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  1. Hi Chris. Welcome to the Forum. You could try Paddys Lane BA 24Hr Moorings which, if you take the Barton Turf Turning as you come down from Stalham, you will find the moorings on your right hand side.(Probably mooring for about 10 or more boats depending on length.) Another option would be to pre book an overnight mooring at Wayford Marine which is advertised at £12.00 for a short stay overnight mooring. Wayford Marine is situated on the right as you approach Wayford Bridge. If you can get a mooring there the Wayford Bridge Inn is just across the road on the other side of the bridge.( Wayford Marine Tel No 01692 583192)
  2. Richardson’s - Mermaid & Highlander Herbert Woods - Starlight Ferry Boatyard Horning - Ferry Privateer A D Truman - Defender Easticks Acle - ??? Oak Ernest Collins - Coral, White, Diamond, Gold, Royal and Astral Emblems Aston Boats Loddon - Aston Leo & Pisces. Aston Boats Beccles - Aston Cougar Alpha Craft - Shooting Star, Thunderbolt, Stardust, Blenheim Later Bookings - Ferry Marina Horning - Silver, Whisper, Mercury & Tanzanite Emblems.
  3. Meales Garden Centre which is just along from Wayford Bridge Inn do a very good breakfast in their café.
  4. Kevin. No not yet but up on 13th to 20th so hoping to try it then. Are you about that week?
  5. I have just seen the certificate awarded to the Lion Inn Thurne for winner of Pub of The Year 2019, by East Norfolk Camera.
  6. I have just looked at bookings on the boat I have at Easter and there is 1 week booked April, 2 full weeks and 1 short break in May' No bookings in June and 1 week in August.
  7. On their Facebook page, Ferry Marina are now offering 30% discount on boating holidays from 5th to 26th April. Looking at their website they seem to be very light on bookings so far this year. Going forward I won’t be booking early next year unless I can see that boat bookings are improved and there may be a chance that I won’t get the choice I want.
  8. On the 9th and 11th of this month Gorleston inshore lifeboat was paged to assist vessels in trouble on Breydon. The first to assist in refloating and moving a vessel off of the sands to the lay bye pontoons at 23.00hrs. The second was to assist another vessel which was visually seen to be struggling. A crewman was put aboard who took over the helm and took the vessel into calmer waters before handing back to the occupants of the vessel.
  9. A forth egg was laid at Bath this morning. There is speculation that there may be a fifth on the way.
  10. I don,t have any previous data on Ferry Marina bookings but I have to say that looking a available dates for their cruisers this year I am not surprised that they are offering discounts during March / April. Unfortunately I booked this year’s holiday with them last year and do not qualify for the discount. I have the only booking on the boat in April (At Easter). In hindsight it is probably best to keep your eyes on the bookings and not to book to far in front, as long as you have an amount of flexibility available.
  11. Ferry Marina are advertising 10% discount off the hire charges throughout March & April. It doesn't say that Easter is Excluded.
  12. Hi Red. As stated in the previous post some yards no longer allow solo hiring. Richardson,s are one but not sure about Herbert Woods. Brinkcraft do accept solo hirers and have a good overall selection of types and sizes. Other members may we’ll have information on who do and don,t
  13. Hi Dave. Welcome to the forum. Enjoy.
  14. I have received a flyer from Herbert Woods this morning. They are offering a choice from 14 boats at 40% discount off of the Hire Charge throughout the month of March.
  15. It will be interesting to see what happens in respect of mooring fees when WRC hire craft visiit other boat hire yards. Under the the arrangement at Ferry Marina, hire craft from other hire boat federation boatyards moored free of charge at Ferry Marina and boats from Ferry Marina moored free of charge in other hire boat federation boatyards. Under the new set up, as boats in the hireboat federation are currently charged to moor overnight at WRC, l assume it is possible that hire boats from WRC may be charged to moor overnight in hire boat federation boatyards.
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