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  1. I had a similar problem at first on my DC30, I had to to lift floor panels to follow the tube. Mine was near the reed filter but not in plain site in the end. I only mention this as it is likely to be near some access point but not necessarily in plain site. And welcome aboard!
  2. Lovely boat, blue skies, nice food and the Norfolk Broads... Perfect! 👍
  3. It must have been you I was thinking of ST. Sounds like quite a project, sadly I never got into motor bikes, much to my late dad's disappointment! I have an idea he was a Triumph owner... about 1950 I should think.
  4. Is it my imagination or is there a member or members who mentioned an interest in these bikes? Just in case I thought I'd mention that a local seller on Facebook is offering an old Triumph tiger cub workshop instruction manual for £5. It seems a slim volume rather than a full workshop manual as we would normally think of them but of course it could be very interesting to an enthusiast. Screenshot below, seller is in Gt Yarmouth
  5. Welcome, the Safari is a great Broads boat 👍
  6. The BBC presumably took their information from the Seal and Shore Watch who initially made a post to Facebook, this post seems to have been removed. Seals have terrible bites, worse than dogs, although this was in all likelihood a dog attack it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that the injuries were inflicted by another seal. As for the voracity or otherwise of the BBC, that's another whole can of worms!
  7. Many seals also suffer terrible injuries from from frisbee type flying rings, the ones with a hole in the middle. People let their children play with them and then don't account for them at the end of the day, often losing them on the sand or in the sea. If parents have so little control over their children I think the only answer is to have kids on leads in public places. It is also fairly common for used nappies to be buried in the sand, yuck! On the other hand we could avoid tarring all dogs, owners, kids and parents with the same brush and deal with offenders rather than making everyone suffer for the few!
  8. Congratulations! It's all good, wherever you go you can do the other bits next time and the next time... Once the Bank Holiday Monday itself is over you may find it not quite so mad, as it's the last week of the school holidays the main rush will have passed (hopefully, although still busy) A nice place for a wild mooring we have found if everywhere is very busy is on the starboard side as you go downriver after St Bennet's before you reach Thurne mouth. There are quite a few spots along there where you can use rhond anchors and although they don't look that great from the river there is plenty of river traffic to enjoy watching especially yachts and if you just walk a few feet up the bank there are paths for a good walk along the river. Last time we stopped there we were treated to watching a white owl hunting (Snowy?) it was beautiful!
  9. I think Timbo should write, because he can! 👍
  10. To each his own, I prefer to stay on my boat!
  11. This looks fun, do you think I could do it safely in my DC30? https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/jul/30/sandbank-picnic-sailing-adventure-norfolk-coast-a-photo-essay?CMP=share_btn_link
  12. Fantastic! Thanks Grendel, that's exactly what I was hoping to see. Great job!
  13. It would be interesting if you have time to do a short video of everything working Grendel, I still marvel at your modelling skills! 👍
  14. Here is the link ST, I'll watch it later as I love these old home movie clips -
  15. Has raising the bridge ever been seriously considered and costed? It surely is possible and there's an easy road diversion for during the work. It could be made a toll bridge for road traffic to help fund the work and reduce the load on it.
  16. Ray


    Round turn and two half hitches is the only one I know with confidence. A guy at a boatyard once showed my Mrs this thing where you do something like put one piece of rope under the other then twist over the mooring pole and pull. She always complains about my round turn and two half hitches when untying but I think that's because she likes to think that she's more of an old salty sea dog than me ☺
  17. "A National Park City is inspired by the family of National Parks but is not the same as a National Park. The working definition is a “A large urban area that is managed and semi-protected through both formal and informal means to enhance the natural capital of its living landscape." www.nationalparkcity.london I thank a fair translation might be "An expensive load of b#@£&_£#s that will make a few people feel important" See also: Garden Bridge, HS2, Northern Powerhouse et al
  18. It's this sort of pioneering imagination and inventiveness that made Britain great... and gave us so many Uncle Bob's
  19. I do tend to get my geniuses mixed up! ☺
  20. I blame that Galileo! Thanks MM, I can see what you mean 👍
  21. Inspired by MM's thread but not wanting to hijack it, there was a suggestion for a submarine to deal with that bridge. Later there was talk of extra ballast. Is it a pure flight of fancy to think these two idea could be combined, surely it would not be technically difficult to have floodable tanks incorporated with decent pumps dedicated to them. Approach bridge, flood tanks, pass under bridge, empty tanks. No extra draught for shallow areas after the crossing. No doubt a bit of clever engineering will be needed in the design, location and capacity of the tanks to ensure an even keel, but that's not difficult for those with the knowledge and skill. Could even be added to pre-existing boats with a bit of care.
  22. I wonder if anyone's done this mod to a boat? I've a chainsaw you could borrow!
  23. I look forward to it 👍
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