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  1. Monday 19th August Up and about early again but just sat with a cuppa for a while before we got ready to go into town. Checked with Richardson's to make sure we would be ok where we were moored and to make sure we weren't in their way. They are the first boatyard to admit that it is quiet this year, others have said they are busy and loads of boats out when that is not exactly true. Gentle stroll to Tesco's and then through to town for a couple of bits before heading back to the boat. Came to take the mudweight out and it wouldn't budge, even with both of us trying. Had to go and ask someone from Richardson's if they would be able to help. Felt a bit guilty because we are not on one of their boats . One of their chaps came to help and it still took 2 to pull it up. It was certainly not going anywhere! Set off at about 10ish. We had decided we wouldn't go far today and just cruised down to Paddy's Lane moorings which were empty apart from what looks like a liveaboard. Passed Broad Ambition on the way . Had lovely sunny weather one minute then raining the next and then the thunder started! Had a couple of hours there with a few boats coming and going and then a Melody came along with some really loud children (and adults) on board so peace and quiet shattered we headed back in the direction of Stalham and moored at a wild spot for the rest of the afternoon and night. Then the boats started coming through! Always interesting to watch the excitement and anticipation on people's faces on that first cruise out as opposed to the sad and gloomy faces on the way back in to hand the boat back. Lots of kingfishers to see on this stretch. The Richardson's boats continued to flow, the last ones coming tearing through to moor goodness knows where for their first night. We had to shout at one of them to slow down, he carried on at the same breakneck speed and eventually someone on the back of the boat told him to slow down and then shouted to us to apologise. Oh and we saw Goosander again DavidH!! Peace fell again, we could hear a woodpecker but couldn't spot where he was and the kingfishers continued their quest for one last fish!
  2. Sunday 18th August Awake most of the night. We set the alarm to make sure we were awake but needn't have worried. Away from St Olaves about 6:05am and had a very peaceful cruise down to Breydon and across to Yarmouth. From Yarmouth to The Stracey Arms we took it in turns to get showered and sorted whilst the other one was cruising and stopped at Stracey Arms to buy the next Chris Crowther book (I ended up buying two so that with the milk I could pay on my card as it is a minimum of £15 spend and wanted to try and keep the little bit of cash that we had before being able to get some more.. We also stopped there for breakfast which was lovely but very strange to have one dog sat on one's of the tables and the other one walking around the kitchen and the customers. Carrying on we decided to head for Womack Water, one of my all time favourite places anywhere, stopping on route at Acle for water. At the Thurne mouth the heaven's opened but we couldn't get the windscreen shut properly so that was fun ..... Not! By the time we got to Womack it was "what rain?" and the sun was back out. Womack was relatively quiet considering it was a Sunday lunchtime. Walked across to the shop and treated ourselves to a magnum and then wandered and admired all the boats. Left there at about 2pm and were heading down the Ant. More boats about to day which was good to see. The wherry was also out which was great to see along the river. We were looking for a wild mooring spot for the night but most of them were taken or those that were available were too small for Prince. Carried on across Barton Broad where we spotted an otter!! Not quick enough with the camera though. It appeared a couple of minutes later but much further away. We carried on towards Wayford but we were too high for the bridge so turned round and headed towards Stalham. Again the good wild spots were taken but by this time it was about 5:30pm so to be honest would have been very surprised to find one. We moored up at Richardson's on the corner of the far quay in sight of the beautiful boats in the shed! Tomorrow we're thinking a trip into town first for provisions and then maybe just a short cruise somewhere to watch the world go by. PS Saw Thunder today, waved but apologies as no photo. Goosander is moored in Richardson's tonight along with an awfulmlot of their own boats. Business is definitely not booming on the Broads this year!
  3. Saturday 17th August Left Beccles at about 7:25am after being blown about til about 2am. Stopped at Waveney River Centre for water, diesel and a pump out and then round to the visitor moorings so we could use the showers. Lots of people dismantling tents and packing up to go home. Short cruise after to Dutch tea gardens where we stopped for sausage butties. Suitably refreshed we headed off for Oulton Broad. Some stunning properties there to admire and sailing races going on. Boy can they motor!! Some of them were massive and I wonder how do they not topple over? Very impressed with 'Stella' with all the crew in identical attire. Cruised to St Olaves where we had an early finish to the day stopping at about 2:30pm. Had a few lazy hours before two hire boats were trying to moor from opposite ways, the first ones coming in way too fast and not taking into accou t tide or wind. They rammed us as they tried to come in, carried in past, turned round and then whacked us again from the opposite direction. They did apologise but we did make sure we took the boat details in case there was any damage. We went out to help them in (they would never have made it otherwise) and then went to help the second boat in. Back on board for a while before going out to check ropes and mop the decks etc when a line sailor came past asking if could help him moor. This chap must have been mid 70's if he was a day, had no reverse gear and wanted us to just grab him with out hook as he went passed. He seemed surprised when I said we couldn't reach that far from the bank as the tide was really low! We got him to turn round and come into the other end of the moorings where there was actually room for him to fit and room to try and help him. Eventually got him sorted. We asked him for his back rope also which he ummed and Ahmed before he remembered where it was. Once he was on dry land he explained that he was lucky to still be here as he had actually been heading for Yarmouth but after the gales of yesterday he had eventually made it in at Lowestoft. His boat did not river worthy let alone sea worthy. He also admitted on being short on fuel and asked if we would tow him across Breydon the next morning and up the Bure seeing as that's where we were going. I explained that we were only a hire boat and we weren't allowed or insured to do it. (He tried asking another hirer later and got the same answer). I'm not sure he would be able to make it across on his own steam and felt sorry for him but certainly we would not have taken on such a massive responsibility even it had been our own boat. Beautiful sunset tonight 🙂, have a 6am start tomorrow to catch slack water at Yarmouth.
  4. Passed you between Paddy's Lane and Sutton/Stalham turn off. You can spot Broad Ambition a mile off. She looked absolutely beautiful in the sunshine
  5. Is there a quiz tonight?
  6. Kron

    Sad Sight

    Does anyone know the history behind this boat? A real sad sight of what was probably someone's much loved pride and joy
  7. I was wondering that too! I know I'm away but still trying to read posts daily when internet allows. Thought you and Gracie had been quite for a few weeks or so but didn't want to pry! Have you seen the photo I've posted of your boat on my holiday thread?
  8. Friday 16th August Another peaceful night on board, not up quite so early but were still crying by about 7:30am. Back across Rockland Broad which was beautifully serene and up Short Dyke. Carried on from there til Reedham where we had to first wait for the ferry to cross and then the warning light at the bridge to say it would be opening in 3 mins so we held fast til it opened, let the boats through from the other side before preceding on our way. We cruised down or should it be up? The New Cut where we passed Lightening, I didn't have my camera ready so unfortunately only managed a shot from behind, we did wave to whoever was on board. On past Somerleyton where Moonlight Shadow was moored, did manage a photo there and again gave them a wave! We decided to head for the Waveney River Centre (Fair Prince 2 was moored here) for water and showers and then on to Beccles. The intention at Beccles was to moor up, go and get provisions and then head back for a mooring on the river, but the weather had turned again and so we decided we would stop here overnight. Having chatted to the Harbour Master and paid our fees, we walked into town and then to Tesco's before coming back to the boat. Beccles Carnival is this weekend so lots of people are getting geared up and ready. Hope the weather is kind to them. PS Finished my Chris Crowther book this morning
  9. That made me laugh! The skipper's manual still gives those instructions too!
  10. Thank you. It was a sensor that just wasn't connecting properly that we hadn't seen. We checked all sorts of stuff while he was talking us through it over the phone but this was the only thing he didn't mention. Felt sorry for him that we had called him out but he was fine about it and told us to ring back if we had any more problems. We had to call Richardson's out two years ago with a canopy that had come off the rollers on Sunlit Horizon, Richardson's were out pretty quick too. Thankfully that was a quick fix and a common problem according to the engineer!
  11. Thursday 15th August Well what a difference weatherwise to yesterday! Decided to head for Norwich today. Set off about 7:30ish and had the river to ourselves for most of the way. Some parts really pretty and others not so but we had an enjoyable cruise. A bit of excitement at the Yacht Station as they had tree surgeons chopping an overhanging branch from one of the willow trees on the opposite bank and they thought it was going to fall in the river so had phoned the BA to ask them not to let anything pass for a little while. Luckily it wasn't busy! Excitement over we moored up, chatted to the BA chap about what we had planned today and then went to use the station showers. Once sorted we headed off to the Cathedral which we were very impressed with. The Helter Skelter was an interesting addition as was 'Fudge' the Cathedral cat! Having had no breakfast we were really hungry by this point and as the Cathedral Cafe had a queue a mile long we wandered off into Norwich and visited Harriet's for lunch. Food was lovely and service excellent, I can highly recommend them. Afternoon tea looked delicious! Back to the yacht station and filled up with water and started the cruise back. We were undecided as to where to moor tonight. Brammerton Common looked lovely but it was a little early to stop for us. We ended up at Rockland St Mary's. Another lovely mooring and a pleasant evening until we went to close the canopy. It moved about an inch and then stopped. We tried again and nothing. We phoned the out of hours number and the engineer talked us through a few things to try but nothing worked. He would head out to us but would take him about 1.5 hours to ge to us. Good job it's a nice evening! He arrived with us just before 10pm having come from near Cromer! I dread to think what would happen if we were in the middle of nowhere . So now currently sat with a coffee whilst the engineer is trying to suss out what the problem is. Will keep you posted! Will also post more photos tomorrow when we hopefully have a better signal.
  12. Having spoken to the B&B owner again this morning and chatted about his ex-Admiralty Harbour Launch we left at about 8:30am and headed down the Chet to Loddon. We passed more boats and yachts coming out of there this morning than we saw since leaving Yarmouth yesterday! Just had a very gentle cruise, not in any rush at all. Saw a marsh harrier sat minding his own business on a post, but not much wildlife, although when we got to Hardley Flood it looked as though they were all there in abundance. Such a peaceful cruise and just as we approached Pyes Mill Moorings we were greeted by a Kingfisher, our first of this trip. We are now officially on holiday! There were a couple of spaces at Loddon which we were surprised at so moored there for a couple of hours and to fill up with water. One couple were having problems with their boat. They had set off not long after we arrived, but we're back in a few minutes as he had lost his steering. A couple of other boat owners went to offer help and tools. He thought he had fixed it then it developed another issue. I think he said he had a broken propshaft and was waiting for someone coming out to them from Horning. We had a wander and bought a few provisions before heading back to the boat for an early lunch of ham salad rolls as we hadn't yet had breakfast. At that time the weather was absolutely glorious but unfortunately it didn't last long before the rain started. It cleared again and we decided to head off probably for Brundall. The weather turned miserable and by the time we had passed Cantley Factory it was really lousy so decided to see if we could get moored for the rest of the day and night at everyone's nightmare mooring, Langley Dyke. No hire boats down here at all. We have been here a good couple of hours and it has been blowing a gale and persisting it down to say the least. I'm glad we made the decision to stop when we did, it really is miserable out there. Hopefully by morning the weather will have changed! A few photos before the weather turned.
  13. Thank you Jean we will. You're right, I think it's definitely the best part of the day watching the world come to life.
  14. Wednesday 14th August Photo from the back of the boat at 6am this morning
  15. A bit like Coltishall Lock - a dreadful place
  16. Tuesday 13th August Awake at 5am (nothing new there!) and up by 5:30 to make a cuppa. Just had a lazy couple of hours watching the sun come up and reading. I have just started Waterproof by Chris Crowther. Two boats came out of South Walsham broad before we cruised down there. On the 1st moorings there were 3 boats and on the 2nd 4 boats, whilst 5 were mud-weighted on the broad itself. We cruised back up to the river and headed off to Potter Heigham as there were a few bits we needed from Latham's, passing Evening Shadow on the way. We gave the Skipper a wave .We moored in Herbert Woods yard as we needed water and then off to Latham's. We bought a few bits that we really did need and nothing at all that we didn't - some people had packed trolleys full! Sat on the bench near the bridge and had a sausage roll/steak bake and then a quick visit to the tackle shop. Had a wander round the boats for sale, Jay is still for sale so obviously Gracie hasn't started her 'C' shopping yet! Went to suss out the showers and we both can back at the same time saying "I'm not using them!" They weren't very clean at all! Rang the Yacht Station to confirm the tide times before setting off. Not many boats about again, only 3 moored at Thurne Duke and from there to the entrance to the Bure we never saw one boat coming towards us. From there to Upton Duke we overtook one private boat and a hire one passed in the opposite direction. Hellllooooo, where is everyone? On through Acle where there were plenty of moorings available with the exception of outside the pub which were full. Stokesby had plenty of moorings and this was at 1:30pm so I would have thought peak lunchtime for the pub. We stopped at the Stracey Arms to have showers and pass a bit of time before heading to Yarmouth. We had quite a heavy rain shower there so had a mad dash to get the canopy shut and secured. Why is it not just on the rivers, but also on the roads as well that some people seem to have total disregard for the speed limit? These were both hire and private boats and you wonder what they have to gain? Surely travelling at the speed some of them do they miss everything along the way? We thought there was going to be a collision at one point, we were being overtaken by a hire boat who in turn was being overtaken by a private boat, with a poor unsuspecting Richardson's boat coming round the corner. He just seemed to be heading straight for them and never budged an inch. The Richardson's crew were luckily able to take avasive action to avoid him but the amount of wash he produced was ridiculous sending both us and the Richardson's boat all over the shot. We both shrugged our shoulders and said 'why?' Towards Breydon Water we saw several woodies coming back through Yarmouth, including Nipper, a beautiful boat . Breydon Water was also quiet (theme for the week). We were being followed from a distance by 3 boats and only passed 4 coming the other way. We were heading for Reedham but the other 3 must have gone towards Burgh Castle as we didn't see another living sole until almost at Reedham when we passed a private boat coming towards us. Now whilst it is nice to have the river to ourselves for a little while it did feel rather eerie. I did ask at one time if it was definitely August or were we in some kind of time warp! There were a few moorings at Reedham but pootled on down passed the Ferry when we spotted what looked like a private mooring but with no signage other than a very small one for Cockatrice B&B. No do not moor signs. So we moored up and went across to enquire at the B&B. He did say it was private but thanked us for checking and said there were some wild moorings a little further down. We explained that we hadn't wanted to just stop only to be moved on once dark. He chatted whilst walking back to the boat and when he enquired if it was just the two of us he said " I'll tell you what why don't you stay here for the night if I charge you to moor". We agreed, it wasn't worth the hassle of untying and mooring again further down river. He checked we had all the facilities on board we would need and wished us a peaceful evening. This was a cracking spot. We had steak for tea and relaxed with a beer whilst watching the sun go down. All was peaceful until 8:35pm when a Richardson's boat came out of the Ferry moorings, tearing down the river with lads dancing on the front. The last we saw of them they were disappearing round the next bend going backwards. Again I ask the question 'Why?' Photos were taken at 6am this morning.
  17. They are building one in the shed at the minute.
  18. Great photos and video as usual Jean!
  19. We're on 1 and yes an electric canopy. So much easier than winding the handle.
  20. We definitely will be doing. Sounds like our sort of spot!
  21. To say we have been looking forward to this holiday would be an understatement. We booked right at the beginning of September last year and at the time due to my work was tied to holidays in school holidays only. We have been on the Broads at peak time in August a couple of times so know it can get busy, had we have had a choice we would have holidayed in June or September. Next year we will have better options available being able to take time off not at peak times! Anyway, I digress, we have been on countdown for what seems like an eternity and finally the time was upon us. We packed the car up last night with just last minute stuff to pack this morning. We left home at 8:45am and traffic was not too bad. It was reasonably quiet on the A1, we did our usual bypass of the Newark turn off and came off at Coddington before turning on to the A17. Unfortunately we got stuck two cars behind a young lady doing at maximum 40mph in a 60 limit for a little way before we managed to get passed, then apart from the occasional tractor, which to be fair one pulled into a lay-by, one turned right and the other kept well into the left we had a fairly decent run. We didn't stop at Benny's for breakfast as neither of us were ready for a pit-stop, so carried on and pulled up into Faircraft's car park at 11:45am. Let reception know that we had arrived (early) and that we were heading off for something to eat and a bit of shopping. They said the boat was nearly ready and would ring as soon as it was. We were going to have a quick McDonald's but it was rammed so opted for a portion of fish and chips between us and sat at the bridge watching the world go by. Although they looked and smelt really good I have to say I have tasted much better! Off to Roy's for a few bits when Diane phoned to say the boat was ready. Back to the boatyard, unpacked the masses of bags etc (does everyone pack too much, or is it just me?), handover done and headed off just before 2pm. Can't believe how quiet the river is. Apart from dayboats there wasn't much about at all. Salhouse looked quiet and even Horning was. Cockshoot had spaces but we were put off by the private boat on the entrance. Now I know that people do their washing and hang it out on their boats but grundies and all? And not particularly clean ones at that . Would have out me right off my tea! I apologise if any of you were the said owner but ....... We past Gooseander and gave them a wave David . Headed towards Ranworth, plenty of spaces on the island and one on the staithe, but someone was fishing there and we didn't want to spoil it for them. There's plenty of time on this trip so will come back another day. What was really perculiar was that no-one was mud-weighted on the broad, not a sole! Like I said it seems very quiet - eerily so. Carried on towards South Walsham and moored on of the wild spots on Fleet Dyke. Absolute peace and quiet, not a sound to be heard apart from the occasional aircraft and about half a dozen boats. Oh and we heard a dog bark in the distance, just once! Off now to make some tea and enjoy our first night afloat this trip. Tomorrow we are heading south. This will be the first time for us although we have been on the northern broads many times. More tomorrow ....
  22. Oh dear, hope everyone was ok!
  23. Great photos, thanks for posting them!
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