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  1. Glorious noises! Sounds like a pair of Ford Sabres to me......
  2. Oh you lucky beggar, I've been looking at those on the Triumph website trying to make the man maths work so I can (not) afford one! I quite fancied the red but that looks pretty beasty too, enjoy! Glad they have bought the name back, my Dad had a '59 5TA Speed Twin back in the 60's, looked a lovely bike. I almost had a Speed Triple, it was T595 Daytona with Renthal bars, the riding position used to cut me in half after about an hour or so, race rep seat tipping me forward and the bars pushing me back up! I also had a Sprint RS, cracking bike!
  3. Nail hit firmly on the head right there. Trouble is I think we all take it in turns to be 'the idiot' at some time or another.....
  4. We hired from them last month and the map they supply is excellent Also the Broadcaster magazine, available all over Broadland for free, has a variety of useful info in it too.
  5. Looking at Craigs database it would seem she was called Denham Owl as far back as the 70's....
  6. Ludham isn't a maybe with a 7'2" air draft, it's a definite yes! (quoted clearance is 8'6")
  7. Good point Smoggy, my boat was already previously registered with the BA and they didn't query the BSS but I could see possible issues if coming from elsewhere and registering for the first time.
  8. Literally just done this myself, when you register the boat in your name the form you use has a box for the boats name - just put the new name in there, job done. When you insure just tell them the name you are going to put on the boat, again job done. Incidentally if like me you dont have a cheque book for your bank account and you don't wish to write ALL(inc security code!)of your card details on the form you can put a phone number down with please ring for payment and they will do just that(I asked them and they said it wasn't uncommon to do so). As for the superstitions, each to their own but it seems I have accidentally got it 'right' as the boat came out of the water showing her old name and will go back in with the new one :)
  9. I feel that making them visit their victims(supervised of course) and explaining exactly why they did what they did to them would have a good effect in many cases.
  10. And I thought reversing a small trailer at the tip was tricky.......
  11. From the sounds of it your lights should be fine as they are actual HID units and have all the proper bits n pieces(self levelling/washers etc) - I am an MOT tester and I would not fail them, unless of course they weren't working or mis aligned etc. The "no retrofit" part of the MOT regs refers to putting HID type bulbs into halogen reflectors. There's no way an MOT tester can know whether or not a car left the factory with HID headlights or not so if they look like factory ones and the car has all the gubbins that go with them then there is no reason to fail them. Also some HID's dont even need the washers etc as they fall below a certain lumen output.
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