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  1. The only thing I see wrong with that analogy is that you are unlikely to follow the same family of six on the boat next to you around the Broads for the whole week and eat or drink in the same pubs for the week without meeting them either inside or outside. Think if you did they would have a good reason to call the Police and claim you were stalking them The moment you meet up inside or outside you have broken the law. I can see why you are saying what you are saying, but lets be honest it is no more than bending the rules. IF you really are going as two completely separate parties who a
  2. Ludham Bridge 90p per litre on the 10th August.
  3. A couple of weeks ago we just finished installing a tape backup system for a German bank in their London data centre using the latest technology enterprise tape drives. Each tape is capable of holding up to 15TB. The tape library has a little over 7000 slots for holding tapes with dual robots to move them in or out of one of the 42 tape drives in the library. The library is currently 80% full of tapes. Makes you wonder just what information these companies store about you at times! They are due an additional upgrade to this library before the end of the year!
  4. The attached spreadsheet does not show an active site at Stalham. Interestingly the Potter Heigham site does not appear to have caught many people in recent years either. speedcameras_28.xlsx
  5. Having just traversed that stretch virtually on Google Maps street view, it is also covered by the average speed cameras and is all 50, with a national speed limit sign either side of that stretch. Also just spotted that the A149 doesn't turn into the A1151, rather that if you turn right at Smallburgh you would stay on the A149 to Cromer, but if you stay on the main road you end up on the A1151.
  6. To 1.1 Miles past Wayford Bridge. Yes.
  7. Cat's Common is between Church Farm Cottages and Abigail Cottage on the A1151. The A149 becomes the A1151 somewhere around Low Street. Or more simply, cross Wayford Bridge in the direction of Smallburgh and about 1.1 mile later you reach Cats Common.
  8. Which therefore begs the question is it a considerate or prudent sailor who will wait until he is moored up to run his engine to get hot water?
  9. The Byelaw below specifically revokes the Colregs for The Broads area. Byelaw 5 Disapplication of The Collision Regulations The Collision Regulations as hereinafter defined shall not apply in any waters to which these Byelaws apply. The equivalent Byelaws to the Colreg you mention are these ones I believe. A sort of catch all avoid collision at all cost and applies to all vessels. 11 Risk of Collision (a) The master of a vessel shall use all available means appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions to determine if risk of collision exists. (b) If
  10. Yes, the col regs do not apply to The Broads. The byelaws are sort of based upon them but modified for the Broads, some might say worded rather badly and open to a lot of interpretation.
  11. Aah I see your problem there, wrong type pf pump! Fit a Jabsco variable speed pump which eliminates the need for an accumulator and two less connections. Simpler and more reliable.
  12. I'm with Maurice and Jay on this one. Businesses don't have to have an email address. If they are not going to respond to them, then don't advertise an email address, publish telephone numbers only. Mind you the face to face thing doesn't always work that well either. Called into a large yard in Brundall last year for fuel and asked for a quote on some repairs. Wait for a suitably qualified person to come along and take a look. Takes all my details and says he'll get back to me. Nothing! obviously don't want the business, but a courtesy call to say they are too busy, job not big enough for the
  13. The only problem with that method is that more and more sites are now starting to ask for at least one special character %&! etc. as well as one upper case letter and normally a number as well. I use a password database program. All my passwords are stored in that and I have just the one very complex password that gives me access to the program. The database file is backed up to multiple places in case of corruption or loss of device. I use the program to generate the passwords for any site that requires a password which means even I don't know the passwords for any of the sites I use
  14. I would go further and say it is the ones on the Ant who refuse to give up sailing when there is barely a breath of wind and who cause a log jam who actually do need to start their engine either for assistance, or just to find a safe place to let people pass. As much as having an engine gives certain options, trying to hold station with the current coming from behind you and poor steerage in reverse gives few options for trying to stay away from the boat in front of you or the bank. Motor cruisers also need to learn to give themselves space to be able to hold station when it's needed. Nothing
  15. I think the best bet, if it has sails set and is moving assume it is under sail and you need to give way. If the engine happens to be running then assume he is warming water, or recharging the batteries, and at least not doing so on a mooring. If they are running the engine for propulsion, just remember at the end of the day the over riding byelaw is that everyone needs to do their best to avoid an impact. Call them (insert whatever name here) and smile and carry on. You've not hit them and don't let it spoil your cruise.
  16. As Vaughan has pointed out the Colregs do not apply to the Broads, only the BA Byelaws, which do say that power driven or manually propelled vessels should keep to the Starboard Right side of Channel. Interestingly there is no right or wrong side to overtake a vessel.
  17. Yet the byelaws do say differently! to the ranger you spoke to. I would suggest that you could run the engine to generate hot water with no intention of using it for propulsion. The byelaws is specific in that it mentions whether propelling machinery is being used, not whether the engine is running. I would suggest that an engine can be used to generate hot water and charge the batteries. When you engage the clutch to connect the drive shaft and prop via the gearbox to the engine, then you are using propelling machinery as in the full lot. It's not mentioned in the byelaws, but I see
  18. https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0019/180631/Navigation_Byelaws_1995-1.pdf
  19. Vaughan, reread my very much tongue in cheek comments. At no point did I state I wanted to contest my rights with a wherry. I very much agree with your first two paragraphs. Welcome back by the way
  20. I'm sure I can find an old quilt cover and a couple of broom sticks
  21. The exemption to the above definition would appear to be Wherries. A Sailing Vessel shall include a wherry under sail notwithstanding that it is also being propelled by machinery; and for this purpose a wherry shall mean a vessel known in the Broads as a wherry or wherry yacht. Now the following maybe a little contentious but I would like it to be known that henceforth for the purposes of marketing only, in the Broads National Park the area formally known as The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads I am rebranding my motor cruiser as a wherry yacht.
  22. The byelaws state "Sailing Vessel" means any vessel under sail other than a quanted vessel provided that propelling machinery, if fitted, is not being used. I take that to mean not being used for propulsion. So a motor sailor could have the engine running to heat water and will still have priority as they are sailing. The moment they flick it into gear then they are a motor vessel even with sails up and you have equal priority.
  23. Now that sound like a story that needs telling!
  24. The latest plans might stop Londoners from filling Margate and Ramsgate! https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/coronavirus/radical-government-plans-to-avoid-second-lockdown-include-london-m25-cut-off/ar-BB17sugT?ocid=msedgntp
  25. Yes it's still dark at 5am in the Winter Case of forgotten where you moored the boat
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