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  1. That does sound like a night to remember, we were lucky in that there were no canopies on the boat and Loddon is quite tucked away.
  2. Yes pretty hairy, remember driving towards the A11 out of Norwich and it seemed like every tree was laying by the side of the road. Luckily all the trees in Loddon were swaying in the wind but staying upright.
  3. After putting a post on the Independence thread that I had had a few weeks on the Broads over the last 25 years I thought about the dates, soon realised that it is actually 30 years since that first night and it is easily remembered. October 87 and that storm, we got on board our new boat at Bells yard Brundall and decided to have our first night at Loddon under the trees moored stern to. Up in the night tightening ropes with blue lights flashing in the distance. No way that anyone was going to sleep. Let's just say it is not easily forgotten, pre mobile phones we thought it was confined to Norfolk. It was only when we returned home to Watford 3 or 4 days later that we realised how bad it had been. Neil
  4. Thanks for all the welcomes, have been following Robin on Motor Boat forum and as someone that has spent a few happy weeks on the Broads over the past 25 years thought it would be interesting to look in so to speak, Neil
  5. Robin, don't rule out dehumidifiers, the cost to run is minimal and they keep the boat dry and welcoming, nothing worse than damp and cold upholstery and bedding when you have not been on board for a few weeks. I would not have a boat without one, Neil
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