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  1. Delilah

    Water Levels Todaydec10th

    Yes, very high today! As Poppy says down to wind
  2. Delilah

    A Winters Tale

    Sorry, JF.....have better fish to fry atm. Norwich pubs await Mr Nog's attention xx
  3. Delilah

    A Winters Tale

    Warning, this post may content sarcasm, and may not have been intended to be taken seriously"
  4. Delilah

    A Winters Tale

    I thought of this person, but then I realised that you have him as your Christmas avatar. At least you're honest, JF Dxxx
  5. Delilah

    A Winters Tale

    I haven't a ruddy clue what you're Tolkien about, JF. What exactly were the fumes from the liveaboard, hmmmmm? Dxx
  6. Delilah

    Playstation 2

    I only meant weaker half in terms of how the female half of a relationship is inferior in every way to the male half Jayfire - NBN equality champion A bit a preying mantis? And I don't think that it's the only female of the species that eats the male counterpart after sex...... Hi Helen xx
  7. Delilah

    My Day

    Our day Setting up a new 3 account (mobile broadband) for our friend in a nursing home who has just bought a Sonos Beam, a smart TV and an Amazon Firestick, all with Alexa built in as he now cannot move anything below his neck. That's been a real challenge....but we've done it because we love him and if we hadn't done it, no-one else would D xx
  8. Delilah

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Suspenders? Personally, I find hold-ups a lot more user friendly.....
  9. Delilah

    Stern Only

    Only if you're a VERY good fireman....
  10. Delilah

    Stern Only

    Just trying it all on now...........
  11. Delilah

    Stern Only

    I wouldn't go saying that, JF. Been shopping for something for the hols...
  12. Delilah

    Winter Cruising

    ...and then take another 60% off. I take it NN'S told you that we've been with them in February several times? Anyway, get back to concentrating on Firefighting stuff! Your mind should be elsewhere, not back on Shadow...
  13. Delilah

    An Autumnal Tale

    The White Horse at Neatishead perhaps, my very sensitive friend? Xx
  14. Delilah

    An Autumnal Tale

    What hasn't? What are you blathering on about? Lusting? I'm going to take the 5th and speak to Grace....
  15. Delilah

    An Autumnal Tale

    No, I think he's folically challenged too, but of course, that doesn't mean you....xx

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