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  1. Smoggy

    Keep Safe

    Unfortunately so far Boris's approach of trust in common sense has failed to grasp the lack of common sense, to be fair it's a minority of stupid people but still big numbers and the minority get the headlines. Let's hope......
  2. Anywhere below half tide I can get 9' under haven with good clearance, needs good control though as there's some fierce Eddie's at half tide.
  3. Sometimes ANY movement is a good movement.....
  4. Very true but doesn't beat a listening "watch".
  5. I'm sure there's a few that will have saved that message and have that paragraph already highlighted, maybe it's took a major revenue hit for to realise this.
  6. Speak to port control, they will spot you first probably from breydon bridge, if you don't have vhf don't do it as you won't know of any vessel movements, there's nowt down there for river craft anyway.
  7. Cambs. Can beat Norfolk, we have manea where six webbed toes is normal, the fens make Norfolk look mountainous.
  8. Smoggy

    Water Tanks

    Mine will get a drain down, half fill, drain, fill and use, I drink my tank water with no worries. I don't use milton or similar, just keep the alcahol level up to keep the bugs down (good excuse eh).
  9. Ignore Griff's no.3, as fun as it will be you'll be dragging the lifeboat crew out for an intercept job.
  10. I usually head down to johnsons at st.olaves, Richard is very reasonable pricewise and does what he says when he says.
  11. Was there ever any doubt about a second wave? The rate has dropped due to a lockdown, the virus is still out there, how can a release of lockdown NOT increase numbers again until either we have all had it or their is a vacine taken up by most of the population. Surely the question is how big a second wave and have people learnt anything from the first wave (probably not in many cases), wasn't the plan always just to keep numbers low enough so the NHS could cope? To stay locked down till a vacine comes along in large enough numbers to do the job would leave us all broke and starving.
  12. Yeah that's it, make it cloudy and wet all week why don't you.....
  13. I was wondering that, certainly amongst hirers, different maybe for private boat owners depending where you live.
  14. On another note change your username, it's asking for spam bot attention.
  15. A bilge pump is not so much for the odd drips from the stern gland they are more for the split hose from a sea cock so the biggest you can fit/afford is probably the best one.
  16. Going by what I heard on tv this morning someone from a factory in leicester told hos boss he felt ill and he was told he had to work, even after a positive test, they said they thought there were about 15 still working with covid! If proper evidence of this is found I hope a few bosses do time in prison for it, hardly surprising they have an issue. If you are on a zero hours contract heading into a recession and working for a sh1t of a boss you can't really blame people for doing as they are told to keep the money coming in, still wrong on their part though.
  17. After 4 years and a lockdown you may have to make a fatter version of that person....... Would it not have been easier to just shrink the real one while Griff wasn't looking?
  18. Once you've had my fuel bill for a good 2 week run you won't worry about what any hire yard charges you.
  19. Smoggy

    River Yare

    In Loddon turn left as you leave the staithe a do you do indeed go uphill towards the chippy, not a big hill but a hill.
  20. MOT's don't show online as extended till 7 days before expiry date, both my bikes got 6 months extension.
  21. Yeah and that, I gotta add that despite the posting time it was nothing I wasn't thinking earlier long before alcahol.
  22. The "who cares" comment was out of order from someone with the admin badge and deserves an apology, if from someone without the badge or same person not using the badge would be easier to take. We appreciate all the admin but if you post under the badge we expect better or you can't expect better of us.
  23. It's fair to say that with most problem dogs the problem is at the human end of the lead, and most staffys are the friendliest muts you'll meet towards people.
  24. I wouldn't think so, as long as they are only hiring to one or two household addresses they are well covered, much as it's not their job to make sure the car you arrived in is insured and you didn't speed on the way there.
  25. You have to be paid for it to be a job, or is that where all your millions come from?
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