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  1. Delilah


    Not a bad likeness, JF, but my hair is titian. Whats with the strawberries and cream? Dare I ask?
  2. Delilah


    I would never, ever, wear white stiletto's or have a white handbag. I possess neither. However, whatever you want to wear is fine with me....
  3. Delilah


    That's definitely talk from someone who lives too far away from me, to give them a good spanking... In the stiletto boots, with the whip...
  4. Delilah


    Embarrassingly enough, there are pairs that I haven't worn too and several pairs of boots that are still in boxes! Not that I've got a footwear fetish, of course. Heaven forbid!
  5. Or this one? Taken from the back of the boat, just going into Thorpe xx
  6. Delilah

    A Spring Tale

    I hope that you were saying pussycats?
  7. Delilah

    A Spring Tale

    You know when something happens and you end up in the Divorce Court? This is probably one of those times. I'm sure that Grace doesn't "sit all day and files her nails and twizzle her hair " and neither do I. Will be having stern words with my current (at the moment) better half...
  8. Delilah

    A Spring Tale

    20/20 vision in my left eye, Grace. Can't be a bad thing...been wearing specs since I was 13. Anyway, enough about that. How are you? Everything OK at yours? D xxx
  9. Delilah

    A Spring Tale

    That once happened to us, in a really busy beer garden. We were both sitting on the same side...glad nobody videoed it as we could have been headlining "You've Been Framed". How embarrassing...
  10. Delilah

    A Spring Tale

    Reedcutter, JF? ((ok, I'm wrong with the guess, but thank GOODNESS you're back as JF...XX) I'm fine, thank you for even asking tho, considering you have "something" going on from your side, but it's got nothing to do with me.... There are two of us, both covering whenever one of us goes off so... Holiday. 1 day at work. Bank Holiday. Then op....My day was hitting the ground running. So it's been "busy" xx
  11. Delilah

    A Spring Tale

    Why are you named 'Blank' JF? Confused, Yorkshire xx
  12. Delilah

    A Spring Tale

    Not major surgery, JF. I had a 'young person's' cataract removed and now have 20/20 vision in my left eye. Back at work tomorrow, but thought that we would make a day of it. Hoppy beers a go-go, for Mr N......but if you feel like offering your assistance to a poor distressed female, for God's sake keep it to yourself. If Grace finds out, we're both dead......xx
  13. Delilah

    A Spring Tale

    We're in Huddersfield, JF. Recovering after the op that I had last Wednesday. Cantley, Reedcutter? Xx
  14. Delilah

    Silverline Wisper

    Can I add my two penneth here as well? We have heard some strange stories from boatyard owners about people (not dogs or any other pets) leaving the boat's in an absolutely TERRIBLE state, so much so that the boat had to be "deep cleaned".... It's not the fault of the pet, not all of the time! Xx

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