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  1. I would like to say that I find all of the BNP discussions interesting and informative, I knew nothing of it until I became a member here and it has been an eye opener to say the least. If what had been said in the past had never been said again I would likley never have known anything about any of it so I am grateful to those who continue to raise the matter and provide information about it. As an adult I am quite capable of digesting the information given and forming my own opinions and views on it. Should I become bored of the subject I will simply stop reading threads relating to it, I find people suggesting that discussion on any subject be shut down a little bit off.
  2. Oh that's a real shame to see, hope it can be salvaged ok. When I visited Beccles YS back in October I recall seeing people onboard her with what I assumed was a pretty hefty pump(big hose poking out the front door)so perhaps an ongoing issue...
  3. Hmmm, just been catching up on this thread and thought I would chuck my two penneth in........now I am no fan of outdrives, I had one on my last boat and it caused me a major headache when the cv boot split whilst in the water (little old Sonic drive) but if the boat was everything else I wanted I would probably put up with them and instigate a thorough preventitive maintainence program to ensure reliability - having it done professionally every year or perhaps every other for 20 years(for example) will surely be cheaper overall than converting. Of course making sure they good spares availability first! A good feature of a twin outdrive set up over twin shafts is that you should be able to run on one engine without fear of having to stop suddenly as you can steer the drive in reverse to keep the boat straight - try to stop hard on one engine with twin shafts equals a broadside approach to the hazard and brown trousers all round! (There may be technical reason not to run on one outrive though - anyone know?) The 'stern on' issue may not be a huge problem if the boat has a decent bathing platform and the Princess 32 transom already overhangs the drives to an extent anyway. Anyhoo, just my musings, feel free to ignore, personally I'm not a big fan of the Princess 32(among others) as you can't see out of the cabin windows very well when below but I can see the appeal, decent proper boats. (Looked at a few generally and one closely with my folks a few years back).
  4. It is possible, there was a Sancerre (?!), for sale at Jones Boatyard St Ives a while back which had just such an arrangement. Now how well it worked I have no clue...
  5. Best keep an eye out for him then....
  6. Not so! I also find this kind of detail stuff very interesting, especially when it comes from such reliable scources.
  7. I think my main concern would be why/how did the sump come to be empty? mechanical issue? or just a normalish amount of consumption without being topped up over time?
  8. She is also still listed for sale on the Apollo Duck website.....
  9. If I have understood correctly then this might be what you are looking for https://www.electrosupplies.co.uk/Tools-and-Power-Intercom-Systems-Station-Intercoms/c7_95_2038/p10116/White-Hands-free-3-Channel-Wireless-Intercom/product_info.html I have no idea if it's any good or whether it's cheaper elsewhere or anything like that, I just Googled the phrase "intercom using ring main". The same units came up on Amazon but they were showing as unavailable. Hope that's of some help.
  10. Bonjour Captain! (thats my French all done). Welcome from me
  11. Thank you, she looks a lovely example but I was hoping it would be the type OBB has, good luck with the sale
  12. Hello, is it a fixed roof one or sliding canopy? Ta
  13. At least that one can run on the centre engine only.......
  14. A140 was shut this morning at Hempnall(between Long Stratton and Tasburgh)where the new roundabout is going. Not sure how long for but getting round it was a pain so probably worth checking/sorting your route beforehand. apologies if you all know this already, thought it worth a mention.
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