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  1. As to ccming out of this Lockdown very soon are TV still ok? As to being left on the Boat in Cold outside Damp conditions.
  2. Hi Griff as you are keeping busy with your business at this time will this effect your maintenance schedule on Broads Ambition for this New Boating Season being up you from 12th April could all this be over due? As to all the Private Boat owners are in this as well. The Hiring Yards Cruisers are all ready to go with out not to many problems for Hirers when on the Broads
  3. Will Private and Boat Yards and Syndicated consider Winter Cruising? Due to Spring Boat cruise is ruined as we to oming into late Summer and autumn cruise Crush now expected? As to going abroad has now been restricted.
  4. Hi thank you Forum Members for your comments. There is one other thing are there a few Housing Associations up in Norfolk ? As I belong to a Housing Association in Essex at the moment.
  5. Hi I've notice a few Essex Forum Members have moved to Norfolk is it Cheaper living? Or a change of scenery? So how many Essex Forums left now I wonder ? I love to live up their? I do like going on Holidays Once it Twice a Year to the Broads then back Home to Essex till the Next Year to get my Norfolk Broads Fix lol
  6. As to the ,12th April starting point.of being out in the Spring Air . How many Beer Gardens are there around the Norfolk / Suffolk Broads ? And hopefully the Pubs will survive for the future for all of to enjoy once again .
  7. As to the Fuel Duty has been Frozen since Two Thousand Nine yet Petrol and diesel has been Creeping up since the Budget why? So this will add to the Cost of us Boaters this Year as to the B A Toll Fees all this is not a very good for us all on the Broads this Year.
  8. Hi can the Forum Members tell me is this is correct of more day Boats on the Broads that's including the New Electric Day Boats from Brundel I believe?
  9. Hi as to going abroad to benidorm is cheaper then the Broads plus the Drinks may I add Beware of the Budget on Wednesday. At the moment saddle they cannot go and being stuck in the Uk they pay the earth as to going away where like the Norfolk Broads once again as to Private and syndicates including requlars Hirers as it's a bit of inconvenience to us all for me to say the least.
  10. Andrewcook


    Why does algae appears on the Broads? Is it to do with agriculture fertilisers causing it? When it drains off the fields in to the water on the Broads . As to Fishing we have to take great care with our hands as to catching fish
  11. As to having Fenders to keeping the Boats apart when Moored up or avoiding a rub against another Boat cruising on the River? As I notice Broads Ambition looking always looking nice to see it being hauled upon the to Deck on it travels and put down once again while being Moored up. As to it being dragged in Water while Cruising along not a nice sight to see mind you the Fenders can be adjust if some some one could be bothered doing it? As to some Mooring they do needed to be adjusted as I had do to stop the side of the Boat getting side Damaged Front and Back.
  12. Hi Scrumpy Cheddar / Griff Broads Ambition I do share your comments as it's gonna be Mayhem being on the Broads once again due Non Abroad Holidays not forth coming at this Time? . As to my own Experience last September 2020 while moored up at Barnes Brinks Yard we had a fairly large Boat beside us and Guess what the next Morning they had the Heater on at Six AM before shoving off as my Crew got waken up as I'm totally Deaf I wish they woke up me up as I would had a word in their Ear hole over this matter Idiots. I hope I don't have this displeasure once again when I go in October for Tw
  13. It's nice to know we all be returning to the Broads one again . Will the Broads Authority be putting out Extra Rangers for the New Boating Season as to the fact of theses New less experience Boaters as to regulars Hiring and private Boaters to observe the Rules on Boating including Not to Running the Engine after 8pm that I do find it most annoying.
  14. Hi all as to 12th April I do hope every one act sensible and keep the social distant . As the whole Lock 🔐 will now be all be over in May not June as I thought I'm sorry I got that wrong.
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