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  1. Hello I have had a quote for a canvas canopy for my speedboat including the stainless work from Bailey and Stone and it is in my view a good price. Before I push the button on the deal I just wanted to know who else has had work done by them and what your experiences of them are/were Thanks
  2. Hello We keep our boat on the Southern Broads at St Olaves and she has now been in 2 Years (That is how long we have owned her). I will antifoule her and replace the anodes. I am generally used to salt water and was wondering what Antifoul and what anodes (metal type) people use on the Southern Broads Thanks Dennis
  3. Well there is myself (Dennis) and my wife or (Her indoors) Catherine and our little dog Poppy. I am a Chartered Surveyor and am semi retired. Catherine works in Insurance and still works but only 4 days a week We have 6 boats mostly Fletcher Speed boats and if anyone askes why 6 the answer is because 7 would be extravagant . We recently acquired the Sealine S24 as we wanted a boat to overnight in. We were originally going to move it to Felixstowe as we are mainly sea boaters but we liked St Olaves from where we bought it so decided to keep it there for at least a year. That will do for a start :) Dennis
  4. Well there is myself (Dennis) and my wife or (Her indoors) Catherine and out little dog Poppy. I am a Chartered
  5. So Bigplumbs. You will notice it has a b in it from Plumbum the old fashioned name for Lead. My other hobby is Radio controlled planes and to balance them on the centre of gravity I offton needed to put quite a lot of lead in the nose and my friends called me big lead which I chanced to bigplumbs. I am sure this is not the reason some were thinking Dennis
  6. I have found it on Android so it is now on my tablet. I cant seem to find it for Apple for the Iphone is this correct or am I just stupid (which is a distinct possibility) Dennis
  7. Charlie Is that the actual name of the App cos I cant seem to find it on the Apps Store ? Regards Dennis
  8. Hello Thanks for the suggestions so far. We are not hiring we have bought a Sealine S24 which we are keeping at St Olaves marina. I have another boat 19 foot fletcher bowrider that I keep on a swing mooring on the River Deben at Felixstowe and a rib and a bow rider that I trailer so I am not new to boating. I generally only need to worry about tides so all this bridge stuff is new to me :). As I said I sort of wanted a single publication in paper format that I can keep on the boat. I will also look at the app Thanks Dennis and Catherine
  9. Hello Being new to boating on the broads I have been printing off all sorts of information regarding tides and bridge heights etc from the Internet. I was wondering if you all could point me in the direction of the best publication that I could buy and have all this in one place Thanks Dennis and Catherine
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