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  1. Do I sense a bit of 'chest-beating' there JF!
  2. I put the box, containing 12, in the fridge when we got back last night. I had one of the ones that I'd got two of, a milk chocolate coated Rocky Road, just after lunch today. Ladies, if you want something that is BETTER than sex, try one of these Lind xx
  3. Guess what? I've got another batch of chocolates from The Ferry Inn at Stokesby. According to the barstaff they are selling really well, plus I personally think they are sooooo yummy
  4. OK, so exactly where are you marching now?
  5. I get the impression that when one batch is all sold, she gets on making another. When the landlady comes back down, I'll ask her what all the nine types are. I know there's an Eton Mess and a salted caramel coated with crumbled Biscoff biscuit...the rest I'll ask xx
  6. Look what I've found and what Mr N bought me as a late Valentine/early birthday pressie! The landlady makes them from scratch and they are gorgeous
  7. I bought all three pairs, Grace (by the way, happy birthday honey xx) one pair is the twin of a pair that I got in Norwich in December, but half the price. The other two are a bit of mish-mash. Patent leather black court shoes and black leather summer wedges. Absolute bargains
  8. Happy New Year folks In our local at the moment, enjoying the company xx
  9. D'ya know, I've just been told that all of this recent stuff is going on without my knowledge Ok, yes I've just acquired two pairs of black shoes and two pairs of dark green shoes (to go with a dark green Radley bag, Grace). However, a lady can never have enough pairs of shoes, matching handbags, knickers, bras, hold ups, perfume.......my goodness, the list is endless!
  10. Think I've found what I asked you guys about It's a brand called Look What We Found https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.lookwhatwefound.co.uk/&ved=2ahUKEwjd8JqvxLDfAhXUqHEKHamMAZcQFjAAegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw3QyiiI0OyePD8TRmSBBq9w But they don't do as many different things as they did a few years ago. Anyway, at least I know where to get them from now Hope you all have a good one xx
  11. Tell you what, that doesn't sound bad. I could go with that. Quick, nutritious, especially if I added some sliced chicken breast xx
  12. OK, now I dooooo need to ask a serious question, even though I've been laughing my backside off with some of your comments. Can anyone remember (possibly for sale in Roys supermarket in Wroxham, but elsewhere too) a series of pouch meals made so you can either microwave them or boil them in the bag? We can remember buying a beef in red wine one, there was a lamb one, a chicken one, but we've never seen them again. Believe me, when we needed something to "tempt a jaded palate" they would have been excellent Help? Advice? Xx
  13. No, you're not imagining the "lack of meat".....this is why I also oven baked an extremely large burger.......just in case!
  14. Ready meals on a boat? Been reading the thread with great interest and a lot of giggles Trouble with us is that we don't drive, so as much as I would love to pre-prepare and freeze "stuff", by the time we got to the boat it would be ruined as we have at least one night in Norwich beforehand. Anyway, Mr N 's appetite has been really rubbish this week, with his tooth problem and the fact that our holiday is coming to an end, so he asked me to get "something that would tempt a jaded palate" the other day. I got a frozen pepperoni pizza and a Fray Bentos tinned steak and kidney pie (yes, I know, it's possibly the lowest of the low, but it worked) from the shop at Reedham. Along with those, I got a packet of frozen veggie fingers for me, which to be honest, were really nice. Anything quick and nutritious is fantastic on a boat where A) you've got limited facilities, B) you're on holiday and C) you really can't be a*%ed to cook
  15. Delilah

    Low Tide

    Somerleyton indeed Jean as V and JF spotted Don't tell the BA but we moored stern on to a safety ladder and climbed up
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