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  1. Right then. Ring GYYS and enquire if I can get under the bridge at the time I will arrive and then just go for it. Got it. J
  2. Still trying to fathom what this has to do with my post????
  3. Hi Vanessan We want to head for Loddon and then on to Rockland and Brundall. Never eaten at Coldham Hall in all the years we have been on the Broads. J
  4. Cheers for that Smoggy. What are the mornings there ? Is it pontoon?
  5. Do you have to book moorings at the Fishermans?
  6. As per the dates on the table. 14 nights
  7. Hello again folks I am an old hand on the holiday cruisers but on this occasion cannot make my mind up when is best to make the trip from North to South and back. An age thing me thinks! It may be you say don't bother but I have to ask. Starting from Wroxham we want to at some point spend 5 or 6 nights on the Southern Broads without a stop at Yarmouth. We have 2 small dogs, a stupid Pug and a frisky Mini-Schnauzer, so at low water getting on and off can be a hardship for my old body and it ain't the place for any of us going overboard. The only other stipulation is we want to be
  8. Very glad to see people are still enjoying my trip down memory lane. Great to hear from someone who went on to own a Broadwave. Did it remain as original when you bought it Beardshave? Your route charlesa must have been the best as it is the route we used for years once we got motorised. A 150cc Lambretta was our first to pick up Sea Zephyr from Wards at Thorpe. The trip home was an experience as the seat got very hard with no adrenaline to make the trip exciting . We still tend to take variations of it now. In a few weeks we will be going via Stoke onto Rutland Water for lunch
  9. Hello folks Watched "New name Same me" video yesterday regarding "A windy day at Potter Heigham" and it was interesting that an electric dayboat returned to said company by the bridge and was assisted in by one of staff. A few minutes later another family boarded without the boat getting so much as a quick wipe down! I hope more care is being taken with the holiday cruisers at other yards. Take care out there. J
  10. Hi there Wondering if anybody else is getting these messages: "We have detected 3 failed log in attempts to your account from Coventry, Coventry, CV3, United Kingdom. If this wasn't you, someone else may be trying to access your account. These log in attempts were unsuccessful. You may however want to change your password for greater security, especially if you use the same password on other websites. If this was you, you can safely ignore this email and you will be able to sign in again at 06/08/20 13:26. " Had this twice in last week or so and my account frozen for a short
  11. Brilliant. Got through and they will deliver to Barnes Brinkcraft. Thank you very much J
  12. Many thanks for that. We usually buy one of their hampers but agree with your view on Ludham butchers. Cheers J
  13. Hello Folks Can anybody advise if the butchers in Horning is still in existence as a lack of email response makes me think they may not be. J
  14. Fantastic. Called them on that number. Glad to hear the pubs are coping well and hoping they all get through this mess. Read the reviews on the Cross Keys at Dilham and nice to see them giving better than they got. There are some s**t heads about! Still working on a face mask with an air tight straw fitted. Will need to be 15mm diameter me thinks!! Thank you all
  15. I tried the number on trip adviser several times but it is dead as well as the email. Not a Facebook fan but I will have a look. Thank you all.
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