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  1. Ah I’m glad you got to Winterton, it’s so lovely. My favourite bit of coast I think
  2. That made me laugh, thanks- much needed at the mo!
  3. Sounds like this is the litter for you Griff, and Purdey is amongst that pile of puppies. I’m sure that the grandchildren will soon be happy again after the last disappointment, and losing Macie. Those pics Little Purdey will have been worth the wait I’m sure!
  4. I think I’d describe it as blowing a hoolie today
  5. Lovely to see you back on the water- congrats on the purchase- she looks lovely in those pics Will give you a wave if I spot you out Im guessing someone has already notified the broadbands establishments to increase their stock levels now you’ll be about more often??
  6. Silica bags are available from amazon- various sizes and what not. I got a couple of large ones a few years ago for in the car - it’s a rag top so I wanted to be sure nothing was amiss- something like these work a treat. They come out of the outer bag, put them in your oven on low for a couple of hours every few months and they are as good as new. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Seal-Products-Damp-Eater-anti-humidity/dp/B00AZZB5UY/ref=mp_s_a_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=silica+bags+for+moisture&qid=1597084284&sprefix=silica+bags&sr=8-7 Good luck MM!
  7. Many congratulations Mr & Mrs Peters- hope you had a wonderful day together!
  8. I’m sure she will take it all in her stride- really sensible to give her time to settle by the sound of it. Lots of time for boating in the future with her
  9. And welcome to the forum Danni- I’m sure you’ll have Ray around your paw in no time. Has Danni been out on the boat yet-Getting a bit of wind in the fur??
  10. Welcome to the world Purdey, dog mum certainly looks pleased with herself. Prices are eye watering, but Ray is spot on- she will be priceless...
  11. Congratulations! Have a wonderful day (and honeymoon)!
  12. Oooh- that was a bit mean....certainly not! Hic
  13. Well....I’m guessing that tonight is Jays last night with Shadow. I think lots of us have seen just how much he has enjoyed his time with her, so I hope he is ensuring that his fond memories are resolutely in place for the future. Good luck Jay, with whatever the future holds and thanks for sharing the tales And so many congrats to the new shareholders, I’m sure you are both soooo excited
  14. Love the pics Jay- what a lovely part of the river
  15. Sounds lovely, and what timing! The weather for the next couple of weeks is looking pretty good save for a hiccup on Monday, enjoy your time family Griff
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