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  1. Apparently these boats have been there some time { well discussed on another forum} , but no doubt the BA will be to busy next month checking for boats that are not tolled.?!
  2. Is it not the BA job to dredge the rivers?Its what are tolls pay for,so they are just fulfilling there obligations,or am i missing something ?
  3. Er,the Premier League table, not the Championship !
  4. Have a look at the league table, makes me happy,and what a great tribute to our legend,Billy Bonds. I met him once ,chatted to him for about 10 minutes, got his autograph,a wonderful man just a shame he was injured when he got called up to the England squad.,he deserved an England cap.
  5. No, What 3 Hammers ? I love this forum even more. COYI
  6. So another Happy Hammer ? I thought i was the only one on this forum .
  7. On our Alpha 32 the sliding roof is a good fit and the electric switch makes the lowering etc really effortless,never had any problems.
  8. Waterside marine have a good selection of Alphas ,single engine and low air draft.How many berths are you looking for?
  9. Who is that man ? Never seen him before !!
  10. Its also known as Black Horse Broad, its up stream from the last bungalow at Horning, same bank as the sailing club,going towards Wroxham. Its open from Easter to Mid September.
  11. Ah Griff many thanks for that! You have made me very happy seeing that picture after many many years.Kevin
  12. Great find Griff,those pictures bring back so many wonderful memories !In particular when i was a young boy my dad took me to the boat show at earls court to view the latest boat from Herbert Woods called Silver Light, a sliding centre cockpit 5 berth all new woodie,he hired it , boy we thought we were the bees knees cruising the Broads in the one of the newest boats. Regards Kevin
  13. Hi Speedtriple, yes im sure thats the case, its a winter lay up, for service, repairs and to avoid the risk of ice damage to the hull. Regards Kevin
  14. Hi speedtriple Neill ,sorry but Blue Mist does not come out of the water for 3 months,or at least she hasnt for the last 4 years whilst we have been moored next to her.
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