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  1. There is no way you should think of yourself as selfish or self pitying Griff, you have made the kindest decision for your friend despite the pain it causes you, it is the hardest thing and an immensely humane act.. Well done,

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  2. I asked John Packman whether next year's Toll (21/22) will be decreased as the new mooring pontoons are a "one of" expense.

    I include part of his reply here, basically each year's Toll sets the baseline for next years, so "one of' expenses are actually included the next year and the next and the next!

    I'm not a critic of BA by any means but unless I'm missing something if any business did this it would be called a scam or a stealth tax or something.

    He invites questions at the end of each newsletter and as such I feel reproducing this part of his reply is OK, if mods prefer I remove it then I will of course

    "Here is a link to the report which went to the Broads Authority last Friday.


    Paragraphs 1.1 – 1.4 show the methodology we have used for a number of years.

    The zero-based budgeting process identifying essential expenditure resets the expenditure targets each year."

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  3. I wonder if It may be more economical on any given boat to get estimates for an engine rebuild. That way everything is already in place and these engines seem to last forever with good maintenance.

    Bear in mind that my knowledge is equal or less than your own, I needed a torch to find where the dipstick went back!!

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  4. Are there any books about the design of motor cruisers on the Broads, the fitting out and the yards that built and ran them. There must be a wealth of information including everything from the technical to amusing anecdotes.. 

    I have been asked what would I like for Christmas!

    Bah, humbug!

  5. Thanks Jay, I always forget that places are connected much quicker by road and paths when I'm out on the boat. If people ask me if it's far to Potter from Sutton I've already told them it's about three and a half hours before I realise they meant by car!

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  6. Welcome to the forum and the boating obsession! Very nice looking craft and Gunner could come home with me anytime! 

    Sounds like you have jumped in at the deep end and doing great. It's the perfect time of year for practicing tricky manoeuvres and you'll find plenty of experienced advice on here for any questions you may have

    Enjoy! :default_beerchug:

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  7. 3 hours ago, Jayfire said:

    a lovely spot and only a short walk to the pub :default_beerchug:

    Irstead... I seem to have lost my bearings, that and having not moored at Irstead for a very long time! Just in case I get in there any time soon, which pub and where please? :default_beerchug:


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