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  1. Maybe we need to look at what motivates them to do this in the first place but try as I might I can't think what it is. :( Failing that get medieval on their asses.
  2. We've looked at quite a few boats now (see https://forum.norfolkbroadsnetwork.com/topic/16610-semi-liveaboard) and one question I have is about changing the boats name. Well more than one actually How? By this I mean the procedure, not physically marking the new name on her. When? OK we've paid our money, the boat is ours. We now need to get it from wherever we bought it to our chosen moorings so we need insurance, breakdown cover and to pay the toll. At what point is the name changed? Basically I'm asking for a 'Dummies' guide
  3. I always did. I made a point of it
  4. Hire boater to Ranger: I can't it's raining too hard/ foggy etc. i.e lawful excuse
  5. Is it in their remit though, or would it be Broadsbeat's job?
  6. I've got the Breydon posts plotted in Viewranger. If anyone want them I think I can export them as route.
  7. What you will find is that a lot of riverside properties have got security/floodlights that point at the river totally destroying your night vision.
  8. On the insurance front we'd be ok because the BCE will be at home most of the time anyway. We'd just make him the policyholder Sea capable? I would love it but I'm not sure about Debs. Mind you 3 years ago she didn't like the idea of a holiday on the Broads
  9. Well we're coming to the end of our three week stint aboard Thunder and Moonlight Shadow. We've found a few places we would be happy to moor and more importantly seen a few boats we think would fit our needs. Debs now knows what the different styles mean and we've realised that although size isn't everything too small a boat would definitely cramp our style. When we look at a boat we are definitely both looking at it from different perspectives, Debs is seeing the the layout, potential for change and the general comfort level while I am looking at the 'nuts and bolts', hull, engine, gearbox etc. We looked at one that we both liked, well under budget, but I am still trying to convince myself that although the woodwork inside would look lovely after a bit of TLC I really don't need twin engines, let alone twin 120s, in a boat on the Broads :) This morning we are going to look at a couple in Wroxham. I just need to remember that we are looking for later in the year and we mustn't fall in love with one now! Just need to find a job up here now :)
  10. All the aid money could be used to clear up stuff like this Not so sure about pharma though. My tablets come in sealed envelopes on a roll, one for morning, evening etc. These envelopes look like plastic but are cellulose and biodegradable.
  11. I think, although a bit Draconian, it's the only way we will get them to stop producing it. Last week I found a black bag floating in the river just above Wroxham bridge. Of course it split as we tried to lift it out of the water and made a right mess. We managed to get most of it before it floated away but it was mostly plastic from which the manufacturer was easily identified. It's easy to say that there should be more bins but boaters need to be more responsible as well and not perch full rubbish bags on the rear decks, think about packaging when you buy stuff, unpack shopping and get rid of the packaging before you.leave the yard etc. We know this isn't going to happen because people are inherently lazy so we need to hit them in the pocket. Manufacturers are the only ones to go after. Obviously they will pass the costs on to the consumer and people will have a choice. Buy sensibly packed stuff or pay more for the convenient, packed in plastic, already peeled and chopped stuff but pay well over the odds for it. The price difference has to be big enough to really make people think. Sorry for the rant. I'm not some tree hugging crusty but this really presses one of my buttons. Anyone mention rough sleepers? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  12. I would guess that most farmers markets are selling stuff they can't sell to the supermarkets for one reason or another. As far as single use plastics go, if people generally are too bone idle.to.do.anything then we need legislation. Ban it, then after a reasonable period for old stock to be used up start fining any companies packaging that is found 'in the wild' to pay for the clear up. And make the fines really hurt. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  13. I did think about bringing my drone but then I thought about the number of times I crash on dry land ............... Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  14. First time ever above Wroxham Bridge Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  15. First attempt, at least it worked
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