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  1. I'm sure than many visitors to Spain don't want them either!
  2. Although I originate from close to the land of Ecky Thump the idea of black pudding is to me totally revolting!
  3. Threads tend to drift (or go off at tangents) on any forum.
  4. Steeleye Span -The Victory from the Album Storm Force Ten I saw them perform this live at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester. This track is one of my son's favourites.
  5. Renaissance - At The Harbour I like listening to these old albums whilst driving...
  6. I was born in Yorkshire yonks ago, leaving (=being taken away) for Cheshire when I was 5. I read through these 10 "worst places". Did I really consider returning to the UK at one stage? Note: whenever my wife & I visit the UK we really enjoy it - the last time in April 2019 where we stayed a few nights in Keswick & then Buxton. Great until our disasterous encounter with the security folks at Manchester Airport on departure (a combination of really unhelpful people & their computer system crashing causing a holdup that meant we missed our return flight AND they refuse to accept responsibility for it).
  7. I've also stayed one night (about 50 years ago) with my parents in Traben Trarbach, sitting on the terasse eating our evening meal watching the tractors crossing on the ferry with their tanks of stuff to spray on the vinyards. Back then Mosel wine was pretty thin stuff but global warming will have improved things. We like the wines from the Pfalz (Deutsche Weinstraße)
  8. My mother served in the WRENS - first in Tilbury (she lived with her parents in Kent in "bomb alley") and then on the Mumbles (Swansea). She was a signaller (semaphore) - 4 hours on, 8 hours off. My father was a student studying chemistry at Liverpool university. They hadn't met at that stage (he was a couple of years younger than my mother). Apart from learning to shoot & how to drive an army truck he didn't see active service. We spent a year in Munich (1966/67) where he was visiting the TU München, working with E.O. Fischer who later won a Nobel Prize. This was "only" 20 years after the war. Now 75 years on I've been living in Northern Germany for around 40 years. Made a number of friends, learnt to fly sailpanes... Today the local newspaper had a full page spread about the British army arriving in the local towns.
  9. That is the whole point. Similar debate going on here. Sure - you can get 2 - 3 weeks sunny & hot weather at the North Sea or Baltic coasts but those 2 - 3 weeks can be any time from early April to End September. The rest is likely to be rain & wind. One annual holiday in those conditions & you are looking at Mallorca or even Turkey for the following year. I'm still hoping that our 11 days on Ibiza in September will work out. Many local jobs on the Baleric islands depend on tourism. There is a bit of agriculture but thats in the lower percentages of people (& mostly in what we call Winter).
  10. Many decent wines (especially reasonably good German white wines) have screw tops. The cheap muck usesd plastik "corks". There is an old joke about a decent wind having a screw top (ask spoken by Johannes Heesters who lived to be 108). You'd not understand it.
  11. Together with my brother I paddled a Martham Boat Dev Co half-decker through/under that bridge a number of times in the early 1970s. The only other bridge we did was Ludham to sial up to Barton Broad.
  12. No - you do not pre-cook the apples. Does not matter. I throw in a handful of raisins & a dusting of cinnamon. For the crumble use equal quantities (weights) of plain flour, margerine & sugar. 70g each for a small one; 100g each for larger. Bake at 160 C for 30 minutes or a bit longer.
  13. I hated sports at school. Seems more I hated team sports. That I spend much of my daytime working at all levels (voluntary basis) for a sport is a bit of a turnaround. I consider gliding to be a solo sport in the air & a team sport whilst on the ground.
  14. This last Winter was so mild the birds did not come to the small amount of food we out out in our garden. In previous years they would be lined up in front of the terrass window.
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