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  1. BoF

    Liveaboard Facilities

    The fresh water situation, or lack of it, was very noticeable whilst I was up there. There was no water at Barton Turf or Salhouse Broad, I presumed because of the bad weather(?). There was the usual issue at Ludhan Bridge with people filling their water tanks, then wandering off for a walk, thus blocking access to the water stand, but that is probably another topic.
  2. Hi, I had a great short break away on the Northern Broads from the 19th March on board the Golden Bridge out of Bridge Craft. Excellent service by the way. The rivers were empty and I noticed the number of Liveaboards moored up or out and about and this got me wondering about all sorts of ‘things’. I know there are numerous Liveaboards on the canals and they seem to have reasonable access to all the ‘normal’ services, such as marinas with a laundry for general use and some marinas taking pre-notified parcel deliveries for free or a small fee. There is a lot of information out there about where the nearest pharmacy is, where the nearest doctor or dentists are, that sort of thing. Is there anything similar for the Broads? Cheers, Chris
  3. I have been reading this thread with interest and noted the comments, both for and against Richardsons. As one of the 'few' who had their solo hire cancelled, in my case within 4 weeks of the hire, it is not the change of policy that has caused my anger. As others have stated, it is Richardsons right to change its Terms & Conditions and I do not have a problem with that; it is the refusal to honour bookings accepted and fully paid for that has caused the disquiet. If Richardsons had honoured the bookings, the change of policy would probably only received minor comment and we would all have moved on; but they didn't, and therefore must accept the criticism.
  4. As said by others, a sensible attitude and approach to the matter. Thank you Freedom.
  5. Thanks for all the recommendations, I will start ringing round tomorrow morning.
  6. I put a very similar question the Clive when we spoke. My wife isn't really into messing around in boats, previous trips have not gone as well as hoped, but she was willing to come with me so I didn't miss out. However, she is not fit or able enough to be of any practical use in crewing the boat, other than her ability to dial 999 if something happens. In answer to my question "What's the difference between me going on my own and my wife coming, when I would still have to do all the crewing single-handed anyway?". The reply was "She is over 18". Full stop! So it would appear that the abilities, or lack of, the second person is totally irrelevant, the only criteria are that they be over 18 years of age.
  7. Thanks for the advice Charlsa, I will certainly bear them in mind for next year, but I have managed to secure a hire out of Bridge Craft over in Acle for next month. I have been to the yard many times, but never hired from them before. All the reports I have read are excellent, and they were very helpful when I called, so after the initial shock when I took the call from Richardsons, it's looking good. Cheers, Chris
  8. I am one of the solo hirers that has had his booking cancelled by Richardsons, 4 weeks before my holiday. This would have been my fifth solo trip, the previous four all being uneventful. Whilst it is entirely up to Richardsons to change their policy, I felt that their refusal to honour bookings already made and paid for to be wrong, and said so. Clive was very polite, offering me an upgrade for the same week, or move the booking to later in the year, but would not accept that Richardsons should honour any solo bookings already taken by the company. It is a shame that Richardsons has managed to trash its excellent reputation in one go.
  9. Hi, I need a taxi pick up from Acle Station next month and a drop off at Bridgecraft. I know it's not far, I just don't fancy the walk up that road with a big suitcase! I have been using All Abroad for the last few years, but both their numbers are coming up as invalid. Can anyone recommend a reliable taxi company please? Cheers, Chris
  10. BoF

    Forum Security

    Hi, Has anyone else had an email with similar wording? "We have detected 3 failed log in attempts to your account from Chelsea, Royal Kensington and Chelsea, SW10, United Kingdom. If this wasn't you, someone else may be trying to access your account. These log in attempts were unsuccessful and we have blocked the IP address from further attempts so no action is required. You may however want to change your password for greater security, especially if you use the same password on other websites. If this was you, you can safely ignore this email and you will be able to sign in again at 17/11/17 00:08. " At the bottom of the email was a link to this address [redirectUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fforum.norfolkbroadsnetwork.com%2Fsettings%2Fpassword%2F] It wasn't me, but I have changed my password and user name via the main forum, not the link. Strange.
  11. If this were America, I would take/plead (?) the 5th Amendment for that question!
  12. Oh yes we did! To be fair, some did quite well, but the majority could not cope with dealing with real people who hadn’t read the ‘script’ that the muppet was on and could be difficult and at times aggressive.
  13. Management Speak! I hated ‘Management Speak’ and always took the p*** whenever I could. Apart from playing the standard ‘Management Speak Bingo’ as we listened to the latest muppet with an ology down from HQ to gain ‘operational experience’, I had a ‘Management Speak Matrix’ that consisted of 3 columns of 9 random words, such as “holistically’, “horizon”, “cloud”, integrated”, “operational”, “forward”, “command”, “relief” etc. Once a file or report was completed and checked, I would ask a colleague for a three digit number, and using that number would pick three words, one from each column. For example, 258 might pull out “holistically”, the second word from column 1, “integrated”, the fifth word from column 2 and “operations”, the eighth word from column 3. My challenge was to then get the meaningless phrase “holistically integrated operations” into the report somewhere. Over the years only one senior manager ever asked what I was talking about. Great fun!
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