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  1. A bit O.T. but the converse is even more true (says he having retired early last year - one month before my global IT employer would have put me out to grass).
  2. HEM

    My Day

    Saturday: Drove to local airfield giving 2 14yr-olds a lift (they recently joined the club). Specialist sailplace weather forecast predicted quite good soaring weather over Northern Germany but you can never be certain if they smoked the right stuff. Got trailer out of garage & assembled sailplane. Checked everything, selected same task (511km) as on previous Monday & took off at 11am. Departing to the North taking care not to infringe on Hamburg airport airspace, up North to the first turnpoint then course Southeast to an Autobahn exit in former East Germany. Having navigated around Lübeck airspace we ran out of clouds - had to "park" until the sky developed - then off to the 2nd turn point & then Southwest across the river Elbe and to the 3rd TP on the Autobahn just North of Hannover. At this point it was getting a bit murky & the easterly wind was freshning. Now just the remaining 100kms or so in Northerly direction home which was quite a struggle due to not all clouds "working". Finally the navigation system said I was on "final glide" home but it tends to be a bit optimistic & the margin melted away. Finally managed to add about 100m altitude over Stade airfield which gave sufficient margin to glide across the river Elbe and home. Had some difficulty getting out of the cockpit after 7 1/4 hours in there! Flight took 3/4 hour longer than same task did the previous Monday. Our CFI (flies same plane type as I do) just managed 600kms but hes younger...
  3. Although I don't live that far from Berlin (we live on the Northwest outskirts of Hamburg) I have only been to Berlin a couple of times. A few times before the wall fell; the last time was to the Deutscher Segelfliegertag at the end of October 2016 where I was lucky to find my way there & back through the rail & underground systems. Can't say Berlin is my favourite city - can get rather hot & sticky (& thundery) in the Summer.
  4. Normally I only eat two small slices of toast for breakfast. But during our recent visit to Northern England** (3-10 April) I had excellent English breakfasts when we stayed at B&Bs (Mobberly, Keswick, Buxton). Suprisingly that together with sizeable pub dinners had not caused my to put on weigth - its just more unfortunately distributed. Back to 2 slices toast now (can't get the bacon out here you know)... ** Intended to be a last pre-Brexit visit - foiled again.
  5. I have documented (i.e. made a video) of my flying club's Summer camp over the past few years. When my family gave me a DJI Phantom 3 drone for my 64th birthday it took me some time to get used to controlling it (and that with previous experience flying model R/C aircraft before I moved on to full-scale). Once I got the hang of it I have inserted drone-sequences into these videos which certainly have given an additional perspective. The quality of the drone footage (including how stable the clips are) is quite impressive.
  6. Looks like a Grunau Baby but cannot be sure. I had a circuit in a Grunau Baby once - I did not feel at all at home in it!
  7. As one who is affected in a way different to most on this forum since I live in mainland EU... But you have probably already seen this.
  8. Nope - thats due to flying too fast...
  9. My father owned a Ford Corsair - bought in 1966 - we took it with us when we lived in Munich for a year. He sold it just before I got my license. It had automatic transmission (also on the steering column) but that wasn't so much of a problem.
  10. I never treated cars as a status symbol to try to impress people with - they are just a convienient way to get from A to B in reasonable comfort. I was 57 when I took delivery of this - which turned a few heads at our local airfield, particularly when it gave me a significant improvement in cross-country flying: This is the image that appears on our old TomTom when switching it on.
  11. I trained & soloed on a K-13 back in the early 1980s. Great plane to fly - when our club introduced its first ASK-21 I still preferred to fly the K13 on passenger flights as I could beat the ASK-21 anytime in a thermal! (K13 flew slower & gave good warning of an impending stall). I own a DG-808c which has a glide ratio of 1:51 (on paper).
  12. For some reason we very rarely went into Poynton. I do recall the garden centre with the narrow gauge railway.
  13. I often fly passengers here (they have to put up with my accent). Either flying the DG-1000S or the ASK-21 (which we normally use for training). I've only seen close-up side-by-side gliders in the UK (Capstan or T-21). Never flown in one. Presumably your colleague owns a single-seater (as do I) but would be able to organise a ride in the club's 2-seater. As for your wife being scared - often families come to our airfield asking if its at all possible to have a flight (it almost always is). When we ask who wants to fly they point to the kids, the man but the woman usually says "not me". When the rest of the family come back with an ear-to-ear grin sometimes the woman will give it a try - and is walking on air for the weeks to follow.
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