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  1. Franzipan90

    Week On Jewel Of Light

    We don't mind basic, more that we were looking at 4 separate cabins prefer to not have to makeup beds everyday.
  2. Franzipan90

    Week On Jewel Of Light

    We do look at them and have hired yachts from them in the past the sleeping arrangements never quite work for us these days unfortunately.
  3. Franzipan90

    Week On Jewel Of Light

    Thankyou, ever had any luck getting it under Potter Bridge? It says its possible at times. We were hoping to go up to Hickling if we could.
  4. Franzipan90

    Week On Jewel Of Light

    Just on our way up to the broads for 10 nights on Jewel of Light from Herbert Woods. Will try and remember to post some daily updates/pictures. Weather looks good, can't wait!.
  5. Franzipan90

    Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Never realised this was an issue is it a recent thing or are they more accepting with yacht hiring? I twice went with just me and my dad. First time I was 9 with marthams and second early teens with a hunters yacht. .
  6. Franzipan90

    Deciding On Our Next Hire Boat

    Jewel of light one.
  7. Franzipan90

    Deciding On Our Next Hire Boat

    Not sure which one yet as my dad sorted the booking. Will find out though. Hopefully issues they have managed to sort through winter and if not hopefully not ones that don' impact a holiday too much.
  8. Franzipan90

    Deciding On Our Next Hire Boat

    So all booked for 10 nights in June on Jewel of Light from Herbert Woods! Can't wait!
  9. Franzipan90

    Deciding On Our Next Hire Boat

    Did look at the ferry marina boats, I agree they certainly look from the pictures very well maintained. If we were going for 7 nights we may have considered them more or if my grandma had decided to come with us again this year (she likes it if boats have electric flush toilets) however, for 10 nights they are much more expensive that we are prepared to pay.
  10. Franzipan90

    Deciding On Our Next Hire Boat

    Beam of light would be suitable but no longer available for the dates we are looking at. Jewel of light is probably 1st choice atm, also shining light and glint of light plus a couple of others. As mentioned as we are hoping to be able to do most of the broads if we do 10 days instead of 7. So these seem to fit the bill in terms of going under the bridges also like the fact that the saloon area is where the "driver sits". Don't like the boats where the only steering position is separate from the living area with only room for 1 or 2 people to sit alongside.
  11. Hi all Been looking at boats for our planned holiday in June. Some of the Herbert Woods ones are edging it at the moment. Anyone have any information/opinion on the boats/boatyard as this will be the first time hiring with them. Or opinions on other boats they would recommend. There will be 6 of us 5 adults 1 child plus a dog. 3 separate sleeping cabins are preferred and as we may go for 10 nights would like a boat that can do most if not all the broads (potter Heigham bridge is always a bit hit and miss from our experience).
  12. Franzipan90

    Hi New Member

    Been coming to broads on and off for about 20 years since I was a child on hire boats, ranging from a hunters yacht to bigger cruisers. Looking to go again in June with family. Taking my son for the second time hoping that he falls in the love with the place as my husband did when he came the first time with me. Yet to pick our boat for this year yet but we may go for 10 nights instead of our usual 7 making the most of our last year of cheaper holidays as my son starts school on September. Could be interesting with 4 generations and a crazy dog but looking forward to it. Love reading about other people's experiences in the build up to a holiday.

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