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  1. Hi Bexs Got it, found a second hand one on Amazon, RYA Power Boating. They have the others too, "advanced" etc. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Bexs I have looked on Amazon and found lots of books aimed at the likes of me, but, a lot of the best ones seem to be American. An American book will not cover the legal matters relating to boats in the UK e.g. registration, insurance and Environment Agency rules etc. The book you mention should be available from the RYA, I'll have a butchers. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all your replies people. I was planning to do an introductory course of some sort but thought I could get some basics from a book. I need to know about types of boat, registering a boat, where I can use it and lots more. The house is near Littleport on the River Great Ouse. I know this is not the Norfolk Broads although I still remain a fan of the Broads. There are a few options for exploring the river around here, especially to the south towards Cambridge, Bedford, St Ives etc. so maybe a river cruiser later. Thanks again for advice. Malc.
  4. Hi everybody, Can anybody recommend a good book about buying, driving and keeping a boat. I am a complete novice who is moving to Norfolk to a house with a mooring. I am planning on buying a boat. I will be happy to take some courses when the move is complete but I thought that I could at least get the foundations under my belt now. At first I will be getting some kind of day boat as I don't envisage us sleeping on the boat although I am keen to take up angling again. Any help much appreciated. Kind regards, Malc.
  5. Yes its Great Ouse proper and no tow path. Thanks again everybody. Such a great forum.
  6. Thanks for the replies, this is very helpful. I am not talking about the broads I'm talking about 'The Great Ouse', don't know if that makes any difference. Thanks again.
  7. Hi everybody, help please. If I own a mooring as part of my property on a Norfolk river does that mean I have fishing rights for that spot? Thanks in anticipation of your combined wisdom. Malc.
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