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  1. Well, seems by virtue of having no choice but to fill up a gallon can at some point, my wife’s tank fumes won’t make the forecourt, that I’m an idiot. A full stop after to would be respectful. What do you think the limit should be?
  2. Why not, make a holiday of it, come on the broads!
  3. Sainsburys North Walsham have petrol only, not super, but no derv. Short queue, only a dozen or so vehicles. BP aylsham dry when I went past an hour or so ago.
  4. Sainsbury’s North Walsham have had a delivery this morning. Passed by on the bike, long queues as you’d expect but hopefully people don’t go ott.
  5. Wife’s car laid up (on fumes). Have a quarter of a tank in mine so should be ok until the end of the week. No school meals tomorrow due to staff shortages. I wonder what the cause of that might be...
  6. I recognise at least one of the boat builders in the Asaph pictures and clearly remember the yacht being moored in the Pleasure Boat dyke in the mid eighties one weekend at least, spoke to the owner at the time, looks like the guy with the glasses on. Lovely yacht, trust it is still about somewhere.
  7. The Golden Lights are survivors it seems, I wonder if both those and the Crown of Light were all made of treated timber?
  8. I think I read that she was repurposed hence the different cabin roof arrangement in some of the abandoned pics. I’ve sailed cats, darts and shearwaters, and know full well the disadvantages when it comes to tacking or even gybing compared to a monohull dinghy. I can’t begin to imagine what the Electron was like if the wind was not in your favour, the resistance of the outer hulls looks challenging. To achieve what DC did singlehanded is mind blowing, the support for his family after such a sad chain of events tells us a lot about the sort of person who takes this on, I’d like to be in their crew!
  9. Sensibly Sainsbury’s North Walsham are only fuelling emergency services workers. Popped down on my pushbike with my 5 litre can on the off chance so as not to waste the precious little I’ve got left. Roads are nice and quiet today!
  10. Thumb up from yours truly for the voices of Hickling. Harry and Hazel lived in a cottage at the bottom of my grandparents garden which previously had been let for holidays sometimes with an ex HW dayboat chucked into the bargain. Harry had a sense of humour and was also a crack darts player for the Pleasure Boat team. Missed but ne’er forgotten. Especially beret and boiler suit! Sometimes modelled on a quad bike.
  11. If Trinidad leaves what about Tobago?
  12. The paddlers could raft up and put a proposal to the BA to suggest, eg, they have a number on their paddle blade instead to wave at the inspector. I seem to recall Traditional broads classes had a similar debate and can’t think that I’ve seen reg nrs on half decker classes eg.
  13. Cawdrons or Gowers or Massinghams albeit not been to them for a while so hopefully someone in the localities will confirm open etc.
  14. Here she is at the Herbert Woods book launch. I tried a ‘through the rigging shot’, not quite so spectacular broads style by yours truly... need to leave that to Beken’! She was definitely worth the full resto. I’ve got a closer up shot which I won’t post as it would probably id individuals but suffice to say she was fondly remembered by the alumni. Fantastic that the owner went the whole hog!
  15. As Vaughan said teak is not easy to varnish. Whilst a lot of effort will be required to clean it back to bare wood is the answer to simply oil it ultimately? It will need to be reoiled frequently I expect but finishes like polyurethane are great forever internally but I’ve seen issues when used externally where accident damage has subsequently occurred, moisture has got in and difficulties arise trying to blend in new with old. Im sure however you decide to finish it it’ll look smart, nice design of boat!
  16. I think there are plenty of swinging moorings free on Hickling, contact the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. You’ll just need to find a berth for a tender, Whispering Reeds perhaps or the parish Staithe. I’m assuming the yacht will pass under Potter of course.
  17. Egg and tomato sandwiches at the Pleasure Boat Inn I believe. I was either a twinkle or laid to nap in an armchair upstairs in those good old days.
  18. Used to take the weight of a Bristol VR double decker back in my college days. I would guesstimate at max capacity you would have 5 tons of passengers plus driver... I mean bus. Realistically it was 2 passengers at 7am on a winters morning! Not sure what the builders were planning on hauling over it but seems to have stood the test of time!
  19. Ideal blank canvas for a liveaboard fitout, design all the home comforts in from the start, wood burner, insulation, double glazing and air-con! Otherwise conventionally if it works out half the price of a Broom then I’m sure somebody will come along and put their own badge on! I assume it wasn’t a reject, no warranty seems to be implied.
  20. Those old two stroke Mercs certainly got you up on the plane quicker, the more modern 4 stroke lawnmower affairs are so lethargic in comparison. I can’t imagine 90hp to boot though, only ever helmed a 20, or possibly 25, “Blueband” on the tail of a Dell Quay dory which aren’t the lightest of vessels even when new. Saw the odd 40 on a dory, but never managed to beg a go.
  21. I’m glad you posted this Chris because I was aware of the Norfolk connection with Jaguar and had often wondered if it was Malcolm Sayer who might have dropped into the Pleasure Boat a few years earlier for what I believe to be an opportunist publicity shot for project Utah aka the jag saloon. If you were deliberately going for a waterside location why aim the lens at the pub? I picked this up from Aronline a few years ago but the landlady of the time never mentioned it and believe you me if Jaguar has planned it She my great aunt would have have told me several hundred times over! My dad had a mkII in the 70s oil crisis, my brother has flogged loads of XJs for Mann Egerton and I had the Daimler 250 V8 version for my wedding car in ‘morse’ red. An E Type I can still only dream of...
  22. I’m sure the time will come when there is a boat show reinforcing classic glass polyester craft, jelly mould Freemans, Sabberton super skis, Chris Craft Commanders, Dell Quay dory’s, Broom Oceans, Moonraker Mysteres... many of these broke the moulds back in their day!
  23. A mini wherry would be fine, besides it really needs the house to be re licensed and some benches outside for the punters to enjoy a half of Bullards. The quay heading was still there last time I biked past. I remember the Maid of the Mist based on a Double ended north norfolk coast design of some sort, fooled me many a time from first sight in the distance, based at Wayford I recall so seemingly poised for the reopening. I’m sure there’s a chance that negotiations could yield some sort of favourable outcome for the landowners, the trust can certainly muster the resources, hope the resistance isn’t down to people letting dogs off their leads, last time I was down there someone had let theirs loose oblivious to the risks.
  24. If it helps get the navigation restored then I’m all for it. The additional surface water run off from North Walsham over the next couple of thousand houses should fill it! What with Spa common to Royston bridge being rewatered soon then maybe in my lifetime I’ll see a Wherry passing by the former Wherry PH on the Bacton Road!
  25. My earliest memory of river green is the late 70s in the dark on a bonfire night. My grandfather took me and my brother from Hickling where we all resided to my Auntys fruit farm in south Norfolk for fireworks etc. At the time I thought the route was strange but on reflection wondered if it was intentional to admire the lights and take in the sights of the boats afloat. Some ten years plus later I recall a visit to the Kings Head, again in the dark, and it was less spectacular. Roll on another dozen years and I found myself renting a flat in Conrad Court with a view over Town House and the old Jenner’s basin. Using the choice of pubs then available I got to know some locals both land based and afloat, more so in the river garden as the KH had become. There was a real village style community feel that you wouldn’t normally expect in such proximity to Norwich city centre. Whether better or worse it still has a draw for me which makes me want to revisit, and compared to some parts of Norwich even if not everything is in its former glory at least the foundations are still visible, and long may they remain so.
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