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  1. HEM

    A Winters Tale

    I remember the Goodies - and ISIRTA (Sunday afternoons I think it used to be on radio...)
  2. HEM

    Take That

    Took This? You youngsters! Whilst I was at school the (totally mad) music teacher used to play Moody Blues (Threshold of a Dream & Children's Children)..
  3. HEM


    Even that is not necessarily true. If you have access to a server with SMTP you can totally fake things. Many years ago as a UNIX admin I used to know how to do this (via telnet) but my memory fades... Most decent installations nowadays disable telnet anyway.
  4. HEM


    Its always wise to hover your cursor over the apparent sender and often you see something totally different behind. One curious thing is that often when I order from Amazon (here they usually deliver via DHL) a short time afterwards I get a mail purporting to come from DHL but with dubious hidden sender. Its as if these guys monitor traffic.
  5. HEM

    Christmas Fare

    Its actually spelt Kassler (with double "s"). Since we are an Anglo-German family we combine both worlds: the German tradition is Christmas Eve evening (just the 3 of us) whilst on the 25th we do turkey UK-style for the enlarged family (9 people). What we will have this evening (Christmas Eve) is not finalised - daughter has stand-by duty from 8am to 8pm at the Tox lab of the forensic medicine department of UKE (Hamburg university hospital). Thus it could be 20:30 before we eat. Wife & I will go for final shopping: it will either be some sort of fish or a steak. Dessert is the same as for past few years: Mousse au Chocolat (I made it up last evening & its in the fridge).
  6. HEM

    Happy Christmas!

  7. HEM

    Happy Christmas!

    Every Christmas this one gets trotted out here - those who did "O"-Level German at school should manage:
  8. HEM

    Happy Christmas!

    I should add that I'm not a chemist - my father was a crystalographer (Reader in Chemistry @ Manchester University) & my daughter works in the toxialogical lab of the forensic department of UKE (Hamburg University Hospital) so there is some family trait there. On the other hand myself, my (German) wife & son are computer scientists...
  9. HEM

    Happy Christmas!

  10. HEM

    Wintertime Cooking

    It was pretty good All one has to do is to follow the checklist err recipe.... Manchester - thats where I was before moving out here for one year (that was 36 years ago - still here). I worked then for Manchester University lived at my parent's place near Knustford.
  11. HEM

    Wintertime Cooking

    Yesterday evenng I made Chicken, Leek and Cider Pie served with boiled potatoes. It was a LOT of work, the wife loved it & daughter ate hers so that means something. If anyone tries to make it do not underestimate the amount of work until the pie goes into the oven! I did use ready-made puff pastry from local supermarket.
  12. HEM

    Feeding Swans

    I remember in the late 60s/early 70s staying in a cottage at Thurne & Basil Curtis of the then village shop said "we loikes to see the visitors feeding the ducks - because when they (the visitors) are gone - out come the guns". I was pals with Basil's son Ernie but have long since lost contact. Ernie worked for a number of years in Singapore & them moved to Ormesby (where I once visited him) but I have since lost all contact.
  13. HEM

    Boat Names

    Reminds me of when I owned a Renault 5: I called it Perky - because it pinked...
  14. HEM

    Enough Is Enough Already!

    Brings back memories - my father bought a (new) Ford Corsair automatic in 1966 to take with us when we spent a year in Germany (Munich). It got sold a few years later just before I got my driver's license.
  15. HEM

    My Day

    There are enough people around our way who believe that flashing red lights (or even lowered barriers) do not apply to them. Some even do it with kids in the back seat & the local Polizei on hand to watch.

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