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  1. Remember reading somewhere on one of the Facebook Broads forums that you can no longer get water at the little boatyard at South Walsham Broad. Not sure in this was temporary while we were all in lockdown a while ago or if this is permanent? Can anyone confirm?
  2. Now that’s a very weird design. Completely agree.
  3. Sounds a great place to visit (Rosy Lee’s). Will pay them a visit or if too lazy ask for a breakfast delivery. Well be on the Broads 2 weeks today. Thanks for the recommendation [emoji106]
  4. Sorry to hear that you have lost Macie Griff - So sad when it happens but it's great that you are looking to get another dog. Breeders are good at cashing in, especially at the moment... Our last dog was a puppy and previous to that we had a rescue dog (both loopy Boxers). When the time comes we would certainly consider a rescue dog again, they deserve a chance to have a great life and we have been lucky that ours gave us years of joy until she unfortunately became very ill and we had to say goodbye.I think our next dog will be a rescue but hopefully we have a few more years with our curr
  5. thank you, and yes we will be posting as we travel over the 2 weeks
  6. Just wanted to say thank you to the NBN Admim/s. Received my NBN flag a couple of days ago very quickly after ordering it. Great service and its nice to support the site by giving something back. Have picked up a clamp on flag pole from a local Force 4 chandlery to proudly display it on one of Bridgecrafts Brooklyn Bridge which we will be on from the 19th Sept for 2 weeks. Counting day the days now and looking forward to getting our yearly Broads fix. Planning on a week down South then back to the North, and this year have planned on visiting places that we haven't been to bef
  7. Just had some good news.... After spending 5 weeks trying to get hold of Hoseasons to confirm our booking for the end of September we have finally had a call to confirm that our booking is confirmed and all is ok. Slightly worried prior to this as our Hoseasons booking disappeared from their site and was replaced with 'Please Call Us to discuss your booking'. I would like to thank Mark from Bridgecraft as well as he has been brilliant in confirming that as far as he is aware all is ok. This will be our 3rd time with Bridgecraft now and they are a fantastic boatyard. Nothing is too m
  8. Thanks for that, I was just curious. We have had Conway bridge before which was nice because it has a sliding roof. This time we quite fancy the option of the outside helm. I guess if we don’t like it in future we can go back to something like the Conway. We were certainly impressed with Bridgecraft the last time we used them so happy that we have chosen them again and the prices are very reasonable. Also quite like the fact that they are based in Acle which was a nice starting point. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  9. Sorry for the long delay responding to you and thank you for the information. Just out of interest is the engine outside on the back of the boat on the fourth bridge or is it inside the boat? Just wondered how quiet it will be while cruising. Thank you Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  10. So a quick update, we were about to book the Silver whisper during the week via Hoseasons only to discover that Silverline wants £140 to take a dog for two weeks and the booking stipulations then said that it had to be a small terrier size dog, and us having a boxer dog means obviously we didn’t qualify. Therefore we decided to book up a Bridgecraft Forth Bridge 1 which we have been looking at as one of our options and after seeing some of the comments on here have decided that it’s the right choice. No way am I prepared to pay Silverline £140 to take a dog onto a boat when everyone else on
  11. Hi. Thank you for your welcome. It was when Topcraft ran the fleet from Oulton Broad. It was a perfectly good boat if that’s what you wanted but it was our first time on the Broads and found it quite impractical as you couldn’t see anything behind you when you were in the front steering it. It had a very weird layout inside as well. I think the thing that attracted us to it was the fact that It had a four poster bed but it turned out to be a boat that we would not hire again. I remember one night must’ve been around 2 AM and the engine just started up on its own. Bearing in mind the engine
  12. Thank for your reply - Its always great to hear from someone who has experience of a boat - If you have pics of the interior that would be great. - Yes 'that one' bridge is always best avoided....
  13. Thank you Charlie, I don't know why we have left it so long to return to the broads and thank you for the welcome to the forum.
  14. Hi Everyone - I have just joined this forum and must say it looks great - Well laid out and lots of useful information. Having hired the Conway Bridge from Bridgecraft a couple of times and a Topliner a few years ago (interesting experience and never to be repeated). The Conway although old was when we hired it a great boat. The Bridgecraft Conway was great but have seen lots of reports saying its now a bit tatty and old. That was all around 9 years ago and we have decided its time to go back to the Broads having missed it so much. We have been looking to hire the Silver Wisper from
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