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  1. L8DAVE

    Fishing Rights Question

    Mark , what I meant was " Rules still apply " with still and enclosed waters having their own ,......
  2. L8DAVE

    An Early 1950's Broadland Christmas.

    Cracking read
  3. L8DAVE


    Any funny boating pics doing the rounds that will put a Christmas smile on our faces ?
  4. L8DAVE

    Hire Boat Update.

  5. L8DAVE

    Fishing Rights Question

    Mark , close season rules apply wherever you intend to fish from
  6. L8DAVE

    Still In Shorts

    I live and die in shorts all year round ..... Mind you , in the winter it's indoors only LOL
  7. L8DAVE

    Onboard This Weekend?

    Somehow I don't think "Thermal Underwear " will help in getting your glider off the ground
  8. L8DAVE

    Ex Alpha Boats To Enter Bb Fleet?

    So what happened ? Or is it a secret , and if you told me you would have to kill me
  9. L8DAVE

    Televisions For Boats

    OMG ..... I so want one of these
  10. L8DAVE

    Anyone Afloat Today

    And me matey , and me ......
  11. L8DAVE

    What Would You Come Back As?

    I'm with you Jenny on that one
  12. L8DAVE


    Ahhhh Cheers John
  13. L8DAVE

    Granddad Timbo

    Thanks Gracie ...... It's this time of year I hate , cost's a small bloody fortune on Christmas prezzies ..... Money that could be invested in new windows for " My-Newt "
  14. L8DAVE

    House Of Horror

    Could do with one of these for " My-Newt " ...... Our moorings are close to Cantley sugar factory and we get inundated with wasps and hornets
  15. L8DAVE


    Just noticed that my upgrade to " Full Member " has been approved ...... Thanks guy's and gal's

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