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  1. Have there been a lot of improvements with Cookies including Maintenance? Ovens can a Freshly done Yorkshire Pudding rise with out the need of getting Ready Made Yorkshire pudding.? What are the best Cooker / Oven to Install on Boats ?
  2. Hi all let's hope February Boating Starts up again on the Broads once again as Easter comes early April 4th so this will give every one a chance to got all thier schedules done every one to relax for another Season. As for me going away on the Broads for a week how many other NBN Forum will on there in March S it will be a bliss to be out and about on the Broads once again
  3. Thank you Fred to highlighting me on things that I was not aware of
  4. Hi Maurice Mynah do mean to say B A can just use a Blank Cheque to do what ever it likes i.e. New Office equipment or Wage Rise or announced project's with this busting Inflation Toll Rises should be Caped. There should be a Law or some sort like Civil Servants had there pay rise Frozen so I think this whole needs to be looked into also I think they must be held to account with theses Tolls Fees. I think Boating Companies' and Private alike should come together and and sort out B A once and for all for us to enjoy to the full. If it was a National Park I think things could be different?
  5. Hi all looking at this Topic I'm very surprised that B A have put up there Toll Fees by Four Percent. What improvement have they done this Year to Justify this hefty increase for 2021 and further more what is planned for next year?
  6. As to this Conavirus Lock Down Restrictions being at this time does this means any Private or Hired Boats will get it's schedule's put behind such as it's annual Boat Safety Checks that must be done also getting the Boat out of the Water to do the Antifouling if and when that needs to be done all this must be a Headache to all concern? Will B A be sympathetic to all Private Boat Owners including Hiring Company's as to paying it's Tolls in 2021
  7. As to over the Years there's been some good built Small & Large Boats as to the Small One is the Hampton Boat's were good in their day as there are still a Few Hired Ones around as for the Larger Boat's at the Time such as Powell's / Broom / Richardson's / Herbert Wood's / Barns Brinks' last but not lest was the Connoisseur's As we now know Powell's have gone as for the Connoisseur's Boat Builders have gone to France. This leaves us with Broome still Building Boats I believe but what Types now? Richardson's are build Different Classes of Boats as to Barns Brinks again what type classes ar
  8. As to the last time I was on a Hired Boat there was Two of us on there as the First person having a Shower fine when its my turn having a shower the Water started to turn Cold even though we've been Cruising for 3 Hours or so that Hot Water Tank should still be some what Hot even after Two Showers do theses Hot Water Tanks have a problem ? or are they Smaller then Standard Home Hot Water Tanks . So how do I avoid this situation next time as I will be on the Broads again in March 2021 that's if Cov19 restriction's allows us?
  9. As to Hiring Boats for a week Thier Mattresses Beds are Hard to sleep on as to the next morning when I wake up I have a Terrible Back ACH for a time as to Private Boats they must have comfortable Bed Mattresses to sleep on can the Hiring Yards improve on theses Bed Mattresses?
  10. Hi as to getting rid of this nasty pong there is a Special Tank cleaner that takes Two or more Hours in the Tank to clean it and put the Blue liguid in that should clear it
  11. Hi Jenny Morgan I don't think we've have met but as you say Bream is good but it may not be in the near future? I've had some information the last time I was on the Broads in September Tench and odd Carp about will there be more of them around the Broads?
  12. Hi to the Forum Anglers has it been good Fishing on the Broads 2020 since the First Lockdown and what was the most species been Caught ?
  13. Hi all Forum Members New Restrictions from this Thursday does this means all Boating activitys must stop ?
  14. Hi all as to Yarmouth and Reedham won't be manned again untill next Year I fear for Safety reason for the First Time Hirers as Boatyard Hirers should put restrictions on thier Boats going beyound Stokesbye to them .
  15. Hi Fed as to people on Boats I had Suncharm very nice that is a Mid Range Boat but it says Two to Five persons I would say Three is very comfortable but not Five person as there's not enough cuboards spaces for Clothes ect Next Year I've booked Swan Romance that's a nice Boat on the lay out plans I've seen .
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