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  1. 40something

    Mayfair From Maycraft

    You cant really go wrong with a Safari 25, I saw Mayfair out and about last season and it looked to be well cared for
  2. 40something

    Naughty-cal Heads To The Broads Again

    There are good and bad hire helms and good and bad private helms and the good ones can still make mistakes so yes bumps and scrapes are a fact of life especially in high season. One big difference is hire boats in the main are large heavily laid up sturdy craft with big rubber 'D'' rubbing strakes and can take the knocks so I can understand someone with a lightweight sports cruiser being wary.
  3. 40something

    Naughty-cal Heads To The Broads Again

    Wow, Stalhm Staithe empty, that's a bit of luck. Hope you enjoy your visit to the Broads
  4. 40something

    Lowestoft Wally Trolley

    Was up for sale on ebay recently, so someone has decided to save £10k and have it for £free
  5. 40something

    Passing Through Gt Yarmouth

    Last time I went through Yarmouth heading south was late December 2016, it was just as your scenario with the tide still ebbing down the Bure, It was ok but we were the only boat on the river, and the yacht station was empty, not sure I would choose to do it in season as you really do end up going through the bridges at quite a pace to maintain good steerage. The subsequent crossing of Breydon was ok but slow, and we then moored up at the Berney and waited for the tide to turn and give us an easy run up the Yare
  6. Some good value there. A couple of specific questions on the Horizon 35's .Is if feasible to fit a bow thruster to them and is there room in the engine box for an effective soundproofing solution?
  7. 40something

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    Personally I think that your post is disruptive, what has is got to do with the subject being discussed?
  8. 40something

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    This time you stated an opinion and then backed it up with what you feel is evidence, so yes I would say that qualifies as reasonable debate, much better than "NBN members ... it’s not your river, it’s everybodies" don't you think?
  9. 40something

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    Please show me who has ever said the river is just for NBN members, or even just for boaters, more hyperbole from someone who cant have a reasonable debate
  10. 40something

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    As I said if it was a charity event I may feel differently, in fact if it was more of a 'fun' swim I would take part! But the reality is a commercial venture aimed at a specific group of serious swimmers.
  11. 40something

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    I agree with your sentiment, the water should be there for everyone to enjoy but swimmers in the water is very different to fishermen, people in holiday homes, walkers, bird watchers etc because to keep them safe other river users have to be inconvenienced. If the swims were being organised by a purely charitable organisation I may feel differently, but it is a commercial venture.
  12. 40something

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    Believe it or not, people can form views based on a number of factors combined.
  13. 40something

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    They wont, and its one of the issues I have with this, especially if it spreads to more events.
  14. 40something

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    Not sure is this has already been mentioned in the extensive bridge discussions recently but 1.6 million quid was spent on the bridges in 2010, including replacing the main bearing at Somerleyton. Unfortunately just 8 years later the bearing is 'rocking' https://www.networkrailmediacentre.co.uk/news/historic-broads-swing-bridges-to-undergo-repairs
  15. 40something

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    The swimmers did pay for the privilege of taking part, £70 each to a Ltd company

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