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    Boating of course, DIY, Ales, fishing and classic tv like Law and Order, Lewis, Morse, Miss Marple and a true classic, Yes/Yes Prime Minister. I think you get the picture.

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  1. KaptinKev

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    I doubt that BDSM has anything to do with BA underway!
  2. KaptinKev

    Zoe Sets Out.

    So that's the reason they sail zig zag and bluntly has nothing to due with the wind. You have answered a question us hire diesel stinkers have been asking for years!
  3. KaptinKev

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Well what some people have mentioned on the forums about Griff's jokes, I can assume Ricardo lost the will to live after 5 minutes. I bet though that Ricardo is raising a glass to his adversary with friends and mentioning that he was a boat builder, which I believe not a lot of people on these forums knew that!
  4. KaptinKev

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Was it a case of "You should of seen the other guy"
  5. What really annoys me about my garden and this hot weather, is how do my main plants look wilted and doomed, but the friggin weeds always seem to thrive!
  6. KaptinKev

    Glorious Norfolk Morning

    You do realise Grendel with a post like this, pictures are a must!
  7. KaptinKev

    Night Navigation.

    It seems basic thinking doesn't become most of us and what to some is normal, it becomes rocket science to others.
  8. KaptinKev

    England V Panama

    Well I have to say that I doubt I ever agree with a female on football side of things, but I think that Gracie has changed from red wine to ale, so she has my vote.
  9. I must admit that Distant Horizon looks very appealing, but if you are going to own a boat, you must get your monies worth out of it!
  10. KaptinKev

    Moorings During The Busy Months

    Who is going to enforce it?
  11. KaptinKev

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    I applaud your post Mr VC, as there does seem to be a few on here with too much time on their hands that want to pick fault with anything that they can moan about from their armchair, but please don't get me started on the few that want to disrupt the NBN!
  12. KaptinKev

    Moorings During The Busy Months

    The Rangers and Police I have seen on the Broads I doubt want any confrontation as they are not built for it, and are there for visual purposes only!
  13. KaptinKev

    Moorings During The Busy Months

    If this is true, I do hope the rangers or the boys in blue of the broads are on the case of this one. Although on one of my trips of the broads I came across a large man trying to moor one of these boats with a blue light on top and believe me, he didn't seem to know what he was doing. I'm sure he was just a one off.
  14. KaptinKev

    Moorings During The Busy Months

    Let's just hope the Germans don't find out about the Broads, otherwise we will start to find towels on the mooring posts!

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