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  1. Thank you for all of your advice I think I will give the Yacht station a ring before I leave Acle. I did attempt something similar accouple of years back on Brooklyn Bridge but we were there when there was a tail end of a storm so I deicide to give it a miss.
  2. I'm hiring with the family I keep promising the kids we will cross Braydon Water but the tide times never seem to be right. The last time I went south I had to wait till low tide as we were on Fair Diplomat.
  3. I'm on holiday on the last week in october and was looking at heading south down to Oulton Broad. I have looked at the tide times and worked out that high tide is about 08:30 - 09:00. I was looking at Leaving Acle at about 09:00 so just over 2 hours cruising time my main question would there be enough clearance to pass through Great Yarmouth at about 11:00 for a boat with 8ft air draft.
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