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    Boating And Drinking

    6 hours ago, BroadAmbition said: What I’m trying to say is each to their own in moderation, however we all have differing ideas of what is moderate, which is fine and dandy by me  Griff Good advice, Because as soon as I read about the "evils of drinking"................... I gave up reading
  2. CB18

    Best Route To Sea

    There is plenty of sensible advice here but I would every time go from Lowestoft. GY is good if going North but Lowestoft is better if going South. Both have Two obstacles to pass so neither is better on that point just that Lowestoft is One hour less to traval at sea. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is not river flow but sea tidal current. Prior to moving to Shotley we were moored at Brundall for 8 years and have done this passage on numerous occasions. 9 times out of 10 we departed from Lowestoft and always tried to get the tidal push. groova asked for advice on best strategy so I chuck in my pennies worth. First decide on the ideal date to travel then check the time of HW lowestoft. Deduct 4 hours ( HW -4 ) that is the time the South going stream will commence off Lowestoft. If you are only going as far as the Harwich area a good easy place to enter and stay is Shotley Marina. I'm not sure of the speed of your boat but assuming 10 kts its going to take you 4 hours + to get to Harwich. That is OK because the North going stream does not start until HW Harwich which will be 6 hours after the best time to leave Lowestoft. The following day Harwich to Ramsgate is also quite straight forward either via the outer or inner routes. If going inner then perhaps a call into Chatham for a night and then along the coast to Ramsgate. If using an out side the sand banks route then straight to Ramsgate would not be a problem. Depending on the time of day when leaving Lowestoft then perhaps a night at Oulton broad yacht station is a good place to stay. The lock can be booked the day before and the staff will help you decide on the best time to go through which will co-inside with the opening time of both the rail and road bridges. If you do not want the hassle on the day of departure then stay at the RN&S YC or Haven Marina both are on the sea side or all the bridges and you can depart from them at any time. Hope this is of some assistance. Dave.

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