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  1. Just shows you what you miss when you give up reading the forum for a few months, although to be honest for the main part the same topics are still being aired by the same protagonists, just like nothing has changed really!! Anyway you can probably just remove this duplicate topic if you want.
  2. I didn't see anything in the following press release about the large engine making it an unsuitable boat for the job! "The authority said it decided to sell the Spirit of Breydon as it is no longer suitable to the demands of the ranger team." "In a statement, the Broads Authority said: "The Authority has taken the decision to sell Spirit of Breydon after reviewing our launch replacement strategy, which identifies the need for our launches to be able to cover a wider range of tasks now undertaken by the Ranger team, including riverside tree and scrub management and mooring maintenance. "We are currently in the process of identifying a replacement vessel that is suited to the varied demands of the Ranger role. Selling Spirit of Breydon while it remains in good condition and with inherent value will allow us to implement this strategy more quickly." Perhaps being stuck with a white elephant has led to another review of the launch replacement strategy and it has been decided that the Spirit of Breydon is suddenly the right boat for the job!!!!
  3. Last I heard she was for sale. Has she now been sold, or has she been withdrawn from sale? Reason I ask is that I've just seen a picture on FB and she appears to be back on the pontoon at Goodchild. I also cannot find her listed on any boat sales websites, so has she sold, or is she back in service having failed to sell?
  4. I'm a strong advocate of more dredging but I also think a barrier in Great Yarmouth is needed. When heavy rain is forecast the barrier could be closed at low water. It would then hold back the incoming tide leaving space on the upstream side for the rain water to run off into the Lower Bure. As the tide starts to drop, open the barrier and let the Lower Bure drain out. What we are seeing more and more in recent times is fluvial flooding, rather than tidal flooding. The Thames barrier is raised far more often at low tide to prevent fluvial flooding than it is at high water to prevent tidal flooding. Such a barrier could also be raised to prevent salt surges.
  5. I've searched high and low and I cannot finds the option to request a better standard of joke!
  6. Oh no, just had a lot of Jayfire's jokes turn up in my inbox, Can we turn of email notifications again!!!
  7. I think the BSS more covers the installation rather than the actual item, however if the heater is not CE marked then I wonder how the insurance would view things if it caught fire? It is noticeable that the Chinese heaters available in this country via authorised UK based dealers and service agents are much more expensive than those purchased direct from China? Off course most of the UK dealers substitute all the poor quality installation parts with CE marked superior components, bumping up the overall price. It's also worth noting that you will not find them installed in any new craft as the lack of proper CE marking affects the RCD certification for new craft. Far too many cheap Chinese electrical items such as LED bulbs and chargers have a habit of catching fire. They are cheep for a reason, poor quality components. Not sure I'd trust one on my boat yet, and if I did I'd probably buy via a UK dealer with public liability insurance in case it all goes wrong. I'd be particularly weary of fitting any kind of remote start up timer, WiFi or data connection which could enable the heater to come on unattended. Finally be aware that a number of these heaters have fake CE markings, the CE standing for China Export, rather than the more usual EU CE marking.
  8. Is anybody else having problems with email notifications? Just realised I haven't had an email from the NBN since the 4th December.
  9. Horlicks Farms Cheddar is only available in food service and normally sold in 5Kg blocks and not available in consumer supermarket packaging. Your best bet is looking for local deli's who buy it by the block and sell it by weight, or if your particularly keen on it, buy a 5Kg block This Roy's have it in stock!! http://www.royevansandsons.co.uk/index.php?page_id=146&cat=cheeses/block-cheese&product_id=462
  10. Hopefully, it still hasn't arrived yet. Although two other parts ordered from eBay the same day, and coming from Mid Lothian have just arrived with the friendly post lady. Don't know what journey it took, but still good service and they were a good price to.
  11. You sure? It's a round trip for me of about 200 miles. At a sensible speed my car would do 34 mpg. So about 6 gallons or give or take £36 in petrol. The place I purchased the parts from only open Mon - Fri and I don't intend any mid week trips to Norfolk before doing the engine service. The P+P cost me £5.50. I could off course driven to Maldon, if Marinestore had all the parts, which they don't, or TCS Chandlery in Grays, if they had all the parts which they don't or driven to a combination of places!!! However I wasn't expecting DHL to complete such a mammoth journey.
  12. Given that it could very easily have gone from Cambridge to Stansted by road in about 40 mins, I'm assuming it has been flown from Cambridge to East Midlands, then onto Heathrow and finally back to Stansted! Why it went from Beccles to Cambridge rather than direct to Stansted is still a mystery.
  13. With thoughts turning towards the end of season and the upcoming end of season service, I decided to purchase some spares online from a popular chandlery in Beccles. Not being in a rush I opted for the normal 2 day delivery, rather than the next day slightly more expensive option. The parts are due with me today in South Essex and I logged onto the DHL tracking website to see if they were out for delivery yet. Imagine my surprise when I found out that my spare parts have probably done more miles this year than the boat!!!!! Absolute madness!!! Tuesday, October 01, 2019LocationTimePiece 11 With delivery courier STANSTED - UK09:07 1 Piece 10 Arrived at Delivery Facility in STANSTED - UKSTANSTED - UK05:09 1 Piece 9 Departed Facility in LONDON-HEATHROW - UKLONDON-HEATHROW - UK03:39 1 Piece 8 Processed at LONDON-HEATHROW - UKLONDON-HEATHROW - UK02:22 1 Piece 7 Arrived at Sort Facility LONDON-HEATHROW - UKLONDON-HEATHROW - UK02:04 1 Piece Monday, September 30, 2019LocationTimePiece 6 Departed Facility in EAST MIDLANDS - UKEAST MIDLANDS - UK23:57 1 Piece 5 Processed at EAST MIDLANDS - UKEAST MIDLANDS - UK23:15 1 Piece 4 Arrived at Sort Facility EAST MIDLANDS - UKEAST MIDLANDS - UK22:30 1 Piece 3 Departed Facility in CAMBRIDGE - UKCAMBRIDGE - UK20:34 1 Piece 2 Processed at CAMBRIDGE - UKCAMBRIDGE - UK20:24 1 Piece 1 Shipment picked up CAMBRIDGE - UK10:04
  14. I cannot remember the prices for moorings at Barnes, but they are displayed on the side of the green diesel tank on the quayside and are size dependant. I seem to remember that a 35ft mooring was £15. I have also seen private boats moored there. With regards to Herbert Woods I don't think any of their mooring is subject to DP16 so the increase in mooring fee to £20 per night is as a result of something else. The fact that they have sold off a lot of mooring plots in recent years and continue to do so must be compressing the space in which they can moor their own and visiting hire craft, thus leading to less visitor space generally. There is enough free space available on the riverbank and the quiet moorings that I really cannot see anyone wanting to pay £20 to moor in the basin overnight. Interestingly, the last time I was at Potter the 9th or 10th September there was a HW hire boat on the demasting mooring. By the time I went to leave Potter it had a BA contravention notice slapped on it's windscreen. From a distance it didn't appear to have the things you would normally have associated with hirers being on board, so I'm not sure who had moored it there. HW or a hirer. It did raise a question in my mind though. If a boat gets a contravention notice for mooring on a demasting mooring, or overstaying a 24hr mooring who gets penalised? Wouldn't be fair for the hire yard unless they were responsible, but would the BA really contact the hire yard to get the hirers details and then pursue the hirer? Probably the worst that happens is the aggravation of trying to peel the notice back off the boat!
  15. I'm fairly certain the moorings at Barnes are not free! As a part of planning conditions they had to provide a number of "visitor", not free moorings. After the planning condition was readdressed they are no longer in a fixed position but can be allocated at will by Barnes but there should be up to six visitor moorings available, but I'm 99.9% sure that are not, and never were free moorings. There are a few visitor moorings that have to be made available as a result of various planning applications around the network and after pressure by I think one of the members here, they are now listed on the BA website alongside the BA provided moorings, but that does not mean they are free. The idea was to ensure that over a period of time they do not get forgotten about. From memory there are two at the Richardsons moorings in Horning, the bit that was used by Freedom boats. Again as far as I'm aware they are visitor, but not free moorings. Edited to add: If you look at the BA list of moorings, where it has DP16 alongside the mooring, it has been provided as a part of a planning condition and charges may apply to moor there.
  16. Actually it's tumbleweed! As in a tumbleweed moment. Do I need to explain more?
  17. I can think of one or two contributors to the drone and dashcam threads that may not be so keen!! Perhaps we would need an etiquette. Fly one NBN burgee if you don't mind your picture taken, fly two if you do mind and don't want to end up pictured on the forum
  18. It largely comes down to whether general access is restricted to the public. Stately homes and parks are private land where general public access is allowed, even is a fee is required and they would be considered public areas. English Heritage actually have a policy restricting the use of drones on their land without their express permission and many such houses have policies regarding the use of cameras inside the house. A marina is private land and where access is restricted to berth holders only, i.e. the general public can not just come and go at will, then you would have a reasonable expectation of privacy. In the same way as any gated housing estate or apartment complex. There would be a difference between for instance Richardsons yard which whilst public had much general public access and say Brundall Bay Marina where access is for berth holders only. Again using Richardsons as an example, anyone moored in the wetshed would have a certain expectation to privacy from the general public, that doesn't exist in the more public areas of the yard.
  19. The thing you have to remember, like it or not, but no one has a right to privacy in a public place in this country as the law currently stands. The second thing you need to remember is that 99.9% of dashcam footage NEVER gets watched. It is only normally referred to once there has been an incident. There is a certain level of irony about your Horsey incident. Had you left your boat, and whilst gone someone came along and broke into your boat, you might well have considered knocking on the boat behind to see if their dashcam had captured anything! Which more than likely it wouldn't have done unless the thief bumped into the other boat first to trigger the dashcam. There is a well known database of boats and the owner spends a lot of time taking pictures of boats to illustrate that database. Pictures of me on my boat going down the river appear on that database. I didn't give permission, but then again I'm in a public place with no expectation of privacy, not that I mind the pictures being on the database anyway. However, and this is where drones are a lot different to normal cameras, or dashcams, had the owner of the database used a drone to go and film boats on their moorings in a marina where he would not normally have access as a member of the public, then that would be a violation of privacy. The drone having been used to overcome the physical barriers that prevent public access and film in a place where you might have a reasonable expectation of privacy. If pictures of my boat on it's home berth ever appeared on the database then I would be one of the first to complain. Once the boat leaves the marina, then I have no right to privacy. I cannot begin to imagine how many people have pictures or video of me taking my boat through Wroxham bridge. Not a lot I can do about that. Do I care? No, until the day I get it wrong and someone shares it and even then not a lot I can do.
  20. The way in which the two are very different is that people fly drones with the express intention of recording whatever they see. Dashcams even on boats are generally only viewed it there has been an incident. Since I purchased my car dashcam it has recorded every one of the 30,000 miles I have done since I purchased it. The only footage I have kept is when my car was hit by a van whilst parked in a car park. 99.9% of the footage has never been viewed and has since been overwritten. My dashcam in HD mode will hold four hours footage before it over writes itself. The footage of the van hitting me enabled me to get fully recompensed for the damage to my car and resulted in me having a no fault claim which my then insurance provider still tried to penalise me for at insurance renewal time even though they didn't pay out a penny. The van driver denied even being in the car park. Without the dashcam footage it would have meant a fault claim on my insurance. I was with Admiral insurance and like any insurance company they will load your premiums the next year for a no fault claim if they have to pay out. They also load you if you declare an accident that you use a claims company to settle direct with the other parties insurance company. Upon renewal I went to The AA insurance and they don't load your premiums for no fault claims, but would have done if I had not been able to claim fully of the other party with the use of the dashcam. Most dashcams have a mode where they will start recording as soon as a bump is detected, which I suspect is how a lot of people use them on boats, which actually means they are not recording all the time.
  21. I rather suspect, but cannot be sure, that most of the tongue in cheek replies are actually pointing the OP towards the forum shop where the forum logo, which I suspect is the intellectual property of the forum can be purchased for a small donation to forum funds! There appears to be two versions available, adhesive if you own the boat and want a more permanent solution, or clingy if you are on a hire boat, or I guess even syndicate boat where not all members may want a permanent logo displayed. My personal choice would be the pennant as this also acts as a wind guide. I realise that I haven't directly answered the original question asked but have provided other fairly cheap alternatives!
  22. Whilst the two, dashcams and drones, may seem similar, they are in fact very different to each other. A dashcam, even one used on a boat is recording what you can normally see from your driving position, whereas a drone is used to capture footage from a vantage point not normally available to the average person. It can become an invasion of privacy because it is being used to overcome the normal limitation of vantage point. A secondary factor with both is to what purpose the footage captured is used for! Most CCTV is perfectly ok because most of the footage is never even viewed and stored for a temporary period before being deleted unwatched, unless there has been an incident which requires viewing the footage to gain evidence. I view most dashcam usage to be similar. On the other hand a lot of drone footage is stored permanently and shared with many others for entertainment, sometimes at the expense of someone's privacy. Using a dashcam to protect your car, or boat is perfectly acceptable, unless some of the footage is used to ridicule or embarrass someone as a result of their poor judgement, or helming. For private use and as evidence in the event of an insurance claim, perfectly fine, in my personal opinion.
  23. If we go full circle back to the BBC news article that started this thread, if you look at the footage posted it all looks fairly innocent. It looks like the drone operator whilst breaking the regulations wasn't trying to be a nuisance or buzz people with the drone or be a general pain in the you know what. I would like to think that the operator did so out of ignorance to the regulations and the possible dangers it could have posed, rather than with an attitude of I know its wrong but I don't care and will do what I want anyway. However having to take a drone test and register with the CAA should remove any excuse for not being aware of the regulations and dangers and therefore it should reduce any future possible accidental transgressions, which can only be a good thing. Should also reduce the instances where people feel their privacy has been invaded or drones have flown too close whilst on their boat.
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