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  1. It's nice to know, as I thought NBD was a no go area for other boat yards. Or did you have like I did, someone bang on your roof 8am in the morning saying that you had to move on. Good times :(
  2. So why not make a fresh start and do so!
  3. You didn't mention if you were a private boat owner or what boat hire company you were with!
  4. So do you know if NBD will let other hire boats moor at their boat yard for free?
  5. That's what I like about the moderators on here, so diplomatic!
  6. Now getting back on track because as usual, JF has been hitting the bars rather of late! I noticed on the HW webcam a few weeks ago that one of the NBD boats were moored there, and in the past I believe it has been mentioned the same boat yard will not let any other hire craft moor at their yard. If I have got this right, NBD needs to give a little here, if not, they may be taking the P I double S
  7. Better late than never!!!!!!!!!
  8. Also what I have learnt from these forums is that Rangers tend to treat general knowledge as rocket science. There day seems to be going up and down the broads, trundling along in their boat, taking down boat info, watching speed of boats and if anyone is abusing 24hr moorings or fishing out of season, they will not be man enough for confrontation. Please correct me if I am wrong!
  9. What I have learnt on here that the BA are like your local council, they are wannabe MP's, but haven't got the gift of gab!
  10. At the end of the day the broads are a wonderful place to be, and basically any pile of crap that seems to resemble a boat, should be removed and scrapped. On my first day ever on the boards I ventured up to Norwich and coming across a few sunken boats and that lovely piece of graffiti on the bridge, it definitely put me off from visiting that part of the broads again.
  11. I'm a fishing man myself and when I'm on the broads, I will slow down when I come across anglers and if possible, will cruise to the far side as possible.
  12. I haven't watched the video, but even if it's low voltage, the installation of the sonoff switch looks worrying!
  13. Let's just hope they don't reverse up to you, once you have fallen in if the boat is in motion, as your legs could be too close for comfort to the prop. The ladder would of been better situated to one side, which I think in a lot of boats they do.
  14. Sometimes the community can be to blame for pubs struggling, looking tired in need of a coat of paint, or simply shutting down. I know of a couple in the sticks in Suffolk that closed down and when someone wanted to turn it into a dwelling, the community were up in arms. Trouble is some of these same people never visited the pub to support it.
  15. If it's not buffering, which it seems to be at this time for me anyway.
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