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  1. WherryNice


  2. WherryNice


    According to a song I heard recently I compare very nicely with nothing....... No mention of something or anything though she did bang on about fancy resturants n such
  3. WherryNice

    Shares For Sale

    No worries David, hope it works out for you
  4. WherryNice

    Shares For Sale

    David, just wondered if you had seen the ebay listing for a share in Goosander?
  5. WherryNice

    Tally Ho Restoration Films

    Binge watched them all right up to date over yesterday evening and this morning! All very interesting and a joy to watch! Thank you for sharing Polly
  6. WherryNice

    Private Or Hire?

    Generally I can spot whether a boat is hire or private and often whether it originated on the Broads or elsewhere but I wouldnt say I could do it 100% of the time...
  7. WherryNice

    King Kong

    Anyone recognise this little fella? Made me chuckle
  8. WherryNice

    Done It

    Congrats, I had a nosy at her a few weeks ago, looks a lovely craft:)
  9. WherryNice

    Howdy Everyone

    Hello and welcome from me
  10. WherryNice

    Petite Magnum

    One of those sold at Wayford Marine earlier this year so at least one is still about somewhere....
  11. WherryNice

    Rare Hampton Mk Iv

    The Sedan is also currently listed on Boatshed Norfolk, looks a nice little boat tbh.
  12. WherryNice

    Broom Scorpio

    I have always admired those Scorpios for their style but im not too sure about practicality, they seem a bit like sitting in a car in terms of the seating which might become a bit annoying if you want to spend much time in one, on a boat I like to be able to move around a bit more. Also, I'm sure you are already aware but will say it anyway, depending on the weight of the boat n trailer and tow car you may need to do the additional trailer test if you go for hardstanding type storage. With regard to the engine power requirements, where theres a choice I'd usually go for a bit than you need on the better to have n not need principle. Also a speed boat always looks a bit daft with a tiddly motor on it imho
  13. WherryNice

    Wanted. Help From A Nerdy Inventer

    Ah crossed posts
  14. WherryNice

    Wanted. Help From A Nerdy Inventer

    Do they do range extender type things that plug in the electrical sockets like you can get for wifi?
  15. WherryNice

    Inverter Install

    I had been wondering that same thing, perhaps it doesnt actually go to earth as such but goes back to the unit where some kind of electronic trip would cut the supply if necessary? Just an idea? Also isnt the point of bonding the dc neg and the ac earth to prevent current being discharged into the water? I could very well be wrong about most of this, I have been researching this kind of stuff but a lot of the info out there seems to conflict.

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