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  1. If I have understood correctly then this might be what you are looking for https://www.electrosupplies.co.uk/Tools-and-Power-Intercom-Systems-Station-Intercoms/c7_95_2038/p10116/White-Hands-free-3-Channel-Wireless-Intercom/product_info.html I have no idea if it's any good or whether it's cheaper elsewhere or anything like that, I just Googled the phrase "intercom using ring main". The same units came up on Amazon but they were showing as unavailable. Hope that's of some help.
  2. Bonjour Captain! (thats my French all done). Welcome from me
  3. Thank you, she looks a lovely example but I was hoping it would be the type OBB has, good luck with the sale
  4. Hello, is it a fixed roof one or sliding canopy? Ta
  5. At least that one can run on the centre engine only.......
  6. A140 was shut this morning at Hempnall(between Long Stratton and Tasburgh)where the new roundabout is going. Not sure how long for but getting round it was a pain so probably worth checking/sorting your route beforehand. apologies if you all know this already, thought it worth a mention.
  7. Very much up my street this one, love the interior decor and style but alas it would take a substantial lotto win for me to be able to take her on. She was for sale a while back as I seem to recall?
  8. That's exactly why I havent bothered going direct myself tbh, I just thought I should mention that a cheaper deal might be achievable. The other thing I like about Alan Boswell is the fact that should I have any serious issues I can easily pay them a visit in person.
  9. I use Alan Boswell in Norwich, no complaints with them, easy to deal with and they understand the Broads properly. Never claimed though so cant comment on that. My current policy is underwritten by Nav and General so going direct may be cheaper.
  10. Good vans those Transit Customs, a couple of years ago I spent 10 days or so driving a base model one in support of a Lands End to John O Groats cycle ride - bascially spent 10 hours a day in it - very comfy, really nice to drive with a great gear shift and I found the cab had some really nifty storage solutions too! Now how reliable they are I have no clue...
  11. My thoughts exactly.
  12. There's something of South Walsham about that, perhaps near the public staithe area, but I'm usually wrong on these things.
  13. Glorious noises! Sounds like a pair of Ford Sabres to me......
  14. Oh you lucky beggar, I've been looking at those on the Triumph website trying to make the man maths work so I can (not) afford one! I quite fancied the red but that looks pretty beasty too, enjoy! Glad they have bought the name back, my Dad had a '59 5TA Speed Twin back in the 60's, looked a lovely bike. I almost had a Speed Triple, it was T595 Daytona with Renthal bars, the riding position used to cut me in half after about an hour or so, race rep seat tipping me forward and the bars pushing me back up! I also had a Sprint RS, cracking bike!
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