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  1. Hi I used to be a Van Driver for a departmental store delivering Furniture but mange to go to a road side regularly and meet HGV Drivers some of them told me they get out of living expenses being away from home but they Sleep in there Cabs as this helps to boost there pay packet at the End of the Week or month now the Lorry industry needs a shake up and invest on British LORRY drivers and more Money as the whole business should have been done a long while ago instead of flapping around like Headless chickens.
  2. I had a thought why can there be a few places to Moor up for Senior Citizens and just pay half of the Mooring fees proof of.O I D will have to be shown though I think?
  3. Hi as the Big convenience stores are going to a bit of problem supplying prepacked Meat it looks like turn the clocks back to when a load of Butcher shops was a round as I used to work in a Family butcher shop years ago but I'm glad a few very good one's are still around for for us public to get Fresh Meat from the counter as to prepack in the convenience store.
  4. Will there be a Price hike on Bottle Gas now or later?
  5. I just would like to say you Time Share Guys put a lot effort in to keeping Broads Ambition in A1 condition.
  6. Hi can Rocket Fuel be the the answer even thou it's Dam expensive to put in your Tanks but last a long time thou ?
  7. Cooking a nice Beef & Veg Casserole with Dumplings on the Boat that takes Three to four Hours i believe to Cook on the Hob or in the Oven.
  8. Are we going to have Choppy waters in October and less Rain I hope while I'm Boating in October.
  9. I have now got a Ford Eco Sports but had to get the Top Box as the Boot is a bit Small plus I've got my whole Spare Tyre Wheel up in that Box as the Car makers got rid of the Spare Wheel well as to the Older Car's did have to which in my view is a shame really.
  10. Hi I just like to say this if they can do Hybrid Petrol and Electric together so why can they make this with Diesel? As this would make things easier then having to find a plug in Charger for all Electric as only hook ups are now only being used on Midrange and newer Boats now to save Battery's being Murdered while moored up at night time.
  11. This is Crazy of Face BOOK BANNING this place called Cock Shoot dyke as this is printed on all Broads Map so has Face Book gone insane bah
  12. Hi Griff I must say you keep a very good servicing record on Broad Ambition if and when it needs doing to keep it in tip top condition. I do wonder if the Hiring yards do the same with there whole fleet of Boats?Or do they wait till the problem arise to which I hope not on my Holidays or there's.
  13. Hi I'm a very passionate person about the Norfolk Broads since the age of Ten when my Father was in the Banking business as marine manager dealing people on buying Boats he introduced me to the Broads at that age so I've seen Boat Yards on Hard times like Herbert woods with Light cruises class now doing well with Boat Building Hiring and selling as for Richardson with then Clive / Paul and their father fell on hard times and steadily grew the Richardson's yard out of the woods Clive was the main architect on Boat Building and done a fantastic job sadly Clive is No longer at the Stalham yard now at Horning I wish him well as he's a Boating man at heart while he's build that business up mean while I hope Paul will be at the Helm to steer the Richardson's yard for the future to come and continue with the success as to there late father with his Two Son's then have done in the past.
  14. I've seen a bit of News this evening about Ryanair's Boss saying Prices will Rise as to going on Holiday abroad soon ? Will this going to happen to the Norfolk Broads Hiring fleet? Or will they keep there prices in 2022 to this Year level?
  15. Hi all as I've notice Clive is not at Richardson's Boat yard now as he's has got his own yard in Horning so who's running Richardson's Boat yard now? And still complete what they've have set out to do with Newer Fleet for the future this is my only assumption.
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