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  1. We were very impressed, first time going with Herbert Woods this year on Jewel of Light. Yes old boat and a little basic but clean and tidy. Great layout on the boat. Prompt and polite service from the yard and clean toilets and showers at the yard aswell.
  2. This is exactly what we look out for and this time round Woods offered the best value for 10 nights, was equivalent to a week on some of the other boats we had shortlisted.
  3. Sorry for the delay. Was straight onto night shifts once back. Saturday We moored at Salhouse Island on Friday night, my son had fun feeding the geese and we had a nice wake up call with a couple of ducks pecking at the window. Finally headed to Ranworth, got in easily they said they had had a quiet night there with only 5 boats. It soon filled up though with lots of day boats and plenty also using a mudweight, some fishing and then most of us had fun in the sailing dingy which we definitely made the most of this time. We had Chinese for dinner which has sort of become a Ranworth tradition, however think the closest one has maybe gone as I remember they used to deliver menus to the boats in the daytime and we couldn't find a number that worked for them. Then out came the monopoly. Sunday We headed up the Ant today (saw an otter in Ranworth Dyke) and ended up going all the way to Dilham a 1st! Very beautiful though was only boat width at times with some people out in canoes that I managed not to squash! Very pretty up there, definitely somewhere we would visit again. On the way back down mud weighted in Barton Broad for my brother to do some more sailing. We then headed back to Woods ready for handover in the morning. A lovely final day to a fantastic holiday. We had perfect weather throughout. First time of hiring with Herbert Woods and a very good experience we would definitely hire with them again. Boat was in a good condition suited us perfectly and the service was excellent. Saw lots of wildlife, though only 1 moorhen and no coots at all! It was great going for 10 nights (helped by the weather) as we didn't feel rushed to see everywhere.
  4. Almost forgot some pics of 'the beast' (which of course gets bigger with every telling of the story)
  5. Sorry for delay been a "busy" few days. Monday- Left Beccles, Stopped for Lunch at Langley Dyke, then pulled up briefly in Brooms boatyard for some supplies in Brundall where most of our group went to the shop leaving my dad and I on the boat. They got to the shop ok but some how got lost on the way back and ended up further down river, a phone call from my husband saying could we come rescue them, he seemed scared they were going to get shot or something! We spotted them in what appeared to be in someone's garden/boats he'd. Anyway once everyone on board (nobody scarier than an old man was about, who certainly didn't look like he was going to shoot anyone) we carried on towards Norwich, stopping for the night at Brammerton Common. Lovely Mooring Place. Tuesday Left Brammerton just before 9 and arrived in Norwich at about 1030. Gentleman at the yaucht station polite and helpful as always. Had a lovely walk round the shops and around the cathedral. Unscheduled stop at the NHS walkin as as my husband had a what was looking like an infected finger dealt with nice and promptly with some dressings. We then went and made use of the swimming pool (minus the husband who had been advised not to). Was then fish and chips for Tea apologies I can't remember the name of the place. Wednesday Left Norwich at about 9 for a leisurely trip to Yarmouth for a late tide at 1800. Made use of the showers before leaving very clean and tidy. Stopped at Rockland Broad short dyke for a few hours of fishing and leisurely lunch. Across Breydon which was much choppier than on the way through and through Yarmouth at pretty much bang 6. Initial plan had been to pull up for dinner and overnight at the Stracey Arms with the plan to pop to Potter in the morning to get a pump out free at the boatyard then on to Wroxham. My brother expressed he wasn't keen on mooring there could we get closer to Potter. So on we went taking it in turns to eat our dinner (Roast Gammon) and drive. In the end we carried all the way and pulled into Herbert Woods at 2120. We were all pretty tired having started in Norwich at 9 but we're glad of less to do the next day and the use of the toilets and showers. Thursday Left Potter after Pump out and arrived into Wroxham at about 1300. Pretty busy around the bridge as usual, Pilot was definitely earning his keep. Through we went clearance looked to be about 7,2 on the sign we are 7foot and moored up for the night. Of to Roy's for supplies and a browse around for gifts. My dad got some more bait and then started fishing. He had a rather big surprise when pulling in a standard fish when a Pike decided it was his dinner and snatched it. After some effort and help from another boat with use of their landing net he managed to get it in. He had to take photographic evidence as none of us were around to see and would of course not believe him! However it became clear later when we were all fishing that either this particular Pike or more of them patrol the moorings as we had 2 further snatches (and line breakages) with the Pike jumping right out of the river on one occasion. My husband also had a very friendly Heron that was more than happy to get close to him and nick a fish which had fallen off onto the ground. We had dinner at the Station Smokehouse, that I would definitely recommend friendly service and lovely food. Then settled down to the football. Today (Friday) Headed to Coltishall as didn't get here last year as boat not able to go under the bridge. Definitely one of my favourite areas of the Broads. Kite flying and ice creams were on the agenda as again a very hot day. Also some drinks at the Rising Sun. Caught some small fish, though could see bigger and again a Pike lurking. Decided we would go back through the bridge and have moored up on Salhouse Island. Some Gigantic Pork Chops for tea that we had got from the butchers in Wroxham and another peaceful evening. Couple of Noisy stag dos out on the river but other than one group on Breydon is the first I've seen. Plan for tomorrow is either Ranworth or a trip up the Ant as neither not yet done and will be heading back to the boatyard sun evening for handover on Monday. Also just realised there is a holiday tales section which I hadn't spotted when I started this thread please feel free to move it there.
  6. So spent the sat night at Waveney River centre... £10 for the mooring however this included free use of both the shower/toilets and the swimming pool which for 5 people to swim definitely saved us some pennies! Bit worried at the start of the night as a few of the campers appeared to be a bit but "rowdy" however no issues and everyone settled down at a reasonable hour. Here at Beccles currently and although a lovely place, after paying the same price for a mooring fee as the river centre was disappointed to find the toilets not 24 hour as I discovered at 7.30 yesterday evening they were already locked also extra £2 for use of shower (which we haven't paid). My brother and Husband had a little success fishing...mainly perch and my son had his first sailing experience (aged 4) with my dad in the dingy. So a good evening all round. Loving the weather, long may it continue! Plan to head towards Norwich today and to go back through Yarmouth Wednesday Evening. In terms of the boat, so far we have agreed it's the best we have had in terms of layout and no problems so far.Its an old boat so in need of some very minor fixes, these however dont affect the use and a lack of vegetable knife! There has been the occasional "beep" noise which as I lay awake at 4am I suspect to be the fire alarm perhaps needing a new battery. Hope these updates are ok and not to "mundane" it's my first time of writing.
  7. Thanks, may consider the day boat option. Boat seems all good so far nice and roomy for 5 adults, one child and a dog! Likening the layout aswell and yes the engine does seem quiet. We are heading through Yarmouth today and towards Beccles. All going well so far...nearly squashed the dingy when coming out the boatyard yesterday as was quite breezy but since then no hassle. Heading towards Beccles with a planned stop tonight at the Waveney River Centre.
  8. We don't mind basic, more that we were looking at 4 separate cabins prefer to not have to makeup beds everyday.
  9. We do look at them and have hired yachts from them in the past the sleeping arrangements never quite work for us these days unfortunately.
  10. Thankyou, ever had any luck getting it under Potter Bridge? It says its possible at times. We were hoping to go up to Hickling if we could.
  11. Just on our way up to the broads for 10 nights on Jewel of Light from Herbert Woods. Will try and remember to post some daily updates/pictures. Weather looks good, can't wait!.
  12. Never realised this was an issue is it a recent thing or are they more accepting with yacht hiring? I twice went with just me and my dad. First time I was 9 with marthams and second early teens with a hunters yacht. .
  13. Not sure which one yet as my dad sorted the booking. Will find out though. Hopefully issues they have managed to sort through winter and if not hopefully not ones that don' impact a holiday too much.
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