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  1. Shocked that so many are interested in my boat booking experience but thank you . I don't know all the rules , from some comments several are boat owners and know a damm site more than me. I don't get the insurance thing but from a person who just likes getting on a boat and live the dream for a week imagining its 'mine' , it seems like discrimination . . In the school I went to they hired 3 or 4 boats with a teacher and 5 kids on each . What fun we had . Suppose thats not allowed now. Well we are booked on the canal now . But cheers everyone .
  2. Good evening I have been advised that single parents with children can no longer hire a broads boat . We are having a family cruise and my cousin was going to join us with his kids on a seperate boat . he is a widow with 2 boys . He has been advised that due to insurance he cannot hire . we are now going to book canal boats as the boatyard said ' no problem'. . we thougth the broads would be easier 3 boats 3 families but not so . anyway we have got a good deal for the 3 canal boats , now got to learn about locks for the spring.
  3. good reading. Difficult times when motion sickness kicks you. Drink plenty of water lads .
  4. no boat that weekend , but might drive over to meet all. depends on work etc.
  5. Hi everyone , Just joined. Currently living in Chedgrave , love boats , kayaks . Hope to be about on the rivers this year . So much here to read , this is going to keep me busy browsing
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