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  1. Thank you so much Dave, Family and everyone attending - an incredible experience and such warm, interesting people - we loved it. On route to Breydon - thankfully just moored up at Burgh Castle - had a perished pipe, chucking out hot water to contend with, but with the help of fellow Beccles to Breydon crossers all was well. Straight back to work this morning - the rat race begins for another while...
  2. nice and warm aboard now - (albeit main cabin is v warm the forward cabin = not so much / not really / blummin freezin...) Eric at Cox's fitted the heating, so all safe and up to regs We've made the move back to London - work getting manic and commuting in a pain in the butt - added a bit more onto the journey to Stalham, but won't be stopping us. Living by the canal and walking the dogs by the boats every night (the smell of their coal burners) is a real treat. now then... when to get the transom sorted, boat name lettering (any traditional sign writers?)..
  3. As Big ole softies we have decided that we need heating: the old system which has been disconnected and no longer working is for the propex of bygone era. We’ve stuck with propex gas hot air system: as the foundations are all in place and also most of the copper piping: have gone for the 2.8kw version. Does anyone know of a handy person that we could employ to help (basically do the install for us). At a guess a days work.
  4. We arrived back in on Zephyr when Mike had just alerted you, the water was definitely well above the floor planks, several inches :( I was really surprised by the amount of water - we stayed until the pumps went off and went in to check she was then clear of water at floor plank level, she was, the pump was on a good 50 mins / hour. There must have been a huge volume of water coming in from somewhere - we recently had to have Zephyr taken out of the water as she was on auto bilge about every 13 minutes, thankfully Eric and co at Cox's have now sorted her out as there was very significant leaks after planking was replaced and a hole... I am so gutted for you guys as she is truly stunning!!! We couldn't see any signs of disturbance, forced entry etc.
  5. He’s having a look at it this week: we just want a superficial fix for now and then have an overhaul later :)
  6. As suggested by a few I thought I would start a specific thread for those of us with a wooden Broom - Ours is Zephyr: a Captain, kept in the Stalham Westshed. We still have work needing to be done on her but the issue is that every time we go to the boat we then decide life is too short and take her out to enjoy the freedom. Over the coming months (maybe years) we want to do the internal varnishing, replace al the curtains, get cushions for the outdoor seating and maybe put heating in for the one that was crudely taken out (also maybe an electric loo etc etc)
  7. Just do and tired, scratch and bit bare in places: ideally looking for a touch up before the full shebang :) we may try and tackle a few bits between us..
  8. Morning All Have been having some great weekends aboard, SO lucky with the weather. Each weekend we think let's do some work to the boat, but then think better of it and potter along the river. Has anyone had any experience of a local company or person to do some light sanding and varnishing of internal woodwork. Zephyr is based in Richardsons Stalham WetShed, so someone local to there would be ideal Best Gavin.
  9. No No wasn’t saying you were lol: I got a temp one so we are all good for the weekend and will call BA on tuesday, thanks so much for the advice
  10. I will get a temp one today and call again on tuesday: def not trying to dodge anything here
  11. if you can buy a temp one I will do now: BA haven't suggested that though, will look and sort - thank you: we thought names etc had been changed but not on the "system" apparently. thanks for the advice
  12. WOW - BA must have lots of time on their hands to walk round the Stalham Wetshed Since we bought Zephyr literally changing the name and details of ownership has been tricky - last week I called BA to say "look I need to pay for the Toll - can I just do it over the phone etc" no it was not possible as we are still not registered as the owners... but they were super helpful etc. I arrive at the Private Wetshed at our mooring - which is inside, under cover: to find slapped on the boat a Contravention notice: It makes no sense, been trying to pay (can't understand why they won't take my money" and why are BA going inside a private mooring to do this?
  13. Hi All, totally gutted but we are going to have to pull out unfortunately, really gutted but a crappy neck injury means I would be zero fun at the moment :( Ineas hoping it would be pain free in time for a weekend of fun on the water, but alas no. Have a great time and enjoy the weather: poor Zephyr shall be in the wet shed this weekend. Apologies
  14. Simply Brilliant A great, somewhat wet, of course, Easter afloat. After fitting Zephyr with a windscreen wiper motor and blade (the end result was less than perfection: pretty rubbish water clearing results really) we moored this evening at Thurne and visited the newly re-opened Lion. I have to say the results are fantastic, absolutely brilliant: great decor, furnishings, phenomenal service and excellent food. Genuinely cannot recommend highly enough: our regular favourite is the White Horse at Neatishead: to find out tonight, it’s the same team: massive congratulations. Showers and amusements being brought back to life over the next few months: Great work.
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