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  1. I sold my Scorpio last year after owning it for a year. A lovely boat but I found it totally impractical. Unstable on boarding, difficult to move about on and horrible in the rain. Not a boat suitable for the broads in my opinion. I sold mine for £4000 which seems to be what a good one goes for. I now have a 17ft seamaster ( 1965), which is a great all round day boat. Chris
  2. Grainside

    Bye Bye

    I recently left another broads forum because of a few contributors who I felt, were intent on stirring things up, often making comments that they would hesitate to say in the pub. Some of those people appear on here from time to time. I now keep my posting to a minimum. I have got to know John reasonably well over the last few months and I judge him to be intelligent, kind and a helluva nice guy. The forum will be poorer without him.
  3. I have a copy that you can borrow. It is worth a read. If you put in a search reminder on eBay a copy will turn up. I paid £10 for mine. Chris
  4. Shooting the fox is very frowned upon where I come from! Bad behaviour.
  5. My apologies to anyone who got the impression that my post was in any way racist. My ancestors were French huguenots who fled persecution and were welcomed in London. I think that I have made it clear that racism doesn't have any influence on my thinking. If anyone felt that it did please accept that they misinterpreted my words. Having read the post regarding trolling I am happy that I have posted nothing that could be construed as that. Having made my point I shall retire from this discussion before some individual members go into attack mode.
  6. I knew my post would upset some people but that was not the intention. I must just make one thing clear. I AM NOT RACIST. I mentioned people from other countries merely because of the facts. I have no ingrained opinions about any race and take everyone as I find them. My beef is with local and central government who make society changing decisions without proper consultation. I posted because I believe that the ndr is nothing to do with traffic flow or bypasses. And yes, I am getting old. That doesn't necessarily mean that I am wrong. Please do disagree with me if you want to but insults just degrade your argument.
  7. I have just read this thread and thought that I would comment. We moved to Lincolnshire from the Ashdown Forrest in Sussex in 1990 (originally brought up in Balham South London) because it was becoming increasingly overcrowded and we wanted the children to have a pleasant upbringing. Lincolnshire was lovely and old fashioned in those days. We lived in Old Bolingbroke .At the same time my brother, who lives in Surrey, bought a second home in Mundesley which we have used frequently since. Our father brought us to Norfolk on holidays since we were tiny. I visit London frequently as I still have many friends there. We still live in rural Lincolnshire but now down a bungalow at Potter Heigham. I have therefore seen and experienced some parts of this country. My comments. Lincolnshire has been ruined beyond all hope of repair. Starting with encouraging polish workers ,initiated by Gordon Brown, (individually the Polish seem nice people, I am not racist). English is not heard much in Boston anymore. A lot of the police are armed now. The town contains huge numbers of polish, lithuanions, Russians and Portuguese. English are not welcome in some pubs and shops. This continued with huge amounts of social housing being built in every market town. People were and are encouraged to move from towns such as Leicester and Doncaster. There are no jobs for them and the infrastructure can't cope. I could go on but suffice it to say, imho, Lincolnshire is a lost cause. In all this time Norfolk has hardly changed. Sadly I have to say that I see Norfolk going the same way as Lincolnshire. What is happening around Norwich is the start. Decisions have been made with a minimum of consultation and plans are unstoppable. Sorry to be so negative and I hope I am wrong but these are just my observations and thoughts.
  8. I have just read this thread and thought that I had mistakenly clicked on a forum that I recently resigned from! I wonder why.
  9. To answer the original question, higher tolls. But I doubt that it is that simple.
  10. Well, not much seems to be happening. This makes me worry! I don't think that any plans for the proposals for the staithe have been forthcoming. The minutes for the November parish council meeting say that there was a presentation by the BA and the details were placed in the " circulation box". I have not been able to find out how we mere mortals are able to access this information. Surely it couldn't be that plans are being laid in such a way that the democratic process is being sidelined? Does anyone have any up to date information?
  11. You could ask Gino from G&H to have a look. He knows his stuff and I am sure he would give you some useful advice. I have found him and Glen to be very helpful. Chris
  12. Hopefully common sense will prevail. However, if riverman hasn't been consulted and I, who have owned a bungalow for two years, had to find out about it on this forum, there can't have been much effort to consult.
  13. Sorry if I caused offence riverman that was not my intention. I am assuming that the area is meant for temporary transfers between land and water.I could be wrong. However, if everyone used it as a public car park we might be in a bit of a state! I agree, where is the public car park ? If Lathams carry on as planned there will be a grave lack of parking over three hours.
  14. I have just spoken to Robin Allard. The BA have been concerned from a health and safety point of view about vehicles parking at the staithe. With many holiday makers with children about I agree. They are going to errect posts to prevent vehicle access to part of the staithe. There will be an area left for loading and unloading. The intention is to stop the selfish few from leaving vehicles parked. The plans will be posted in the notice board at the staithe shortly for all to see. Chris
  15. If anyone sees a lost shed in the Potter heigham area could they please let me know. It is of the temporary kind, tubular steel covered with tarpaulin, about 8ft square. It took off in the early hours with the help of a mini cyclone. Could be anywhere.
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