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  1. Many people commenting they’re looking forward to next year’s event.
  2. 30 - 5 = 25 (what goes in the till) 30 - 3 = 27 (what was paid) 27 - 25 = 2 (what the waiter has)
  3. JohnK

    Bye Bye

    Thanks Cliff. I’ll be in touch. To answer some of the other comments ... If it was just some members who didn’t like what I say I wouldn’t really care. I don’t even mind that someone complained. I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong either but clearly the admins do to support the complaint and give me a warning. I’m not going to change the way I debate things I care about. Or my sense of humour (if you can call it that). So I think it’s best I just move on. BTW, I think Bill’s post was funny, I know him well enough to be certain it was meant in jest. He might not be the miserable old git
  4. JohnK

    Bye Bye

    What did you say? If I’d seen it at it was meant as a joke I’m sure I’d have seen it that way.
  5. JohnK

    Bye Bye

    Thanks folks. Apparently someone complained to the admins about me and the admins agreed. I suspect Bill. I won’t be posting here (bugger, I just did). I will be posting elsewhere JF, absolutely the offer is still open.
  6. JohnK

    Bye Bye

    Hi folks, It’s been fun. Apparently my posts aren’t acceptable so I’ll be off. Hopefully see some of you on other forums or better still on the rivers. I’m not deleting my account or anything so I should get emails via PMs if anyone wants to keep in touch. I’m not making a fuss, just didn’t want to leave without saying anything. All the best, John
  7. I always wondered why the things I tied up to spin round in the wind [emoji6]
  8. But I’ve got the wrong place haven’t I? Mooring is at the top. If I’m right THIS TIME then OS map shows no right of way.
  9. If this is the right place Current OS map seems to show a permissive path along the riverside and a bridle way to the road.
  10. I provided no link at all and my post got removed so you’re winning whatever way you spin it [emoji6]
  11. I wish I was in the gang that’s allowed to mention other forums [emoji57]
  12. I may think it but I don’t believe I’ve ever said anyone here is BA bashing. I always try to put up a reasoned argument for my point of view. I guess I’ve wasted my effort.
  13. Unless I misunderstood your first post you seem to be saying that people who criticise the BA do so constructively then people on “the other side” deride them. Grendel appears to say something similar. Have I misunderstood or is that what you think happens?
  14. I’m pro BA in that I like most of what they do. So I assume I’m one of the people who “can only answer with derision” Could you give me an example of where I’ve derided people who have put up a constructive argument against something the BA has proposed? I ask because I’d like the opportunity to apologise to the person or people I’ve derided.
  15. I’m not saying you’re wrong and I’m right but it’s amazing different people can look at the same forum and the same posts and come to exactly opposite conclusions on what has happened and what would happen in some circumstances. I think JP would get crucified, suffer personal abuse and the mods wouldn’t stop it. I do agree some of the criticism would be constructive but most wouldn’t. I don’t think Mel was made welcome and I think she was driven out. As I say, I’m not saying I’m right, just making the point of how we see things differently. Out of interest was your mod hat on or off when
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