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  1. Unfortunately I have seen them in action.
  2. So hopefully gone are the days where a service engineer turned up with a vacuum cleaner, and banged the sides of a boiler to make it sound good to the customer!
  3. Also you will need to upgrade your hairdryer
  4. Personally and what I've heard, a service of a boiler is a bit of a con. If a boiler is running normally and with the sensors and sophistication associated with boilers nowadays, a heating engineer doesn't have alot to do. A service helps a lot with landlords distancing themselves from this possible killer, but we are all heading in the direction of calling our boiler "Alexa"
  5. I seriously need to ask this question as this has been bugging me. How does one acquire purple towels????? 1) I have worked at the local Indian takeaway. 2) My missus still hasn't worked out why it's not a good idea to mix colours in the washing machine. 3) I still haven't worked out why it's not a good idea to mix colours in the washing machine.
  6. So you are saying that with a thread like "Car Talk" you are more than happy that I can post a question of possibly washing cotton fabrics with woollens and on what temperature and spin RPM, you would be happy with that?
  7. Just a food for thought, the term "Little people" was used on Yes Prime Minister to described the general public.
  8. You're right, I was going to give my input on electric heating in houses, but we need this to go to another forum topic!
  9. Don't tell me, he either kept falling off his bike, got ridiculed for wearing spandex, or he had his bike pinched!
  10. No they are not, but when you are responsible for providing a service, these costs have to be acquired from either moorings or rent.
  11. I see your landing hasn't improved, as you have buckled up the end of your wings AGAIN!
  12. I do like the bloke, but boat or car. the poor man is cursed. I think he should go with a push bike.
  13. Unfortunately the packaging outweighs the people who would send it back if the paint was scratched. Also does anyone else think the Amazon emblem looks like the underside of something else!
  14. If you ever go on youtube and watch magnet fishing and see what low life's dump in our rivers, I think my rear end complies when humans are a part of nature and are equally natural!
  15. Surely that is clearly fraud and misinterpretation of what is on offer.
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