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  1. Is it me, but Richardson's seem to top the list on this forum for hit or run's, or basically hits?
  2. Sorry but I have to disagree with you here. I have known friends of mine to buy second hand vehicles and basically buy something that has been thrashed. They look good from the outside but the heart of the vehicle really needs TLC and the cost of it always comes to the 2nd hand buyer. I'm not saying all 2nd hand commercials are bad, but just be careful.
  3. Really in this day and age, you think to achieve this mileage will be a basic oil change and replacement of glow plugs?
  4. Not a very good advert for Herbert Woods!
  5. Is that Robin, being Robin in a Knights outfit but without Batman?
  6. In the years of my job, I have found that a lot of dogs are cleaner than their owners. The boatyards know that a lot of dog owners will pay those extra bucks to have their lovable dogs along with them. Their cleaners have the same job whether it be animal or human! There is no difference.
  7. So what would the work history and cost be to fulfil this?
  8. It's the inbetween that would worry anyone. Cost wise in my personal opinion it would be better to buy a new van. Because of technology involved with vans and especially cars, I have a few customers who change their cars because of this every 3 years!
  9. I hope you realise MM, Windows 96 has been upgraded!
  10. I do sometimes wonder that some fisherman think that if they put bait on a hook they will catch something, if they don't, there is something wrong with the river. Fish are not stupid, wind, temperature and time of the year will effect how a fish feeds amongst other affects on them of our river system. I have learned this from a seasoned fisherman, that some can't simply adapt to the thought that fish have a brain of sorts!!!!!
  11. I'm not wrong SwanR and I'm sure you would complain about certain things on your boat, but can you speak for the hirers before you?
  12. Now I do agree that on a forum like this, if you do get good service with a boatyard it's nice to promote, but I believe in the past that people who have had niggles and want to give a bad review with certain boat yards their comments have been edited or removed. Can you please tell me what the give and takes there are on here?
  13. Surely not someone else who has shares in Marthams!
  14. The boats I have been on the yards have never asked if I had any problems, only HB gave me a sheet to report on anything and the queries I had and at the end of the day, I got nothing back from them. As for your reply concerning replacing good batteries I totally disagree with. Batteries have a certain life span and how many of us have put off replacing a battery because it's been in our car or van for a few years now, still turns that motor but a bit slower and the glow plug light stays on that little bit longer. Then comes winter...…….oh crap, nothing! You Grendel might feel that closer relationship to the boatyards because that is your engineering thing, but other people will not take any notice on checking items concerning a boats operation because THEY ARE ON HOLIDAY, they have paid for a boat and maintenance is not on their agenda. Only on my first 2 visits on the broads were we asked to check the filters, after that the boats we hired were regarded as fully operational and maintenance was not needed.
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