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  1. I'm booked for the week before with a group of mates so that's not going to happen! I'll keep the booking but will be a different crew.
  2. It doesn't strike me as the Turf Fen windpump (the drainage mill near to How Hill) particularly, even assuming the view is from the Turf Fen side of the river looking towards How Hill.
  3. Yeah, I hired the 36ft version in Ireland about 10 years ago and have been aboard the 42ft version on the Thames too. They're a very spacious boat and remain one of the favourite boats I've hired. I particularly remember what a good size the heads were on the 36ft boat.
  4. Yeah, looks like a Bermuda hull - Which then basically went on to be almost everything Alphacraft did.
  5. And that sums it up, sadly.... The old models developed before the Renault marriage are pretty good. But then along came the Renault-Nissan alliance and the accountants set to work on cost-cutting to reduce the losses Nissan were making. Unfortunately, cost cutting only ever means a reduction in quality as cost accountants look at what they can immediately make cheaper rather than how to do what they're doing better in order to drive sales. It's the same thing that happened at Mercedes in the late 90's and at VW in the mid-noughties. Neither of those groups have really got their repu
  6. Sometimes, wind turbine blades are just collected up and buried in the ground somewhere! Yes I think there may be some salvage value, but probably not an enormous amount. The engines would be okay after a good clean out, but electrics etc are probably toast so it may not be that economical to repair.
  7. This is the scary one I think, and why I've never been tempted to buy a vintage camper... https://www.youtube.com/watch?edufilter=NULL&v=Ukq-UUQAcZs It's actually at 70mph and has a significant load in the back. But the lack of crumple zone is evident.
  8. Does anyone have any more information on which boats were recovered, or any photos of them?
  9. That's the great thing about MFT, everything is generally very small and light. That and the fact that there's a huge range of secondhand lenses available for really reasonable prices. Also, the reach of the zoom lenses with that 2x crop factor is great for wildlife. And even the high-end lenses are a fraction of the cost of full-frame equivalents. I bought my first Olympus MFT body in around 2011, having previously had a Nikon D80. At the time, phone cameras were rubbish and I wanted something more portable than the Nikon for general use so an E-PL1 fit the bill nicely. Since t
  10. Very much so. But LeBoat can't afford that level of workmanship.
  11. If that's an option (and it isn't always with commercial insurance), I'm sure they will.
  12. Indeed. Norfolk yards can't even build them at cost for the price LeBoat want to pay, and some have told them where to go. Delphia in Poland have been building the Horizons (there were a few the right way up earlier in that video) with the interiors that look like something you'd get from IKEA. They're clearly not built to last, but will have been cheap.
  13. I'm guessing that's why you got the E-M10 then Andy? I've had once since the 90's and though I haven't used it in a long time, it's a great camera. I used to shoot M4/3 and always quite fancied one of the OM-D's.
  14. Difficult to know what the current situation is without being there, but it did look like a few may have ran aground, mainly P&H boats. There were clearly a lot that sank, although I think the Horizons seemed to fare pretty badly. I'm guessing there's not much of a keel on them?
  15. Nice bit of Colin Facey action there....
  16. Well.... LeBoat have had too many boats for a long time (although really they could have done with all those Visions writing off) and the cash from an insurance claim would be quite welcome right now, I expect. How many of those boats they actually own, I have no idea. Next year's premium will be a bit of a shocker, though. If you have a big loss, commercial underwriters will point to the business' poor risk mangement and penalise for years. It's not like personal lines where you can go and ask the Meerkats to sort you out a better price.
  17. That'd be this one, at around 20 seconds in... https://www.facebook.com/mairie.villeneuvesurlot/videos/534048967529114/
  18. Ouch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?edufilter=NULL&v=f1sua2OL__Y
  19. Looking at the various videos it does seem that there were quite a lot of boats being dragged along underwater. That last video at around 2:55 shows what I think must be an upturned Horizon following the Caprice over the weir at the hydroelectric plant. And I guess the Magnifique at the end could be the one Vaughan was referring to? Just having a quick look on a French canal journey planner, I see Villeneuve Sur Lot is at least 43km from Douelle!
  20. Just been sent another drone video, this one is quite good. https://fb.watch/3qiFRyniQx/ Such a shame.
  21. And finally a very shaky one. Never seen anything like it.
  22. https://youtu.be/NI6jmEf3PRQ The P&H boat doesn’t look happy but towards the end I guess that’s the remains of a Horizon.
  23. One of those videos shows a mangled and sunken Horizon going over the weir.... Also sadly a few proper boats from Norfolk underwater and / or damaged. There’s some serious damage there.
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