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  1. It's deffo for projects(says DIY-ers welcome)and there are some fairly large ones on-going at the moment. I re-gelled my hull on the hard standing last year, among other works, and there were various other ones going on around me. Also it's a working boatyard(Moonfleet is based there- not a hire fleet anymore just repairs/maintainence etc)so there is always noise and activity going on.
  2. That sounds like Wayford Marine, until a few years ago it was jam packed with project boats....
  3. Hi Alan, I have both bought and sold props on ebay. There is usually a selection on there of various types. Out of interest are they outdrive or shaft type?
  4. That was 'Mad World' by Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules from the film 'Donnie Darko'. As a song I really like it even now but as a Christmas number 1 it's pretty shocking!
  5. Some yards are very DIY friendly, some, I suspect, are not but most will be somewhere in between as long as you're not bothering anyone-we've never had an issue at the various yards moored at over the years. If you want hard standing to do a project I can recommend Wayford Marine, good value(IMO) and a good blend of working Boatyard(so you can make some noise and mess) but not too scruffy with it. You can also rent space inside their DIY shed if needed. I think Martham are another DIY friendly place but I don't have personal experience of them. Anyhoo, hope that helps builds the
  6. My bestest App is the one that allows me to turn my heating on/up/down/off from the comfort of wherever I am at the time. Mine is from Heatmiser, a cheaper more simple version of the Hive ones you may have seen on the telly. My second bestest is a GPS speedo one that allows me to know exactly how fast my old van is going.......usually 5mph slower than the actual speedo says.
  7. Sure is, they both appear to be Belmores according to Craigs Database. If I have read the number off the transom correctly that is.......... .......the pic is back to front!
  8. I bet whoever was in the car at the bottom needed some fresh undercrackers afterwards!
  9. It appears to have gone to someone with a decent level of feedback. Good luck to them, I hope she lives on:)
  10. Chameleon beat me to it! But yes basically a rounded square.
  11. First job will be get to Norfolk ASAP and check the boats over! I have no doubt that the boatyards would notice and tell us if something big went wrong but it's the smaller unseen stuff, that can cause major damage, that worries me. After that a nice big family get together and catch up sounds pretty good to me :)
  12. They certainly did when my parents moored their boat at Bondons(96-13ish). I forget when exactly Ray passed but Celia was still about early last year as my Mother spoke to her regarding a mooring for their new boat- no room unfortunatly.
  13. Spotted this on Fleabay, looks quite a task but if someone is feeling brave? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/30ft-Wooden-Canal-Cruiser-for-Renovation-/164628796625?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Looks a bit Martham to me (perhaps a Janet?)but happy to be corrected if anyone knows different. I have no connection to this, just posting for the sake of interest.
  14. Thanks Vaughan, always very interesting to read this type of thing. I must say the 'PC holds mob at bay with torch' headline is also rather interesting.....
  15. Hello Robin, welcome to Forum membership, a new restoration thread will be extremely popular on here, especially with me, so crack right on:)
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