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  1. The term "pond life" reminds me of when I read this book written by a policeman from Cheshire: I read it whilst on Summer holiday some years ago - enthralling to read, some passages sad (=real life); others uproarious. Had my wife wondering why I was collapsing with laughter. It was only some years later when I learnt the author's real name that I realised that I sort of knew him - he is the brother of a school friend of my brother...
  2. SInce we operate gliders from a grass airfield we have significant issues with moles... After the Winter break our runway can look like its turned into the alps. Here (I dunno about the UK) the damn** moles are a protected species! However an exemption is granted to "remove" them from operation areas such as our runway - which is over 100m wide & 1km long. Our mole expert uses gadgets that have a gas cartridge inserted. When it goes off it turns the mole into gulash. Does the trick - could play croquet on the runway this Summer!
  3. My mother was a WREN. Served at Tilbury & The Mumbles...
  4. Me too (I've been flying since Pontius was a Pilot).
  5. Well it was a horibly dull & damp day here to the North-West of Hamburg. After standing around at the launch point for several hours we decided that it wasn't going to get better (visinility was getting worse) so we packed. in. Apart from getting the planes wet it was a futile exercise (getting planes wet isn't a good idea anyway). Trouble is - this is scheduled to be our last weekend of the season (& a crap second half of the season it has been).
  6. She is German & since I live in Germany the glider has a "D" registration. SInce pure gliders in Germany have numeric registrations e.g. D-1234 the fact that this one starts off with a "K" after the "D-" indicates that its a motoglider i.e. has an auxilliary engine that folds back into the fuselage behind the solar panels you can just see. This one is capable of self-launching which adds to the flexibility (& price).
  7. Given that my wife's name is Heike none of those have a good "ring" to the name... Anyhow, I didn't buy a boat - I bought this (has no "name", only fits one person & I'm really a bit too tall for it):
  8. I recall several times paddling a Martham Boat half-decker under that bridge! Early 1970s probably.
  9. HEM

    Shut Down

    Me too (not dreaming). Thought it (the close down) was a bit sudden like.
  10. I recall seeing the 002 prototype perform 4 flypasts at the Woodford 1-day airshow (we lived nearby) in 1969. I've walked through the AIr France machines in Sinsheim and the BA one in Seattle Museum of Flight (just 1 year ago). I have a very detailed Concorde video (no clue where it came from) which starts off by going through a very detailed walk-around of the aircraft before a flight to New York & the return to LHR.
  11. Looks like they will be flushed with success...
  12. Too dangerous - most people die in bed
  13. The first time I flew (aged 17 or so?) was also with a Carvair from Southend to Ostend - we were very worried as the guy driving our car into the plane seemed never to have driven an automatic before... At that time I was scared of flying. Now I have over 1200 hours (this was back in 2005):
  14. Ah yes - Winter draws on.... (Old ISIRTA punch line).
  15. Brings a load of other problems (costs & inefficiencies).
  16. I went to school (senior school) in Stockport 1962 (?) to 1970 & the school had no wakes week.
  17. Eeee Chip Butties... I consider meself as coming from Oop Norf but having grown up just inside the Northern borders of Cheshire there was no such thing as Wakes weeks for us (I recall my aunt who was a teacher at a girls school in Oldham talking about them though).
  18. I almost hate to post this but this is pretty much what happens in Germany, although its federal state-by-state. I'm not necessarily saying its good - its just the way it is. Here is one view for 2017: http://www.schulferien.org/Schulferien_nach_Jahren/2017/schulferien_2017.html You can see that some states started in June (eg. Niedersachsen = Lower Saxony has Summer hols 22nd June to 2nd August) whilst Bavaria started on the 29th July & run until 11th September. Each year the periods are set up fresh so there maybe movement of a few weeks (but the southern states are always "late" in the Summer). The result is that the holiday prices (esp with flights) are locally high within those periods. However, it my be worth departing from an airport in a neighbouring state if they don't have holidays at the same time. Its true that the max number of flights are offered during each state's school holidays.
  19. I (we) have had many excellent holidays on Ibiza. All to the same place (German-speaking) near St. Eularia on the East coast. 11 times with the kids (last time aged 20 & 17!) & twice again with just my wife. Lots of sports etc. Our son learnt to play the guitar there. Our kids never went near a disco... RIP Club Cala Pada 1.0 - why did they have to hand it over to a big concern & kill the atmosphere? Anyhow, on at least one occasion whilst waiting for our luggage to appear the neighbouring conveyer belt was obviously for a flight from North of Hadrian's Wall. I felt really sorry for the poor kids - their parents had obviously gone for "in-flight refuelling" and the kids seemed to be to be surplus to requirements. In cases like these I don't speak English...
  20. You mean "The Nutter on the Bus"
  21. The grey cells havn't failed totally yet.
  22. That one has stuck in my mind from 50+ years ago. Was it Picts & Martyrs & the landlubber was Timothy? (If I wasn't being lazy / having work to do I'd go up to loft & peruse the full set)
  23. The thread title reminded me of this book (which I have loaned to somone & cannot remember who): I can recommend this book - many stories are about aviation but a number involve sailing. The tenor is: just about all accidents have already happend. To list just two: 1) A collision between a submarine & a bicycle 2) A yacht got its bowsprit run over by a train...
  24. I used to have a Renault 5 automatic - I called it Perky (because it pinked).
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