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  1. Ray

    Mooring At Wroxham

    What is Lightning's airdraft Neil? I can never be sure what Dakota will need with the arched bridges. We have 6 foot 8 inches at the highest middle point and about 5 or 6 inches less at the shoulders
  2. Ray

    Mooring At Wroxham

    When I find myself in need of a mooring up there next I'll ring ahead and see what they say.
  3. Ray

    Mooring At Wroxham

    Thanks again, great information, there's nothing as good as a personal recommendation
  4. Ray

    Mooring At Wroxham

    Great stuff, many thanks, do you ring ahead or just turn up and take pot luck?
  5. Ray

    Mooring At Wroxham

    Where is their yard please? Say I was traveling upriver is it easy to locate, I don't remember seeing a sign for them?
  6. Ray

    Mooring At Wroxham

    I'd be interested to know too.
  7. Ray

    Mooring At Wroxham

    I actually forgot about the hotel lol £10 is OK but I'd guess that booking is advisable. Also, being of a shy and retiring nature, mooring there is a bit of a goldfish bowl if you know what I mean 😁
  8. Having been unlucky with bridge heights our last couple of visits is there actually anywhere a privately owned boat can moor downstream of the bridge?
  9. Sounds like a great day! The Ferry Inn at Stokesby is one of my favourite spots, genuinely nice people and great food 👍
  10. Would it be possible to run some cable from her room to the required room(s), not through the thick walls but along them? If so you could probably install a simple mic/speaker setup.
  11. I wouldn't mind but our dog has taken to sleeping across the warm air vent. If I put the heating on she wakes up and wants to go out! lol
  12. Thank you Hazel, yes I'm sure we saw you 👍
  13. Today we had the pleasure of meeting Jbx5 (was it John?) and a his beautiful boat Noah's Ark
  14. Ha ha, yes ours was the same! 🙂
  15. Sounds delicious... unfortunately my skill level in the tea department never got beyond basic 😄
  16. We had a fortnight there about 20 years (or more) ago, it was great. Fantastic beach for fossil hunting.
  17. Gt Yarmouth wasn't the worst stop by the sound of it!
  18. You are too kind, hopefully on your trip next year we can meet up and you'll be most welcome to have a closer look at Dakota. (Previous owners did all the work I just get to enjoy her... although some maintenance is planned to the varnish before next season gets underway.)
  19. So glad to hear that all was well in the end, very scary for you both! Best wishes to Karen
  20. I agree! Crew person to be keel hauled 😄
  21. To be honest, if it's to get my morning cuppa they can invade Poland! 😄
  22. Just posted a separately about them, the short version is great service and great food plus good value for money. We would certainly go back, although I can't comment on the quality of the ale simply because I don't drink it
  23. We ran out of tea bags!!!! After considering calling the Coastguard or at the very least Broads Control we happened to pass the Reedcutters. The sign said provisions so we skidded to a halt in front of them and sure enough they carry a small selection of necessities including tea bags. This is something I've often wished pubs would do.. a real life saver 👍
  24. The food was wonderful! This pub seems a little past it's best from the outside but the food and the service were fantastic. I'm not an ale fan I'm afraid but the fizzy foreign stuff I prefer was ice cold as it should be. Their music selection was right up our street and we had a delightful lunch.
  25. Waved at Ranworth Breeze this morning as she passed us heading upstream on the Yare just before the Beauchamp Arms which we are currently sampling.
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