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  1. I agree Grendel in every respect except that if the matter is just let go then he has got away with it! I too don't have any party affiliation, I don't trust a single one of them whatever they call themselves. I just think that our PM is letting the country down by protecting this person from the consequences of his actions. I do accept that this isn't the ideal place to discuss this, but I do genuinely worry when I see an acceptance of this even when it is reluctant. However I have said my piece and been allowed to for which I thank you and the forum. I shall now return to everyone's mutual love of the Broads which is much safer ground!
  2. Parliament is on yet another holiday/break thing other than that I agree with you 100% Vaughan. This is still very much Today's News and those trying to draw a line under it are the one's being "party political" This has nothing to do with 'Party' and everything to do with ' Government' Perhaps it is not an ideal subject for a Norfolk Broads forum but it is in the general area and no one is forced to read it. To speak truth unto power is everyone's responsibility wherever they are.
  3. Probably drove 260 miles to get there with a 4 year old in the car while showing covid symptoms too! Pot/kettle!
  4. They actually keep a record of your movements? That's interesting.
  5. Imagine putting a rhond anchor in the locker especially reserved for your second mudweight....
  6. Fair point.... I understand that maintenance is still being carried out on the Broads. Have any of our members with long experience of the Broads seen such a long quiet spell before in regards to boating. Will there be unexpected effects that will surprise us when we return?
  7. Mass hysteria now! No blame game here, just an acknowledgement that an enquiry will be required in the end because there is a possibility that some serious mistakes were actual choices that cost lives. No one should ever be unaccountable, this refers to everyone involved! One day we will need to know the difference between the understandable human mistakes and the plain negligent That is not unreasonable or hysterical
  8. But would they be ridiculous and amateur if you agreed with them?
  9. I've seen lots of comments and opinions but apart from the obviously meant as a joke comment about 5g they have all seemed reasonable based on personal understanding and experience, including the ones I happen to disagree with.
  10. Let's not! A t'hey know best' option is never the way to have have decent governance. We, the people, have a right to scrutinise even if we do so from a position of alleged incompetance
  11. It wasn't, or shouldn't have been a standing start though!
  12. Agree with all that, IF mistakes have been made then who made them is an important part of the enquiry. No scapegoats sought, just facts. Even mistakes are acceptable and understandable but if there has has been negligence and poor judgement against expert advice we need and deserve to know.
  13. Everyone who seeks or takes on responsibility should be ready to demonstrate that they have taken either the right steps, the only steps, the best advice on steps and timely steps. Standing back and saying in effect "if you think you can do better then you try it" doesn't begin to equate to accountability, If everyone has to be an expert in everything before they are able to investigate, enquire or criticise no justice would ever prevail. If you want the job where the buck stops be prepared for the buck!
  14. That's what the enquiry is for, perhaps different fingers need pointing in relation to different failings (if any are found)
  15. It's also comforting to know we have such experts on all our combined knowledge and experiences outside the broads that the whole lot can be labelled uninformed and dismissed
  16. What concerns me is the ample evidence that government (any and every government, no party politics here) had scientific evidence and ample opportunity to be wise "before" the event.
  17. There have been exercises and reports about this kind of situation for years, personally I think that when it's all over there should be an enquiry that includes finger pointing! It won't happen of course, nothing ever sticks where it belongs, there is no accountability.
  18. Thank you Ian. My dad was so pleased to see his brother honoured and treasured the campaign medals I presented to him. Dad sadly has been gone for some years now too.
  19. My uncle Sgt D A J Holloway volunteered for the RAF after being involved in the rescue operation at a local pub that suffered bomb damage. Everyone wanted to be a pilot but he lacked the skills and ended up as a rear gunner on a Lancaster bomber with 101 Sqd based at Holme on Spalding Moor. On the night of the 16th November 1941 on a shakedown flight over Wales a photoflash flare exploded onboard. The Lancaster came down on a remote hill near Dolwen. All hands were lost, he was 17. About 15 years ago I undertook to research his last flight and about 18 months later, I had his service records and campaign medals, had found and contacted family for all 7 crew members and had copies of the official report plus an aerial photo taken by the Squadron CO who flew out to the site the next morning. It was 101 Sqd first Lancaster loss I visited the site with a memorial I carved on local slate and formed a cairn, which is still there. Well you did ask! ☺
  20. I predict (hope I'm wrong) that Heathrow operator will say that as at least 2 major airlines are withdrawing from Gatwick that Heathrow will need greater capacity... it's how they operate.
  21. Hopefully that means they will still come despite the increase in airfare. On the wider situation regarding holiday travel it will be no bad thing for the planet if there are considerably less flights and sea cruises. Certainly businesses must now be acknowledging that flying the Atlantic for a meeting is a simple waste of time and money, also that working from home is practical.... you don't have to breathe down an employees neck all day to get the job done. If there is the will the world could be a better place, personally I'm not holding my breath on that one.
  22. Ray

    My Day

    Here we are well into several weeks of lockdown and today my mum gets the NHS letter telling her she is at serious risk and should be following the 'shielding' procedure.
  23. Ray

    My Day

    Nice job, it looks great 👍
  24. Corking idea! Have joined in and should have a fine cork on the day!
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