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  1. Mercedes were good until just before the marriage with Chrysler. That and the MK1 A Class were pretty obvious signs that all was not well in Stuttgart.. They started with cutting the costs on the steel bodies, and it went downhill from there. People didn't notice that to begin with of course, but over time realised that the newer models were not lasting as well as the brilliant stuff built in the 80's and early 90's. The MK1 A Class is probably the worst car they've ever made. We all remember that a journalist nearly flipped one, and so they had to go back to the drawing board and add lots of electronics to sort the stability. When you remember that the A class was already dramatically lowering the cost of entry to their range, this was a problem. The only way to avoid a loss on a car full of expensive electronics - And to recoup the costs of development and a delayed launch - was to cut corners. Honest John's guidance on the MK1 was hilarious - Simply "Because of the volume of problems, we recommend you do not buy one". Pretty much sums up the experience of everyone I know who had one.
  2. I think all manufacturers have struggled over the last 20 years because of the increased costs of producing vehicles which comply with safety and emissions legislation. The german brands were stuggling to turn a profit in the early noughties and realised that they could cut costs under the bonnet because people would buy the cars anyway. Stick some fancy trim in the interior, give it some 'high quality plastics' to please the motoring journalists, a fancy stereo (but call it an infotainment system) perhaps with some apps and don't forget lots of talk of 'lifestyle' in the brochure. Stretch out the service intervals to something silly like 25,000 miles in order to please fleet managers and away you go. Should last 3 years / 60k miles on business lease and after that no-one really cares. The warranty companies and dealerships can deal with the fallout. The Golf V is one of the worst cars VW have ever made, but they sold masses of them. It got replaced before its time with a new model because Volkswagen wanted to share their hard work with us Okay, no actually they wanted to replace it with a model that they could produce without making a loss....
  3. Oh I wouldn't disagree, just that the M47 was a bit of a monkey in BMW vehicles whereas the detuned version in the 75 did it some favours. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  4. Indeed. With the exception of the 75, they were not good. That model is something of an oddity and borrows heavily from the BMW design studio as well as their parts bin; I mean why else does it have a transmission tunnel when it's front wheel drive. They also did it a massive favour by giving it the 2.0 BMW M47 diesel then deliberately detuning it so that it didn't compete with the 3 series - Less power but more reliability, as you'd expect.
  5. No I don't think there was much Honda on a K series! But if you got one of the models that had a Honda engine (complete with VTEC) they were sound. Actually I think with a proper rebuild and upgraded gaskets / cooling system then the K series can be sound as well.
  6. There were quite a lot of Honda bits on the nineties Rovers, so they weren't too bad unless they had the dreaded K series in them... My brother in law had one of those 400's and had it years without too much trouble. The Montego Turbo I have a feeling was not an EFI engine, bizzarely, perhaps due to complexity / budget? I wonder if it was therefore a bit more reliable as mid 80's electronics were not the best. I do seem to remember they were not hard to blow up if thrashed, but then any high-performance engine is like that.
  7. I think the building is fairly close to Grebe Island in Horning, and yes it looks very wonky.
  8. That's an interesting comment. Do you drive an SUV / MPV-type vehicle where you sit quite high?
  9. I guess with a mud berth they just set the lines to the 'low tide' length and then leave them?
  10. Yeah it was, and the car was used for towing a Caravan for a couple of years. I remember just how slow it was up Hawkshead Hill (before the engine rebuild and in reality probably after though we didn't try it again) with the 'van on the back. To be fair, anything other than second gear is overrated anyway, right? It was changed a couple of years later for the gold Cavalier CD, though. Now that was a car!
  11. I've split the rest off this thread off into Car Talk.... Was my fault it went off track!
  12. We had one. I think it was 7 years old when bought and while it wasn't a low-miler it wasn't crazy either. It needed a head-off rebuild of the engine, with one of the inlet valves being bent and having to be replaced. Of course these were pushrod engines (yes really) like on boats, so it was relatively easy. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  13. Indeed. Spot the tiny boat.... And that's a 34ft Aquafibre Sedan.
  14. I think there were some people a few years back who took some narrowboats on the Caledonian Canal. All sounds good until you realise that includes Loch Ness, which is 24 miles long and a mile and a half wide in places and can either be as calm as crossing Barton Broad or like being at sea depending on the weather. When the wind gets up it's not pleasant in an offshore boat so I wouldn't like to try it an a flat-bottomed narrowboat!
  15. Yeah that's been there a few days. It was a LONG way into the roundabout.
  16. I saw this channel pop up on YouTube the other day. Nicely produced and their boat (which is a month old) looks great! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  17. Don't forget the Austin Ambassador! We really did build some crap in this country. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  18. Also sadly the steering wheel is not square.....
  19. Yeah I think Ibiza would make a very nice private boat. She's got a fairly large toilet / shower room aft I seem to recall, which is always a plus on a Broads boat.
  20. I was puzzled by that. A D reg puts it as being first registered here in 1997ish (obviously not new), and a mid W as circa 2014. It's possible she came and went, then came back and has gone again, of course. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  21. Is Coryton not on a Beam of Light? Aquafibre Diamond 43 as per the other thread...
  22. The latter, unfortunately. We didn't do anything deliberately to remove pictures, but I do remember there being a problem with one of the scripts when we first started to move things to AWS. Although we spoke to the software vendor about their bug and they ran some processes to clean some things up, unfortunately it had still managed to lose a fair few older images.
  23. Okay - Just being very cautious then I think! Anyway, I seem to remember the Wroxham Bridge Pilot telling me last year that we (Thunder) were the tallest of the ex-Broom Diamond 43's because of our light mast.
  24. That's odd then. Surely even Woods aren't stupid enough to have put a fixed helm chair on the Beams? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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