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  1. SteveDuk

    Barnes Deal

    I think if you book any holiday in advance there is always a danger that someone on the same holiday will have booked last week and paid half of the amount you did.
  2. As in it looks like a cross-channel Ferry?
  3. SteveDuk

    Help Lend A Hand With Indy

    I'd have loved to come again Robin but I was working until 5 this morning. Safe trip :)
  4. SteveDuk

    Fancy A Bash Up The River?

    "After Wroxham, Breydon Water and Ludham were the joint second most common areas for collisions" Now Ludham I can see but Breydon? Are people crossing Breydon wearing blindfolds?
  5. SteveDuk

    Help Lend A Hand With Indy

    I had an uncle that could direct you to anywhere in London via pub names Turn left at the Green Dragon then 2nd right after the Coach & Horses................
  6. SteveDuk

    Help Lend A Hand With Indy

    I can make it up Thursday if you need a hand Robin. Let me know
  7. SteveDuk

    Marina Quays

    Definitely a better place to moor than the Yacht Station.
  8. SteveDuk

    Marina Quays

    http://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/news/new-homes-and-moorings-planned-for-norfolk-broads-1-5673404 I used to like mooring here and having a night at the Dogs :)
  9. SteveDuk

    Norfolk & Suffolk Waterways User Views Sought

    I got excited about that, until I read that the 'App' would be available offline. Not sure how that would work.
  10. SteveDuk

    Casting Software

    Try VLC https://www.wondershare.com/vlc/stream-vlc-to-tv.html The beauty of VLC is it will play virtually any video format and even transcode on the fly to a format your TV will play.
  11. SteveDuk

    The Aliens Are Coming !!

    We come in peace (shoot to kill)
  12. SteveDuk

    Sommerleyton And Reedham Bridges

    I'm glad I don't live near one of the bridges, can you imagine having boats hooting at the bridge at all hours.
  13. SteveDuk

    Sommerleyton And Reedham Bridges

    That makes sense I suppose. Get too many complaint calls, cut off the phones instead of dealing with the cause of the calls.
  14. I've just read on the other forum that the phone numbers for the bridges has been changed and are not available to the public. Anyone have any info on this?
  15. SteveDuk

    Sos Lost Dog

    Dylan or Timbo?

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