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  1. snunn

    My Day

    So sorry to hear this Helen i do hope you find the right help and guidance soon This virus has a lot to answer to keeping loved ones apart
  2. I’m hoping at least another week if not more we are coming up on Saturday for 2 weeks will look out for you Susan
  3. Unexpected turn of events mean we are now coming up to Lightning on Sat 24th.April for 2 weeks getting excited now.
  4. snunn


    Hake is the most available fish here in Cornwall always on the menus of pretty much all the restaurants so much so we got fed up with it ,at one point a certain quite famous chef had the same Hake dish in all of his restaurants in Padstow and even his pub in St Merryn
  5. snunn


    One of the very few good things to come from lockdown was that here in Cornwall the fishermen had no restaurants to sell to so sold direct to the public have had more lobster and crab in the last year than ever before And one fishing boat has decided that it was so successful selling direct he now is doing it permanently so far we have had Monkfish, John Dory , Hake , Cod , Haddock Pollack , Brill , Turbot Megram Sole and Dover sole and Mackerel will start growing scales soon
  6. snunn

    My Day

    I also had a massive clear and Chuck exercise when we moved from Essex sadly he did not and all of those unwanted never used tools , gadgets and meaningless cables are now resident in the garage he will sort them he has promised been here 18 months now ! we also have banned the use of the loft
  7. snunn

    My Day

    Glad the move went well remember the trouble we had when leaving Essex we ended up homeless for 4 weeks all down to solicitors enjoy your new life in Norfolk afloat and on land
  8. Good luck with the move see you in Norfolk May 1st we hope Enjoy your trip to Cornwall it’s glorious here this morning
  9. Brilliant response thanks all can look forward to May with a glass in my hand and food in my tummy and enjoying the rivers nothing could be better
  10. Anyone know which pubs if any will open for garden service in April
  11. We too have missed eating out especially here in Padstow with some great restaurants we did manage 2 meals last September in Horning Bure fish restaurant which is lovely booked here into the seafood 22 May and hoping for June in Horning
  12. Helen would you believe it we are due on Lightning on May 1st also hope to see you there we were planning to extend our week to visit family but hotel just cancelled should be in March too but that’s not happening but May surely we can finally get to visit
  13. I’m sure when you get settled you will love it for a long time we could not decide between Norfolk or Cornwall to retire to , we chose Cornwall and we love it but it is a long way from the boats well to anywhere really so would never rule out another relocate back to Norfolk never back to Essex though !
  14. Good news just had email invitation to book my jabs first one tomorrow second 11 th May not sure why I feel so excited
  15. Neighbours both 70 plus also still waiting must be a slow turnaround down here others have had it though and a friend in Devon has had hers at 63 with no underlying health issues
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