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  1. Ray

    Swan Royale

    No need, just thought it may be helpful to note It's never a wasted journey going there, I moor there and live 20 minutes away!
  2. Ray

    Swan Royale

    I know nothing about the boat and have not viewed it but in fairness you can tell from the photos that they were shot in the broker's slipway.
  3. My first time, loved it!
  4. I enjoyed reading that very much and will indeed come along next May!
  5. I had a feeling this would be an interesting subject... especially to the uninitiated like me. Thanks again
  6. Sounds like a good punishment although I fear that for every clever electronic device there is someone with an even cleverer hack to sell. I would like to see as part of any sentence some lessons in simple empathy. Whether it's mindless vandalism or serious assault the perpetrators seem to have no connection or care about how their victims are affected, often for the rest of their lives.
  7. That seems a good design, makes sense and I can see the problem with the drop keel!
  8. That's interesting because it never occurred to me that there would be different designs for different waterways!
  9. Not what I imagined at all! Thanks JM
  10. I would be interested if the bits I've highlighted could be explained in layman's terms. I doubt I'll ever sail but I often find myself watching yachts with admiration from the helm of my stinky!
  11. Although I'm not an enthusiast as such I always admire the skill and dedication that goes into making these beautiful machines and layouts with an incredible degree of accuracy. I read this story of wanton vandalism with horror and really genuinely feel for the exhibitors involved.. unforgivable! https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/may/19/model-railway-lovers-devastated-vandals-lincolnshire?CMP=share_btn_link
  12. Thanks again, and thanks for everyone's answers. Now I have a clear plan of what to do and how to do it. At first I feared I would have to take down the ceiling from inside!
  13. Thank you, I can't see any damage but there is certainly a route in for water so I need to get on this soon! Will start with thicker screws and mastic, hopefully this will be enough.
  14. I'm assuming that the screws holding the handrail to the roof go into wooden blocks beneath the grp I have discovered several screws are not biting and obviously need to fix this. Is there any method of doing this that does not involve taking down the internal ceiling? I have a close boarded and varnished ceiling! Any tips for securing from above gratefully received. The rail overall is not loose but over time may well become so with regular use.
  15. Ray

    My Day

    In that case a stranger stole the wave I gave you
  16. Ray

    My Day

    Great photos, perfect weather for a great day on the water
  17. Ray

    My Day

    First trip out today with our dog since she went blind 7 or 8 weeks ago. We have been dreading it in case she just can't cope. Good start as we were stern moored and the ramp I bought could be used at it's shortest extension. All downhill from there, side on moorings clambering out of the well and down a longer ramp terrified her and us. Almost decided to head home but found a wild mooring with a good walk so have stayed out. 2 more disembark and re-embark and we've made a little progress and at least end the day with some hope The better parts of the day included a cracking carvery at Sutton Staithe, beer and sunshine. While out we saw Lightning on the Ant just about to go under Ludham Bridge and Judith 5 south of Potter.. waves were exchanged but I don't know that my boat and I are recognised as NBN as we have no pennant, yet!
  18. @ ECIPA Surely the marks don't have to removed, just add new ones in the requested place.
  19. Good point.. I agree with you about simply doing our best to assist rangers.
  20. On the wider issue of tolls, don't they have a database? Instead of looking at every boat they could just seek out boats that haven't paid that are flagged up by the database. I don't know how widespread toll avoidance is but a list of non reneweds should surely be printable and able to be carried by rangers. Checking doesn't then have to be high tech, the question then being not have they paid but are they on the much shorter list of non payers.
  21. Ray

    My Day

    Sadly their desire to die is only linked to their desire to kill others who they see as their enemy... us! It is not a death wish per se.
  22. Ray


    But... Do keep clearing snow when no one else can get through Get ambulances through Pull people out in bad weather Tractor runs for charity.. even an extra one this year to help raise money towards special treatment for a sick local boy Having retired and moved from that London to rural Norfolk a couple of years ago I saw things in a whole different light and the other side to the temporary inconvenience on the road.
  23. "For more information about the scheme, please contact your local crime reduction officer on 101 or email Boatshield@Norfolk.pnn.police.uk or Boatshield@suffolk.pnn.police.uk. Please note that this is a seasonal operation. Stolen Boats: http://stolenboats.org.uk Project Kraken: http://www.nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/campaigns/project-kraken" https://www.suffolk.police.uk/advice/roads-and-vehicles/boats
  24. Here she is in the database - http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=5504
  25. For the hard of hearing I think some sort of noxious smelling gas should also be pumped out. Oh, hang on.....
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