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  1. I'm not wrong SwanR and I'm sure you would complain about certain things on your boat, but can you speak for the hirers before you?
  2. Now I do agree that on a forum like this, if you do get good service with a boatyard it's nice to promote, but I believe in the past that people who have had niggles and want to give a bad review with certain boat yards their comments have been edited or removed. Can you please tell me what the give and takes there are on here?
  3. Surely not someone else who has shares in Marthams!
  4. The boats I have been on the yards have never asked if I had any problems, only HB gave me a sheet to report on anything and the queries I had and at the end of the day, I got nothing back from them. As for your reply concerning replacing good batteries I totally disagree with. Batteries have a certain life span and how many of us have put off replacing a battery because it's been in our car or van for a few years now, still turns that motor but a bit slower and the glow plug light stays on that little bit longer. Then comes winter...…….oh crap, nothing! You Grendel might feel that closer relationship to the boatyards because that is your engineering thing, but other people will not take any notice on checking items concerning a boats operation because THEY ARE ON HOLIDAY, they have paid for a boat and maintenance is not on their agenda. Only on my first 2 visits on the broads were we asked to check the filters, after that the boats we hired were regarded as fully operational and maintenance was not needed.
  5. Sorry Grendel but I have to disagree with you here. I would presume most hirers don't have an engineering background to report on faults and lets face it, when their holiday has finished, I doubt very much they are going to worry about the next hirer. The boatyard knows how long these batteries can last and when it comes towards the end of their lifetime, more checks and tests need to be made. I can appreciate that boatyards do like to get as much out of these batteries as they can because of costs, but sticking them on charge as much as they can and hoping that a customers river cruise will keep them topped up aswell as hoping for the best, really in my view isn't very professional. Also after every hirer when the boat comes back, the filters, engine, boat fittings etc is the responsibility of the boatyard which should be checked and not rely on the customer.
  6. If the beer proves a success, are we going to see a bottle of it slammed into the side of BA with some ribbon and a note of " God bless those that sail on her and get drunk on this bloomin stuff".
  7. Personally exploring the upper reaches past the PH bridge on a "DAY BOAT" seem pretty boring to me. It's either "Will sleep 6 comfortably" or nothing.
  8. I'm sticking up for ST on this one. I think that getting rid of that bridge and either diverting around or putting a bridge that has at least a 9ft air draft with 4ft at least draft below, would bring a beneficial income to the boating industry to the broads. A lot of tourists have done the circuit on the broads and have their type of boat that they like to stick to and might not want to return for quite a while. Opening up parts of the broads that were not accessible before could bring a lot of them back and see bigger profits for PH businesses, as it can seem like PH is a dead end for most.
  9. So we would have to pay twice as much to keep from our boats being shown on NBN. That's bribery! ……….
  10. I have to say the work involved looks very intricate and you are doing a fine job with the small detail. I just hope that after all the hard effort that you have put into her, she doesn't hit an iceberg on her maiden voyage.
  11. KaptinKev


    We are a small island compared to other countries on this planet and have enough problems of our own. We can't look out for everyone else outside of our borders.
  12. It wasn't Matt Hayes by any chance? Although sometimes with a few of these fishing programmes and I may be looking into it a bit much, when I think they may be having problems with getting the hook out, the filming stops!
  13. I remember many years ago when I was in my early teens, I came across these boys in their late teens pike fishing in a park lake. They had caught this approx 4lb pike that had swallowed his hook aswell as the bait, and then they proceeded to cut open the pike solely so they could get their hooks. It's one of those things that you see young in life and never forget and can't believe the mentality in these kids. I just hope this was a one off and fish are caught, treated with respect and returned.
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