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  1. Thanks Graham, Rednev ( john) has all ready contacted me. Regards Kevin
  2. In order to allow stern on mooring, the BA insisted on a mooring attendant.
  3. Our boat is being prepared for sale and should be ready in 2/3 weeks.Any body interested please pm me. Thanks Kevin.
  4. Yes i was up at 5 am Sunday morning watching the fight.Thought he was great from the first minute,bring on AJ next ?
  5. Boulters chandlery in wroxham, tell them the size of boat, they will advise the weight you need.
  6. One of our favourite pubs, Gus even knew the sound of our engine! Hope the new people take good care of it.
  7. Hi Vaughan, well this brought back memories,when my Dad took me to the boat show at Earls Court to see the new HW boat Silver Light.Sliding centre cockpit woody,and of course you could clamber all over it to see if you liked it.We did and booked it for the following Summer,a wonderful boat,and i suppose its like hiring one of todays "gin palaces".Although a lot smaller! Regards Kevin
  8. We were hit by a Richardsons cruiser in August,slight damage,our home yard gave an estimate did the repair.All sorted.
  9. Hi Rob and welcome,try Alan at Sabena,handy as its close to you ,01603782552. Kevin
  10. Barely 6 ft at Wroxham bridge yesterday.
  11. You could always try Sabena, but you would need to ring in advance.
  12. Welcome to the forum,we own an Alpha 32,but now need a bigger one cos of the grand kids.
  13. Hi John, its opposite Kens on the other side of the road,good fish and chips.By the way Richardsons are sorting that dink out for me. Regards Kevin
  14. The Wroxham Hotel,great food,give it a go.
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