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  1. Yes, to my eye, this is a classic Broads cruiser. I may be biased by memories of holidays on Brooms Skipper with my dad and my best friend. I would imagine that if the timber is epoxied it is relatively low maintenance.
  2. NYA had a lovely looking Ernest Collins replica for sale recently, built on a Sheereline hull I think. I know it is half wood, so not perfect for the OP, but one wonders why builders aren't building more like this. Does @expilot think it would have fitted through? https://www.nya.co.uk/boats-for-sale/ernest-collins-35/
  3. Answered my own question, the Broom was Sea Lord and it was sold to a private buyer, not Richardsons, but Great Gem was a similar boat, Aquafibre Saxon 40
  4. How's this for a coincidence, just saw an advert for “Great Gem” on ebay... would this fit under the bridge? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/broads-boat-/193006090961?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 Didn't Richardsons have an ex broom boat that was a larger version of a skipper?
  5. Just back from a camping weekend in Chertsey, whilst there I had a little paddle on the Thames and saw this boat. I think it may have been Brinks Beryl in a previous life, what do you think?
  6. Actually ignore that, I looked on Google earth and it is clearly Maldon, in which case they are definitely floating pontoons
  7. I think the pontoons float so they set the lines to the pontoon and the whole pontoon goes up and down with the tide. I am not certain but I would guess that on the Blackwater, that would be Maylandsea marina.
  8. Thank you for sharing, would love Ibiza, if funds allowed. Some of my earliest Broads memories are of Seafarer 3 from Brooms, with my grandparents. The Aquafibre 38 is a classic broads design in my mind. Will you be replacing them, or will the fleet be getting slightly smaller?
  9. As do ours. The dates were set in April 2018 for the 19/20 school year. They haven't changed so far, but they may do so. We have one child in Primary and one Secondary. We may find different schools do different things! If the government is going to move the bank holiday, wouldn't you have thought they would have given everyone more notice?
  10. A neat summary of the problem. The bank holiday was published as the 4th. Which date will the schools and business use?
  11. Indeed, that is one option, but will mean using another day of holiday allowance from work for all of the grown ups, which is a precious commodity.
  12. Yes, half term is at the end of May. We had booked a weekend break for the first weekend in May thinking that the Monday would be a bank holiday. There are 8 of us, two families, so 4 adults and 4 kids. The plan was for the dads (me and my friend) to take Friday off work, get to the yard for lunchtime, sort paperwork and handover, unpack and generally get the boat ready and then the mums would bring the kids straight after school, get to the yard at about 5, step aboard and off we go. We can then return the boat on the BH monday morning and drive home at leisure. it just doesn't work with the bank holiday on the Friday, unless we leave the boat in the yard on the Sunday night and go home, so kids in school on the Monday morning. Your holiday on the 8th will start on the bank holiday.
  13. Yes, that would help, but the inset days have already been planned (and two kids at two different schools with two different inset days!) The more I think about this the more annoying it is. Will the schools and my work stick with the original date for May Day or go with the new one? How long will it take them to decide? Until we know we can't rearrange and what do we do if there is no availability?
  14. I think that would have been May moving day!
  15. If only we could, unfortunately we need t get the kids back to school! That is the frustrating thing, schools really don't like parents taking kids out in term time and we do our best to fit around term dates...
  16. Quite! And less than a years notice. Surely businesses, schools etc. Plan more than a year in advance...
  17. We had a fantastic May Day bank holiday weekend on Dazzling light. 3rd year in a row now, it is becoming a tradition. It will come as no surprise to a group of Norfolk Broads fans, that we stepped off the boat and booked for next May Day weekend. I have just read that the 2020 May day bank holiday is moving to Friday 8th, to celebrate 75 years since VE day. Obviously this is a noble and honourable thing to do, but... This makes a mess of our holiday plans! David
  18. Just spotted this old Connoisseur on the Hythe at Colchester...
  19. Well, here is the answer to the question, thanks all...
  20. I wondered if the bank holiday weekend might make things worse?
  21. St. Benets is almost a “must do” for us. This May bank holiday weekend is becoming an annual event with our friends and we love it there. We have found the moorings can be deserted or completely full. Am I right to think that they are double moorings at St. Benets?
  22. Thank you, we stayed in the dyke at Womack last year. We will have food and drink on board, fortunately, so the only challenge is finding a mooring. I would be more nervous in August!
  23. I have heard good things and the food menu looks amazing. I am worried about space in Thurne Dyke. Are there still BA moorings at Oby?
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