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  1. Springs and Neaps have little recordable effect at Potter. Today's High was approximately 5' 7" and this will drop the normal four inches at this evening's Low. Any effect of a Full moon usually impacts tides at Potter a couple of days later.
  2. Thank you ECIPA. An excellent summary of the situation at these moorings. Problems at our mooring plots are always related to perception of reality. In this instance when the gentleman concerned raised his point, he probably did so because he perceived that you appeared to him to be taking more time than he considered necessary to moor the boat. As ECIPA states, he co-owns the plots and he shares the not inconsiderable costs of keeping them neatly and safely maintained and fully insured. His benefit in return? None. Then you come to the perception of what may be a novice boat h
  3. Mick's boat hire business had two former locations, each on the banks of the River Thurne - one upriver from the bridge and the other downriver.
  4. In fact the Cooke's Staithe postcard dates from between 1910 and 1930. The "A Richardson & Son"on the signage used to own John Williams' yard, but is not related to the current Richardsons of Stalham - nor the Richardsons of Potter Heigham.
  5. Hi Vaughan This postcard of Stalham (Cooke's Staithe) shows the shed in the background with its roof-lights and sliding doors. The shed belonged to the late John Williams
  6. May I suggest this photograph suggests to me John Williams' yard just before Stalham Staithe. I think the two small boatsheds may have gone now. Just a hunch and probably wrong. The memory is not as reliable as once it was.
  7. Despite what the BA website says, may I suggest anyone wishing to pass Potter Bridge after 5 in the afternoon may want to phone ahead to make sure that the pilot is still on duty.
  8. Be careful about making any judgements. Please have in mind that boats spotted may well be making essential journeys. The BA Ranger, far from trying to catch miscreants, was, in fact, escorting Broads Authority lighters and assorted workboats travelling downstream from Heigham Sound. Those 'private boats' travelling the Thurne in the vicinity of Potter Bridge are most probably transporting food, medication or essential supplies to occupiers of riverside properties - bungalows for which there is no road access. In the past several weeks not a single boat has passed our riversid
  9. 12.30 pm and it is Low Water at Potter Bridge and the gauge is reading 5' 9". The river is still ebbing, but, unless the tide is late, within the next half hour or so I would expect to see the gauge reading 5' 6" At HW it will probably be reading 5' 5" - two inches lower than at HW yesterday.
  10. Today's HW at Potter Bridge this afternoon was 5' 3" as indicated by the upriver gauge.
  11. No need to apologise, ST. No offence taken. It can be difficult sometimes to write things down to mean precisely what we mean without creating alternative nuances unintentionally.
  12. ST, snipes such as this do nothing to enhance your reputation. I drive through THAT bridge every day, but haven't "driven a few boats under a bridge" for two decades. As I have stated before, I have no axe to grind. I claim no superior knowledge. If the bridge is sinking, I will suffer more than most as a direct result. You made a claim that the bridge was sinking. All I did was to ask you for the evidence of such. It would be a very strange world we lived in if people made decisions based on what they thought may be true. Come to think of it, given the present state of the nation,
  13. Sorry, MM. The tidal rise and fall at Potter Bridge has been 4" twice daily for the last thirty-odd years. Perhaps once or twice a year the tidal range may be 5" or, just as rarely, no range at all i.e. no drop in water level during the ebb phase before the next flood tide begins.
  14. I thank MM's for his considered intervention. Reference ST's post and the rather naughty reference that I have ever claimed to be an "EXPERT". I have never ever claimed to be an expert, but will readily claim my entitlement to be able to claim local knowledge and my preference to base my own opinions on personal, experiential evidence in the absence of other evidence or data. It is ST who has repeatedly claimed that the bridge is sinking. As soon as he has published the data to show that he has been right all along, I will concede that the bridge is sinking. Until then, I will continu
  15. Sea Gypsy, the pilot may have said one of the bigger boats to go through. From memory, Constellation and Caravelle needed 6' 10" at Potter bridge (Although I think Caravelle may have need an inch less now I come to think of it). There were many boats needing 6' 11" and 7' 0" in the hire fleet - including Broom Admirals - that often passed under the blockage. The stepped sheer Alphas, as we used to call them, all needed 6' 11" (bar one that didn't have a handrail immediately above the side saloon entry) and they frequently got through until my last couple of years when the tides were more of
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