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  1. HEM


    The sad demise of WASP-EZE
  2. Many, many years ago (probably before I got involved in the sport of gliding) there used to be gliding competitions organised in the UK in Autumn using the lift from stubble fires. I believe that these were known as "Kipper Competitions".
  3. I honestly do not believe that I could stand up on one of those boards let alone paddle at the same time. I was most impressed to see a bikini-clad not-so-young lady succesfully paddling her SUP - albeit slowly - across the bay at Cala Fornells (Mallorca) back in 2017. I'll stick to my glider / Sailplane.
  4. When the weather is c**p & you need to take your mind off things try: Prisoners Property and Prostitutes by Tom Ratcliffe https://www.amazon.co.uk/Prisoners-Property-Prostitutes-things-begining-ebook/dp/B086C9KZDH/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=prisoners+property&qid=1601365076&sr=8-1 Seems to be out-of-print but available for Kindle. I read the book several years ago whilst on holiday on Ibiza (good weather) & my wife wondered why I kept bursting out with helpless laughter. The name of the author is a pseudonym - turns out I vaguely knew the guy (his b
  5. That could be worth something to a collector.
  6. Brings back memories. As a kid I had a Hornby 3-rail layout. Totally unrealistic of course with a tank engine / Mallard running round in circles. Eventually when I ceased studying & started to work I was faced with the choise of a complete restart with modern equipment or taking up model R/C flying (which my brother was already doing). I chose the R/C flying which I did for 8 years before getting involved with "full-scale" sailplanes. Stranegly enough my brother did the same thing 2 years later. If any model railway enthusiast ever vists Hamburg you MUST visit this (allow
  7. Maybe I have not been paying attention but I cannot recall seeing these back in the homeland of Aldi & Lidl.
  8. Personally I feel nervous about going to a hotel or restaurant within the bounds of the country that I live in. The virus danger is everywhere.
  9. I have not eaten at McDonald's since becomming a grandad. I have only ONCE eaten voluntarily at McD's (well - collected) and that was back in 2002 when I was on a business trip that had me for a few days in Tokyo - far away from anything Western. I was in a big hotel (the one where James Bond landed by helicopter on the roof) & across the major road was a McD's where I went in, pointed at the menu picture on the desk & raised one finger. Lots of Japanese laughter & I got my bag to tidy me over the next 12 hours. The other two evenings were better - on one the Jap
  10. The air is a killer (aviation), the roads are a killer & sitting on a horse is a killer. Its worth reading "Accidents Happen" by Ann Welch (1978 - sadly out of print) The introduction starts off: Why do light aeroplane pilots fly into clouds stuffed with mountains? What causes ballonists to sever high-voltage power cables? How has a yachtsman had his bowsprit run over by a train? and ends: ACCIDENTS HAPPEN is essential reading for all those concerned with safety in sport and is absorbing to read because of the realisation that 'There but for the grace of God go I'.
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