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  1. I have got new glasses since then! ☺
  2. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound pedantic, but yes, I have had a few of them too!
  3. I began to wonder that myself! But no, we walked around over the foot bridge to visit the Wherry Hotel! It was in mid May and a nice day, I slipped through some sort of Norfolk "Bermuda Triangle" I think! I'm looking for a photo I took which may help pin point where I moored. I came in through the gap you can see in the middle of the photo.
  4. I must have been blinded by the sun that day lol Never saw toilets, showers or office! I think I should have a proper look round next time.
  5. Hoping to visit Oulton again in the near future and would like a clearer idea of mooring there. Last time I visited there seemed to be no one about, I couldn't see the entrance until I was almost on it, but obviously know where it is now. But where exactly do you or can you moor? I ended up stern on to the wall by the footpath, skillful timing meant I got back to her just before the ropes were too tight to undo (yep, forgot to allow enough for the tide! Doh!) Never found anyone to give money too or ask advice so I'd like to be better prepared this time! Or just go to one of the pub moorings!
  6. Do we all mean the same thing by "hit"? I wouldn't describe my boat as being hit unless it involved damage or things falling on the floor, maybe having to steady my balance if standing. Being bumped however is anything from a barely perceptible nudge to an audible fender squeak. (My wife however describes a near miss as being sunk with all hands!)
  7. Ray


    True Grit The Shootist 2001 A Space Odyssey It's A Wonderful Life (December only) Early Bond Films I don't have any of them lol, but I'd enjoy them 😁
  8. Dogs too get old and stiff, easy access for them down the line is worth considering as I can attest from current experience!
  9. It's often embarrassing preferring foreign fizzy beers... But someone has to do it and I stepped up! lol
  10. Welcome aboard! I don't know the boat at all I'm afraid but I'm sure you'll pick up some good ideas 👍
  11. Ray

    Tudor's Travels

    I got there... eventually! Many years since amo amas amat etc. ☺
  12. Nothing ever seems to be done properly anymore... just cheaply :( Cheap that is by comparison to real sea defenses!
  13. Having watched in awe as folk manage flappy things on the rivers I have huge respect for this lady and her record breaking circumnavigation! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/sep/09/british-woman-jeanne-socrates-oldest-person-sail-around-world-alone
  14. I can well believe it! To look so 'right' is testament to the work that goes into it!
  15. The handrails look fantastic, really nice job! It's this kind of detail that really makes her become the real BA to scale 👍
  16. Quite a nibble! Hopefully the sand will be making it's way ever southward on the long shore drift.
  17. Ray

    My Day

    We have cut this trip short, unfortunately our macerator has seized up and/or died. We only meant to be out a few days with hopefully a longer cruise later in the month.
  18. Ray

    Dash Cam

    I can certainly understand how you feel, I initially bought it after a speeding boat pull our rhond anchor out leaving us adrift. But I didn't consider the privacy implication before I acted. I have no doubt though that all members here would not abuse recorded footage so I'm not critical of people having them but I was conscious of saying one thing and doing another
  19. Ray

    My Day

    Saw you and waved this morning near the bottom of The Ant 👍
  20. Ray

    Dash Cam

    Actually I do agree Bob, as often as possible we prefer wild moorings but the point is that it is on while we cruise and people should be able to relax without wondering if they'll end up on Facebook just because a camera happened to catch an awkward moment or holiday fooling around. I wouldn't like it either... I'm going to remove it!
  21. Ray

    My Day

    That's a real shame, hopefully it was just one of those off days but it's hard not to let it put you off I know.
  22. Ray

    Dash Cam

    I forgot that bit.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07PFSXZ2W/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  23. Ray

    Dash Cam

    It works and this model has a completely separate rear camera and long cable. Mostly it's just me playing with a gadget but it could be handy one day and meanwhile I'm hoping it will catch some of those spectacular moments that I can never get to the camera in time for.
  24. Ray

    My Day

    Food was lovely, I think I got a little unlucky with my tea which tasted a bit stewed, which is odd because it had the fresh teabag in the cup. I'm sure it was 'just one of those things' as everything else was lovely and we have friends who have been there many times. It's run by the same people as the Dunes Cafe at Winterton, which is also excellent 👍
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