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  1. 17 minutes ago, Chelsea14Ian said:

    According to BBC London news London has been made a National Park City.Never mind all the poor air,over crowding, etc .What this means I have no idea.There are pockets of green spaces in fact the top of my road is Frank's park,which is very nice.Does this overall make London a NP?In the report very little was reported,not giving any real detail.

    "A National Park City is inspired by the family of National Parks but is not the same as a National Park. The working definition is a “A large urban area that is managed and semi-protected through both formal and informal means to enhance the natural capital of its living landscape." www.nationalparkcity.london

    I thank a fair translation might be "An expensive load of b#@£&_£#s that will make a few people feel important"

    See also: Garden Bridge, HS2, Northern Powerhouse et al

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  2. Inspired by MM's thread but not wanting to hijack it, there was a suggestion for a submarine to deal with that bridge. Later there was talk of extra ballast.

    Is it a pure flight of fancy to think these two idea could be combined, surely it would not be technically difficult to have floodable tanks incorporated with decent pumps dedicated to them.

    Approach bridge, flood tanks, pass under bridge, empty tanks. No extra draught for shallow areas after the crossing.

    No doubt a bit of clever engineering will be needed in the design, location and capacity of the tanks to ensure an even keel, but that's not difficult for those with the knowledge and skill.

    Could even be added to pre-existing boats with a bit of care.

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  3. 1 hour ago, expilot said:

    Hi Ray

    If you have measured the actual air draft on your DC30, the information will help neither you, nor the pilots at Potter bridge.  For reasons I stated earlier, DC30s probably have a greater range of required air drafts for Potter Bridge than any other class of cruiser.   Even with the remote controlled spotlight, provided it is mounted centrally on the roof, it won't be the spotlight that gets damaged.  It will be either, or both, corners of your DC30s forward roof apron.

    The first question you will . be asked by the current pilots will be, was your boat ever in the hire fleet?  If it was, they will have a record of the air draft required for Potter Bridge - to the nearest half inch!

    During my ten years' piloting at that bridge, I recorded every hire boat's required height and every private boat air draft that I had personally helmed through that bridge.  I would expect that record still to exist because I left it in the office.


    Thank you, your knowledge built up on years of experience is invaluable! In my boat's case although I believe it was once in the hire fleet the topsides were substantially rebuilt and upgraded some years ago... Swancraft in 1971 according to Boats of the Broads, whether the changes to her since then have made much difference to "that" bridge I'd love to know!

  4. I recently measured the air draught on our DC30, I spent some time trying to be accurate and double checking figures.

    The previous owner installed a rather nice remote controlled spotlight which has added a few inches. I made her 6' 8.5" at the highest point.

    I decided that means I would only attempt Wroxham at 7' and Potter at 7'3” although in all honesty I probably wouldn't attempt Potter at all as there are expert pilots there at what I think is a very reasonable charge.

  5. 14 minutes ago, Paul said:

    I do have a small modicum of sympathy for people of limited mobility who are considered not worthy of a blue badge

    That's exactly what I meant, I don't think much separates our views...  I just have this thing about trying to see things from other people's point of view. A bit off subject but I hate it on Facebook when everyone starts calling someone who has made a mistake an idiot without knowing the facts and more amusingly when the so called idiot is right and all the name callers are wrong :12_slight_smile:

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  6. This discussion is becoming a bit like one of those Moral Maze questions, when is doing the wrong thing technically OK morally!

    In life there are shades of grey of course, in general I've come to a personal conclusion that the point of view put by Speed Triple in those circumstances convinces me that his parking in a Child and Parent bay is understandable and acceptable.

    On the other hand ahem Robin, as a fellow car owner I sympathise with everything you said but can't agree that we should use a Child and Parent bay even if several are free. We don't know when someone or several people who need it will arrive. It's there for a reason, whether or not we agree with that reason and not for us to protect our property from others. Like boating, driving means accepting there will be bumps and knocks, it's a pita but there it is.

    However this is not a personal crusade and I wouldn't let it stop me sharing a pint and a chat with you anytime :default_beerchug:

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