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  1. Awww lovely woofer, reminds me of our old Meggie, congrats Griff!
  2. I used 'Art and Sea' (online) for mine last month, perhaps not the cheapest but I am very happy with the quality and service. They also had a good selection of fonts and a decent 'designer' tool so you can see what your decals will look like etc.
  3. I believe the name NYX will be moving to the new boat, if I recall correctly?
  4. I'm with Alan Boswell for my '78 Safari and all I had to do was fill out a self survey questionaire. I first insured this boat with them in May '19 so perhaps things have changed.
  5. As you approach the bridge you have the large Boatyard on your right which is Wayford Marine, there is an entrance dyke (third dyke/entrance along)which is shared with StayGB and the mooring is on the river at the corner of this entrance dyke. I believe there is signage to mark it. I think that's the official space but I have seen hire boats in other spots too always worth asking if you need to moor up, I suspect if they can fit you in somewhere then they will.
  6. There is also a visitor mooring at Wayford Marine, £15 overnight charge.
  7. I believe these are the ones that are a part of the Bureside holiday(caravan)park, I enquired about them in May/June '19. My memory is a tad fuzzy(I have spoken to many boatyards since!) but I think they run a 'season' from March to November so not sure what winter access is like. Worth a call though, great central location IMO. They do indeed:) I spoke to them a week or two ago but no moorings available.(for a Safari anyway).
  8. Excellent news MM! Congratulations on your purchase!
  9. The other side of 'don't stop the engine until boat is secured' is don't cast off until the engine is running! Had to play pass the battery(boat to boat) with my brother in law mid Salhouse Broad after he did just that only to find his starter solenoid went clickclickclickclickclickclick when he turned the key!
  10. The Broads have pretty much always been a part of my life and unless I win big on the lotto it's the only waterway that I would own a boat on. However I do rather fancy hiring on the Scottish Lochs and the Thames but narrowboats hold very little appeal. We did have a run on the Great Ouse from St Ives to Earith earlier this year which was ok but I didn't get that same feeling that I do on the Broads.
  11. I think these are probably the posts to which Vaughan refers, I was trying to quote them with another from later in the thread myself but got in a mess.
  12. Yep still working here too.
  13. Just adding a few of my thoughts on all this...... If the proposed accompanied tuition model were to be adopted(which does actually sound like a good solid solution - in theory), are there some 300 (40% of 800)odd qualified, self employed instructors available to take up the role? I would certainly like to see such a scheme offered on a voluntary take up basis for those who wished to really get the best from their holidays but I can see that making it compulsory would likely put off the more casual/last minute holiday maker, which would no doubt have a detrimental effect on the hire
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