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  1. Simon has always had a soft spot for Hamptons Charlie
  2. Katie

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Sorry Charlie - but tell The Wench —Simon still needs a spanking
  3. Katie

    Father's Day

    Don’t forget Toms brilliant card
  4. We hope so too!! We won’t get there til late afternoon/ early evening depending on work. Looking forward to seeing Trixie in all her glory
  5. We have a bottle for the stall, drinks stocked up, an expert is making a cake ( not me so will be edible ) and we pick up Cerise lady from George on Friday -so all good to go, see you all soon
  6. Katie


    ????‍♂️?☕?? seem to work ok for me.... well one of them did ?
  7. Katie

    Having The Right Tackle

    But we have our own in built drinks cabinet - I have a spare decanter if you should ever need one !
  8. Katie

    My Day

    Not a good day then! Wishing them a speedy recovery - good job you turned around !
  9. Katie

    Where Did The Love Affair Begin?

    Both my father and brother were in the RN so caught my love of boats from them! We had a boat at Ely then Littleport when I was 10 -15 and had many trips up The Ouse to St Neots and St Ives. Reconnected to the water on The Broads 24 years ago with the children , then Simon was hooked! Hired yearly, eagerly anticipating the Hoseasons catalogue, until we finally got our own boat last May.
  10. Katie

    Single Parent Hiring Boats

    There are risks in whatever you chose to do or where you go ! My comment was more from an insurers point of view and that any business involved has to adhere to it. Insurers usually only cover the hired property ( which would include a boat) what the people chose to do outside of that would not necessarily be covered. Very few people would have your depth of experience on the Broads or children that have been brought up in that environment. Not all parents are responsible, single or otherwise and I’ve witnessed many occasions when children are allowed to run, jump and climb on the boat without any evidence of a life jacket and like most insurers, they would look at averages and not exceptions.
  11. Katie

    Single Parent Hiring Boats

    I would think that was blatantly obvious... as a hirecraft is a moving object on water, subject to winds and tides and I don’t believe either Centre Parks or a static seaside holiday are. It would also depend on the age and amount of children with the hirer, but all insurers have a cut off point.
  12. Will bring cakes and as long as I’ve not made them, they should’ve edible!! Can no longer fit in my wedding dress- but Simon might
  13. Katie

    Happy Birthday Katie

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. Simon almost gained enough brownie points! He's now letting me watch Star Wars to gain a few extra
  14. Katie

    A Bright November Morning At Ludham Bridge

    It was glorious, certainly better than yesterday in the rain -- I looked like a drowned rat
  15. Katie

    Another Dull Rainy Day In Norfolk Today

    We'll be watching the river for you both

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