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  1. WherryNice


    I'm led to believe that the trick with silicone sealer is to not fully tighten the fixings for whatever it is you are sealing until the silicone has cured and formed a good gasket between the two surfaces first...
  2. WherryNice


    Hello Norfolk Spirit
  3. WherryNice

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Ummmm naughty!!!
  4. WherryNice

    Wrong Name Right Address

    This happened to a mate of mine, only difference was the bloke who did it lived in the same town and regularly used a particular car park at a particular time(as proved by the parking fines my mate recieved). Naturally it was reported to the police and dvla but even after providing them with an address the car seemed to be at regularly, nothing was done for months. So eventually a little visit was paid and my mate gained a spare set of plates for his car (no violence, just a cosy chat). I bet theres a hell of a lot more of this sort of thing going on than most would realise and I wonder how many victims just dont even realise whats going on.
  5. WherryNice

    Old Broads Engines

    Or what about the Sea-Bee outboard, we had one of those and a Seagull when I was a kid........both VERY unreliable, although that may have been down to age/previous abuse...
  6. WherryNice


    Very happy with the canopy they did for me winter 16-17....
  7. WherryNice

    Hello From A New Member

    Hello and welcome Pgj
  8. WherryNice

    Old Broads Engines

    Oh eck! could a nice mod please remove the duplicates please, thanks and sorry
  9. WherryNice

    Old Broads Engines

    I heard Broadland Wave being given some proper welly whilst manouvering in HWs the other week, real old school exhaust bark, took me right back to my earliest broads memories, very nostalgic..,
  10. WherryNice

    Old Broads Engines

    I seem to recall that the 105E Anglia with the 1200 engine was actually known as a 123E. This is based on magazine reading rather than first hand knowledge though. Also am I correct in thinking that the Perkins 4.107 has wet liners and the 4.108 has dry?
  11. WherryNice

    Blue Green Algae

    I'm on a wild spot a little way downstream from Irstead, outside of the bend. Im guessing not that far from you then actually. Rob
  12. WherryNice

    Blue Green Algae

    Beat me to it Griff...
  13. WherryNice

    Tudor Reformation

    A phone snap or three as she glided by, looking crisp! I have much admiration for the works/effort that have gone into RT, well done to everyone involved!
  14. WherryNice

    When Did The First Grp Boats Arrive?.

    My folks hired Countess of Thurne in 74, she was soft top back then though. She turned up at Wayford for sale with the sedan top recently, called Pasedena, Turnoar there are two Seacrete boats next door to my home yard at Wayford, my parents owned one for 15 odd years which is now visible from the inside lane going over Postwick viaduct on the A47 and some family friends still have the one they bought back in the 80's. The hulls are pretty bullet proof but various metal structures inside tend to rot away causing things to sag here n there. Many happy times spent on them though
  15. WherryNice

    When Did The First Grp Boats Arrive?.

    Hi Turnoar, are the reg numbers visible on the concrete wonders? I cant zoom my screen in with enough clarity to see for myself....ta

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