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  1. Is that a sizeable sunken boat further up the river on the right?
  2. Sorry, not too sure how that happened and have removed it. I have a new computer that has touch sensitive on the main pad aswell as the left and right key. Can be a pain in the back side sometimes.
  3. Personally, I prefer to be a stinky.
  4. For me aftersales service goes along way. as It seems that when these boating firms have got your money and your holiday is over, your comments or problems with your boat mean nothing to them. A simple email to say they have noted your problems with your boat, they have been addressed and hopefully they would be true to their word and have correct any issues. Hopefully!!!!
  5. Sometimes the way our weather goes, we could have deck chairs out on Christmas Day.
  6. I was being serious as our weather can be hit or miss really anytime of the year. You can get some lovely weather this time of year and believe me, when you wake up on a bright sunny morning, you do wish you were waking up on a boat on the broads. But then this morning we had 0 degrees centigrade on the outside thermo and the heavens did open up today. That is not for me broads or biking weather.
  7. In female terms it's called mutton dressed as lamb, I'm sure you have seen them and it's not a pretty sight !
  8. When I hired from HW and when it came to advice about the boat, I did wonder if the chaps that were assigned to give me advice about the boat, were actually brought out of retirement. He didn't seem to know the air draft of my boat and when I commented back on issues with my boat, I got nothing! Unless you have praise for them, you are nothing. Barnes on the other hand were good, even when the cleaner came out with a weird look on her face because my niece had blocked the toilet up 2 days before hand!
  9. Lets face it, boating this time of year is no fun. The weather can be hit or miss, no fishing allowed and most of the time I doubt a 13.5 tog duvet would be enough for the nights we have on the broads. A boat on the broads is just the same as a motor bike on the roads, a warm sunny day just makes it ten folds oh so much better.
  10. Also that duck has a higher IQ than it's shoe size!
  11. Robin's reply will be, come car or boat, I always seem to be on the receiving end of an invoice!
  12. Unfortunately you are strangely missing the point. Never mind, potato, potarto!
  13. You have a lot to learn about human nature my young Padawan!
  14. Definitely not, the air draft is too high and if I owned a boat, I would not post pictures. Having been on here for a while you get to know the ones that really love the broads and can only afford to hire a boat. But then you get the ones that just come here to brag to being able to own a boat! They are few and far between, but they are here.
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