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  1. What about diesel for marine use. Didn’t EU ban red diesel. Could that be reversed if we decide on a no deal.
  2. I can recommend Ferry Marina. They have a good selection of boats including some recently new additions. The price is fully inclusive and includes a full tank of fuel, free parking and free damage waiver insurance.
  3. Alpha Craft had two Alpha 50s in their hire fleet. Mirage and Brabazon. They were 10 Berth. I remember Langford Jillings saying the BA had tried to stop him putting them in his fleet.
  4. We hired Skyhawk from Alph Craft for 2 X 2 weeks in 1990 & 2 X 2 weeks 1991. Lovely boat with plenty of room. We hired from Alpha craft for years.
  5. Your boat should be a good stater boat. Not a bad length and the front well and doors makes it easier when side on mooring to get out of when the first person is already ashore when mooring up. It saves having to go to the back of the boat and scramble out of the back door. It also has a low air draft which means you are not so restricted with the bridges. Dilham is a nice trip if you can get under Wayford bridge, or stop at Wayford Bridge and visit the Wayford bridge inn. The cross keys at Dilham is a nice pub. Sutton Staithe Hotel is another quiet mooring. If you decide to moor on your mud-w
  6. As others have said take it slow when mooring up. Make sure you wear your life jackets on deck at all times and hold onto the hand rails when on deck. Do not jump ashore. If you come in slow you should be able to get close enough to step ashore with your mooring rope. What boat do you have. Do you have bow thrusters. If you go to Wroxham there may be side on moorings at Brinkcraft or stern on in the basin. Norfolk Broads Direct is down the opening on the left before the bridge. How many toilets do you have on the boat. If you have two and use one at a time you will know roughly how long it wil
  7. We hired Defender S52 in either 1966 or 67 from Truman’s. We were 3 twenty year old boys and it cost £64.00 a week. If I remember correctly the roof was on a cantilever arrangement which lifted it across onto the rear cabin roof. Forward and reverse gear was selected by a long gear stick which came up through the floor and you pushed it forward or pulled back to select your gear. At the time I think the challenger 39 was in the fleet as well.
  8. We have previously stayed at The Brick Kilns at Little Plumstead. Nice pub and a good menu.
  9. I am in the same situation I have a boat booked and paid for (Carried over from April) I have been told VAT is payable at point of sale. So it doesn’t apply. You may be different if you haven’t paid the full amount.
  10. Four of us went to the crab house in Wells and enjoyed our evening. They offer a selection of platters.
  11. The original post has been updated by the tow boat owners wife and shows a picture of the seized cruiser under Police guard. It is a sporty type open top cruiser flying a pirates flag. Members of the other forum say it was moored up at Horning Staithe yesterday lunchtime and kept tooting the horn. Looking at the name on the side it seems to be a double barrelled name.
  12. Barnes Brinkcraft have announced on their Facebook page that they have had the ok from DEFRA & BA today to re commence day boat hire from the 8th June.
  13. The one with the Labrador looking over the stern looks like it could be Ranworth Staithe. Was the boat Collins, Royal Emblem.
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