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  1. Ray

    Bum Clencher!

    Meeting a boat under sail always feels a bit like meeting an alien driving a dodgem car the wrong way on the M25... But I'll admit they do look cool
  2. Ray


    Nothing yet.. oddly before I moved to Norfolk I used to hear them very early in London, well the suburbs anyway.
  3. Stars of Staithe and screen... Griff and Robin today
  4. Holding tank gauge. Useful if using the boat a lot, no inconvenient conveniences. I don't know if they can be retro fitted also I've not found them reliable in the older boats I've bought but I'm assuming it is possible to get decent working models now.
  5. Lovely! That made me want to head straight out to our boat this minute!
  6. This is true, sometimes I have to tie crew to the pointy end to tell me if anything is coming round a bend! I'm always left with the vague impression she doesn't like it... strange!
  7. Perfectly valid point of view (see what I did there? ) Whenever people seek advice on buying a boat, especially a first boat, the most general comment is "try as many types as you can" This helps ensure a good fit for needs as well as wants (and avoids conscription into the Three Boats in a Year Club ) All on one level boats are not for everyone but no type of boat is, otherwise we would not have the pleasure of admiring the ones we like as we cruise. In praise of the all on one level I would like to say that the helmsman is the only one who can't be on deck while cruising, everyone else can be just as high and see just as much as from similar sized aft and mid helm boats. A couple sharing a boat are alternately helming or sight seeing. Also in poor weather everyone is warm and dry while cruising. In good weather the amount of sliding canopy, doors and windows you can open in different configurations leaves you feeling as much "outside" as any style of cockpit. Finally that low level view lets you see things easily missed from higher cockpits, especially in terms of wildlife, it's not a restricted view, it's an extra view! I could go on... the point I wanted to make was not that they are better or worse than higher helm positions they are just different and the idea that you just see reed beds either means you haven't tried it or if you did then it wasn't for long enough to appreciate the possibilities. Of course they're not to everyone's taste but sometimes being able to see over reed beds just means you can see the top of reed beds!
  8. I'm not sure anyone has implied it takes cojones to do it, in fact we've all said that it's fun and not a problem. However I have genuinely spoken to many people both hirers and owners who fear and or avoid the crossing. Surely a thread like this can only give them confidence, if they read it.
  9. Now that's interesting! Slack, as I hopefully understand it, is an hour after low. So if heading north an ideal time to pass Vauxhall Bridge would be a little after slack?
  10. From our very first time as hirers in the 80s it wouldn't be a Broads holiday without crossing Breydon. Had a very exciting crossing once when a storm came in as we were passing GY, turned to starboard to head south and the boat could hardly make way at full revs, canopy was down felt like I was drowning in the driving rain, bow going up and down like a YouTube video of a rough crossing in the North Sea. Could hear the contents of the cupboards crashing to the floor.... God it was fun!!!
  11. We love wild mooring and it's sad to see them becoming much less available. The only things we do ashore at a wild mooring are sit, drink tea and collect other people's litter!
  12. I'd recommend finding out a bit more about that gearbox glitch Robin before deciding 100% to keep her and have the other work done.
  13. When sending another member a PM the options for attaching a photo are either inserting the URL of a pic on the web or selecting an attachment from our individual attachments folder. Is there a way to upload a photo to the attachments folder direct, without posting it first? The "click to choose files" option isn't available. All strictly above board, nothing dodgy Your Honour
  14. Exactly so, there is no right or wrong type of boat. The best boat is the one you choose for your needs. There's no need to denigrate another's choice, we are lucky to have (or hire) a boat at all. We are all part of the same Navy and a good fleet needs all types of vessels. At any given time the "best" boat is the one you're on right at that moment
  15. PX may be a good way to go.
  16. Ray

    My Day

    I remember that storm!
  17. It is 10% and their prices are good before you even apply the discount - I think the info is on their adverts on the NBN pages.
  18. Congratulations! Very nice looking boat
  19. Ray

    My Day

    That's rotten luck :( Hopefully there'll soon be many nice days to make up for it. Maybe the car is the third thing, if you count the temporary cover getting blown off last week!
  20. Follow this link, plenty of info on Google https://www.google.com/search?client=tablet-android-lenovo&ei=CXiWXLKIHJmU1fAPlcqeuAM&q=John+Knight+Golden+Galleon+Great+Yarmouth&oq=John+Knight+Golden+Galleon+Great+Yarmouth&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-serp.12...36499.51598..53521...0.0..0.291.3736.6j21j1......0....1.........30i10j33i21j33i160.3t5jUwzXDOE
  21. Ray

    My Day

    Congratulations to all, especially the New Mum
  22. My pleasure Kev, we will have that run out, but don't forget we'll be learning together... I've a long way to go and much more experience needed
  23. Well, to complete the 'small world' as I guessed correctly, I too was at Sutton Staithe being visited by Pumpmedic, also my first meeting with a forum member A great pleasure it was as well, thanks for your visit Pumpmedic, a genuine pleasure to meet you. Maybe next time we'll be lucky enough to catch you, SwanR, as well
  24. Sutton Staithe Hotel... I think :)
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