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  1. Hi Michael. I run a small boat business in Norfolk and all of our outboards (and the ones we lend out) are registered with Secure Outboard Solutions. We've not had one stolen yet!
  2. Hello Technical People..... I'm after some advice. I have an old Garmin GPSmap 182 chart plotter, which has served me well over the years. However, for no apparent reason its suddenly decided not to show the base map anymore. When first powered on it says, "cannot unlock maps" and then shows "no map" on the map screen. I don't have the PC interface cable to plug it into the computer to have a look and a master reset on the unit doesn't fix it. If anyone has had this issue and solved it , I'd love to know how. I have a data card for the unit too, which the GPS recognises and reads, but still says no map. Any advice would be appreciated. Garmin just said, "it's old, buy a new one"......
  3. Thank you, Boats have souls. It’s sad to see them derelict, and it doesn’t take anything other than hard work to get them back on the water.
  4. Thanks This one's a bit bigger. A Seamaster 25, and it's been underwater for a few years, so March might be a bit optimistic! I'll share some pictures when it's recognisable as a boat...... It doesn't smell too good inside at the moment either!
  5. What I lack in talent, I make up for in enthusiasm! But thanks anyway.
  6. As a new member I've been trying to think of an excuse to post something relevant, rather than just reading other members' stories. So, I thought I'd share some pictures of a boat I renovated last year, which might give fellow forum members some inspiration if they're looking to undertake a similar project. This boat had been sitting on dry land at Morston Quay, exposed to the elements for several years, it was in a rather sorry state, and full of water. I spent around an hour pumping out the water, making some temporary repairs to the trailer (which hadn't been moved for a very long time) and towed it back to my workshop. The interior was beyond saving, so everything was removed and stripped bare. The windows leaked, so they were removed, the roof was like Swiss Cheese and the engine and electrics were in a bad way. However after much effort and many sheets of marine ply, the interior was rebuilt. I serviced the engine and re-wired the boat, and then set about making a new roof section for the cockpit. Numerous tubs of marine filler, several days of sanding and three coats of paint later it was time to fit a new bathing platform and go fishing! Then, rather foolishly I sold it....... So, not wanting to miss out on this year's adventures on the broads I've bought another one in even worse condition. I'm hoping to have it ready by the end of May - watch this space. So if anyone 's after some friendly advice or words of encouragement regarding their own project, please let me know. Expect it to cost twice as much and take three times as long! Tea and advice is free.....
  7. Hello Midlife is when you reach the top of the ladder and discover it's leaning against the wrong wall.... I look forward to seeing you on the water shortly. Cheers, Mark
  8. Hello everyone. I've just joined the forum and would like to take this opportunity to say "Hello" and introduce myself. My family (wife and 6 children) and I are keen boating and water sports enthusiasts, and we can be found most weekends all year round either on the Norfolk Broads or out at sea off the North Norfolk Coast. We use our Seamaster 21 cruiser for weekends away and our RIB for scuba diving and waterskiing. I've worked as a marine engineer for many years, predominantly in the commercial diving industry, but last year I had a mid life crisis and started my own small boat repair and renovation business in Norfolk - called Mid Norfolk Boats. On the rare occasions when we're not on, in, or under the water I enjoy tinkering with motorcycles and tuning race karts. I look forward to getting to know you, and eating bacon butties on my boat in the sunshine soon...... All the best Mark
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