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    Broads and boats, birds (in particular an African Grey parrot named Phoebe who comes boating with us), nature, art and planes for some reason. If it flies I am interested.

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  1. Yes pretty sure it is the same one, not sure Paul has sold another Alpha 35 recently. She is indeed one fine boat, way beyond our expectations. We were considering a Bounty as well, but having had a Bermuda 34 for a few years I really like the raised helm on the Alpha.
  2. The lovely Alpha 35 at Swancraft was advertised online as that is how we found the boat - we are the proud new owners of her. I have say keep ringing round the brokers as you do get to hear about boats that are coming up for sale before they are advertised.
  3. Doesn't the article say the report has been amended to show ownership? ..."The authority said the report, which was by a professor at the University of East Anglia, had been changed to show the council owns the land and has the right to charge for moorings." Seems a bit daft to take it any further now.
  4. Grrr this thread is depressing. Give her a chance. My favourite doctors were Tom Baker and David Tennant. But if the writing is good then I really don't care what flavour the doctor is, it is still a great show.
  5. I'm exactly that (well maybe not the fat bit)! I could not have kids, but I am a Granny due to my lovely stepdaughter having children, and so as not to confuse with Nanna (who is my mother in law) or Mormor (who is the Danish granny, my stepdaughter's mum) I am Granny and I love it. The more grannies and nannas the better!
  6. I can't remember who owned her prior to Mike, but I'm pretty sure I can remember seeing her sailing on Barton Broad when she was dark green and more banana shaped - I think that would be late seventies or early eighties? But I may have the wrong boat in my memory there.
  7. Particularly like the shots of Madie JM - great photos
  8. I like wasps. I am the official wasp remover in our house. I love hornets even more! Last night I took the rubbish out and there was a queen wasp headbutting our outside light like a moth so I watched her for a while. I looked through the window and saw my hubby staring at me like I was certifiably insane but I think they are amazing creatures.
  9. Before boat purchase, and then possibly to use for future work - although we have just been given a surveyor's name
  10. Can anyone recommend a mobile marine engineer in Norfolk to do a survey on a boat engine? The guy we've used before has retired, so I'm looking for recommendations.
  11. Yes to both, she is an African Grey and talks - easily a hundred words, some in context like "do you want to go to bed?" when she wants to go to her cage to sleep, but also a lot of babble of the things she hears us say. She has just told me she has a sore butt feather as she's moulting!
  12. She still had two of them when I last checked, although she does get threatened with parrot satay when she tries to eat my door frames
  13. Not always that easy ......
  14. I've always wanted a Cobb stove, the reviews are excellent. I'm gutted that Looses have shut too, I'm still using Procook granite pans that I bought there last year and they are still non-stick with daily use - I think it is the same kind of technology as the copperstone pans. We can't use Teflon due to my pet parrot - the gasses being lethal to parrots at high temperatures (the PTFE, not the parrot!) so I swear by the granite pans, they are light and absolutely nothing sticks, I've now got rid of the cast iron and stainless pans I had.
  15. It did look like there would be quite a loss of mooring space on other pictures I've seen, but I hope that is something the BA would tweak. What gets built could still be substantially different seeing as they don't have the funding for it yet.
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