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  1. For all you uninitiated the teams nickname is the hammers,or the irons.
  2. When i saw the title i thought it was West Ham United related.!
  3. Yes couldnt agree more,sold our Alpha 32 after 5 years for the same amount we paid for it.Was told by the bridge pilot it would go under Potter at the right time,great view from the helm.
  4. Its up for sale£89500,any body fancy it ?
  5. You often see swimmers at caen meadow up stream of Wroxham.Shallow water and clean.
  6. We sold our boat at the beginning of April, it went within a week !
  7. There is a small hamlet in the Dales called Crackpot !
  8. Any one fancy the Red Lion or The Bridge House at Coltishall? Yours for £750,000 each.
  9. Vaughan thanks so much for the pictures and information.My father in law was on MTBs during the war, out of Lowestoft.I always remember him telling me about the speed of our boats as against the slower German steel boats.We had to avoid a fire fight with them as they were easily holed and had to go below and place mattresses against the bullet holes to stop the water coming in.Despite being a non swimmer, he survived 3 sinking ,being hit by mines in the North Sea,saved by his life jacket.
  10. Thanks Graham, Rednev ( john) has all ready contacted me. Regards Kevin
  11. In order to allow stern on mooring, the BA insisted on a mooring attendant.
  12. Our boat is being prepared for sale and should be ready in 2/3 weeks.Any body interested please pm me. Thanks Kevin.
  13. Yes i was up at 5 am Sunday morning watching the fight.Thought he was great from the first minute,bring on AJ next ?
  14. Boulters chandlery in wroxham, tell them the size of boat, they will advise the weight you need.
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