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  1. That's sort of what I had in mind here https://www.facebook.com/groups/170393677234349/
  2. Just to echo what @scaniaman says I always used Brakes International as well. There are a lot of dodgy, fake brake pads on eBay (especially fake Mintex) but as you are not going to be doing the work yourself I don't suppose that matters. I would keep away from main dealers though. There are a lot of BMW independents about and the cost savings would be enormous. Also front and rear pads wear at completely different rates, I do a lot of miles (about 25k last year) and get through 3 or 4 sets of front pads to every set of rear so changing the fronts because the rears need doing is not so bad but next time the fronts wear out don't be tempted to change the rears 'to keep them even'. It doesn't work like that :)
  3. And water cooling produces a lot less noise compared to air/water cooling. :)
  4. +1 for Dropbox here. Anything I think I might need while I am out and about goes there. Main backups go to a network attached storage box that I built and that has mirrored hard drives. I just have to remember to leave my laptop turned on on a Wednesday night otherwise things are bit slow on Thursday Morning.
  5. Hey Robin, I don't know if you were seriously going to look at the chinese heaters but if you are this Faceache group has some good info in the Files section. https://www.facebook.com/groups/146837062640024
  6. I find it mildly irritating when someone takes over the helm and straight away increases the speed from the, for example, 4.6 mph you've been pottering along at to bang on 5mph because that is the speed limit
  7. Are you anywhere in the week following?
  8. I must admit I take ours every time we go and the only other person I have spoken to is Griff on a couple of occasions.
  9. Admiral Our shares work out costing us just under £400 for each allocated week(plus diesel and pumpouts) and we have (in the last six months) had three extra weeks as well which have only cost us D & P. Yes there is the initial purchase price as well but that is hard to quantify as unless both boats get beamed up by aliens they will always have a value. Steve
  10. My advice would echo Alan's, I would also add go for a boat with more berths than you think you might need. Think about all the issues you may face as you get older, less mobility etc. and also where you want to go. There are a few of us on here in the Thunder and Moonlight Shadow syndicates so any questions just ask away.
  11. I've only lived in a small village once, for about six months. No shops, a handful of houses and a pub which luckily was right next door to me. One Sunday morning I woke up about 11.00 and I'd run out of cigs, knowing the landlord would be about I wandered into the pub about 11.20 in my dressing gown to get some cigs from the machine before they opened (a regular occurrence), I walked in to a bar full of people, the clocks had changed overnight. Doh!
  12. Those two are the gentlest swans I've met when taking food from your hand. They even got used to the dogs peering over the stern at them while they were being fed. And they certainly have us lot well trained. Tap, tap tap "Got any bread?" Steve
  13. Poissibly faulty/unused bilge blowers.
  14. I know a few syndicates have gone the managed to self-managed route but have any ever gone the other way?
  15. Slightly out of sequence but Christmas dinner at the New Inn, Rockland St Mary was absolutely superb. We've always enjoyed the food there but this time they really pulled out all the stops. After dinner it was back to MS for forty-winks and then the pub in the evening for a couple. After an early night we set off for Brundall in the morning. Les was going by car (Debs had to work Christmas eve and had driven to Rockland) and Debs and I were on the boat. Debs was at the helm and tried to get me to take over as we approached the mooring but I wouldn't let her. It was perfect conditions, virtually slack water and no wind and she got us onto the mooring without any problems.Debs car was there but no sign of Les, a quick Whatsapp and problem solved, he was in the Yare having a 'coffee' (yeah right!) so we went to join him. Debs commented that the dogs seemed to know where we were going, well after 10 days up here with me they should have known lol. Then it was back to the boat for lunch (pic above) Today we off to see my Mum and Dad in Holt this afternoon, taking two cars so Debs will leave for home from there as she is working tomorrow, then Les and I are staying until Saturday which will give me a chance to fit the last three LED light fittings and fill up with diesel and pump out Saturday morning. We then have a month until we are up here again for a week on Thunder :)
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