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  1. Hi Robin, New Member, no im not confusing you with the other Robin of Broads Ambition fame, but welcome to the forum.
  2. Hi Griff, ive just watched the film, really great,thanks so much. It must have been a wonderful sight at 50 knots !It was an insight down below, the conditions that my father in law would have been working and living in.I can just imagine him down below placing a mattress against the sides of the boat to plug the holes from enemy fire. Kevin
  3. Hi Griff, i have just watched Robins film, thanks very much it was great to have that connection. I remember my father in law saying how fast our wooden MTBs were compared to the steel Germans,but we wernt so good in a fire fight, but had the speed to get away. Kevin
  4. Hi Griff, no i will look it up, and Hylander yes i know what you mean, at least the crew in the photo can see the German boats coming!
  5. Really liked the piece on the MTB, as over thirty years ago it was moored at Oulton Broad yacht station.My father in law was admiring her as he was on MTBs during the war, out of Lowestoft. When the sea scouts heard this they invited him on board to look round, it made his holiday! These are the boats he was on, in the crew photo he is front row second from right.
  6. Very enjoyable, great memories, thank you so much.
  7. Thanks so much .Great pictures of one of our favourite places on the broads, especially when the lion is open !
  8. Sounds as if your battery is " cooking ", needs replacing.
  9. Had a meal at the Recruiting Sergeant last Friday,really good as usual.
  10. We went to the New Inn on Wednesday for a lunch time drink and something to eat,It has always been one of our favourite broadland pubs, a must visit and moor.We sat down but didnt stay, think they have opened to soon,what with covid and new owners.
  11. Why not?Pms are there for a reason,and up to the member if and when to use them?
  12. Yes Fred, it was leased to them and then returned to Sabena.
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