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  1. No more bike exhausts smoking' there on a Friday eve now then, just the herring! I'm sure fish and chips could draw a few punters of the two wheeled variety in though. I hope it thrives given proximity to the yacht station, nice attraction for tourists come the season.
  2. Not making excuses but was there a report that the bus got held up 20 minutes? Should’ve gone by boat!
  3. Sure no no... there's so many doublers negatives etc. here. Growing up in a broadland village going from 4 shops to none, old skool second home brigade who were & are lifelong family friends, sharing the same rag n stick interests; but in a later chapter myself living in a North Norfolk village I have seen the retired set move in and with a year or three sell up and move to a coastal town for the amenities and to be able to walk to the golf course etc. Maybe too quiet for them also. But it's not just in the sticks you get the issues, how's about the rewmoaners near St Andrews Hall all that NOIUSIC leading to a abeertment order!?! Now I've given up the sticks AND the big smoke (Narwich) I've become a townie, oh yay I've seen the (street) light! But it's just the same, the council is made up of incomers, the business folk moan, 'too many new houses', "not enough drainage to cope" with the stools blah blady blah. It's a relief to get out on my iron horse and return to the broadland village, struggle with no street lights but enjoy the peace ad moonlight.... it always was one bus in the morning and one bus at night! A relief to jump on the train to get to the big smoke though instead of getting stuck behind a Micra at S minus 30mph. Goodnite wherever you maybe and frum. Rite now back to supper with the missus... from the Midlands. Aaargh!
  4. The original article looks to be compleat and splutter hogwash. They moved from Cromer not Camden! Seems like a crab claw to crack a whelk. Nosense article... polarticle agenda? Scapegoats being muddied in Thames water. Must admit being a Norfolk buoy I avoid Wells, such a pain to park. Give me Burnham or Blakeney or Brancaster any point of the tide.
  5. Beware of some of the gm diesels if the cam belt is long and tall it needs changing frequently, in the vans and astras they snapped belts frequently in the 90s. Belt up!
  6. This is nigh time for high tide and the rain won’t help niver...
  7. Back in the sixties my dad used to build marine ply ski boats with morrinised bmc mini engines, 4 cylinder maybe but minimal hp. No trouble towing a skier or two even across the English Channel and back, but on shaft with the right prop of course. No water jackets, straight raw cooling. With 40 footers of old running with 1.5 bmc’s the Hampton twin sounds potentially optimal, indeed said ski boats trialed with a jag engine more than twice the size were hopeless and guzzled more fuel to do the same job, not good in the seventies...
  8. Is the fuel bowser definitely a Sealine, with a name like that it ought to be a Spirit 3000. Nice boat!
  9. Be interesting to see if Archant pick up on this and what nndc’s viz mine and other tax payers financial exposure is or was. Eggs on beaches?
  10. Mr. Sandman, bring me a drean.... nightmare? Fingers crossed for a winter of gentle souwesterly’s. If we get harsh nor’easterley’s the new beach is doomed!
  11. Is the Berney open for beersiness?
  12. Crampmaster... minus m.... sounds like a Dog!
  13. Turnoar


    Was Castrol “liquid engineering” promoted by ***** cats, tigers etc, or was that Duckhams? I suppose given there hasn’t been an oil crisis since the 70s could be the reason you don’t see the adverts on the telly these days? My dad used to keep the old gallon cans to put the old oil in... and pour into the odd wasps nest and set fire!
  14. 30 years ago when I worked the Bridge Inn bar it was a common request for a skipper wanting a bit of extra ballast to invite the pub patrons on a boat trip albeit a short but exciting one. Wishing all aboard a successful passage!
  15. Welcome JK and LM the Broad’s are looking up. A couple of safe pairs of cleats!
  16. Looks like a Foster 21, should be quantable so worth having an old windsurfer mast or whatever for emergencies like this, otherwise it’s turns into a mudweight to crack a nugget as some saw....
  17. Apology type 37s, you are doing a sterling job under the circumstances which I believe to be a fleet of new trains unable to perform the task due to the risk of doors opening beyond the platform where only two cars long with all the new trains being a minimum of three. An IT issue maybe.... would you believe IT? The world has gone system crazy, the self serve ticket machines are redundant to commuters like moi who won’t buy it until the train with a seat space arrives aka from the conductor, cash for when the signal isn’t strong enough. The trains are no furthers forwards than 1989, in fact it’s the same sprinter stock. Progress on the bittern line... it’s quicker by boat!
  18. Yes Dft, the river wensum adjacent to Thorpe road, type 37 Diesel engines registered to direct rail services... is this serious? Those of us who believe in being green are being fooled by the taxman!
  19. Nocando Cambridge cabby, too much carbon footprint from production of ferrocement! The only way forwards is to carry on with all of these construction methods and offset by taxation instead, this will truly solve the “problem”..knot!
  20. Strong and very long lasting... but (are we) really going soft?! Currently no means of recycling it... but possibility of using it to make concrete. Interesting, when I was a student some 30 years ago before the internet existed I was able to ascertain that the far east were recycling glass into road base as the market for glass bottled fluids was drying up (pun intended). We don't bury services in new roads retrospectively these days so the NDR could be a good pilot project. Can someone donate some Andrex to the research cause quick just in case they don't make it to the market in time! My neighbour can run it up there in his Scimitar. Sorry if I sound cynical but I can see a prospective tax regime getting laid up here. Some early grp boats are true classics, the Chris Craft Commander being one of my favourites on the fairytale side. And look how many dinky seamasters are still in existence on the broads, staple day boat fleet fodder.
  21. Any test pilots scheduled yet, be interesting to see how much fuel she would spirit away on a trip to bleydon and back! Any idea how many knots on full chat?
  22. Uh oh... PaulM.... you sound like my boss.. and his name is Paul... and his surname starts with... mmmm
  23. The first sentence of the advert doesn't accord with comments I've read! Not the renowned bit but the other 'r' word lol
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