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  1. Hi all Just had a look and it does not look too good
  2. Hi Robin What about the recipe so we can all enjoy the cocktail? John
  3. Hi Watched all three of going under Ale Bridge yesterday Modern day Trixie flanked either side by BA and Malanka A good sight and would have made a good picture unfortunately did not have camera to hand John
  4. We hired Sunlit Horizon as recent as 2016 I seem to remember that Robin had her prior to that and is the subject of one set of his blogs with the usual boat review John
  5. Hi Simon looks like we are being able to negotiate a resionable reduction in price. we will know next week if our reduced offer has been accepted but the signs are looking good. If all goes to plan we may we’ll be challenging Robin for to quickest purchase. Just over two weeks for first view to purchase including having survey and getting report. Will let you know soon John
  6. Many thanks all for your comments etc. it certainly makes us feel better than no one seems to believe that whilst a problem not one that means the deal cannot be done. Must say that we are not great believers of the world of on line “social media” and we are not on any of the Facebook, Twitter or forums in general. It even took soomtime of looking before joining here, but we have found it to be both friendly and extremely knowledgeable in answering what must seem to many of you stupid questions. So a very big thank you to you all and we will let you know in due course the outcome of our journey to become a “Boater on the Norfolk Broads” John
  7. Hi all a survey on a 2002 built boat has shown that the boat has been well looked with no major problems just cosmetic small items to put right. it has also found that the hull has signs of osmosis. According to the surveyor the blisters are small (5 to 10mm) but are all over the underside of the hull. The surveyor seems to be to be saying that whilst the problem will never improve it may take years before it gets any worse and independently the broker has made same comments, although I suppose the broker would. The general feeling being that this is not as much of a problem as has been feared in the past and whilst if it did get to the stage of needing repair this could be very expense but this could be years in the future and perhaps some reduction in price to cover some eventual costs would be the way to go. The question now is if an agreeable discount can be obtained should the purchase go ahead? Would welcome you views John
  8. Thanks Robin I thought you would know the answer to this one Many thanks John
  9. Hi All Having been looking a solar panel's and would welcome your views. Have found the following online which look as though they would be suitable for most occasions. https://www.photonicuniverse.com/en/catalog/full/197-100W-12V-ETFE-Semi-flexible-dual-battery-solar-charging-kit-for-motorhome-caravan-campervan-rv-boat-or-yacht.html What do you all think - Is it worth the cost to install? Many thanks in advance for your thoughts and sorry for all these stupid questions John
  10. Many thanks for that Steve Looks like 15 kilo then that is so long as purchase goes through. Due for survey next week - fingers crossed Thanks John
  11. Thanks Sidestand Look forward to hearing from you John
  12. Hi all We are looking at a Shetland 27 that has no mud weight at present. What weight would you recommend for use on the broads with such a boat I believe the boat weight is just under 3 tonnes if that helps Many thanks John
  13. Great write up Griff Looking forward to the next installment Scaniaman - I think you will find that your shares have dropped now Indy crew are all home Thanks again Griff John
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