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  1. If you go on their website and put dates in for December it comes back with available boats and prices so it would appear that they are extending their season.
  2. I see on their Facebook page Ferry Marina are offering 30% off new bookings for boating holidays from 31st August. Short break and full week. August has been the only month since April that they haven’t openly advertised a discount.
  3. I saw a post on another broads website from a lady who said that her husband had been called out to attend a boat aground on Breydon. Someone replied, I thought it was closed to hire boats. the reply was, It is a private boat. This was a couple of hours ago. A post from the rescue boat said that it was I little Sealine cruiser that had run aground and was being battled by the waves.
  4. l saw a post on another Norfolk forum about 3 hours ago from a lady stating that her husband had been called out to a boat aground on the Breydon. Someone replied that they thought it was closed to hire boats. The reply was, It is a private boat.
  5. Well done. Just seen it on the webcam.
  6. Try Ferry Marina horning.
  7. As I said in my earlier post. During July Ferry, Marina had sixteen 4 to 6 Berth boats available with 30 free complete week’s between them as well as 3 & 4 day breaks. I was surprised to see that the two Golden Emblem’s didn’t have a single booking between them.
  8. Graham47


    See topic above re Ferry Marina discounts. Depending when you are going Herbert Woods are offering 40% discount of of selected boats starting this Friday.
  9. Ferry .marina have today put out their latest news letter offering 30% discount on selected boats from now to 28th July. Jasmine Emblem is now offered at £904.00. Looking on their website at 4 to 6 Berth boats they have 16 boats with 30 complete weeks available plus several short 3 - 4 day breaks during the month of July.
  10. That is correct. It is now owned by the same chain. It was packed last weekend. There is a planning application been lodged to use the upper rooms for bed & breakfast accommodation.
  11. The bath Peregrines have all fledged successfully (Well nearly) The first one to fledge, did so accidently, not badly injured but is being cared for and should be returned to the nesting box soon. The other 3 are doing well and can be seen out and about on the roof tops.
  12. Clive. Have read your price promise which I find reassuring and encouraging. You may just have won a new customer.
  13. The original offer was announced last week in their latest newsletter which I receive because I have subscribed. It offered 8 different boats on special offer till the end of May. One example Platinum Emblem from £581.00 all inclusive. Website price is £1153.00 17th to 24th May. I would imagine they say from £581.00 because the following week being a bank holiday is £1500+ on the website so the offer price will probably increase proportionally. On their Facebook page they are offering Zircon, Mercury and Graceful Emblem from Friday 24th May but state Phone the office to take advantage of their fantastic May offer. This may be a way of shifting their un hired boats but it doesn’t, go down well with regulars like myself who had to pay full price because I had booked with them last November and couldn’t take advantage of the 30% discount offered throughout April. I won’t be booking early for later this year or April next year.
  14. Kevin. Possibly looking at late sept early Oct. Wait to see what bargains are about.
  15. According to their latest news letter and their Facebook page. Ferry Marina are offering substantial discounts on selected boats until the end of May. If you are looking for a last minute all inclusive deal it would be well worth giving the office a ring. You may be pleasantly surprised.
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