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  1. WherryNice

    Hi Everyone!

    Hello and welcome
  2. WherryNice

    Fenders Up Or Down When Underway

    I think leaving them down is fine as long as they aren't dragging in the water, that just looks sloppy to me. However having them up can look jolly smart on the right boat and I dont feel any negativity toward those that like them up, its a personal choice and which you prefer will depend on what it is about boating that you enjoy.
  3. WherryNice


    Hi Mark, not sure if this is of any interest but the moorings on Ranworth island are around the sort of money you are used to paying (from memory)but there are no facilities and you need to get across the broad to access your boat.
  4. WherryNice

    Waveney River Centre Hire Cruisers

    I must admit I never really looked closely at the upper helm, bit of a shame if its all cramped.
  5. WherryNice

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    The Skipper hull looks very similar to the Ocean 30 hull to me?
  6. WherryNice

    Waveney River Centre Hire Cruisers

    Looked just now and I got pics and layouts plus pricing. Waveny Pisces looks a lot like one that was in the yard where my folks moor and was then at NYA Horning recently - if it is the same boat she is really lovely with an interesting layout, dual helm flybridge with wells and doors both fore and aft! Possibly a Sheerline 900 Sunbridge?
  7. WherryNice

    Eastick Falcon 26

    Hey all , one thing I have noticed that may help with ruling boats in or out of contention is that some of them seem to have aluminium framed windows in the front and others have ones with rubber seals. Apologies if this has already been noted but thought it was worth a mention.
  8. WherryNice

    Advice Please!

    I agree with JA there, do it how you would like it. But if you aren't sure remember you can always polish and varnish it any old time but it will only look like it does now once(well it might look like that again one day but not any time soon....you get the drift).
  9. WherryNice

    Hi Everyone, Im Looking To Purchase

    Hello, just catching up on this thread, have you seen this one? https://www.nya.co.uk/boats-for-sale/aquafibre-37-sedan/
  10. WherryNice

    New Boat From Horning

    According to Craigs database she used to be Fair Diplomat 1...........funny how things come up at the same time(mentioned on the Ranworth Breeze thread I mean).
  11. WherryNice

    Waveney River Centre Hire Cruisers

    Was having a nose around and found this via google https://www.waveneyrivercentre.co.uk/boating-holidays/
  12. No worries, happy to help No there isn't any info on sale prices etc available on there, but I have found that a google search of a boat name or model type can sometimes throw up old brokerage adverts which can give an indication of asking prices etc
  13. Hi Pumpmedic, yep that's the order of owners/names, most recent at the top. The symbol shows if there are pictures of the boat and a red star on the symbol means the picture is of the boat during that ownership/name. Hope that helps, I'm nothing to do with the database but like many on here I look at it very regularly.
  14. WherryNice

    Windboat Tradewind

    My folks had one of the South Wind aft cockpit jobbies for around 15 years, when they bought it the chap selling it to them(broker) said that Seacrete was different and far superior to other types of ferrocement and that the name 'Seacrete' was a hint to it containing some kind of secret ingredient that made it so. Now whether that was true or not I have no idea but she was certainly a hefty old lump for a 26 footer, the cement was solid but some of the exposed steel bits n bobs that supported the floors n what have you had started to get a bit crusty. There was a fairly rough one on ebay recently that sold for around 700 quid, thats a lot of boat for the money!
  15. I used Tony at Bank Boats for mine, thoroughly recommended

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