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  1. I will try and find our old photo albums to see what is in there.
  2. Jono

    Bridgestones Potter Heigham

    That is great to see and seems like good news. We always loved Potter Heigham Bridge in our early days of Broads holidays and loved Latham's. In recent years however we have actually avoided it as it was sad watching it fall into disrepair with Latham's seeming to be going down hill. If I remember correctly I said "Not returning to that dump again" We will call in in 5 weeks time and sample the fare but definitely not anything from the burger van in the car park if it is still there.
  3. I found this just for information. http://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/news/two-dogs-suffer-adder-bites-winterton-dunes-1-5625388
  4. Jono

    The Good Old Days

    Hi Aboattime I don't think we have seen it recently in fact struggle to remember seeing it in the last 15 or so years. Which yard do you have? John
  5. Jono

    The Good Old Days

    Griff Being subscribed to Robins Bloggs is the reason we booked Brinks Serenade for next year. John
  6. Jono

    The Good Old Days

    Boycee that is uncanny and how lucky were you after the trek from Wroxham to bump into Cliff? Several years later, possibly 10, we hired a boat named Sandpiper from Sanderson Marine at Reedham!!! Spent a week sleeping on the wood under the mattress as the sections slid apart as soon as you lay on them. We never had the hankering to own a boat, all be it may have been cheaper after all the hiring we have done. I love the different boats,and the fun of getting to know them if you know what I mean. We also nearly moved to Norfolk way back but thought "where would we holiday?" Still wish we lived closer though.
  7. Jono

    The Good Old Days

    How fantastic that you know about Broadwave and some of its recent history. Many thanks for the comments and I will share other experiences as long as I think I can keep them interesting with a touch of humour. The above was easy as it was one of the times of my life. I don't know if it is age but I find many of the holiday boaters on recent holidays extremely selfish and uncaring. Having said that we also meet a lot of lovely people. Some strange, but lovely. I suppose my outlook on life is very strange to some though so I will shut up. J
  8. Jono

    The Good Old Days

    As suggested I thought a trip down memory lane may amuse some people I first heard about the Broads in 1964 during a free art lesson at Sir John Deanes Grammar School. A chap named Kenny Roe was picked out to tell where he had been on holiday and I was swept away by the thought of captaining my own boat for a week. I don't remember many other names in the class but his sticks with me for that reason. I wrote to Blakes at 47 Albemarle Street London and obtained one of their catalogues ASAP. Following weeks of "umming and arring" we made a list of boats to take 3 people, myself, my sister and my then girl friend Val, yes we got married eventually, and sent our list of six preferred boats off for the following year. Being almost a year in advance I was convinced LochTarbert was ours. A couple of weeks later we got our booking for Broadwave 3 from Clifford E Allan's at Coltishall. As many of you know the yard is long gone and houses replace it but Broadwave is still afloat and the attached picture shows her for sale at Ludham Bridge Boatyard in 2016. She was still there, but on a hard standing, in 2017. The boat had a petrol engine, a Vedette me thinks?, and 3 single berths. There was 1 in the bow cabin and 2 in the lounge. The toilet and wash basin were also in the bow cabin but had no door as per the boat plan, just a curtain. The gas stove and a sink were in the stern cabin and there was no fridge just an ice box. Fresh ice blocks were obtained from the many boatyards that were about back then. Knowing the dates we booked a Robinson's Coach from just outside Manchester Victoria station to Wroxham and then we waited and planned. I read the print off the Blakes Pocket Pilot and Holiday Log book. By the time we set off I almost new it verbatim. We caught the late train to Manchester and walked around to the coach office with our suitcases. The coach left around midnight stopping around Manchester for a few more pick ups and then stopping for a break at a Farm Cafe on the A47 arriving at Wroxham about 05.30. We hadn't bargained for that. What to do Know. We waited some time by the river and eventually got a cup of coffee when a cafe opened and called a taxi to take us to Coltishall. The boatyard were a little surprised to see us so early but found us somewhere to sit in the boat shed and we waited and waited. They gave us a cup of tea mid morning but it was the longest wait of my life. The WC consisted of a little wooden shed with a hole in the ground and a plank. All mod cons. Eventually we were shown to the boat and taken for the test drive. There was a wheel, a long gear lever that stuck out of the deck of the centre cockpit, and a thumb lever for a throttle. On the dash was the choke, the ignition switch and a couple of gauges for oil pressure and temperature. Piece of cake to a 17 year old who had driven a dodgem car or two. Shortly we were set loose on our first grand voyage. We were headed for Wroxham and out in the lovely countryside so I thought a good place to practice mooring. Didn't want to look a complete plonker in Wroxham! First try we bounced of the bank. Approach too fast. The next try we ran aground. Great!! been on board an hour and I am in the river pushing the boat off the bottom. After that the holiday became a blur of absolute enjoyment. We three loved it so much we got home and booked again and again and again. I suppose I was a very fortunate person back then as I had a job working away from home, Dundee to be precise, fitting pipework and learning to weld and the overtime and lodging allowance paid for that first holiday which I suppose changed our lives. We have had breaks from the Broads when I discovered motorbikes and toured Europe every chance we got. We then went camping going from a Goldwing with trailer tent to a touring caravan, even tried a motorhome for 6 months. Big mistake! Stereo Tinnitus and motor homes don't work. During these times we still had the occasional Broads holiday because it is a holiday and now we rarely do anything else. When it comes to the boats over the years I have my favourites: Broadwave we will never forget Connoisseur GL2 and the others we had were superb Magnifique (The gin palace as the owner called it) was big and a great boat for 7 The Aft Deck Penichette in Ireland is one of my absolute favourites as a boat design. Loved the stern verandah and just the overall design. Old but good. Worst boats: Swan Renown was a let down, fabulous boatyard (sorry it to has gone) with great boats just didn't like all the steps inside and the tiny galley. Absolute worst: Romantique from Alpha Craft! I will not swear but this floating shed was rented to us instead of being burned and the staff were the worst I ever met. One of the sons received my list of complaints and then showed me his dads boat with the marble work tops and all the luxuries. Brain of a rocking horse!!!! Well thats me for now. Take care and stay afloat. John Broadwave receipt.pdf
  9. Thanks for the warning Polly. We have been to the beach via the car park several times so was not aware of the adders. Maybe keep them close until the actual beach. We are hiring the narrowboat from Clifton Wharf (Clifton Cruisers) and Eleanor is the newest addition. Oldgregg - Many thanks for the XL. John
  10. Sorry Vanessan. Had the auto speller on.
  11. Sorry Vanessa. It Was Conway Bridge from Acle.
  12. Just spent 20 minutes typing and lost it. I hate the apple mouse!! I thank you all for your kind responses and would reply separately if I knew how. I will try and respond on our thoughts on previous holidays as and when and will let you know how get on on future trips. Talking of future trips we are off to Winterton-on-sea in 5 weeks in a beachside cottage or dune side cottage really. Straight out of the garden and across the dunes to the beach and cafe for me and the 2 hooligans we own. We then go to Rugby and pick up Eleanor. She is a narrowboat. Never been on the canals before as Val won't have the narrow locks but as there is only one on this trip with a massive 6 inch drop she said she could manage that. She is fine with the larger lochs in France and Ireland but not our canal locks so we will cruise the Ashby if there is any water left in it!! Regards the models I needed something to do after spending 4 years doing up the old wreck of a bungalow we bought when we returned to Winsford after 15 years in Arrochar, Scotland. The midges loved me so I ran away home to Cheshire. I started with a Pusher tug, then a kit of Schmit Rotterdam, I then found plans for Ellie, an old fashioned broads style cruiser, on line and then blundered across an MTB and a small cruiser both in need of a refurb' so it keeps me busy as well as Val saying can you make me a ??????? what ever it is takes her mind. It's a small coffee table currently. Some pictures attached of the hooligans and boats.
  13. Many thanks. We live in Winsford and I agree on that particular lowliner. I cannot remember what it was we so disliked. We had Conway Castle last year and excluding ancient bathrooms I liked that boat a lot hence trying Brinks Serenade next September. I love being able to see over the reeds as well. Regards J
  14. Hello to All New to the forum, bar one response, so would introduce us. We have been boating on the Broads since 1965 when we hired Broadway 3. Seventy now and still loving it. We wanted Loch Tarbert but in those days of filling in the paper form and posting it off to Blakes, one got what one got. We arrived home from that holiday and straight away filled in the form for 1966 putting our choice of 6 boats down and putting Loch Tarbert firmly at the top of the list and Broadwave at the bottom. Yes! we got Broadwave again but number 1 this time. Never did get Loch Tarbert. I have attached a list of the boats we have been on with one missing that we cannot remember the name of. We think it was from Faircraft and on the lines of a Lowliner style in about 1987. I remember we didn't enjoy it much for what ever reason. Hold it!! My wife, Val, has just read this over my shoulder and announced it was ........................Fair Lowliner!! Da-Da Don't you just love it when that happens!!! We have booked up for next year and are pushing the boat out (sorry) staying 2 weeks at Box End cottage in Horning, with a Picnic Boat for a week of that, followed by a week on Silver Serenade from Brundall for our 50th Anniversary. We spent our 25th on a Connoisseur GL2. Loved that boat but it seems to have totally disappeared. We then have Brinks serenade for 11 nights in September so the savings are taking a hit but you can't take it with you they tell me. I even build RC model boats and am near to finishing off a Broads style cruiser which I can post pic's of if anybodies interested. What now? The wife called me down stairs, we have an attic work room in our bungalow. I don't believe it. We spend 2 days thinking about it. I start typing and her brain springs into action. She has only found some table mats buried in the bottom of a drawer. See attached! Well now I am in my place I will close there and thank you all for reading this and I will thank Val for saving us all from having to rack our brains. Back to the scrap book to see what we paid in the very early days. John Boats.numbers
  15. When I have found my way around the Forum Jean and decided the best place for what ever I may do that. Unfortunately I live in Cheshire so a fair way from my favourite place but visit as often as possible even if it is in a cottage. Broadwave receipt.pdf

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