My Day

    Not a good day then! Wishing them a speedy recovery - good job you turned around !
  14. Both my father and brother were in the RN so caught my love of boats from them! We had a boat at Ely then Littleport when I was 10 -15 and had many trips up The Ouse to St Neots and St Ives. Reconnected to the water on The Broads 24 years ago with the children , then Simon was hooked! Hired yearly, eagerly anticipating the Hoseasons catalogue, until we finally got our own boat last May.
  15. There are risks in whatever you chose to do or where you go ! My comment was more from an insurers point of view and that any business involved has to adhere to it. Insurers usually only cover the hired property ( which would include a boat) what the people chose to do outside of that would not necessarily be covered. Very few people would have your depth of experience on the Broads or children that have been brought up in that environment. Not all parents are responsible, single or otherwise and I’ve witnessed many occasions when children are allowed to run, jump and climb on the boat without any evidence of a life jacket and like most insurers, they would look at averages and not exceptions.
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