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  1. I used to have a Renault 5 automatic - I called it Perky (because it pinked).
  2. I was rather looking forward to bacon / eggs / sausages when we get around to visiting the broads. Have memories of walking down Thurne Dyke in the mornings with the smell of breakfast cooking from the boats. Thus am surprised to hear of no frying pan... Can't get decent bacon where I live
  3. Marshman's cottage? Must be a pretty "senior" marshman to have a cottage that size. The one I sort-of-knew 40 years ago just South of Repps Staithe was "one up, one down".
  4. I saw them flying Gnats in several shows at Woodford aerodrome (AVROs / Hawker Siddley, South of Manchester) ages ago...
  5. I would say - prefferably try Hamburg (Berlin is IMHO rather weird). Hamburg has lots of water*, parks and especially Miniatur Wunderland. Disclaimer: although I live on the North-West outskirts of Hamburg I rarely go into the city. *Recently most of the water has been falling from above - its raining NOW :(
  6. The only time we had bad weather on the Broads was in June/July 40+ years where the rain & hailstones came horizontally. Early September was almost always good. If its any consolation its been raining part of today in Northern Germany & is set to do so for the next days (in fact it will get worse).
  7. Isn't that a typical line from a judge when hes about to lock someone up?
  8. Rather: Leave no tern unstoned.
  9. Plans are to hire a motor cruiser for 2 people to be comfortable in. One week, probably September 2018. Northern Broads, ideally to pass under all bridges. Intention is to phone some boatyards and pick their brains on what would be suitable. HEM
  10. Just returned from a flying vacation in Southern Germany which included my best ever cross-country flight (a 553 km triangle, flown as declared) taking 7.5 hours. Now to plan for Norfolk 2018.
  11. Bikinis and shorts etc would be considered to be being overdressed on Ibiza... (sez he having been 13 times in a "respectable" area of Ibiza).
  12. Well, my wife grew up near the North Sea town of Husum so salt marshes, harbours etc. are familiar to her. Even though its not such a great distance its still quite an effort & expense to get over to the UK (flight + hire car or own car + ferry & my wife hates ferries). Now that my parents are both gone we no longer have a cheap "base" to stay in the UK. Last UK visit was for a weekend in January 2014 to attend a 100th birthday celebration (of the lady who looked after me when my mother had to go back to her teaching job to help feed the family, may father at that time not getting much as an assistent lecturer at Sheffield University - a lowly grade that no longer exists I understand). Before that we had a week in the Lake District.
  13. First contact? Authur Ransome's Coot Club at the age of 9 or 10. Visited Broadland several times in 1960s & early 70s. Parents used to hire a riverside "cottage" (Thurne, Repps, Ranworth) & several times we hired a half-decker from Martham Boat Dev co. Been a Life Member of the Broads Society for ages. Employment moved me to the Hamburg area of Germany "for a year" in 1982 & been here ever since. Haven't sailed on water for many years (German girlfriend & I did capsise in a Laser II 30 years ago whilst on Majorca - but she still married me). However I've been sailing "through the air" for over 30 years, now with 1200+ hours on gliders/sailplanes. I learnt the language & how to fly at the same time. I'm also involved in the organisation of the sport in Germany (on a voluntary basis). We intend to visit Broadland at some stage to show my wife the magic of the Broads. We'll hire a motor cruiser as I don't trust myself to hire a yacht. Problem ist I'm rather tall (over 6' 4"). We are probably looking at September 2018 by which time I'll be retired.
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