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  1. I assume that this EU support will cease at the end of this month?
  2. Me flying our club's 20m wingspan glider a few years ago... The guy in the backseat (whose son was learning with us) is an airline captain with whom I had a cockpit ride in a CRJ from Hamburg to Manchester many years previously. Before take-off I dumped my camcorder in his hands & said "film"... Please forgive my attempts to speak German...
  3. HEM

    My Day

    My wife reports that the first pair of Canada geese have arrived at the nearby fish ponds after the "Winter" break. We normally get between 8 & 12 geese in Spring - their dawn patrol which goes past our house is quite loud. Many of these continue further northwards but one or two pairs remain to nest. Last year one pair raised 4 or 5 young despite there being a fox faimily in the neighbourhood.
  4. I thought the story was suppsed to have involved a girl from Liverpool...
  5. All those sausages & rashers of bacon...
  6. Over here you qualify for this T-Shirt when you retire: Translation: I'm a pensioner. - Have no spare time - - Completely Stressed out - -------------------------------------------- Available for appointments in 4 week's time. Who said the Germans have no sense of humour? Somehow its true: since I ceased gainful employment my wife claims I spend more time at my desk / computer.
  7. Did he also used to own own or two rental cottages (holiday homes) there as well? If so my family (parents, brother & self) stayed there a couple of Septembers in the mid-1970s - we also hired a half-decker from Martham Boats which we would moor in the dyke in front of the Granary Stores (used to have fun in the evenings with a radio-controlled duck whilst we held the transmitter under the awning. Had the guy moored in a small cruiser opposite us in stitches...).
  8. I recall some pre-war (WW II) tale - I think it was about the butchers in Ludham - from our neighbours when I used to live in Bramhall (Stockport...) back in the 60s & 70s. Our next-door neighbour old Mrs. Kent (her father had at one time been Lord Mayor of Manchester) told the story that in the 1930s the enlarged family would spend their Summer holidays on the Norfolk Broads - she produced photographs of 3 wherries that they all hired. Apparently whilst in Ludham (I suspect Womack Water) they needed to buy food & so a deputation went to the butchers. On entering there was only the wife present who said that she would have to get her husband from the pub in order to serve them. However Mrs. K's father announced that he was a butcher by trade (subsequently Kents Meat Pies) & that he would cut the meat & the wife would weigh up & take the money. And so the masses were fed that day,.
  9. I have the same issue as the OP (Firefox browser).
  10. We had just moved into our house West of Hamburg (from a small flat) days before the wall(s) fell (not just in Berlin). As fortune would have it my new glider/sailplane was ready for collection from the manufacturers near Karlsruhe on the 9th November 1989. I drove down the A7 / A5 Autobahn in my 72 hp Golf II accompanied by a club colleague as my wife had to stay at home with our 6-mth old son. We arrived at the manufacturers early afternoon & did the acceptance work, arranging to pick up the trailer the next morning outside the factory. We could not understand what was going on on the radio (this was before the days of mobile phones). Apparently my wife was sat in tears in front of the TV. The next day we hitched up the trailer & drove back North (poor Golf struggling up the hills) getting passed by trabbis. My club colleagues could only say "whats going on?" We got home to find a trabbi parked in our neighbour's drive. Some years later during one of my parent's visits I flew my father in our club's motorglider through the Hamburg CTR and further East to Neustadt-Glewe. At that time you could clearly see where the dividing line between East & West Germany had still been.
  11. Whilst that is true there are areas in Germany where a significant amount of sailing takes place. There is a very large lake (The Alster) in the middle of Hamburg where people sail in the Summer months - a tricky task with the winds being funneled by the adjacent tall buildings (I have never been tempted to sail on the water here; only through the air). Not the same atmosphere as Broadland though. Also the river Elbe is full of sailing boats in the Summer months. Southern Germany (Bavaria) has lots of lakes - but my very limited experience from long ago is that its either flat calm or brewing up for a storm.
  12. As a replacement you have screaming Lord BoJo.....
  13. And a similar throught from a frosty Northern Germany, where my UK pension will continue to be paid, my UK income tax is below the threshold, the food is pretty good, the wine is good but costs much more than €3 a litre and the bins get emptied every two weeks. But to expand: My UK state pension will be frozen in 3 year's time according to recent letter from UK pension folks; luckily I also have a German state pension (having worked here 31 years - in UK for 11). Unfortunately I have to pay tax in Germany & despite there being a double-taxation agreement between the UK & DE (which is totally independent of EU membership) the Germans have a back door to also tax my UK pension in part. Still... The Germans (who like to organise things like Citroen build cars = why do things simple when complicated works almost as well) collect the "Bio waste" every two weeks & the "remaining waste" in the weeks in between...
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