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  1. Jono

    River Bure

    I will take all that as “Burr” then cos’ that is what I prefer. Learn’t so much though! J
  2. Jono

    Tv Panic!!

    One in each hand! I know!!
  3. Jono

    River Bure

    All right. Not so simples. My ribs are sore!!
  4. Jono

    River Bure

    We just call it Lathams! Simples!!
  5. Jono

    Tv Panic!!

    Hi Vanessan While dining it seems we had a little drizzle, of rain that is, which was next to nothing but enough to make the timber edging very slippy indeed. I stepped onto it trying to put the dogs down safely and my right foot went from under me as my left leg was making the next step. Could have been worse I suppose but I certainly don't want another broken rib! (or 2 or 3) Coughing is a killer!! Thank goodness for the comfy car we have to get us the 250 miles home. Thanks J
  6. Jono

    Tv Panic!!

    Just to let you all know we collected Silver Serenade from Brundall on the 6th April and cruised up river to Bramerton and moored at the common. Very nice boat for us. Took the dogs for a run and when I returned I was ordered to tune the TV. Surprise Surprise. Good picture within seconds. That was the good news. We had evening meal on board feasting on a ready cooked chicken from Lidl and after I decided to take the dogs for another walk. Put their life jackets on so I could carry them off together like handbags, a Mini Schnauzer and a Pug, and stepped onto the timber edged bank, my right foot went from under me, as I was bent over the dogs dropped on dry land , my left leg went between the boat and bank into the water and I crashed down onto my left side on to the gunnels. Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or something similar. The following pain meant there was no escape from The Voice so I drowned my sorrows and tried to numb the pain on board. Next morning I could hardly move and the pain was immense so we returned home. A long no stops journey. Doc found a couple or three cracked ribs. That hurt ! So it has been pain killers and no drink along with too much rest. The second boating holiday on the trot abandoned and this one after only 16 hours and to add to the misery my annual insurance policy ran out in February. There is a lesson there. Take care out there J
  7. Jono

    River Bure

    Hello Folks Please help settle a disagreement, shall we say. We returned from our wonderful holiday at Box End cottage last Sunday and whilst there I asked Caro, the owner, l about the pronunciation of River Bure. This is all Robins fault. I was perfectly happy with my own pronunciation from 1965 of "Burr" and then Robin comes up with Bure as in "pure". Carol, whoo has lived in Horning over 20 years confirmed Robins pronunciation. A few days later following a meal at the Ferry we were chatting about the days when the "ferry" ran across the river so I looked up its history only to find this: "Horning is situated on the River Bure (pronounced locally "Burr") between Wroxham and Ludham. A ferry plied across the river for more than 1,000 years." Anymore views on this before moving on to St Olaves? J
  8. Jono

    Tv Panic!!

    That is why I need the pub!!! J
  9. Jono

    Tv Panic!!

    The art of conversation?? Hmmmm!! Sounds interesting. We just play bones, have a laugh, get annoyed, drink and sleep! J
  10. Jono

    Tv Panic!!

    We tend to avoid the pub at Brammerton since they ruined it and we got dreadful service but the common is great moorings. Surlingham ferry sounds good. We have had a couple of lunch time stops in the past. I will record the programme at home just to be safe and try to extend my life expectancy a couple of years! J
  11. Jono

    Tv Panic!!

    If it is the only answer then that will be it. I know my place and I haven't been in the Coldham Hall for many years. J
  12. Jono

    Tv Panic!!

    Val has just offered to help!!
  13. Jono

    Tv Panic!!

    Oh yes! A pub would be handy as well!!! J
  14. Jono

    Tv Panic!!

    Hello wise people I have an emergency!!!! Last night Val worked out that the final of The Voice is on Sat 6th of April, 10 weeks from tonight. That is the day we pick up Silver Serenade from Brundall so I need to find a mooring within an hour or so that guarantee's Digital reception of ITV. Is there any such thing or do I just top myself now? J
  15. Jono


    Thanks for the comments folks. You are generally right about TripAdvisor and I have used them for good and bad feedback. The quandary I have is they were very nice people and was I just unlucky and that is why I have not named them on this forum. However the more I think about it maybe some form of feedback on both the boatyard and Hoseasons is required on somewhere like TripAdvisor as long as it is fair and balanced I class myself as fair it is just the balanced bit I have trouble with!!!!!!!! J
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