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  1. Graham47

    Ferry Marina

    In the letter announcing the sale of the business it is signed Kind regards Len & Hazel Funnel James & Ruth knight Craft Leisure (Formally Ferry Marina Ltd) In the letter from the new Ferry Marina, they have announced that they have a new 8 Berth cruiser for next year and the riverside property Reedlings is being re introduced as a riverside holiday rental.
  2. Graham47

    Langford Jillings Snr.

    Robin was right about trying to make his boats homelike. One our favourite boats we hired from him was his Thunderbolt. At 42ft and only a four berth it was an extremely comfortable craft complete with a full size 3 seater settee and armchair and a smoked glass top dining table. As robin mentioned it also had it,s fair share of wrought iron support work to enable half the boat to be open plan. After a couple years he told us he had a buyer for it and would be replacing it the following year with a new model and that he had been asked by another regular about putting a bath in the new one, what did we think? We said it was novel as not many boats had baths at that time, but what would also be a good idea would be to have an airing cupboard. When we arrived the following season we found that he had accommodated both requests. The bath was a great success but the airing cupboard didn’t get warm. On further inestigation it was found that in order to fit the airing cupboard in, he had moved the position of the fridge but not the outside vent which was now in the airing cupboard and not behind the fridge. This caused much consternation when pointed out to him, but he took it all in his stride and had the situation rectified immediately.
  3. Graham47

    Langford Jillings Snr.

    Very sad news indeed. I hired from Langford Snr for 4weeks a year for almost 20 years until he retired. He had a real passion for his for his business, adding new boats of various designs to his fleet almost every year. He also had a passion for restoring Jaguar cars. Some people that only met him once or twice thought he might seem a bit arrogant, but if you knew him like I and many others did you would get to know the real Langford. A true gentleman whose boatbulding for both private customers, and hire boats across the various hire boat yards was his life. Always busy working in the yard, hands on, or in the office planning new addittion to the fleet, which were all wooden boats when he took the business over from his father. He soon realised that wooden boats were too expensive to maintain and went down the route of replacing the fleet with a new fleet of fibre glass boats of his own making. He was indeed a true Broadsman and Boat builder and in my opinion has been a loss to boatbuilding and the hire fleet since his retirement. RIP.
  4. Graham47

    Star Gem

    SueH. We hired Shooting Star from Alpha Craft in the early eighties. A nice boat and my first front steering boat. At that time Langford Gillings Snr had two young sub contract boat builders working for him and as part of the package he let them build Shooting Star. One of them I believe was called Ian Willgress. It was hired out under the Alpha Craft banner through Hoseasons but Langford told me they got the hire income. When we returned the boat we had to wait for a separate cheque from them for the diesel refund.
  5. Graham47


    Through somerlayton bridge towards beccles
  6. Graham47

    Boat Being Untied.

    We also had the same experience at Loddon several years ago. It was about half past midnight and every boat in the staithe had been untied and pushed out into the middle. Luckily someone raised the alarm and with a lot of team work all boats were retrieved and re tied. At that time none of us had a drop weight down. The police were called because it was seen in which direction the culprits ran off. However it was an hour before they attended and they were long gone.
  7. Graham47


    Welcome to the forum, Topcat. I had seen the second separate posting where you referred to Richardson’s loyalty scheme which entitled you to a £300.00 discount. Like yourself I have been coming on the broads since the mid 60’s and it is always good to get a bonus of some description, be it cash, free fuel or whatever. We hired from Ernest Collins and Alpha craft for several years booking 4 weeks per year (2 x 2 weeks) and we always got a discount. Currently I use ferry Marina which is all inclusive and saves a few pounds. I hired swan roamer when it belonged to Swancraft. It is a lovely spacious and comfortable boat and we couldn’t fault it in any way. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did and that going forward we can both enjoy the broads for as long as possible.
  8. Graham47

    Waterside Properties To Rent ?

    We hired Bure Banks mid March, off the beaten track and very private. A very nice modernised property, very clean, warm and comfortable but devoid of any homely touches. Very bright lights in the lounge - the overall ambiance would be improved by lamps. Bure Croft & Bure Banks are adjacent detached properties with dykes to the front and rear of the properties. Parking is to the rear of the property. When we were there, two boats were moored in the dyke to the rear of the properties, but I wouldn’t consider them to be obtrusive. I believe one was a Broom and the other was an older type bathtub front steering cruiser which between them took up about 50% of the available mooring space, leaving room to fish from the other 50% at that time. The front garden is accessed through patio doors from the dining area. The garden is completely private with decking, garden furniture and a Bar B Q and bordering the front dyke. From the main river the dyke is indentified as private so I doubt that many boats would enter it other than summer craft boats on turn round days. I am sure you will enjoy your stay at Bure Banks as much as we enjoyed ours. Graham.
  9. Graham47

    Norwich And Swan Roamer

    We have hired swan roamer twice. It is a really nice, spacious and comfortable boat. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.
  10. Graham47

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    I don’t see the comments about banks accessability, being any different in an emergency ,whether you are a swimmer, an angler falling in, or someone falling from a boat.
  11. Graham47

    Faircraft Loynes New 2-4 Berth Cruisers

    As mentioned they will be using the same hull that was used by Ferry Marina with their Zircon addition which was a 2 + 1. The length being 11.97mtr. They are now building Tranquil Emblem which is a 4 + 2. There is no length mentioned In the build spec only that photos are of similar boats. I hope they will be proportionately longer.
  12. Graham47

    Boats Far From Home

    The above was another hire boat from Aston Boats. Originally Aston Mars.
  13. Graham47

    Boats Far From Home

    Aston Leo brings back memories. We were the first people to hire it when first built, from Aston Boats in Loddon. It was a really nice boat. It was handy being the first hirers as we had been invited to a Wedding in Beccles and we were able to pick the boat up mid morning and arrived in good time for the wedding.
  14. Graham47

    Broads Boating Company Take On Former Alphacraft Yard

    I was under the impression from previous information that the NYA were going to develop the moorings to suit their boat brokerage business and that a third party would would be sought to use the buildings for other suitable uses. I am not sure from information available so far that there will be an active boat hire business operating from the yard.
  15. Graham47

    Langford Harbour

    I agree with VerChugger. I hired boats from Langford Snr for 4 week’s a year for almost 20 years with new boats being added almost every year. He was quite a character who as well as having a passion for boat building had a passion for renovating Jaguar cars. I am glad that NYA are naming their new venture after him and that in the future people may ask Who was Langford?

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