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  1. Aristotle

    Tally Ho Restoration Films

    Oh no .... I see what you mean now Clearly the term "risk averse" doesn't feature in his lexicon ......
  2. Aristotle

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    I think no 1 has a feel of a Saxon great hall - it's OK but like all three, not really in keeping with the environment. Criticising the architects is wrong however - after all, according to the article, there were 95 entries received before the deadline, we don't know what the other 92 were like! We should be directing our comments at whoever shortlisted these three, somewhere in the 92 rejections may be some very good designs much closer to what many of us think would be appropriate!
  3. Aristotle

    Tally Ho Restoration Films

    Just watched the first two episodes - abs fascinating! Glad to see he remembered to wear gloves and ear defenders when using the chainsaw ! As someone who has had some chainsaw training it gave me shivers to watch him up the tree ... and those props look a bit minimalist ..... I think my risk aversion is beginning to show .....
  4. Aristotle


    from me and Mrs Aristotle.
  5. Aristotle

    New Member

  6. Aristotle

    No. 1 When You Were Born...

    Oh dear Oh dear: It's Jimmy Young - The Man from Laramie
  7. Aristotle

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    As Mrs Aristotle is often heard to say - we must make the most of opportunities that present themselves because these times may not come again. On the other hand, I'm not sure I agree that : because I spend a lot of time thinking how lucky I am to be where I am and trying to find ways of not having to be somewhere else .
  8. Aristotle

    Countryfile Sunday 22nd April

    It's all gone downhill since "Out of Town" with Jack Hargreaves. And such a good theme tune as well - the sun is a big yellow duster polishing up the sky ......
  9. Aristotle

    Old Broads Boats

    Strangely enough I have to go up into the loft this afternoon to find my fleece and waterproofs ready for my trip to Norfolk in a couple of weeks .
  10. Aristotle

    Old Broads Boats

    I have a copy of this postcard which I bought at the end of my first Broads holiday - we hired Delight X for a week in May 1964. I've still got a few photos from that holiday somewhere - think it might mean a trip to the loft!
  11. Aristotle

    Kenmure The Continuing Restoration

    I apologise for the delay in posting the next instalment – this is largely for two reasons: Firstly, we’ve been hit by a spell of good weather so my attentions have been diverted elsewhere; secondly, this instalment is mainly photos, and choosing the right pictures is a lot harder than just writing about them! Anyway –here we go: Cox’s work So just to recap – the work to be undertaken by Cox’s was the elimination of anything rotten (keel, planking, frames) new bent oak ribs, cove line etc. I’ve already described work on the new keel so the next photo shows the stripped out interior before work started: The next photo shows new ribs and two new laminated frames: Actually this picture is a bit out of sequence because it was taken after the starboard planking was completed. After addressing the framing and the keel, next came planking: The majority of the existing planking appeared to be larch but we decided on mahogany because (as Polly has posted) getting hold of good quality larch in quantity is difficult at best and at this stage it was a guess as to exactly how much would be required; Cox’s buy their seasoned mahogany in bulk as complete sawn trees and so have an almost inexhaustible supply at a very good price! I should mention that Cox’s will sell timber as well as using it: http://coxsboatyard.co.uk/top-quality-timber-sale/ And now various shots of the planking in progress. The plan is that the seams above the waterline will be epoxied and those below the waterline will be sikaflexed (as seems to be the fashion nowadays). The following photos cover a period from March 2017 to April 2018. By the end of this sequence the upper planking has been epoxied, the lower planking sikaflexed and the whole given a first sanding down before a second application of epoxy to deal with any remaining blemishes! Coming next – something rotten in that state of the deck and starting work on the interior ….
  12. Aristotle

    What Would You Pay Extra Tolls For?

    40ft was just an arbitrary choice of length - as you say - stopping anything over 38ft would be even better . Of course - fewer long hire craft would mean a bit more space at moorings as well - two benefits for the price of one!
  13. Aristotle

    What Would You Pay Extra Tolls For?

    Iwould definitely be happy to pay more for more moorings but most of all for a reduction in the number of large hire craft. in my view anything over 40ft LOA should be banned as hire craft - they are just too big to be handled by mainly amateur helms-persons .
  14. Aristotle

    Malanka Tales

    And of course the Discworld books are just travelogues about Somerset .
  15. Aristotle

    Malanka Tales

    Totally agree with audiobooks. Our problem is that we are of an age that when it's time to do the return journey we can't rememeber what we were listening to or how far through the story we were. In fact I'm beginning to wonder how we manage to remember where home is ...

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