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  1. Greetings, I'm relatively new on this forum, but have been boating on and off the Broads since 2001, when after three holidays on hire boats, my wife and I decided to buy our first boat which we moored at Stalham, and had seven or eight fantastic years enjoying the Broads. We then upgraded to a larger boat which sadly is too large for the northern broads which we love most and thus became our full-time home for nearly four years, moored saltside at Lowestoft. We have more recently bought a cottage in Ludham, and it's sooo good to be back within the Broads again, that we really feel the need to sell our current boat and buy something smaller again, so we can once more enjoy the northern broads and be close to home too! Not sure where our first boat has ended up, as she's been sold on twice by NYA since we sold her, but would love to hear if anyone sees her around the Broads anywhere! She is a 25' Joda 7900 - quite distinctive, as she's the only one of the sort in these parts. Here's a couple of pics of her - with and without the canopy up.
  2. What a real shame and a great loss to boaters and the New Inn.
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