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  1. WherryNice


    Here we go section 3.2 https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/468014/BA-Act-Tolls-in-Adjacent-Waters-nc030909.pdf I only knew about it because the boat I bought a few years ago was untolled and had no BSS so the yard owner explained about it.
  2. WherryNice


    Boats moored at commercial premises for sale or repair etc are exempt from requiring a toll, it's in the Adjacent Waters regs somewhere.
  3. Just saw on Instagram that Herbert Woods are also going to be changing over to this fuel too...
  4. You may want an Inverter/battery bank/intelligent charging system for when away from shore power perhaps? And maybe some solar panels too.... Oh and I think I a wet heating system would be preferable too, means towl rails and rads can be used, quite handy.. I think though that my main concerns when choosing a boat to live on would be the size of the berths/cabins, space in head and shower compartments, comfort of settes and availability of outside space(well or flybridge for instance)etc. All the gizmos and gubbins can be added on but it's hard to change the fundamentals. Just my thoughts
  5. Hi Robin, you are on the right lines, symptoms are exactly those of a thermostat stuck open and I suspect you are also correct about the newly cleaned out heat exchanger causing it to now run even cooler than before. The cap may well have been letting by during the high temp moments going over Breydon etc but a new one is never a bad idea anyway.
  6. Looks like a pretty decent bit of kit you got there Griff, built in hose reel is very handy.
  7. Looks like a Barry to me.....
  8. My Dad bought an Aldi(or possibly Lidl)pressure washer a number of years ago now and it turned out to be made by Karcher anyway! Still going strong too!
  9. And here she is, sorry for the poor quality, couldn't get any closer due to the walkway being repaired.
  10. I know Cover Girl is too wide(Byelaws) to be allowed to navigate the Ant and Chet but I can't see why this new one can't? Unless it's just a mistake in the catalogue perhaps?
  11. I find a step-over granny then knit one pearl two suffices for most of my requirements.....
  12. Hmmmmm.......I'm getting a real sense of DeJa Vu with this thread......
  13. WherryNice


    I find that I struggle to get a good mobile signal proper in a lot of places but my MiFi dongle gets good reception just about everywhere so I use the "Three In Touch" app to make phone calls and send/recieve texts over the wifi and it works a treat. The phone and the MiFi are both on the 3 network.
  14. I think leaving them down is fine as long as they aren't dragging in the water, that just looks sloppy to me. However having them up can look jolly smart on the right boat and I dont feel any negativity toward those that like them up, its a personal choice and which you prefer will depend on what it is about boating that you enjoy.
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