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  1. Thanks for the comments. I have to add that the boatyard staff were very nice and I have not been dealt with better on any of our very many boating holidays. Even when stating that the boat had too many faults to continue they were still very polite. No doubt Hoseasons will be contacting me in the coming days so we will see what happens there. The reason we picked the original boat was it was almost new when we booked also Val will not do locks at any cost so the location close to the Ashby was perfect. The locks in France were wide and remote controlled or manned and the locks we went through in the Southern Shannon area were wide and manned so these didn't seem to upset her too much. If all locks were like the Hawkesbury Junction lock it would be no problem but at 1 foot drop it must be almost unique. I suppose the other problem I didn't mention was the overall state of the North Oxford Canal we cruised. What a terrible state it is in generally and as Breydon says above there isn't much chance it will get better. I now know how all the cabin paintwork on the starboard side was so scratched. The overgrown bushes and trees really narrow the the canal so cannot be avoided. David of Cruising The Cut fame agrees it is the section of the system he most dislikes. Going back to the rudder problem in my defence there was absolutely no problem turning to port. It turned like a boat with a rudder smoothly and under control. Starboard turns were pot luck. Cheers John
  2. Our first canal holiday after a lovely week in Winterton-on-Sea. We had a great week at Winterton with little or no rain and the dogs didn't find any adders on the beach which I must admit to worrying about somewhat. Had a couple of really good meals in the Fishermans Retreat. Had a sandwich for lunch one day and got enough salad to feed all the rabbits in Winterton-on-sea me thinks! This was followed by our first ever canal holiday which was booked for a week but lasted 2 full days or 3 nights. See attached but it does go on a bit. Comments on the rudder/tiller problem would be welcome. The first canal trip after a lovely week in Winterton on sea.docx
  3. Jono

    Norfolk Men

    Didn't even know it existed never mind it has a Picnic boat. Now we are home and sick about that.
  4. Jono

    Norfolk Men

    I get most of this even being from Cheshire but was it a Norfolk or Suffolk, let’s not be sexist, person who designed a picnic boat you can hire from Potter Heigham that won’t go under the bridge???? Another day out to Hickling scuppered!!!! Apart from that enjoying Norfolk as normal.
  5. Didn't think you were and although I think about this, do we really want everybody being able to get North of the bridge? We haven't managed it for a long, long time so we are hiring a picnic boat in September to take a day up there. Talking of which is the lunch time menu at the Pleasure Boat up to much? Very limited when we were last there a couple of years ago.
  6. I thought Potter Heigham had 3 arches. The drop lock would only affect the middle arch when in use.
  7. No need Vetchugger as we sailed past last September and saw the state of it!
  8. My daughter is staying at Wroxham at the moment while rowing on the Yare and went to Great Yarmouth for a day out on Saturday. She wasn't impressed and felt sorry for the place not having seen it for 20 years.
  9. A drop lock would resolve things. They built one at Dalmuir when they refurbished the Forth and Clyde Canal. There was only a few feet of clearance there but the drop lock worked really well. Trouble is it costs!!!!
  10. Found some Lowliner photo's in our old albums. Also realised the inside helm was on the "wrong" side from one photo below (2.3).
  11. I will try and find our old photo albums to see what is in there.
  12. Jono

    Bridgestones Potter Heigham

    That is great to see and seems like good news. We always loved Potter Heigham Bridge in our early days of Broads holidays and loved Latham's. In recent years however we have actually avoided it as it was sad watching it fall into disrepair with Latham's seeming to be going down hill. If I remember correctly I said "Not returning to that dump again" We will call in in 5 weeks time and sample the fare but definitely not anything from the burger van in the car park if it is still there.
  13. I found this just for information. http://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/news/two-dogs-suffer-adder-bites-winterton-dunes-1-5625388
  14. Jono

    The Good Old Days

    Hi Aboattime I don't think we have seen it recently in fact struggle to remember seeing it in the last 15 or so years. Which yard do you have? John

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