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  1. Hi Happy No not Shower power. Jumanji Yes on the Internet with Booking including the Boating Manual's on Board about the use of the Hook Up ect
  2. I've notice there is nothing said in the Boating Manual's about Boat Hook ups why not? as to some of the Midrange Boats got Hook Ups now including the Newer Boats now on the Broads
  3. Will Otter's or Beavers be returning around the Broads in the near future?
  4. What is the Life span for Batteries on Boats? As to their usage i.e. Fridge / Tv / Microwave / Lighting plus pumps even though there are Hook ups for electricity and Sona panels to stop the Batteries being Murdered but how long do they last before getting New Ones? At what cost are they Now to buy?
  5. As to this Fine Hot weather we are having at this time will there be any Head Room for Boats to getting under Potter Hiegham Bridge? To Hickling Broads and other places to visit?
  6. This is very interesting Topic. As to Griff pointing a few things along with NBN Members Non paying Tolls that's Breaking the Law could B A get the bailiffs in? How the Hell did that person got the Boat in the first place? And Getting Diesel as to Having Pump outs where too ? I do hope this person is not polluting the River or being unsanitary like on Land ? This person is smart I bet you all this needs to be a kept careful eye out on this situation.
  7. As to our Climate's is changing can Nature bring back Sailing Yachts being powered by Sona power Electronic Engines being installed as to helping out with in the Climate changes taking place such as Petrol and Diesel going in the future.
  8. Hi Griff as to your hard graft and expertise on maintaining B A who will undertake all the work you've already put in to B A and in future years to come have you ever thought on training some one to do what you do and come in to the Share syndicate?
  9. Hi Clive I've been watching this Topic with interest . I've got Two question for you . One are you Wood Boat person or are you fibreglass Person? Two are you fitting out theses Boats in your possession as to being updated to theses Newer Boats that are now out on the Broads and are you still keeping the same per Berth at the same time?
  10. As to reading yesterday Eastern Daily Press it stated the weather is killing off the Tourism for the Hotels but I can only think it will survive as the Boating industries will be in full swing very soon plus Norwich Football Club is now back in the Premier League for next season so that should help the Hotel industries back on there feet once again .
  11. Thank you for letting us know of this issues and hope all this be sorted out as soon as possible.
  12. Will there now be a Tourist Boom in Norfolk as the Pubs and restaurants are beginning to come back to Normal service one again but there's a warning ahead for us all to June 21st that could change due to Indian variants strains spreading to which I hope it does not spoil things for us all now.
  13. I would like to ask any forum Members if ever having a Knee Replacement or Hip Replacement or may be both at some stage of our lives and still be able to participate in any Boating Activities' on Boat's i.e. getting on and off and other's things with out not being held back on any Boating Activities that we like to do.
  14. As to me watching the Herbert Woods Web Can at 11am this morning theses Two Rangers opposite the hiring Day Boats doing something to the front of the Bank putting a Sigh down what it is? my be No Mooring or something?
  15. When to coming to Moor we some time put the Engine in Revers to slowing it down but some on Boats Reversing is not so powerful enough as to going forward why not?
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