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  1. Have a great time,we live in Northfleet,so hope the Dartford Tunnel was kind to you ?
  2. So Graham are you and Barbara tempted ? Regards Kevin
  3. Yes what a great Easter weekend great weather we had a wonderful time cruising between Horning and Cottishall.Wish the weather was this good every time we took the boat out .
  4. Aboattime


    Thanks people you learn something new every day.
  5. Aboattime


    All the boats are in the water.
  6. Aboattime


    Never knew that, thought all boats had to have current toll.
  7. Aboattime


    So we have all paid this years Tolls,and had the receipt from the BA ?Well this is up for discussion, there is a very well known Broads boat sales company selling boats that do not have this years tolled paid.So are some of us shocked?Could it be the case that the BA are turning a blind eye to this?Would the private boat owner be treated the same and leave there boat in the marina without a toll ? Looking forward to what every body thinks.
  8. Graham were back on the boat for Easter. the first day will be spent cleaning etc We have booked a mooring and table at the New Inn Easter Friday 19th, be good to see you for a beer and catch up if possible ? Ill be interested to know what you think of The Lion,we like it and our friends said it was there favourite of all the pubs that we visited[and we went to most of them !!] Best wishes Kevin
  9. Totally agree, very well deserved. Graham have you been into the Lion since its been refurbished ? Regards Kevin
  10. Apparently these boats have been there some time { well discussed on another forum} , but no doubt the BA will be to busy next month checking for boats that are not tolled.?!
  11. Is it not the BA job to dredge the rivers?Its what are tolls pay for,so they are just fulfilling there obligations,or am i missing something ?
  12. Er,the Premier League table, not the Championship !
  13. Have a look at the league table, makes me happy,and what a great tribute to our legend,Billy Bonds. I met him once ,chatted to him for about 10 minutes, got his autograph,a wonderful man just a shame he was injured when he got called up to the England squad.,he deserved an England cap.
  14. No, What 3 Hammers ? I love this forum even more. COYI
  15. So another Happy Hammer ? I thought i was the only one on this forum .
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