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  1. The bath Peregrines have all fledged successfully (Well nearly) The first one to fledge, did so accidently, not badly injured but is being cared for and should be returned to the nesting box soon. The other 3 are doing well and can be seen out and about on the roof tops.
  2. Clive. Have read your price promise which I find reassuring and encouraging. You may just have won a new customer.
  3. The original offer was announced last week in their latest newsletter which I receive because I have subscribed. It offered 8 different boats on special offer till the end of May. One example Platinum Emblem from £581.00 all inclusive. Website price is £1153.00 17th to 24th May. I would imagine they say from £581.00 because the following week being a bank holiday is £1500+ on the website so the offer price will probably increase proportionally. On their Facebook page they are offering Zircon, Mercury and Graceful Emblem from Friday 24th May but state Phone the office to take advantage of their fantastic May offer. This may be a way of shifting their un hired boats but it doesn’t, go down well with regulars like myself who had to pay full price because I had booked with them last November and couldn’t take advantage of the 30% discount offered throughout April. I won’t be booking early for later this year or April next year.
  4. Kevin. Possibly looking at late sept early Oct. Wait to see what bargains are about.
  5. According to their latest news letter and their Facebook page. Ferry Marina are offering substantial discounts on selected boats until the end of May. If you are looking for a last minute all inclusive deal it would be well worth giving the office a ring. You may be pleasantly surprised.
  6. In the latest round of discounts from ferry Marina their latest news letter is offering up to 50% of of selected hire boats for the rest of May.
  7. Usually hire boats display a plaque which gives a max weight allowed of passengers + luggage. I would think in your case that the hire company may not be covered by insurance in the event of an accident if it is overloaded. Best check with the boatyard.
  8. I thought it was unusual on the week running up to Easter we were moored on the 24 hr BA moorings coming down from Stalham. It was about 10 .30am and we were the only boat left on the mooring . A female ranger came down the river and moored up just behind us. She got off her ranger boat, checked the two buoyancy aids mounted on the moorings and noted same on her iPad / tablet. She then walked down to our boat and checked the registration numbers displayed fore and aft, got back on her boat and went off down the river.
  9. The cross keys at Dilham is now serving FULL English breakfast 07:00 am till 10:00 am.
  10. Hi Chris. Welcome to the Forum. You could try Paddys Lane BA 24Hr Moorings which, if you take the Barton Turf Turning as you come down from Stalham, you will find the moorings on your right hand side.(Probably mooring for about 10 or more boats depending on length.) Another option would be to pre book an overnight mooring at Wayford Marine which is advertised at £12.00 for a short stay overnight mooring. Wayford Marine is situated on the right as you approach Wayford Bridge. If you can get a mooring there the Wayford Bridge Inn is just across the road on the other side of the bridge.( Wayford Marine Tel No 01692 583192)
  11. Richardson’s - Mermaid & Highlander Herbert Woods - Starlight Ferry Boatyard Horning - Ferry Privateer A D Truman - Defender Easticks Acle - ??? Oak Ernest Collins - Coral, White, Diamond, Gold, Royal and Astral Emblems Aston Boats Loddon - Aston Leo & Pisces. Aston Boats Beccles - Aston Cougar Alpha Craft - Shooting Star, Thunderbolt, Stardust, Blenheim Later Bookings - Ferry Marina Horning - Silver, Whisper, Mercury & Tanzanite Emblems.
  12. Meales Garden Centre which is just along from Wayford Bridge Inn do a very good breakfast in their café.
  13. Kevin. No not yet but up on 13th to 20th so hoping to try it then. Are you about that week?
  14. I have just seen the certificate awarded to the Lion Inn Thurne for winner of Pub of The Year 2019, by East Norfolk Camera.
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