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  1. I don't know about next year but maybe in a decade or two we might have a documentary called "Onoda Syndrome(nobody told me lockdown was over!)".
  2. Too hot for me! Starting to wish I had one of them WiFi doodars now though...
  3. (I just)died in your arms - Cutting crew
  4. Walking on sunshine.... Whoops crossed over with Chameleon there
  5. Thanks Vaughan very interesting indeed and how boring must the 4107 have seemed in comparison(if a little easier to maintain perhaps?). By 'Blown air scavenging' are we talking proper supercharging with positive boost pressure or something a little more gentle? Having looked at the pics I can't quite decide exactly what is what. When she was up for sale recently she sat for quite some time slowly deteriorating(not seriously but varnishwork starting to dull etc) and I found myself getting drawn in closer n closer as the asking price slowly crept down(it didn't help that I could see her from my mooring), finally reaching almost affordable levels but in the end whilst many aspects of the re-fit would have been within my capabilities doing proper justice to any woodwork required would not and I feared that I would've ended up ruining her, so it was quite a relief to see her sell and some work begin although I'm not sure where she is now. Incidently when for sale she was listed with a new Nanni of some sort.
  6. loving this Vaughan, thanks for sharing, can't wait for the engine room tour
  7. On closer inspection, in the Broadland Memories pic there is a light section in the roof of the building seen above the cockpit area on Lady Edith, this section looks to be where the dorma is on the "same" buiding in MM's pic. I'm pretty sure that it is the correct location now.
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