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  1. Let's change the subject ! I wonder how many Chocolate Eggs I'll get Sunday . Koolwabbit
  2. Morning all. Trying to find coil and points for older outboard magneto and came across this dealer. May help someone. http://www.mopedland.co.uk/electro/ Thanks Nigel
  3. Excellent topic ! AT LAST !!!! Koolwabbit
  4. Warning ! Lock up your wives and daughters LOL . Been with my partner 46 years and never needed anyone else.
  5. https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/hms-queen-elizabeth-urgently-sail-arctic-circle-support-multinational-air-transport-mission/ Nigel
  6. Yes there are other costs but if I was a drinker there would also be other costs like babysitter taxi home etc. If I was like my brother I would have to find thousands for golf things , clubs ? What I was getting at is I feel BA use my small contribution very well. Reedham is a very good example, I solo most of the time and really appreciate the help when mooring there!! And free moorings well kept and clean are very much welcomed !! Try going down to Surrey and cruise , £90 per month , graffiti everywhere and muggers galore. Rant over Nigel
  7. I have a 21ft motorsailor and my toll is £131 per year , £3.00 a week . For me a very cheap hobby . I used to go fishing at £10 a session and my brother loves golf at £40 a round. I don't drink but believe a pint now cost more than my weekly toll that gives me 7 days enjoyment and stress free relaxation. Rant over , Nigel
  8. Honestly who here on this forum is QUALIFIED to answer this question ? If it was me querying this subject I would just phone B.A. and ask. Nigel
  9. Changing the subject. MERRY Christmas EVERYBODY !! Ho Ho Ho
  10. Is it just me or is this forum becoming like the others ? Bicker bicker bicker ! Nigel
  11. Morning all. Does the "big grey boat" in Norwich pay a toll ? And if so , how much ? Nigel
  12. Just had a thought , FREE SECURITY , she must be one of the most watched craft on the broads. Lol Nigel
  13. A gin palace compared to my valacrity 650 lol. My point of the thread was actually the amount of fenders. What is a minimum amount one should have on your vessel ? At the moment I have 3 per side and 1 on each stern corner. Nigel
  14. Hi all, I love watching brink crafts Web Cam. Always wondered about the "gin palace" moored along the mainstream just before bridge. Must be an accident black-spot as have just counted the amount of fenders on the starboard side. 12 ? Nigel
  15. Koolwabbit

    Tv Aerial

    Hi I use one of these and pick up 80 freeview channels no problem . Even in loddon. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Best-High-Definition-Caravan-Digital-Freeview-Portable-TV-Antenna-Aerial-DVB-T-/263017908330?hash=item3d3d16c86a:g:6a8AAOSw-KFXdObl Nigel
  16. I'm definately not going back in to test it !! Lol
  17. Hi Alan, yep done just that and added lead to bottom rope sides. Thanks Nigel
  18. Hi rregulo, yes went for four rung model that is fine for my vivacity 650. Would you put one on starboard and one to port ? Outboard is on stern. When I went in it was very difficult to move my legs so am wondering about it being close. Nigel
  19. Thank you for the welcome. Must add I am a complete newbie to boating and have tried to self teach myself ie this forum , books and advice from friends but nowhere anything about what to do if you fall in. Could someone put a guide on here? Now got one of these on boat http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Emergency-Boat-Boarding-Ladder-94-cm-3-Steps-RIB-Foldable-Safety-EMLAD3-/302364497746?epid=1973286487&hash=item4666541752:g:nyIAAOSw7ZFVAhRE Nigel
  20. Hi new to forum and had to join to comment on this incident. Back in March I acquired my first boat and ended up having to move it from Loddon to Oulton Broad solo. Didn't see another boat the whole journey and eventually reached Fishers Row. Too knackered to attempt manoeuvring the broad I decided to moor up for the night. Fine, until a gust of wind pushed boat out from bank pulling me in. The shock of hitting cold water was terrible but I managed to hold on to fender rope and doggie paddled as I had no idea how deep the water was.As mentioned earlier no traffic on river and after what seemed ages I was ready to give in and let go of fender. Turns out I was only 2 inches from bottom but still couldn't climb out. Suddenly a young man appeared in a kayak , told me not to panic he would soon have me out. He got on to bank, climbed on to boat , grabbed a mooring line and made a loop in end . Lowering into water he told me to put my foot into loop and use as a ladder rung. He saved my life and said he had heard a loud splash so knew he had better investigate. Never got his name as I was still in shock. I now never step onto boat until my life jacket is on. Nigel
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