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  1. Gorgeous photos. Definitely a competition contender in there!
  2. You've most definitely got the bug ...... you'll be back, of that I am certain!
  3. Gorgeous! Glad you've had a great day.
  4. Congratulations to the Happy Couple, hope you all have a fantastic day!
  5. Kron

    Pastures New

    It was packed when we walked past! Always a good sign.
  6. Kron

    Pastures New

    We went to Liberty's in Wroxham on Thursday. Not cheap but both food and service was excellent.
  7. Thinking is my tablet that is way too full of photos ..... Oops!
  8. Thursday 22nd August Think we both had too much sun yesterday as we both got up feeling really rough this morning so just had a very slow and steady cruise back to Wroxham, rewarded again by another otter sighting making that 5 in total this holiday. Back through the bridge with Pat this time and moored back in the boatyard while we had a leisurely stroll through Wroxham before bacon butties and back on the river. We cruised very gently towards Salhouse where we just went in for a nosey before mud-weighting on Hoveton Broad for a few hours of chilling. We chatted about all the places we had been this holiday. We decided that as it was our last night we would go out for a meal so we showered and changed before starting the cruise back to the boatyard at about 6pm. Normally that last cruise is a sad affair but we were both ready to get home to our own bed etc so just enjoyed the peace and tranquility of our surroundings with hardly another boat on the river. We were going to go to either the Bridge at Acle or the Swan at Stalham but in the end went to Liberty's in Wroxham where we had a very enjoyable meal. A lovely way to finish our holiday.
  9. Wednesday 21st August Up early as usual leaving Cockshoot at 7am and travelling at 2.5 mph on a gorgeous sunny morning. There was a fisherman just a little further up the river and as we were coming towards him I waved and said good morning before thinking "that's odd, his rod is one way and he's looking the other way. Maybe he has two rods out" when he shouted across to us. I didn't hear what he said so he repeated it "have you seen the otters, look they're fighting" and pointed towards where they were and sure enough there they were squabbling just like teenagers! One of them carried on swimming to the side of us towards Horning, diving down then coming back up, across someone's garden, back into the river for quite away before disappearing into the dyke at the side of Ferry Marina. Coming into Horning there was a space at the staithe! Although we were in no way ready to stop already we weren't going to turn down this opportunity so turned in to moor. Chaps on either side of us came to take the ropes to help us in. Chatting to one of them about the otters when we spotted a newt on our boat, more or less at the same time the other one shouted across "have you seen the balloon?" It was just going up, then started to come down before making better progress the second time. It all happens in Horning! We decided to make breakfast while we were there before taking out the rubbish and eying up all the river rental properties available in the agents window and having a meander past the shops before getting back on board and heading to Hoveton, then on to Wroxham. Had showers then walked into Wroxham stopping on the way to speak to Neil the pilot about whether he would be able to get us through the bridge. He told us if we did want to go through we would need to do it in the next hour or the levels would be too high. So instead of a leisurely stroll around Wroxham we just nipped to Roy's for bread and milk before getting back on board and round to the pilot mooring. Through the bridge with plenty to spare, dropped Neil off on the next boat and then carried on down the river through Belaugh, Coltishall Common (which was very quiet) and on to the Lock. Now, I would like to know whom it is that has been spreading vicious rumours about this place but when we got there there was already two boats moored and lots of people on the bank just enjoying the sunshine. After about an hour and a half the rowdy lot left and were replaced later by a family with a gorgeous golden retriever on board. Very peaceful and quiet now.
  10. Tuesday 20th August Up bright and early as usual leaving our wild mooring spot (photo 2) Down Paddy's Lane and then onto Barton Broad which apart from a couple of boats mud-weighted we had the broad to ourselves. Spotted the otter just on the way out of the broad so turned round and went back but he was long gone. Through Instead at about 2.5mph, so peaceful! At How Hill it was packed with Richardson's boats. Stopped at Ludham for water. helped a couple of boats in and chatted to a chap on Swan Roamer (I think) and he was asking what we thought of the boat as they had looked at possibly hiring this one next time. Plan A was to head for Ranworth. There was one of the Bridgecraft boats struggling to get Indian the side. Someone was trying to talk him through what to do and I. The end I think he got on their boat and did it for them. While we were patiently waiting another boat came out so we moored in that spot. Thunder was moored next but one and once we were moored we saw there we a few more spaces left down the side. Walked to St Helen's Church, definitely well worth a visit and then the Nature Reserve before going back to the boat for some lunch. The boat next to us had gone and a day boat in it's place. Another dayboat came in way too fas in reverse to try and bag the spot and hit us, they then pulled forward and bashed us again! If he had room his time there was plenty of space but he was doing it like he would have done with his car. The next plan was to head to Cockshoot Broad. We arrived there at about 3:30pm, plenty of space although most of them went within the next coup!e of hours. Helped some other boats in. Quite noticeable this year how many are first timers. A good spot for people/boat watching. We were having Hunter's Chicken/Roast Chicken, potatoes and veg for tea, just about to dish up when we spotted a hoared (not sure of the correct term) of flying ant and the top of the boat so spent the next 20 mins trying to get rid of them! Having problems uploading photos so just a couple for now
  11. That's exactly what we said, we knew what to do if we could have gone backwards!
  12. Monday 19th August Up and about early again but just sat with a cuppa for a while before we got ready to go into town. Checked with Richardson's to make sure we would be ok where we were moored and to make sure we weren't in their way. They are the first boatyard to admit that it is quiet this year, others have said they are busy and loads of boats out when that is not exactly true. Gentle stroll to Tesco's and then through to town for a couple of bits before heading back to the boat. Came to take the mudweight out and it wouldn't budge, even with both of us trying. Had to go and ask someone from Richardson's if they would be able to help. Felt a bit guilty because we are not on one of their boats . One of their chaps came to help and it still took 2 to pull it up. It was certainly not going anywhere! Set off at about 10ish. We had decided we wouldn't go far today and just cruised down to Paddy's Lane moorings which were empty apart from what looks like a liveaboard. Passed Broad Ambition on the way . Had lovely sunny weather one minute then raining the next and then the thunder started! Had a couple of hours there with a few boats coming and going and then a Melody came along with some really loud children (and adults) on board so peace and quiet shattered we headed back in the direction of Stalham and moored at a wild spot for the rest of the afternoon and night. Then the boats started coming through! Always interesting to watch the excitement and anticipation on people's faces on that first cruise out as opposed to the sad and gloomy faces on the way back in to hand the boat back. Lots of kingfishers to see on this stretch. The Richardson's boats continued to flow, the last ones coming tearing through to moor goodness knows where for their first night. We had to shout at one of them to slow down, he carried on at the same breakneck speed and eventually someone on the back of the boat told him to slow down and then shouted to us to apologise. Oh and we saw Goosander again DavidH!! Peace fell again, we could hear a woodpecker but couldn't spot where he was and the kingfishers continued their quest for one last fish!
  13. Sunday 18th August Awake most of the night. We set the alarm to make sure we were awake but needn't have worried. Away from St Olaves about 6:05am and had a very peaceful cruise down to Breydon and across to Yarmouth. From Yarmouth to The Stracey Arms we took it in turns to get showered and sorted whilst the other one was cruising and stopped at Stracey Arms to buy the next Chris Crowther book (I ended up buying two so that with the milk I could pay on my card as it is a minimum of £15 spend and wanted to try and keep the little bit of cash that we had before being able to get some more.. We also stopped there for breakfast which was lovely but very strange to have one dog sat on one's of the tables and the other one walking around the kitchen and the customers. Carrying on we decided to head for Womack Water, one of my all time favourite places anywhere, stopping on route at Acle for water. At the Thurne mouth the heaven's opened but we couldn't get the windscreen shut properly so that was fun ..... Not! By the time we got to Womack it was "what rain?" and the sun was back out. Womack was relatively quiet considering it was a Sunday lunchtime. Walked across to the shop and treated ourselves to a magnum and then wandered and admired all the boats. Left there at about 2pm and were heading down the Ant. More boats about to day which was good to see. The wherry was also out which was great to see along the river. We were looking for a wild mooring spot for the night but most of them were taken or those that were available were too small for Prince. Carried on across Barton Broad where we spotted an otter!! Not quick enough with the camera though. It appeared a couple of minutes later but much further away. We carried on towards Wayford but we were too high for the bridge so turned round and headed towards Stalham. Again the good wild spots were taken but by this time it was about 5:30pm so to be honest would have been very surprised to find one. We moored up at Richardson's on the corner of the far quay in sight of the beautiful boats in the shed! Tomorrow we're thinking a trip into town first for provisions and then maybe just a short cruise somewhere to watch the world go by. PS Saw Thunder today, waved but apologies as no photo. Goosander is moored in Richardson's tonight along with an awfulmlot of their own boats. Business is definitely not booming on the Broads this year!
  14. Saturday 17th August Left Beccles at about 7:25am after being blown about til about 2am. Stopped at Waveney River Centre for water, diesel and a pump out and then round to the visitor moorings so we could use the showers. Lots of people dismantling tents and packing up to go home. Short cruise after to Dutch tea gardens where we stopped for sausage butties. Suitably refreshed we headed off for Oulton Broad. Some stunning properties there to admire and sailing races going on. Boy can they motor!! Some of them were massive and I wonder how do they not topple over? Very impressed with 'Stella' with all the crew in identical attire. Cruised to St Olaves where we had an early finish to the day stopping at about 2:30pm. Had a few lazy hours before two hire boats were trying to moor from opposite ways, the first ones coming in way too fast and not taking into accou t tide or wind. They rammed us as they tried to come in, carried in past, turned round and then whacked us again from the opposite direction. They did apologise but we did make sure we took the boat details in case there was any damage. We went out to help them in (they would never have made it otherwise) and then went to help the second boat in. Back on board for a while before going out to check ropes and mop the decks etc when a line sailor came past asking if could help him moor. This chap must have been mid 70's if he was a day, had no reverse gear and wanted us to just grab him with out hook as he went passed. He seemed surprised when I said we couldn't reach that far from the bank as the tide was really low! We got him to turn round and come into the other end of the moorings where there was actually room for him to fit and room to try and help him. Eventually got him sorted. We asked him for his back rope also which he ummed and Ahmed before he remembered where it was. Once he was on dry land he explained that he was lucky to still be here as he had actually been heading for Yarmouth but after the gales of yesterday he had eventually made it in at Lowestoft. His boat did not river worthy let alone sea worthy. He also admitted on being short on fuel and asked if we would tow him across Breydon the next morning and up the Bure seeing as that's where we were going. I explained that we were only a hire boat and we weren't allowed or insured to do it. (He tried asking another hirer later and got the same answer). I'm not sure he would be able to make it across on his own steam and felt sorry for him but certainly we would not have taken on such a massive responsibility even it had been our own boat. Beautiful sunset tonight 🙂, have a 6am start tomorrow to catch slack water at Yarmouth.
  15. Passed you between Paddy's Lane and Sutton/Stalham turn off. You can spot Broad Ambition a mile off. She looked absolutely beautiful in the sunshine
  16. Is there a quiz tonight?
  17. Kron

    Sad Sight

    Does anyone know the history behind this boat? A real sad sight of what was probably someone's much loved pride and joy
  18. I was wondering that too! I know I'm away but still trying to read posts daily when internet allows. Thought you and Gracie had been quite for a few weeks or so but didn't want to pry! Have you seen the photo I've posted of your boat on my holiday thread?
  19. Friday 16th August Another peaceful night on board, not up quite so early but were still crying by about 7:30am. Back across Rockland Broad which was beautifully serene and up Short Dyke. Carried on from there til Reedham where we had to first wait for the ferry to cross and then the warning light at the bridge to say it would be opening in 3 mins so we held fast til it opened, let the boats through from the other side before preceding on our way. We cruised down or should it be up? The New Cut where we passed Lightening, I didn't have my camera ready so unfortunately only managed a shot from behind, we did wave to whoever was on board. On past Somerleyton where Moonlight Shadow was moored, did manage a photo there and again gave them a wave! We decided to head for the Waveney River Centre (Fair Prince 2 was moored here) for water and showers and then on to Beccles. The intention at Beccles was to moor up, go and get provisions and then head back for a mooring on the river, but the weather had turned again and so we decided we would stop here overnight. Having chatted to the Harbour Master and paid our fees, we walked into town and then to Tesco's before coming back to the boat. Beccles Carnival is this weekend so lots of people are getting geared up and ready. Hope the weather is kind to them. PS Finished my Chris Crowther book this morning
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