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  1. That’s a point... Did you just get lost Mr Fire and stumble upon the beach? Next you’ll be trying to tell us you just love the feel of sand between your toes and the sound of the waves as opposed to the juke box in the Kings Arms...
  2. Many congrats family Griff- she’s a little peach! I wish you all many, many happy hours with her in the future. Mrs G and the grandkids will be beside themselves with her! She won’t ever fill the hole that Macie dog left, but I think Purdey is going to do a grand job at making that hole seems less enormous...what a grand little successor!
  3. Hope all goes well with Purdey...can’t wait to see more pics of the new Griffpup
  4. Sorry to hear about your back, hope it feels better soon. A trip out along the coast is a great tip- I bit of a stroll along the beach if you can might do you the world of good keeping your back mobile. I love walking on Winterton beach....it’s favourite of mine
  5. He is not the Messiah, he is a very naughty boy...
  6. Well there you are, if Queen Jean says the mooring was good, then it’s official- she’s not the kind of lady who gives faint praise!
  7. I hope the op goes really well Ian, and that you are back on your feet quickly. I’m sure it feels a bit quick given the early op date, but I’m sure less time to dwell will be no bad thing. Hopefully you will be well, and it’ll be a past memory by Christmas time. Will be thinking of you and your family over the next couple of weeks.
  8. Glenn Lowman- Aquaspark- he did my out of water survey for insurance, really nice chap and had the written report emailed to me within a few days.
  9. Me? Doing it on purpose? No...never Oopsie Not sure what happened...Moorers party? But I only park up?
  10. So glad to hear that- you’ll be an old hand offering advice to others in no time! I do hope you relax and enjoy the rest of your time!
  11. Check you out.....as if you’d know....your better with the driving/parking advice me thinks Im yet to be convinced you know how to use the washing machine at home, let alone somewhere else...
  12. Just catching up PaulMargaret... Ive used the launderette in wroxham lots (kids ). Just turn up- Lesley who runs it is lovely- she will sort you out. You only need pound coins and 50ps, but you can get change from her, and if you’d rather take your own powder you can, if not you can get some from Lesley for a small charge. If you’ve got one normal sized load, and you want to wash and properly tumble dry, it’ll be about £7.50....about 35 mins washing, another 45 mins for drying.... Hope that helps Oh dear...the nonsense I know....
  13. Scare the neighbours?
  14. Latham’s would be your best bet if you’ve not already left PH, if you are already en route to Acle then I think there is a diy shop there- wilkersons I think?- which may have hot water bottles, and I’m sure I’ve seen some basic bits like that in the budgens store in Acle too. Not sure about you getting quilts or blankets there though. Failing that, you would definitely get sorted at Roy’s in wroxham or the factory shop in Stalham, but then you’d be going back on yourself so quicker to just pop back to PH no doubt. Defo check the heater vents, and Grace is quite right- cuddling up a
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