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  1. WherryNice

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Yup same thing(basically anyway), I dont know the all the ins and outs but I think Broom owned Aquafibre......
  2. WherryNice


    Hi Lucy, you might try Wayford Marine as I believe they offer moorings on a shorter term basis. I cant comment on what they are like to moor with as I have no personal experience of them but the site has been transformed in recent months.
  3. WherryNice

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Hurrah, glad she is coming home! Am I right in thinking that some of these are half grp half timber and some are all timber?
  4. WherryNice

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Hello, sorry I don't know the answers to your questions but just wanted to say good luck with the resto, I really admire these craft so it's great to see her being taken on by someone. Will she be returning to the Broads or staying north of the border? All the best!
  5. WherryNice

    My Day

    No worries there MM it's isn't a testable item so no chance of a fail. Even if the speedo itself wasn't working we would have a job to notice it in most cases as a roadtest isnt a standard part of the test. Incidentally the Mot test manual is available for anyone to see online, should you wish to have a nosey. I tried to do a link but couldnt get it to work, sorry.
  6. WherryNice

    Tudor Reformation

    Theres something a bit Wayford bridgeish about the background and I reckon it to be around 1962........
  7. WherryNice

    First Ever Time

    That's when it can get a bit tricky..........
  8. WherryNice

    First Ever Time

    I usually knock the first rhond anchor in with the back of the other one....
  9. WherryNice


    The riverside cottage seems a more popular choice nowadays it seems...?
  10. WherryNice


    There are still a few Houseboats upstream of Wayford Bridge........ Also we had a family holiday in one at Horning, where JB Boats are nowadays, I think it was called Silver Birches back then(1988), I was about 6 and had a great old time as I recall. We had a 22ft yacht and tender with us for trips out and such too.
  11. WherryNice


    I'm led to believe that the trick with silicone sealer is to not fully tighten the fixings for whatever it is you are sealing until the silicone has cured and formed a good gasket between the two surfaces first...
  12. WherryNice


    Hello Norfolk Spirit
  13. WherryNice

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Ummmm naughty!!!
  14. WherryNice

    Wrong Name Right Address

    This happened to a mate of mine, only difference was the bloke who did it lived in the same town and regularly used a particular car park at a particular time(as proved by the parking fines my mate recieved). Naturally it was reported to the police and dvla but even after providing them with an address the car seemed to be at regularly, nothing was done for months. So eventually a little visit was paid and my mate gained a spare set of plates for his car (no violence, just a cosy chat). I bet theres a hell of a lot more of this sort of thing going on than most would realise and I wonder how many victims just dont even realise whats going on.
  15. WherryNice

    Old Broads Engines

    Or what about the Sea-Bee outboard, we had one of those and a Seagull when I was a kid........both VERY unreliable, although that may have been down to age/previous abuse...

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