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  1. Interesting point about the holiday let and leaving the crockery and cutlery in the dishwasher. we put all our holiday let kitchen wares through a hot cycle every change over but we then unload it back in cupboards maybe we too should leave that for the guests?
  2. How gorgeous I am so jealous hoping to get our own pups sometime in the new year
  3. Neil if it’s any consolation it hardly stopped raining since we have been back in Cornwall hope you are enjoying Lightning despite the weather will you be joining the AGM on Saturday? Susan
  4. We too were on our syndicate boat also moored at Brooms that week and agreed with Helen staying put was the best option. we hired a Broom captain 2 years ago and really liked the boat.
  5. Thanks Helen sad not to get to say hello in person but as you say weather was against it ,better luck next time. I’m sure we could have done that too on Silent although Mick was adamant we didn’t need one I probably panicked him into it.
  6. Thanks Jean , yes we were both ready to come home ,but happy to know we will be back next year March ,May ,July and October virus permitting. LondonGuy normal appliances ? It has a small hairdryer onboard ,a microwave electric kettle and an electric steamer, we are very economical with water shower very quickly use very little we filled water maybe 3 times in the 2 weeks as for pump out we only had 1 during the time ,we had same boat last year for a week filled water once didn’t have Pump out. we used shore power as often as we could so batteries up to 100%
  7. Fri 2nd. Left hotel at 8am weather fine until we got to about Thetford when it started raining heavily rained almost the whole way home ,traffic heavy in places and we arrived about 3:30 so a seven and a half hour journey,both tired but luckily I have a homemade curry in the freezer so only needs a defrost and heat up. The Month Away We enjoyed the overall time away , we wished our lighting time was earlier in the month ,the 2 weeks on silent were lovely aided by great weather and thoroughly enjoyed,the cottage week seemed to be a bit of a stop gap between boats an
  8. Thurs 1st. A late start this morning didn’t sleep well feel tired now so after several cups of tea we start packing get the car almost loaded ,then start the cleaning process I hope I left it ok I think I did but you never know other people’s expectations,when I was happy I had done all I could we moved over to the fuel kiosk, had her topped up and pumped out ,back on mooring final bits in car ,rubbish disposed of and a final hoover through and we were done, Mick emailed the next people on board to say we are leaving early just in case they can come up sooner and we head off to the hotel
  9. Weds 30th. Finally we wake up to a clear day although again rain is forecast for later, we have breakfast and get ready we head back up toward Norwich as yesterday we missed most of it ,as far as trowels bridge then turn around and cruise back the way we came , I’m at the helm and not as comfortable as I was previously it appears Mick has change the chair setting now my feet are dangling unless I just lean on the edge! We continue downstream in lovely sunshine really enjoying the way the boat handles and watching the scenes as we slowly pass by, not much river traffic about a few but
  10. Tues 29th. Woke again to rain is it ever going to stop according to the forecast likely at midday to clear a bit so we decide to stay out until later in the hope it does , destination unknown but we will head toward Norwich maybe turn back who knows . After breakfast we just enjoy watching comings and goings several fishermen have turned up the barge crew finally arrive they take ages sorting it out before heading out ,the other 2 boats depart and as it’s almost stopped raining we decide to do the same ,slowly out of the dyke across the broad sitting on top helm again it’s drizzle bu
  11. Londonguy i would say not it’s a fantastic boat but even Mick a very experienced skipper with this boat as we had same boat last year made some errors it is difficult when there is no engine noise she is electric so runs silently to tell you when you use too much throttle and of course an unreliable bow thruster doesn’t help the yard should really fix that.
  12. Mon 28th. So finally we are set to leave the boatyard at last it has almost stopped raining and the wind has definitely calmed down, see Helen has already left on Moonlight Shadow so after our breakfasts we too prepare to leave , a little daunting really as although we have boated for years and Mick owned his own boat on the Thames estuary this is a shared boat so responsible for all . Mick glides her out slowly thanks again Helen you gave us more room to manoeuvre,once on the river Mick gave me the helm to get used to the boat , we happily cruised downstream from the outside steerin
  13. Sun27th. So glad we stayed out yesterday it was very windy last night and through to this morning still raining not at all promising to clear today ,we are just going to chill out here,had a call from Simon asking if we could replace the Carbon Monoxide detector as he had forgotten to do it yesterday, we popped out in the car and found the large Tesco Extra in North Norwich had to queue a bit to get in still pouring with rain but got one and some kettle descaled which needed doing badly , also got some breakfast juice I had forgotten on Friday. Came back to the boat put the heating o
  14. Sat 26th. Up early quick tea and coffee it was still pouring with rain not quite so windy though it took a surprisingly long time to pack the car and sort the cottage out , we discovered that we were supposed to take our rubbish down towards the Marina Bar area Mick went out was quite sometime came back saying it was all flooded and ha had had to wade through it to get to bins ,not ideal in fact not really acceptable in my opinion. We finally left just before 10am the time we had to go by ,owning a Holiday cottage ourselves which we have gained visit England 5 star gold accreditation
  15. Fri 25th. What a day terrible so much wind and rain , the cottage is surrounded on three sides by water and is very draughty in this wind , started cooking breakfast when the first of many power cuts happened luckily I had made a hot drink for us both,as everything is electric we had nothing no power no hot water no heating, finished our drinks and decided to head out and do the shopping for the coming week , we needed water , wine ,few snacks some milk and breakfast things, I had said I would make us a nice chilli for dinner on Saturday on Lightning and for tonight we are going to have
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