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  1. As to Sir Winston Churchill said quote we will take the enemy Air / Land and Sea as we shall not give in to this Enemy we got now Coronavirus has Stopped everything in sight as to the Second World War it was business as usual. As to Boat Hiring Business Harry Blake started 1909 so then James Hoseasons taken the Helm from his father in the 1950 so this whole Hiring Business grew with other Firms coming in 1960 I think as things grew up in to be a very competitive Hiring business . Now as to this Lock Down right from the start of the Holiday season been ruined for them and for whom Customers wish to be on the Broads made things much harder for Boat Hiring and Building to Survive to which will take years to get them back on track also Customer's back at the same time with the uncertainty of Firms going out of Bushiness and going back to the 1930 on financial hard times that I hope it won't happen for every one. Andrew Cook
  2. I wonder will the Norfolk Broads Boating Industry Survives this Lock Down that has been for some time now has it also done Damaged the Tourist Industry. Will it ever it ever recover ? With Pubs and Shops going out of business. When will the Boats be back in action on the Broads and under what restrictions such as more then Two Crews upwards on each Boats? As at this time we are suppose to be more so many meters a Part. What help will there be to all this ? Yours Andrew
  3. Andrewcook


    A few weeks ago a friend of mine with a few others went to Geldeston for Camping and Kayak Canoeing from Friday till Sunday. When they went on the River Waveney near Geldeston Lock in their Canoe there is a Speed Limited of 3 MPH yet some Idiot did not obey the Speed Limit as the Canoeist Nearly had their Canoes filling up with water they just don't care of what they are doing. As my Friends of mine are going up there again over the Bank Holiday Weekend coming up very soon can there be a River Inspector patrols that stretches or some other devices to catch theses Culprits for theses Canoeists can have a leisurely time on the River Waveney. When I go on the Norfolk Broads I obey the Rules with Sailing Boats and Canoeist also Moored up Cruisers. What do Forum Members opinions on the Subject? Yours Andrew Cook
  4. As to New Cruisers have got Tinted Windows I believe would it make any difference of the Older model Cruisers with its Hired or Private or Syndicate' have them flitted as it does gives it some privacy while on board plus it may cut down any intruders at the same time? What are the Forums opinions on this issue? Andrew Cook
  5. Hi all there ls one interesting note I would like to add at this time their are some newish Boats that have got Hook ups with Hook up points along the Broads as they are their to help cut down on the drain of the Batteries while moored up over night . I'm very grateful for this NBN Forum comments on this Hybrid Boat subject. Andrew Cook
  6. Hi to you all Forum Members here's this question? As we are now moving into Hybrid Cars that 's Part Engine and Batteries can they do the same with Diesel Cruisers as they can still use the Engine's when going over Breydon water's but can use the Batteries on Calmer waters such as on the River Ant or River Bure or any other place's. Mind you could any one convert Griff's Motor Bike Tiger to run on Part Batteries and Engine when he visits the Norfolk Broads to help the environment Andrew Cook
  7. Hi all can it be possible to Cook Irish Lamb / Beef / Chicken Vegable Stew in the Oven while going along for Three Hours? Yours Andrew Cook
  8. Andrewcook


    Here's this question for you Forum Members has many Sailing Boats managed to get under Potter Heigham Bridge going to Hickling Broads and other places on that side due to it being Dredged out over the Years. As to Cruising Boats don't normally get under that Bridge due to High water at times as it stops them from getting back under into the main river Thurne. Yours Andrew Cook
  9. Andrewcook


    Hi to the NBN Forum members Here' this questions. As to Dredging Hickling in the past would that Lower the River Thurne? and make possible for Boats to go under the Potter Heigham Bridge? Andrew
  10. Hi all I should have added this on my post. I've Hired this Boat from Richardson Called San Marino as it has got One Double and Two Singles Berths if they look up at the lay of this Boat that I've now Hired for September 14th 2019 all I need is One or Two People to come aboard and only contribute for Food / drink's Act
  11. Hi folks I'm fishing for Crew! Despite some Health problems my love and Desire for Boating isn't diminished I'm thinking for Hiring a Boat in September and I'm looking for a Crew Member to help me out. I'm not as fast at leaping on and off the Boat ropes and some time's need a bit of help getting on and off. I hope to go out for a Week from the 14th September and will be meeting up with Andy (London Lad) at some point while He's on Evening Shadow If anyone would like to join me for a Cheap Holiday then please get in touch Yours Andrew.
  12. Hi as to answer Griffs question why? When it comes to women putting their Foot down they always Wins as she I have to obey as I've know her for over Forty Years . As to Polly I would like to say thank you as it's great been able to hear as I was Born Deaf with Ordinary Hearing Aids now with Cochlear it's beautiful to hear the Birds and Boat Engine and other things on the Broads that I've not heard since that time. A word in Griffs ear he won't need to shout at me any more but I can still Lip read so I be watching with his P & Q. lol. Andrew Cook
  13. Hi all as to seeing that beautiful Cottage in the picture that you can Hire I went to one in Catfield last year October 2018 called Violet Cottage as its Thatched Roof as well . As I do like Boating on the River but had to settle for being on Dry Land due to me having two Operations with in the Space of Three months One for my whole Left Knee replacement Two having this New Hearing Aid called Cochlear as I did want to see Griff at Sutton Staithe as he wont have to shout at me any more lol with perfect Hearing now while they where there on the Lads week but my Lady friend had put her foot down upon me going to seeing him as I really do apologise to Griff for not turning up that evening in October 2018. A part from that I've booked up again this year. 2019 Andrew Cook
  14. Andrewcook


    Hi all as to our Mobiles Technology are changing all the time as to having SAT NAV on our Mobiles to help keeping Speed down on Hired or Private Cruisers that have to obey around the Broads including other wonderful gadgets on our Mobiles we now have But has the Signal reception around the Broads such as theses Server like O 2 or E E or others made any improve there Signal receptions over the Years or not? Yours Andrew Cook
  15. Hi all including Ranworth Breeze for your time and trouble explaining things re Time Shares and the difference from the other thing that did give a bad publicity. I would like to thank all this participate in this topic. Andrew Cook
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