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  1. Lovely old job Clive! New engine too?
  2. Speaking of classic woodies The Six of Hearts is currently on Apollo Duck if anyone is up for a project... https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/motor-boats-classic-for-sale/647596
  3. You do have a rev counter, it's the big one in your pic that I think you might be calling the speedometer? Unless I have missed somthing, in which case......
  4. This is an Ex Nancy Oldfield boat so may already have some of the features required. https://www.broadlandyachtbrokers.co.uk/boats/804
  5. Deffo going to be popping up to check things over asap after the 29th, can do it it a day so no worries there and will be waiting for the 12th before overnighting. Tbh I'd be happy to wait as long as needed if I could just do a monthly check on her to make sure all is well. As it is I haven't seen the boat since mid December. Fingers crossed all is well for myself and everybody else too.
  6. Phew! I was having visions of this for a while there........
  7. What Mouldy said..... My current car is in the 'not needed', 'not justified' category buuut you gotta enjoy life aintcha?
  8. If I have correctly understood your requirements, I think this one might do the job MM, it has Aux out as well as FM transmitter/Bluetooth etc and as far as I can tell it is powered soley off the cig lighter. I have no personal experience of it though so I apologise if it's rubbish. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-FM-Transmitter-Wireless-Bluetooth-Handsfree-Kit-MP3-Player-USB-Charger-AUX-/184297880640?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Edit to add that I googled 'in car mp3' which brought up a big selection so there may be others that do the same thing.
  9. Some more info here https://normanboats.net/ Could be a Norman 18.5 Mk3(no port hole)according to info on the above website.
  10. The current models don't have any badges on the engine covers now. Well on VWs anyway....
  11. Hi John, not sure about the other brands, I only work on VW. I would like to think that Audi and Porsche have followed suite but there are often surprising differences across the VW Group brands. I think extraction would be fine if changing the oil really regularly but with the extended intervals we have now it doesn't seem the best idea. I think with boats it is also a case of 'needs must', draining not being an easy option in most cases. Personally I extract via dipstick on my boat but thats because it has no pump fitted! I also change oil far more often than official intervals so am n
  12. All of our British sold VW stuff has a sump plug(always has) but for a while they promoted the extraction of oil via dipstick tube. This has now mostly been abandoned and on many models they prohibit extraction stating that not enough oil is removed when using that method.
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